Welcome greetings! Welcome to my little main cave. How are you people, i hope, youre all staying, safe and happy welcome to this video? Yes, as i believe, im the first one to get the hubsan xeno mini se, the new 249 grams uh aerial filming drone 4k area filming draw so in this video. I will do my best to give you all the information that i have, including some of the information that others might not be able to give give you except my video right here and if i happen to miss something. Please remember to post uh comment on this video and leave your questions and ill do ill. Do my best to answer those now before we proceed uh two things i want to say: number one: im a little bit under the weather caught a cold recently hasnt havent been able to sleep very well for past three weeks, because my new job is keeping me Very very busy – and i also have to do a lot of youtube work – make sure all of you get new videos in time so excuse if im, you know uh sniffing in this video. Second, very important point before we continue. Please hear me out because once again, im the first one to have zeno mini sc here, and i believe there are many other drone review channels out there on youtube around the world. Who would like to post updates to their followers as well, and they would like to use my video or part of my this video.

So i will leave a little bit in the video description how to get my permission. Uh to use my video and or i will give you a complete information at the end of this video, so if you want to use my video or part of my video, please watch the end of this video or read the video description. Okay, all right now lets begin so first off im just gon na unbox, it very very quickly, so you can see what comes inside the box all right as usual. Hubzone has this nice carry case all right. Nothing else in the box, dont worry ill zoom. The camera in once uh, you know the big picture is over all right and give you a quick look, a closer look at the drone as well. So this is how it came once again, a very nice carry case there we are. We are all in a hurry, so first off, i would start from here. Let me just zoom in with now its clear right here. Well, yes, i have spare propellers, okay ill put them out for now and oh its got a little weight on it. Huh check this out, so this is the habson xeno mini se in white color, and this this color will get dirty very soon. So im going to give you a quick, uh, sorry closer, look at it very, very soon and also um. I believe i have to bring my scale to see how heavy it is.

Then we have once again the wall adapter a spare battery. Then we have oh again, another battery charger, all in white man. This is looking really nice in white huh and right here we have a couple of cables and everything hold on on the user manual. All right sticks. I believe these are spare sticks, because the radio controller has fixed uh, usb c, not not c usb micro, screwdriver, uh, usb micro and then again we have android iphone and usbc cables, usb micro, usb c and iphone cable, and i believe i will have a remote Control in white as well yep, of course, sorry. I pressed the button and it shows oh hes, almost fully charged almost in white. I would say i still like that gray color, you know this. This color is still you know. I still like this color, but anyway this is uh s e version. They wanted to probably have something, a different look, the things that i need ill leave on the table because were going to take a closer look at and talk about the features. Okay. So once again, folding and unfolding is well do the comparison later with the mini pro, but as you can see its almost the same thing: minus the obstacle avoidance, sensors, okay on the back, also no obstacle avoidance on the front, no obstacle avoidance, three axis camera gimbal And theres a very, very important point that im going to talk about, and that is the kind of feature that i think youre all going to love about.

Xenomini sem that hubsan actually thought about that. So this is the drone in white. At this side looks like there is a slot, but its covered closed, okay and the battery and the back side also the same usb micro, the drone, if you can see here now when i was reading the um the features it says that you can use tf Card, but again here is this message that says: do not insert tf card memory cannot be inserted, so lets see if camera can focus it. Alright, it says memory card cannot be inserted and remove this sticker before you fly. There is a tf card slot right here and if you give me a moment, i would just try to break the rule right here. The warning i mean the warning says: tf card cannot be inserted and i want to see if the tf card can be inserted or not its not going in its not going in that way. Its going in this way and locks in tf card can be inserted. Uh, so i im gon na ask absent why they put this notice right here. Can we not use tf card because, if theres a space, this means we can use a tf card? Does it have a built in memory or not? Well, i have to confirm that as well. Okay lets uh continue. I have sent message to hubsan just to confirm this thing now. The features that were going to talk about now lets move on to the bottom of the quadcopter theres, a heatsink theres a night floodlight for a night vision, positioning system to work properly and also it might help to see and locate the drone in the skies when Its flying, the light is pretty bright.

I have tested it and again we have tof and other optical sensors for position hold okay. Once again, there are vents at here at the left and right side of the drone. Now this slot right here, i have no idea what it is going to be used for. Uh. Probably hubsan has some plans about this. Once again, the antennas are sticking out here on the legs of the drone here, and there is a little bit of form covering the uh screws of or internals of this arm right here at the back, there is a complete plastic which is covering the back of The motors okay, so 249 grams lets before we talk about the features lets figure it out, lets clear this out. If it is 249 grams or not so here i have my little scale all right. I hope you can see it im gon na zoom out a little bit. This is a battery and it says 102.8 grams, second battery 102.9 grams and the drone itself 147 grams, 250 grams, with this battery 249.9 grams. With this battery, okay, so one moment, let me just get a picture of this thing, so you can see clearly uh that the because, from this angle, i believe you cannot see the weight so im, just gon na record a video one moment, one one. Two three sync: so this is what my scale is showing to 49.9 grams. You would take. My scale might have some deviation, so it is 249 grams, all right, okay, so ill superimpose, this video for you to watch as well.

So this is done right here. Im just gon na move my scale away and now lets talk about the features lets move on to the features discussion of hubsan xenomini. Se, the cmos sensor in the camera is now smaller, as you can see on the screen. Uh the cmos sensor in um, hubsan xenomini pro, is much larger compared to this one, and this one is one by 2.6. Only the quad or the drone has the hd transmission 1080p up to six kilometers. They advertise 43 to 45 minutes of uh maximum flight time. Using this battery, which im going to put to test of course – and i have also written more here – um tf card is still under question. Let me see if i got a message or not. Okay, i got the message from the um engineer that it supports micro sd card or we call them tf cards, so i would use tf card in this one. Thank you very much, uh hubsan for clarifying this very, very quickly. Now um. There are some very, very important questions that im going to talk about very soon uh. If you stay with me, so we have a smaller camera sensor here in the gimbal we have 249 grams. We have hd transmission, maximum 45 minutes of endurance, six kilometer of range and sync last 2.0, while the new zmp xenomini pro is using simply as 3.0 okay and then we have night mode night light.

As i have shown you right here, theres a night light and intelligent battery now, first of all, the ai tracking, as they advertised for a xeno mini s, e that it has a t v, t 3.0, ai tracking and, according to my knowledge, um the tracking on The xenomini pro is done at the app level, okay, its done at the app level and depending on the power of your phone and your smart device, and how the app is working. The drone will do the tracking. However, hubsan did mention this time that, with zeno mini se, the tracking feature is on the chip inside the drone, so they should have better tracking feature, uh tracking the subject and following the subject well put that to a test now. Yes, a number of people said that you know h265. They are having issue with that. Video codec for recording the video that zeno mini pro is using so hubsan xeno mini se, is using h264 codec to record and store the videos on your tf card or memory card, and if the highest resolution is 4k 30 frames per second maximum bit rate is 100 mbps, while the hubsan xeno mini pro, can go up to 200 mbps now more features that i forgot to mention. It has a 3x zoom and direct connection to your device using a wi fi on the drone. So you can transfer the pictures and videos very quickly to your device and start sharing them right away.

Now. Lets talk about this very, very um, interesting news that i have received, and it is. It is a very good feature because lets say when you come to, you know: xeno mini pro and xeno mini s and youre thinking. You know what xeno mini pro has a better bigger cmos sensor, so it has a better video quality. Xeno mini se has a smaller sensor. It might not have you know that kind of video quality that xeno mini pro have so the good news is have some says that they are going to release in near future and upgrade to xeno mini se, which will update your cmos sensor to the same big Cmo sensor that you have here in hubsan, xeno mini pro and all you need to do – is get a new gimbal and camera and replace it, and you will have that one by one point: one three tenth inch sensor in your xenomini se, so you can upgrade The cmos sensor in your xenomini se should you want to later and if youre not satisfied with the video quality, you want to have a bigger sensor like the xenomini pro have. So this is one good piece of information that i got and i think it is a very, very good feature as well. The other interesting question would be: can you use xenomini pro batteries in mini se and se battery in pro? Well, answer is yes, as far as you do not mind, this strange color combination, batteries are the same.

Intelligent batteries and you can use them interchangeably in both of these drones. Now lets talk about the radio. Radio controller is obviously the same thing of just a different color. Okay, rest. Everything is same as you can see: function, pitch dial, camera and video button. Okay, return to home on off uh flight modes phone holder, and then you have two sticks down here down there have some kind of port im, not sure what is that about its on xeno mini pro radio as well. Okay, nothing more to see on this its the same thing as the other radio that we have with xeno mini pro. You know i just couldnt wait and i just added the fully charged xenomini pro battery to xenomini se, and here device status list seems like everything working properly. There are no uh, you know pending uh, pending features, which is very, very good, and look at that. This one does not stop the video okay, fpv has been turned off. No such thing fpv is always on okay lets take off, but before we do, i believe indoors. I have to turn off the gps, take off feature because you know otherwise it will not turn on okay. So here we go Music. Okay, oh sorry, can you see it? Yes, i believe you can see it my power right there very good. Let me move on to my 3d print and see – oh sorry, its dropping my 3d print its going to drop things in my room huh, but look at this its still flying very well.

I can actually control it and fly it around Music. Very nicely Music, hey dont, do that magic thingy come down to my hand, all right matt i didnt have to update any uh kind of firmware or any such thing popped up no pending features, so it seems, like everything, is ready now lets just finish: charging the Batteries, i believe i can take the fully charged batteries of xenomini pro and head out into the heat to fly it, but for the sake of this video, i would like to use the original xenomini se batteries to fly this so lets wait. Those batteries are charging, and you know behind me, and they wont take much long and ill step out into the heat and fly it and see how things go now before i end the video lets get to the point, as i have mentioned in the beginning of The video im the first one to get this drone and obviously there are other drone channels and drone reviewers around the world on youtube. Who would like to probably use my video and or part of my video to update their followers? And i would say we are all a big happy community. We are like family, so i would like to say yes, if you would like to use my video or part of my video to update your followers, you can do it, given that you give proper credit in the video description, so leave the link to my channel In the video description and before you show my video or part of my video in your video, please speak very clearly that this video is taken from ali shan, my channel, and that the link to my channel is in the video description.

If you do find time drop me an email to alishandmangmail.com and say this, is my channel and im going to use part of your video or part of your this video and ill? Give you the permission to do so. Thank you very much for watching this. Video give this video a big thumb up and stay subscribed to my channel. If you havent subscribed to my channel, do it right away and hit that little bell icon turn on all the notifications and obviously watch the flight testing, video of hubsan xeno mini se. Lucky me, the seven days holiday, uh, china national day holiday, is coming, so i will have plenty of time to test this drone and test all of his features. Once again, if you have any questions regarding uh test, requests, put them in the video comments and ill do my best to perform those flight tests and bring all those videos to you in timely manners. Im gon na charge the batteries and get the drone ready and bring it out to fly. These are very very hot days nowadays and today afternoon definitely is going to be very hot and i believe, thats the right time to test. We have some xenomini se and see how it will deal with all that heat. All those winds come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while you are at it, also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it.

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