Hey ive got another drone for you today and im pretty excited about this. One ive got the hubsan xeno mini se. Now this drone, i think, is, could very well be the sweet spot for hubsan mini drones. The im not going to kid you, the hubsan xeno mini pro, has been a little bit of a disappointment to me. Uh, you know not all the functions have been. I think where they should be for that drone, but i think this guy is going to answer a lot of those same questions or i should say it probably is going to appeal to a lot of the reasons why people bought that xenomini pro. Yet in a package that may not have obstacle avoidance and may not have as big of a sensor, but it has all those other features that people are looking for in a mini drone, not the least of which is price. This is very competitively priced as well, so at like 349 bucks, so uh lets get this guy out of the box and take a look at it and we can talk a little bit about the features so im, not sure if i said it in that initial Uh introduction, but hubsan did send me this drone for review so uh, but they sent me a pretty good package here. I they they sent me the two battery package uh with the carrying case, so uh yeah, i mean thats. You know other than that.

The box is about the same as what were used to with uh, with other hubsan boxes. Xeno mini sc right there. So let me get this guy open and well take a look. Okay, lets pull the top up here and we should see yeah the plastic bag with the drone inside hubsan has done a really good job with their uh with their carry bags uh, and i always appreciate that because it really it helps you keep things. Organized youve got a a double pull zipper here and there we go theres. The drone and its really essentially packaged uh, just like the xeno mini pro, was but again different little different color drones. So it is white instead of gray plastic, that the xenomini pro is again 249 gram drone the battery loads from the back uh, just like the xenomini pro. What you dont have is that big plastic cover that that they put on the top of the mini pro, because im assuming this thing, doesnt get as hot but uh. I will say this: the xenomini pro since ive been using it theyve, improved the software and it i i got. I have to tell you it. Doesnt get as hot as it did initially. Ive had no problems with overheating on it at all uh. You know, since my first initial couple of flights uh now some things to point out here, you got the downward facing led light. Youve got an optical flow sensor right there, and i assume these two are time of flight sensors and then on the back uh you these look like they might be sensors, but theyre, not they just theres some holes in them im sure theyre just there for ventilation.

So it doesnt have any rearward facing obstacle avoidance, nor anything on the front here. Lets unfold it and see how it looks: yeah theres the little drone. I i always like the looks of the xeno minis and oh by the way, look at that. We actually have an sd card slot in this drone uh that you do not have in the xeno mini pro, so it does uh. Take you record your video on an sd card and lets lets pull the uh the gimbal cover off here and take a look at that. Little camera drop that cover uh and there is a little piece of plastic on that lens so well. Take that off before we fly, but you know honestly, if youre looking at the camera, its pretty difficult to tell tell it apart from the xenomini pro, but it does have a smaller sensor. This camera lets talk about the camera for a second, its equipped with a 1 over 2.6 sensor. Itll still shoot in 4k 30 frames per second, and it also can shoot in 2.7, k and 1080 and in those two uh resolutions it can shoot up to 60 frames per second. So if you want that 60 frames per second for smoothness, youll probably want to go into 2.7 k or 1080., but i typically shoot in in 4k 30 and then it shoots 4k photos and they do say theres an hdr feature too, and the bit rate on This im im willing to bet its adjustable just like the bit rate, is on the on the pro version.

You can adjust it between 64 and 100, so well probably shoot that 100 bit rate uh ill put a sandisk extreme card in there. That should be able to ride at those speeds so uh. What else does this guy bring to the table? Well, obviously, that 249 grams is huge uh in the united states. That means that you dont even have to put a sticker on it. You can you can fly this drone uh without even uh, registering it its not such a big deal in the us. To me i mean all that does is say you dont have to put a sticker on it. Uh. You know, as a part 107 flyer im going to put a tail number on it anyway. So, like i said that doesnt make much difference to me. But now, if you live in canada, europe or the uk that 249 gram weight class is a big deal and changes a lot of the regulations that allows you to fly where you couldnt otherwise and uh it does. They are saying: uh, pretty darn cool theyre, saying a 45 minute flight time with this guy uh, which is just uh astonishing. That is plenty of time in the air that rivals drones like the uh, the mavic 3. Quite frankly – and i can tell you from flying that mavic 3, when youre up there, that long, thats thats as long as youre wanting to fly youre ready to bring it back down and land and theyre, also saying a six kilometer range now ill, be honest with You with a mini drone im never going to fly it that far, but hopefully you do get a good, solid connection up to you know one or two kilometers uh.

You know what youre looking for more than anything else is a good, solid, fpv, feed and and good solid range without any dropouts. The other thing that this drone uh brings to the table is that it, it has all of the intelligent flight features that uh. That hobson, quite frankly, is pretty good at their tracking to me since the original hubsan xeno, they they give you optical tracking, as well as gps tracking. I prefer the optical tracking, because it keeps you in center of frame theyve always done a great job at that, and i dont expect this thing to be any different, as well as all of their into other intelligent uh flight modes. You know the the automated droney uh rocket and uh point of interest, uh orbit mode uh, those sorts of things and the cool thing that hubsan does with their orbit mode is you can do you can either via gps set? Your controller is the point of interest, so in other words, if you wanted to orbit wherever youre at itll just orbit that controller or you can optically set a point of interest out, someplace and and itll do a really good, really good orbit and, like i said They have line, fly waypoints. All of those features that people look for in these drones. Now i am going to warn you all. Those automated features are fun i like to use them. I use them a lot, but you do not have any kind of obstacle avoidance on this drone.

So when youre using those features, make sure youre in the clear and youre not going to send the drone into the side of a building or a tree or something like that. But anyway, thats the look at the drone and a little talk about the features lets see what else is in the bag here, and i pretty much know what to expect here. Uh weve got uh a couple of batteries in here with the charge up well theres, a battery in the drone, and then a spare battery here, uh and then and then in here youve got the the charge, brick and uh. You know owners manuals down in here and im sure the cables are down below im, not gon na dig all those out and then but the uh, but the hubsan uh controller, which is a pretty good piece lets see if we can get this that guy out Of here uh, so there it is. This is the same controller as on the xenomini pro well, in fact, on the it looks very similar to on the xeno2, etc, they give you a nice led screen that has all the telemetry that youre looking for, and then this button is for is the speed Button so uh film, normal and and sport mode on off, of course, and thats return to home uh and under here you can see. Youve got the two sticks uh. The gimbal sticks that go on top here and on this button you get a function button there.

You have a record button, take a picture button and then this guy rocks the moves, the camera up and down so uh. You know pretty standard stuff, but ive always found this to be a very comfortable, uh, remote and easy to use. Okay, so the hubsan xeno mini se, nothing left to do but to get this guy out in and give it a flight. I am going to probably take off right now because tomorrow is supposed to be raining, im not going to have time to charge the batteries that they sent me with this. But i just happen to have a fully charged battery from my xeno mini pro. Now its going to be gray on the back, but its the identical battery so thatll give us a chance to get this guy out this afternoon and were just going to take it for a quick flight and uh and check out the video quality etc. We wont get it in any of the intelligent flight modes or any of that were just going to take it for a flight and and see how it looks and see how it flies see out in the field: hey, okay, it is a chilly day in idaho. Today, let me tell you its about 46 degrees. We got a little bit of a breeze. I think it said seven miles an hour with 15 mile an hour gusts. I dont feel any gusts that big but its theres, definitely a little bit of a breeze.

So uh yeah, the ive got the hubsan xeno mini sc and i did have youll see a gray battery back here because thats one that i had fully charged from the xeno mini pro. So we could get out here and fly today, and i noticed the remote was already fully charged so were good to go there uh and this battery is identical to the to the one that comes with the z, uh, the xeno mini se, so that works just Fine uh lets quit messing around lets, get this bird in the air, okay, so uh its asking for a firmware uh update. I should have thought of that. I should have fired it up at the house: uh gosh, okay, so im gon na im gon na shut down video here for a second. While we do that, hey, okay, the upgrade is done and the drone is asking for a compass calibration. So well do that real, quick, a couple points to make here. The firmware update is done completely through the app on the mini sc, as opposed to the xenomini pro, where you have to connect a otg cable directly to the drone to do the updates. This guy does it right through the app which is very convenient and very easy. So another positive for this drone also hubsan, has really improved the compass calibration process. You saw it just took me just a second to get that done much like a dji drone, so good work on that.

The other thing is: if you look well, you can see it on the screen recording. We have fpv as opposed to the xenomini pro where the drone had to take off first, so another big improvement. Again i see this is a sweet spot uh in the hubsan mini drones. So lets switch to video mode here and lets go into the menu and were going to click on this, its already on 4k 30, which is a good thing and then lets see im seeing a zoom button there yeah okay, so you have to pre, select zoom. So thats what i did zoom 4k 30, but you can only do it at 25 frames per second uh. So well! Do that well shoot in 25 fps so that we can try out that zoom, uh and then and then lets go back to the three dots at the bottom and im going to leave. Uh white balance on automatic grid lines are already on yeah, so it doesnt it does not have like. I noticed on the xenomini pro you you, you can select different styles of video. I dont see that on this drone so which is okay, so were just going to leave it just like it is on auto and were going to go from. There lets look uh very quickly at the at the photo menu just for the fun of it. Uh to see what there is to say there and yeah its got an ev adjustment there uh and then you have uh yeah single, stop shot.

Oh its even got a panorama uh mode there. Now i will say: hubsan panoramas. You have to stitch them yourself, uh, that it is not done in the app or anything and then yeah same same menu as you have in video there. So lets get out of that lets go back to video and uh. Let me check those settings again. I also wondered if there was a setting for yeah and it it held our our zoom settings, so were good to go there. I was wondering if there was a setting for the bit rate, but evidently there isnt, because it said in the specs 64 to 100 bit rate. So i thought maybe like the xenomini pro there might be a setting there that you change, but i dont see that so uh so anyway. Enough of that lets, uh lets check our safety menu and yeah. Just tells us were connected tells us our calibrations are all normal, so gosh we should be good to go here. Lets uh lets get out of all that i can tell you. Uh looks pretty good again. It is a cloudy day started. Recording now, uh 15 satellites. Even with the firmware update its showing 100 battery, so lets go ahead and take off im going to go ahead and do an auto takeoff on the app. And here we go yeah. So its given us a little message on how to set an alternate return to home point, but boy look at that is that uh.

That is amazing. That that looks really good lets turn it around here and bring it in and were in normal mode and lets bring it up. You know, hubsan has so improved their flight controls, bring it in to the camera here. Try and center it up on the camera and bring it in a little bit. Pretty quiet, thats, the one thing im going to say its seems to be a nice quiet drone. You can see that gimbal in action there i you know, i dont know if its the same motors as the xeno mini pro or not it. It almost sounds a little quieter to me. You know that could just be my imagination. Let me see if i can get it good and close here so theres a good look at the drone, well uh kind of yacht back and forth here a little bit uh! Okay! So what are we gon na do right now, everybody kind of knows what we need to do: im gon na drop that gimbal down just a tad, so we can do it like. I can tell you the fpv screen looks real good. We are going to do a our manual dronie, so uh reverse it up now reverse and up and beauty man. Looking good and im getting a little break up on fpv there im coming to a stop. I had a little uh little choppiness on my fpv screen. There, but not terrible, but enough that enough to report it right and one of the things im going to tell you about uh this uh area this park.

We know this is a challenging wi, fi environment here, yeah and im definitely im definitely seeing some choppiness on my fpv feed uh, which is not ideal for sure. Lets pick that camera up get the rule of thirds were going to go out to the corner of the park here and and fly around a little bit uh. So there you go, you can tell it is a gray cold fall day in idaho today, and it was important to fly today because its were supposed to have a storm tomorrow. So thats, why? I was in kind of a hurry to get out here and i used one of the batteries from my xenomini pro to to get this flight in im. Just doing a quick yaw around here so that you guys can uh see how it looks in a yaw and uh then lets uh lets well move on to the other corner of the park. Here i was kind of listening there. I thought i heard an aircraft, but its not its a its the contractors over in the corner. They got one of those tamper machines that sounds remarkably like an aircraft and thats me adjusting the yaw a little bit there. I just want to go right out to the corner of the park here and well. Uh. Well, turn it around and uh. You know whatever issues i had with uh fpv seem to have cleared up its looking really good now.

So there is a look that you get on a lot of my uh and a lot of my drone reviews, and i do that so that you guys can kind of compare video quality, uh, etc. So this might be a good time to to try out the zoom so lets uh lets see. I think i can hold the function button down on this guy and use the the camera wheel to scroll through the zoom. So lets try that now thats oh yeah yeah there we go so thats working and so im, seeing a nice digital zoom on fpv. Now the question is: will we be able to see that in this three times zoom will we be able to see that on uh the on the video itself, because, as you know, the xenomini pro it does not work so thats me moving the camera over to Kind of center it on there – and you can see you know it is it – is a digital crop, so its not going to be completely clear, but you can see whats going on there. So im going to say that is perfectly acceptable. Lets uh again im holding that function, button down and im trying to do a nice scroll back to full view here, thats a cool way to do it. You know you can also do it on the screen, but but its handy to be able to do it with a scroll wheel and boy im.

Gon na tell you guys uh, it is freaking cold. My fingers are freezing yeah and there again a little bit of choppiness on on that fpv feed right here and im faced directly towards the drone, so theres. No, you know no reason that it shouldnt be shouldnt, be really good, so uh, im gon na move forward here lets uh lets move towards the uh the uh flag. Here the flagpole here and well see if we can do a uh, an orbit and again im in normal mode lets drop some altitude, bring that baby forward and theres the flagpole. So im going to drop the gimbal down just a tad and we are again were in were in normal mode. Maybe i should try it in in in film mode, so i moved it to uh film mode, so lets uh lets see if we can do a nice yaw here or a nice uh orbit manual orbit weve got plenty of batteries, so im not worried about that. Yeah that fill mode, it definitely gives you a a leg up on being able to do these kind of shots and im almost yelling just a little bit too much there trying to keep that flag right in the center of the frame and boy im really anxious To see how this video quality looks on this, guy ive got really high hopes, because if we can get some reasonable, 4k video out of this guy uh, its gon na its its gon na give drones like the uh dji, uh mini se, and even the mini Two kind of a run for their money, so yeah i mean this.

You know im telling you control wise im having an easy time doing this orbit. Okay, so lets stop right. There im going to pick the camera back up and we are going to put this guy in sport mode and lets aim for the other corner of the park here and uh, and lets see how fast we can get this guy up to. I think theyre saying top speed of 16 meters per second, which would be you know roughly 34 35 miles an hour. So i am full stick forward right now and uh, and you know nice flat horizon man looks good im telling you and boy that drone is screaming above me, right now, uh were not gon na quite get to that were at 14 meters per second there. We were for a little bit uh, which is still pretty fast, thats about 30 miles an hour or so or a little bit more than so. Lets stop right there and im gon na pick the gimbal up just a little bit, and i think now is probably a good time to uh. Take some pictures so im going to stop recording im, going to switch it into photo mode and lets take a picture here. So theres a picture, and i always do this in the same spot. So you guys can compare it with previous videos and uh, and i am going to go out to the other end and im were not going to be recording so youre just going to get the screen recording for this part of it and lets go out and Take a picture out towards the costco as well and boom.

Let me move over just a little bit uh and well rotate around and im going to drop that gimbal. Just a tad and uh lets take a picture theres a picture. You know what lets see if we can zoom take pictures in zoom mode, so yeah you can look at that im, pulling it back into uh three times zoom and uh. Well, 2.9. It says, and let me move it over just a little bit so were closer on the costco and uh theres a picture right there so well see how that looks. Let me swipe it back up and i i i with that. Instead of using the uh, the thumbwheel, i i did that on the screen. Okay, so i am going to go switch back into video mode here and i am going to put us in 30 frames per second here. We are going to switch out of that zoom mode and im gon na go into video mode and uh 30 frames per second okay and were going to start video again and well see how my video editor copes with two different styles of video here and were Still in sport mode im going to leave it in sport mode lets, uh lets go across the street and go out into the towards the mega walmart out there, and we can see how this guy does with uh, and i saw a little tiny little jiggle with The as i was moving the drone sideways, i saw a little bit of a jiggle on the video, so uh yeah lets just go full speed here and lets just get right across the street, and i am standing out uh, where ive got a good, clear shot With the uh, with the controller pointed right at the drone and in fact, lets gain some altitude lets give this guy every every chance, and so were about 56 55 meters high.

Something like that man doing well, so i dont know if you guys remember the last time i was out here with the xenomini pro and thats me yawning around there. So never fear im kind of doing a little maneuvering to get over the top of this other field uh, but you know i lost uh. I dont think i was out this far with the xeno mini pro and i lost uh full connection. So this is really good thats. What im going to say about that nice cloudy day so, but you know, were out there. Uh 800 meters, 850 meters lets im going to go right to the edge were not going to cross that road, but im going to go right to the edge see if we can get yeah and there i it it kind of uh it. I cut a little blockiness there as i got close to that edge, but its not bad. So there is uh. You know almost a kilometer 970 meters, so so thats, pretty darn good, so lets uh, yeah, so im yawning around here so kind of giving you a look at the countryside uh before we make our way back and uh. You know, interestingly enough uh, my im getting ive got a really good video feed right now and were you know, were out there a ways as opposed to. I had a little bit of choppiness here when i was right here close to me in the park, which is kind of interesting, tells me that there was probably some wi fi interference, so we still have 62 percent battery.

So what we can do here is you guys have seen me fly this pattern before we can go out here over the top of keith bird park and were going to go right over the top of this down this street. Here, no cars to worry about there and over that path and right over the top of keith byrd park and well just do a big circle getting back to us. Man guys. I am very pleased and theyre not kidding about battery life uh, because we still have a 59 battery man ill. Tell you what this thing and this things moving along pretty good too, were were up about 15 meters per second, there i think, were pretty close to it, so lets cross into this uh field here, and we can kind of take a look at the other side Of the walmart now were what were not going to do is go over the top of that uh that parking lot there. We dont want to do that, but were going to uh well well get over this field and well kind of skirt around to the side of it, and we have room here now: uh, im gon na drop the camera down just a little weve got room here. Now that we, i can still get around the back, but you see that construction and, of course, eventually i wont even be able to do that because therell probably be stuff built up there, but man im telling you the connection on this guy is just awesome.

This is working great guys lets yeah, and i saw a little bit of movement in the gimbal there again just a tiny bit. You know so i dont know what thats about but uh, but pretty good and so were over the top theres a little between that uh other road that were kind of over the top of that uh field. Thats uh thats! Next to it here in front of the front of the big old costco and then im over there in in heroes park over there, so lets uh lets go back the other way and well kind of skirt around then behind costco here and stay over that field And bring it on back to us gosh im, just telling you, whatever complaints about fpv i had earlier, have definitely gone away because its solid right now it looks really good. Ive got a really nice clear picture on my on my iphone, so lets kind of get over well kind of get in between where theyre working on the construction and the road here make our way back and then well cross over into the church parking lot there. Where we can then cross over into uh back right back over heroes park here so lets get over the church and uh then lets just go straight across here and that believe it or not, thats another little church right down there, and here we are back at Heroes park and still 49 battery, so holy cow they werent kidding when they were talking about flight time.

Gee whiz uh man im impressed with this little drone. From what im seeing so far, i mean we, we havent uh, we havent looked at the uh at the video off of the sd card yet, and that will really tell the truth, but im telling you this guy. What im seeing so far is a winner and i had a feeling that it would be whoops. That was me uh on the sticks there. I was trying to pick the camera up and and drop altitude at the same time, and i pulled the stick over. So sorry about that so lets uh lets, lets drop some altitude and bring it back to us here. In fact, im going to go back into so we go a little bit slower im going to go back into film mode and well lets do normal mode. Thats too darn slow and bringing this thing this guy right back to where were standing here drop some altitude in fact lets uh lets just do a little bit of a overflight here. So you can. You can hear the drone im going to grab some altitude make sure i clear all those trees, but straight over im telling you this guys. This is a fun little responsive, drone man, im telling you this thing is a ball to fly. You know when you get good flight controls it is. It just makes so much difference in how much fun it is to fly the drone im just telling you and this guy and im yawing now around on purpose, because i want to see how that video looks man.

Oh man, this thing is uh. This thing is just a ball, so lets bring it back around to us here and again were still at 42 battery, so shoot we might as well. We might as well try some stuff with it. Okay, let me bring it on in lets. Take a look and see whats on the menu here: okay, im going to leave it right there ive got it just hovering and lets look at lets. Click on that little x in the top left, hyperlapse waypoint, uh orbit mode uh. You know theres a lot of things we could do here lets see whats in creative video yeah. You got ta stop recording to get into that yeah and its telling us 40 battery. You know what i wonder if we can do a quick waypoint mission. What do you think uh waypoint planning lets just uh lets just send this guy on a little waypoint mission, so uh we are going to draw and uh im going to do dots so im clicking on that, so im going to click a dot and we got A good uh depiction of the park here, as you can see, im just going to send it in a big square and then back towards number one, and then im going to put six back right in front of us and were going to submit and then were Going to click done and click ok and lets, let this guy go and its uh not wasting any time its heading to his first waypoint, and let me uh, let me switch to back to camera mode here.

If i can remember how to do that, so that yeah there we go there, we go theres camera mode and then we can still see the waypoints at the bottom there and there. The drone is turning and uh heading to its uh next waypoint uh down to 37 battery, so i you know well see well see how far we get through this battery uh uh. If we can complete this waypoint mission but thats just how easy it is – and you know you you saw me just do that in just a second there and uh you know, hubsan is just so good at those kind of things all of their intelligent flight modes. Have always worked really well, so we are on our way to i think number three now i notice its not following on the little map, so lets bring the map up, so we can see it yeah there, its at number three and now its turning to go To four oh yeah were gon na, have plenty of battery were at 34, were gon na? Do just fine im im trying not to be too effusive right now uh, but this is really fun. Im im impressed with this little drone. You know you take the thing out of the box first flight and it does what what you expect it to do. Thats always impressive to me: thats thats, what i expect so heading to waypoint number five and we just kind of did a big, a big square.

There and then, when it gets to five itll, turn around and should come back right in front of us here, so im going to switch back to video mode and it is its on its way back to us almost there or number six and im. Looking at the little drone in the air and its at number six – and it says okay – im done – it was cool. I watched it come to a stop there, so its all done. Okay, so heres. What were gon na do now were done with that. Waypoint lets uh the batterys at 30 percent. I like how it tells us here lets see if i can switch this back into that uh yeah just touching that little top right hand corner of the map. There put it back into the uh attitude screen or i call it radar, but its an attitude screen so were going to back it up and then were going to do a return to home and lets see how if we can get a precision landing im going To hit return to home on the uh controller and it went took that command immediately and i dont even remember uh gosh im trying to remember yeah, so evidently, 40 meters is what i had that rth set out. Yeah uh, so yeah lets just drop the camera down here. So we get a look and lets see how close it comes. So we should be able to see it on the gopro here as well as it gets lower.

So its a little ways off. You know, i wonder if i had precision landing. I bet i didnt have precision landing. Uh turned on so im gon na. Stop that so i stopped the drone. I am going to go into the menu fpv. You know this thing. It may not have precision landing back in that main menu. Waypoint compass, gyro, imu searching for apron, is on yeah, okay, so lets go out and try that again. I think we got enough battery to do it. So i did. I did have that on when, when i saw it uh coming down there, let me pick that camera back up and lets go straight out again: Music. Hopefully we got enough yeah. We should have enough battery to do this and i picked the camera up too far. There sorry about that, okay, im gon na hit return to home on the controller this time and take off point lets uh see what it does so its gon na go up to 40 meters again and were going to give it another shot at that. Rth, hey and i noticed it stopped beeping, so thats a good thing gave us a few beeps to tell us. It was in return to home and then stopped. Oh there we go again, though, got another beep and lets see. I think it dropped im gon na. Let it drop the camera on its own. I believe it does that on its own and uh, you know its almost right over the top of us now so lets see if its uh, if it once it reorients if it drops that camera down searching for drone apron yeah.

So it says its on okay, yeah and it dropped the camera by itself and its you know its its a ways off its going to be kind of right in front of us here. Lets see how it does lets see if it no its its not going to find it. Is it okay lets stop that. So i canceled that and uh. Well, just do a manual landing here, so i dont know what happened there with, but it, but it sure didnt uh, it sure didnt find the uh the landing pad so lets just bring it over im gon na put it into uh film mode. So i get some nice slow controls here and let me see if i can bring it over just a tad back. The other way forward, just a little okay. So what im going to do here and you can see its kind of wandering around just a little bit as im trying to center it here im just trying to see how accurate you can it can hover here and what i, what i wanted to do is Just put it in landing mode, but but i dont think im going to be able to do that im going to bring it down more and then lets just oop. Thats too far lets pull that stick right down now. Well, it moved off at the last second. So uh and it gives us a a stop recording, so it was this side of the pad.

So i that was me pushing the stick forward and then it went further than i thought so yeah anyway, okay uh. Let me get everything shut down and well do a quick conclusion: hey okay, uh, the hubsan uh mini se, uh man, im telling you guys. I had a great flight with this guy today i came away uh impressed with this little drone uh. To me, this is what that zeno mini pro should have been this guy im telling you im, thinking that this is the hubsan mini drone that you want uh. You know we took it out had a really long flight time with it. I didnt measure exactly but had it up in the air in a lot a long time that battery lasted a long time uh and in fact it lasted so long that you know i did a big fly around, did a great big loop with the thing uh And got it back and still had time to do a little waypoint mission, uh, so uh yeah. I mean i wanted to do the conclusion here, because i wanted to take a look at the video when i got home and i thought it looked pretty good. Do i wish the video was just a tad bit sharper? I do so the next time i go out and fly im gon na turn up that sharpness a little bit on the adjustment and see how that looks now as part of that, because it was a really gray day today when i was out there really gray, Uh so uh yeah, i mean i think that also could play into what i was seeing on the video there but uh.

You know a couple little things. If im gon na do some nitpicking uh. When i first took off, i went over to the corner of the park and i had some blockiness on fpv, whatever that was, it cleared out pretty quickly and i flew it out of ways and i had no more issues with that. So dont know what that was about. We had a couple of little incidences where i had a little blip on the gimbal. I dont know what that was, but it was very minor uh no big deal but uh yeah, i mean uh. The flight controls were good. Uh it it flew really. Well, we didnt miss uh our precision landing, not sure what was going on there, why it didnt recognize that landing pad, but we didnt get the drone on the ground here so anyway, it was a good flight. Some 249 gram drone were going to do a lot more with this little guy were going to compare it with the dji mini 2. Of course, both of them 4k drones. This guy has features. This is a. Let me step back just a little bit. This is a full featured mini drone. It has tracking it has all the different intelligent flight modes uh. A lot of the things that people are looking for does not have obstacle avoidance on a drone like this. I just dont know that thats a necessary thing. Uh again, plenty of flight time good.

Looking video uh, pretty happy with my first flight with this guy and were gon na fly this guy and test it a lot more uh in the coming weeks and months. So i guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah the little uh hubsan xenomini sc im im liking.