That is a new tip for you to get beautiful cinematics without having skills of a stick. Combination shows an issue that it wasnt able to lock the gps satellites in time Music. If you want to get some nice cinematic shots around a slow moving object. Oh come on man hopsong. This five meters altitude is oh. This alexander here is: yes, have some xenomini se hovering in the background, and we are back for more flight testing of hubsan xeno mini se, aerial filming quadcopter with 4k camera and some of the nice coolest features, and many of you have requested that i should test You have some xenomini se during daytime because you want to see how the camera performs during daytime so thats. What im gon na do in this video flight testing of hubsan xenomini se 4k aerial filming quadcopter during daytime today before flight. When i was at home, i updated the firmware, of course, that was a forced firmware, update and after updating its right here were gon na. Do the flight testing. Okay, so quadcopter is ready, shows an issue that it wasnt able to lock the gps satellites in time. Normally i kept waiting and waiting. I took very long to properly lock six to twelve satellites and only then it will allow you to take off in gps flight mode. So hubzone seems to have fixed that problem. Man, it locked 21 satellites, so that issue is gone. Wonderful, thank you very much.

Hubsan lets take off and test its features first off taking off and i will test its uh hovering today is slightly windy. Not very windy. Okay and you can see, power is quite good and yes, im riding my cyberbot mini 1000 watt. Electric exterior, for which i also posted a follow video on my channel, go check out some of the people who were really interested in a follow up video of how this scooter is behaving after i wrote it in rain and water, and you know so far so Theres a video about it – and i brought this scooter today on purpose, because i want to test amazon, xeno mini se, active tracking and thats. What a lot of people are very much interested in, because active tracking on hubzone mini pro was done at the you know. Um app level, but in xeno mini sc. The active tracking is done at the hardware level in the drone itself, and it is much much better much more interesting to see that this thing can keep up with good speed, so well test that as well. Today, all right so hover seems to be nice and solid lets, fly in normal mode and see what is the speed im getting okay, so im just gon na go right here and come with the wind all right, full forward. 8.5 meters per second, i was very close to that shrub right there, okay, now full forward again going against the wind ooh.

Why 8.7 meters per second okay might be? The wind has changed its direction and maybe this is against the wind so again full forward in normal flight mode, its doing 8.6. 8.7 again the same so well. Winds are not probably affecting today too much so that was that now im switching to my favorite expert mode, yes – and here we go full forward still 8.6 mode. What is happening? Did i not switch in export mode hold on? Let me check once again film mode, normal mode, expert mode. Oh now they have changed it. The expert mode requires aircraft to be at five meters. Altitude. Ah come on man hopson. This five meters altitude is really pissing me off now i mean its gon na piss. Many people off as well all right so six meters, altitude – and here i go full forward. Wind is coming from the same side as well: 15 meters per second okay – that was nice, so im just gon na climb slightly higher and go full forward again against the wind. Now, yes, winds have changed 10.7 meters per second thats, the max im getting so. If youre less than five meters, you cannot fly sports mode come on. That is just ridiculous. I hope hopson youre listening im, sorry, but please, its sports mode should be available less than 5 meters altitude as well. Please see now im flying low altitude and im not getting that speed, because if we had you know less altitude expert mode, we can get some really nice cinematic footage of drone going really nice and fast.

You know, unfortunately, now we have to fast forward our footage. Please have some remove this pointless restriction anyway, so this is this now lets test. Some other features so now im gon na switch to film modes and oh, it became turtle there. This is where you will get extremely nice, cinematics, okay, so full forward and im getting three meters: 3.1 meters per second okay and im. Turning around oh man, the turn even became so slow coming with the wind seems like its now controlling its speed. Huh 3.1 meters per second, nothing more than that all right, so lets get out of this dreaded film mode. Well, dreaded phone mode can give you some very, very stable and nice footage. For example, if you want to do a nice and slow panorama, point of interest, something like that, you can get very very stable and nice footage now lets test the most wanted feature that is active track on xeno mini se. Time for me to ride my scooter and see if xeno mini se can keep up or not. Okay, now im gon na test the creative modes and see how they are going to work so start. Recording the screen. Im gon na go creative video. It says less than four meter: you cannot do so im just gon na go up. Okay, go to creative video and say fly to sky. Let me just see my altitude should be yeah good enough lets. Lets do dronie! Okay, drag on the screen target.

Thats me right there and how far you want to go 100 meters, okay, good! So click go to open, bye, bye, xenomoney essie! So now its gon na go 100 meters and then back should be back to the same point. Im gon na go creative mode. Creative mode comment draw very well clockwise will go this way. Okay, yeah and say: go okay im slightly out, but now im back in center, now im going to the right, its still tracking me and going around as a comet should do oh nice im still in the center nice. Okay. How long are you gon na? Do comet come on one complete circle: sun in my eyes, ah beautiful then, and its nice and warm okay comet is done. Lets go chase the boat Music me: Music, Music, Music, oh Laughter, Music man. I saw those cables, those high voltage power lines right there. I saw those while i was chasing that boat and act. I wanted to chase it in active track mode. An active track was actually on. I moved. I saw those cables man, it was really close anyway. The quadcopter is back on rth, okay, i activated the rti. There is a little bit of deviation, but i have my quadcopter back and that is the most important thing. So what i just found is, if you want to get some nice cinematic shots around a slow moving object and you dont have skills to do those stick.

Combinations like i was doing with those two boats. Two big boats or two bars is racing. If you dont have those skills, what you can do is activate the active track track. One object, start: recording, dont click on go, dont click on go once the active track starts, start recording and move the sticks left and right. That is, roll and drone. Zeno mini s, e will track the object, keep the camera on it and fly around it doing a beautiful cinematic for you automatically. You can do this with any object. Just hit active track draw a rectangle around once it starts tracking the object. Dont click go but start recording and start moving. You know pitch and roll access and get your desired shots. That is a new tip for you to get beautiful cinematics without having skills of stick combination. Today, in this video i have done multiple tests, especially the most requested and most demanded test, was the active track test and i can tell you hubsan, xeno mini s is doing absolutely an impressive job. When it comes to active tracking it has, it was able to track me on my cyberbot mini at very good speeds, while i put it in sports mode and did not lose me from the from its targeting. When i came back turned around it flew backward. So active track on hubsan, xeno mini sc is working very well, and that was the most requested test from many out there.

If you want me to do more tests on the hubsan xenomini se, please comment on this video and let me know what tests you want to request and, as per my time, i will do my best to bring you those flight tests on my channel. So dont forget to subscribe, hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications, so you stay updated for all the upcoming uploads. Now before i go, i do have two more fully charged batteries. I could test more features, but im saving them for the long range test. So im gon na add the battery and see how far i can go for the next test come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh while you are at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.