But i thought i’d like to spend a few moments and give seven reasons why you should buy the hudson xeno mini pro. I know there’s been a lot of talk and this has been the year the mini. I know um marcus crawford’s covered it real, well, bronze covered it pretty. Well, a lot of guys have just thought i’d like to throw in my two cents worth and give you seven reasons why you should buy the hubsan xeno mini pro, so we’re just going to go ahead and dive into this hope. Everybody’S having a great friday here, uh sorry for not being not getting notice out in advance about this but um. The first thing i’d like to go over is hubsan recently announced their version of dji care refresh and they call it hubs and care, and i want to spend just a couple of minutes and go over hubs and care and what it is and i will drop A link – and i think there is already in the description for the video regarding hubs and care and how you purchase it so let’s just i’m going to give you guys a brief overview here. So let me go ahead and get this up on the screen. We’Re going to go ahead and share it. Okay, hubsan care provides the insurance chance. Now. Remember now remember a lot of times. This is you know. Folks over in china, are writing this, so their english isn’t, 100 grammatically correct, but let’s go with this here.

Hubsan care provides the insurance chance of the drone lost once a year in the face of most accident like water damage, collision, drone missing during flight and other unexpected situations. Okay, let’s go to the next slide here. You need only to pay the relevant replacement cost and can replace damaged or missing products with brand new products. Products that meet any of the following conditions can be purchased with hubs and care. The product is brand new and not activated to the product. Activation time is within 48 hours here: okay, now again, hubsan cray crae refresh a year edition, xenomini pro it costs 59 to get the hubsan care all right now in order to replace the current product replacement cost, including logistics. Freight is 249 um, just to kind of. Let you know that now for details on how to sign up and everything here, uh, what i’m gon na do is refer to that video, that um hubsan has called hubs and care, and i have a link for it in the description now i know we talked About this – and i got to thank marcus for bringing this point up and it’s a very relative point here – um hubsan’s timing was about as perfect as you can get on this, and what do i mean by perfect timing? Well, you know everybody was talking about the xeno um x8 mini all right. The xeno x8 mini the xeno x8 mini. Well guess what okay who’s talking about the xeno x8 mini now, not as many people are talking about that as they are about the hubsan xeno mini pro it’s, garnered a lot of attention and with good reason and we’ll get into that here in a minute, but Their timing is great because it’s summer is fast approaching and we’ll we’ll talk about we’ll talk about.

You know, uh potential release here in a moment you know with the timing. You can’t beat it for what hubsan is offering here on this okay uh it’s a chance. You’Ll have the whole summer basically to use this drone, especially for those in in the north america area, where you know winter sets in. You know, we’re fortunate. Here in florida we don’t have as rough winners as they do up north, but we do get them so that’s, one that you know that’s the second one now you know the specs on this are unquestionable. Unquestionably, the best out of any mini drum and let’s go ahead and i’m going to go ahead and go over this here, because i thought you know it would be worth it once again. Um, you know, we’ll go over the cost. Well, you know what um yeah we’re gon na go over the cost here in in a moment, but i thought i’d like to go over um. You know some of the highlights, so you guys can be 100 familiar with this okay, now it’s 249 grams we’re going to talk about that in a minute three direction: obstacle avoidance, uh up to 40 minutes of flight time 10 kilometers remote control, distance 3, axis gimbal, With 4k 30 video one over one 1.3 inches cmos sensor, f, slash 185 super large aperture hubs and sinclairs 3.0 1080p 30 frames per second 20 mp mpbs, 10 kilometers, okay, up to 6x hybrid zoom optical optical flow night, light ai tracking mode, enhanced avr hdr photos Build an intelligent flight battery, okay what’s in the box.

It lists everything that’s in the box technical specifications, it lists the color size um, you know the weight and one of the things that um. You know 40 minutes of flight, which is incredible here now. One of the things that brown pointed out was you know the the storage is internal there’s no sd card to buy for this, which is unusual and and that’s and that’s. Another thing that sets this apart because everybody’s expecting dji to up this internal storage and they haven’t it’s been eight gigabytes. They haven’t changed that, but hubsan uh they are, they they’ve taken they’ve, taken it the bull by the horns and they’ve went ahead and they’ve done. That – and i think i think, that’s a tremendous thing i i really really got ta – give give them a lot of credit for that. Okay, obviously, no reviews and writings here. Okay, so you know that that’s, i think you know, i think i think that’s. You know one thing that’s pretty incredible and i think one of the other things here too is you. You need to mention this: okay, 249 grams lightweight and foldable design. Now you know here in the united states, you know being that it’s only 249 grams, it doesn’t garner as much special attention, as it does say in canada, say over in europe: australia, um, you know other countries because in a lot of other countries, when your other 249 grams, you know it exempts you from a lot of things: uh, you know from having to get a special license or or purchase a special registration or so forth, whatever their uh aviation authority is deeming.

That needs to be done and i think that’s fantastic. I think that’s a great thing and for all of the now remember for all the features that are here with the hudson xeno mini pro for that price, for this price point that we’re going to get it’s packing a lot in here, and i i really think This is something that you need to pay attention to here now. You know one of the other things that and while we’re at it we’re going to go on to price here now you know it’s 459 dollars, and you have several options here and let’s go over the options because i’m not sure a lot of people are, are Familiar with them here, okay, now the base is 64 gigabytes. Okay, that’s internal storage, all right, you get one battery and they give you four props um there’s the base; 128 gigabytes, one battery and four prop it’s an additional fifty dollars. Okay, the starter bundle, which is 64 gigabytes, is two batteries: eight propellers in a bag, an additional eighty dollars; extreme bundle, 64 gigabytes; three batteries, eight propellers in one bag hundred and ten dollars. Starter bundle for 128 gigabytes is two batteries: eight props in a bag for 130 extreme bundle for 128 gigabytes, three batteries, eight props and a bag for 160 dollars. I mean this. These additional features that they’re that that they have there, i think, is fantastic for what you’re getting, i think, you’re getting a lot of bang for the buck here.

Okay, i think you know hubsan, really they’ve been a very aggressive in terms of their pricing and for what what you’re able to get for this okay, you know mind, you know this. This does have obstacle avoidance. I know there’s been some people. That said no it’s. Just going to be, when you come up to something and not stop, i don’t i disagree. I you wouldn’t, you would not call this obstacle avoidance if it didn’t stop the drone. Okay it’s going to stop the drone so that’s. I i think this is something that is very noteworthy of a drone this size. I think it’s, fantastic here. Okay, now with these prices, i think these prices are great. Okay, you know adding an additional 160 onto it. If you wanted to get the 128 gigabyte you’re getting three three batteries: eight props in a bag um. In addition, just adding that onto the 460, so you know that’s a pretty reasonable price. Even just adding you know, you know even just getting um, you know, upping it to 128 gigs that’s 50 that’s worth it. I mean that’s. Look at it this way. You know if you were to buy a good sd card in one that has the good transfer rates – okay, you’re, going to spend that kind of money anyway to do that. So that makes that makes a lot of sense, okay and and to go and to up it and to get two batteries.

You know that’s an addition, that’s only 80, i mean that’s fantastic to have, and i also always recommend that you get an extra battery. One of the downfalls to me of the femi x8 mini was there were no extra batteries available at launch. The only battery you got was what came with the drone. That was it. There was there’s nothing else that was available with this okay, so i think that’s important, i think, we’re. You know i think that’s one thing it’s nice to be able to purchase these and – and i think it makes it makes a lot. It makes a lot of sense now. You know. One thing that they do talk about here is estimated shipping date tbd. Okay, i have seen and heard a lot about. You know that this they’re talking mid june, okay, which is fantastic, okay and and the timing is, is right again, you know here we are talking about timing of this, and – and i think this timing is fantastic, because you know when you’re what you’re looking at with This is you, you have basically june july august september in some of october. Okay, because it starts weather, starts to turn in october. Things start to get. You know the leaves fall, the temperature changes it gets. It gets windy, you know and it’s. You know the the winter’s coming and with winter you’re gon na get a lot of inclement weather and it’s going to you know, put a damper on drone flying, but you have you’d have basically have the rest of june july august september and let’s say most of October, so you know there’s at least four good months in there to fly, so their timing is perfect on this.

Okay and now one of the other things is, you know um availability, and you know one one of the things that that i have to say in line with that uh is you know you can purchase this via hubsan us, okay or you can purchase this via Banggood all right now, personally, me i’m going with hubsan us, because i canceled when i ordered my xeno2, i had it through banggood. I ended up canceling it. I reordered it through hubs in the u.s and that’s who i eventually got it through, and the timing was incredibly much faster than through banggood, but you know it is absolutely your choice there’s a link in the description if you’re interested in purchasing it from banggood. It would help support the channel. Obviously you know we um. I always appreciate that and thank you guys so much for doing that. All right now, one of the other things that i’d like to go over here is all right. There’S a gentleman who put out a video um, he found he found the hubsan xeno mini app. Okay and let’s go ahead and share this here. Um and i’ll drop a link in the description, so you guys can go ahead and check this out but uh. Evidently he found this on the um apple store. It’S, not i looked on. I briefly looked on google play on the android store. I couldn’t find it yet but it’s out there, and that indicates you know the time that that’s another indication that you have that the timing is imminent, that this is going to be coming sooner rather than later, and i and i think, that’s important, i think that’s One of the things you guys need to realize that this isn’t, you know this isn’t something you’re going to be waiting months for you’re, going to be waiting just a few weeks for this okay, and with all this being said, you know i want to let everybody Know one of the things i can tell you is that i canceled my order for the femi x8 mini the other day and the reason i did that was you know i’m, seeing a mixed bag of reviews.

Okay, i saw guerrilla man’s review all right. I saw ryan duval’s review i’ve seen marcus. Okay, marcus still has his gear, his gimbal issues, okay and his gimbal. A ribbon cable needs to be replaced and you can’t he can’t purchase it and it’s, just something you got ta kind of have to live with kind of a thing. So you know to me i think it’s, probably part of it’s. Probably software part of it is probably, as guerrilla man said, i think, a lot of people there are being the they’re, not the beta testers they’re, the alpha testers. That femi did a very poor job of testing this. I think they just threw this out there and are letting the hobbyists and professionals alike to to test this, and at this point for me, i’m gon na pass. Okay, will i revisit it absolutely if the fema x8 mini can get their act together, fema can get their act together. Get these problems and issues addressed and corrected. I’Ll revisit purchasing that somewhere down the road, but for right now, as soon as i get my money back from pre, where i pre ordered it from, and that was through, b h as soon as that money shows up. In my account, i’m gon na go ahead and order a hubsan xenomini pro i’m very excited about it. I think this has definitely has the potential to be the best mini uh at this point in time, of course, everything’s relative, because when i say this point in time that can change that can change in a few months, there’s, probably a dji mini 3 on the Drawing board, if not a prototype, already set that may beat this out, but for a while the xenomini pro could be the king of the hill.

So we will see. I want to thank everybody for joining me for this impromptu. Live stream. Wasn’T going to go over a lot of details wanted to go over those seven points. Uh. You definitely want to look at hubsan care. I think that’s an option you may want to pursue. Um. You know again it’s a lot less than having to pay for a new drone. Um you know, and the entry price is pretty is – is very reasonable for this, so you may want to explore that option. Um. You know the pricing on the hubs and xenomini pro. I think is very good as well um, you know you’re a lot you can get. You can get a lot of good options and additional features for it are additional. You know having the battery and having 128 gig and extra batteries for very reasonable prices, so definitely want to check that out. Hope everybody has a great weekend and always guys it’s a great day to fly. Take care hope you guys have a great rest.