Photography today were going to be doing a quick unboxing of the new xenomini pro. This was announced back in early spring sometime around the end of april, beginning of may they put it up for pre order. I think i pre ordered this may 5th. If memory serves me correctly and of course, there was some delays, but they just finally started shipping last week and i received mine this morning now to me this is a very important drone, whether youre interested in this drone or not. The reason why im saying that is this is really going to force djis hand to improve the mini 2.. This is the very first sub 250 gram drone that has obstacle avoidance both on the front rear and, of course, on the underside. So with that, you know its pretty well guaranteed that the mini 3, when it does come out this fall if it comes out, this fall, which im pretty sure with all these new drones, popping up its going to have obstacle avoidance on it as well. If theyre going to want to compete with drones like this now, this is my very first hubsan drone. I know theyve had a spotty record in the past, but uh the strong actually looks to be pretty good. The specs on it are pretty impressive. Its a 4k drone, its under 250 grams. So for those of you who want a sub 250 gram, drone thats very important, as mentioned it has obstacle avoidance.

It has follow me and it also has object tracking mission planning and many other smart intelligent features. So this could really potentially force dji to up their game quite a bit, so anyways lets get into it. Like i mentioned, this is just going to be an unboxing video if theres enough power in the batteries im going to do a firmware, update and well take a look at some of the software, if not ill do that later. But if this is a drone, you are interested make sure youre subscribed and you stick around, as i will be doing. My first flight video tomorrow, well, take it out for its very first flight and just do some basic testing with it. Now a couple interesting things to note: if you are going to be purchasing this drone, this drone does not actually have a memory card slot. You cannot use your own memory with it. You have to purchase it with its built in memory and it has two options. You can get 128 gigabytes of storage or 64 gigabytes of storage personally im, not a big fan of that, because you know its nice to have internal storage. You never have to worry about forgetting a memory card, but if you fill it up and youre out, filming youre gon na have to find a convenient way to dump all that footage, either bring a laptop with you or dump it over to your phone. But if you dont have a lot of storage on your phone thats, not an option either.

I think theyre doing that, because one of the features of this drone is that the bitrate on it can get up to 200 megabits per second, so thats pretty high. So im wondering if thats why they want to make sure everybodys using nice fast memory. So by having built in memory, they know that theres not going to be any problems with drop frames and stuff like that. So, as you can see here with the particular kit that i bought, it does come with a nice little case and its very similar to the material that dji uses with the fly more combos with the mini. As you can see here, this is the fly more kit case that comes with the dji mini 2, the air 2.. You can see the material is very similar and i actually really like it its kind of like a its, not real leather, but it kind of has that look and feel you can see it says hubs in there on the front. We got a little storage pocket there, nothing in it. I went with the two battery combo 128 gigabytes. You can purchase it as a base kit with one battery or you can even purchase it with three batteries and i believe, up to four batteries and each variation. You can get as 64 gigabytes or, like i mentioned, 128 gigabytes. The base package is 4.99 with one battery at 64 gigabytes. I believe the two battery kit that i bought was around 579.

Something like that. So lets open it up here and take a look inside uh. Well, take the drone out first and well take a closer look at it here. In a minute we got a charging brick. We have an intelligent flight battery. We have the charging hub, as you can see here now, theyre calling this their charging butler its just like the dji chargers. It will only charge one battery at a time, but when you have the batteries connected to it, it will become a power bank. Just like the dji one does feel a little bit plasticky and on the cheap side, but thats okay, as long as it works and the other downfall to it is its micro usb. I wish companies would just stop using micro usb all together. You see, we have the micro usb cable for charging everything up. These are what we use to connect the controller to the phone. We have usbc, lightning and micro, usb user manual. Definitely probably a good idea ill. Take a look through that later screwdriver for changing out the propellers. We have another micro, usb, cable and theres a divider down there that youve got to pull out with velcro and, as you can see here is the controller. And surprisingly, the controller feels pretty good. It looked kind of toy great ish in the uh in the photos, but it actually has some heft to it, and the plastic does feel a little bit nicer than some of the other controllers i have used in the past.

You can see we have a tray here for our phone so well take a look at that sticks are stowed down there underneath yeah, so it looks pretty good and you can see here it actually has an led screen on it. That will have our telemetry data. So thats uh kind of a nice feature. We have our spare propellers, you see there. We have two packs or labeled a and b thats. Basically, everything that comes in the package lets take a look around the drone here. One interesting thing they have: they have this plastic thing that you can take on and off, basically its like a thing to protect you from the heat sink. I dont know if ill use it myself when flying, but apparently that heats and can get quite warm. You can see on the bottom here we have an led light and we have two vision: sensors there, two on the front and as you can see here, two on the back now as for build quality, i would say its pretty well on par with the dji Mini 2. um, the arms are nice and stiff, the plastic is decent. You know it still kind of has that kind of toy grade feel to it, but the mini does as well its not like holding something like the air 2s or the mavic 2 pro. There is a memory card slot, but theres a little warning sticker that says memory card cannot be inserted here.

Please remove this sticker before flying that could be used for diagnostics or when theyre flashing it or it could be connected to nothing im, not 100 sure, because they do have another drone coming the mini se, which is going to be basically a stripped down version of This one with it, it doesnt have the internal memory, so it could be that theyre using the same frame and they need a memory card slot on it. There there we have our camera there and it is capable of 4k video, its rated to have 40 minutes of flight time, which is pretty decent uh, whether it will live up to that. You know most drones, dont get what theyre rated as, but if you can get 30 minutes 35 minutes out of it. You know thats uh, pretty good. It also has a 10 kilometer range. We may put that to the test later on im, not a person who really does range tests per se, especially those really long range ones, well see if we can figure out a way to do it safely and legally now. Another interesting thing is that the fpv feed coming back to the controller in your phone is 1080. It has a bit rate of 20 megabits per second and thats compared to the dji mini 2, which is only 720 and the bitrate on it, i believe, is only eight, so its gon na have a better feedback to your phone.

Its gon na have a night mode that will denoise the shots, whether thats available yet im, not 100 sure it has hybrid six times zoom and it supports youtube, live streaming and just like the dji mini 2, it supports level 5 wins. You can see the battery loads there in the back theres two little buttons, you press and it just slides out now this battery only two lights on it. This one here looks like its full, which is surprising. Usually they dont ship them full, but thats good, because that means we can update the firmware and get things ready there. So lets go ahead and get things hooked up and powered up here, im going to be mounting my iphone 12 pro max in there. So hopefully, itll fit and one thing im noticing here its really hard to get those sticks out from underneath there yeah that could have. Maybe that could have maybe been done a little bit differently, but it does work so, as you can see, the iphone 12 pro max does fit in there. Just fine, if you do have a larger phone youre not going to have a problem with it. So lets go ahead here and well get the data cable that we need. We need the lightning version, so this is the one i need here: micro, usb to lightning and the app were going to be using. There is called the x hubzone. 2.. Okay lets go ahead well, power on the controller, its pretty well just like a dji drone, quick press, and then i press and hold and same for the drone, quick press and press and hold, and you can see just like the mini 2 or the dji products With the fly up, the controller is charging the phone dont really like that.

Hopefully there is a way to turn that off in the settings looks like were all connected and you can see all the telemetry that does come up on the screen. There lets go ahead and launch the hubsan app and you can see there that its picked the drone up right away and it wants us to activate it heres, something interesting uh. One thing hubsan did state because of the delay of the strong theyre, giving free hubs and care, and you actually get a message there as soon as you activated. It says. Thanks for your support, and now you are given a free hubs and care refresh for details referred to and the web address so thats kind of nice. I dont know how well their care refresh is going to work but thats a bonus. I guess, as soon as it went into the camera view, its prompting us to upgrade the firmware so lets go ahead and well see how that works so well. Download the firmware files and some of the features are not available. Yet if youve been watching the videos that have been available on youtube, some of them just say, theyre coming soon now, theres, supposedly a firmware update coming on the 20th, which is tomorrow on friday, and they actually put a message up when you go to the intelligent Flight modes ill just throw that up on the screen here and you can see yes, indeed its giving you kind of a road map of when to expect some of these features.

You can see the ones there at the top are coming on the 20th and then theyve got a few other ones listed below that in that aspect, its kind of nice, theyre being very transparent and letting you know when some of these features will be available. So lets go ahead and hit upgrade now at some point its going to ask us to disconnect from the remote and plug the cable directly into the drone. So it asked me to restart the remote and then a message popped up, asking me to now plug the data cable into the back of the drone, so thats. What were going to do now, so weve plugged it in as soon as we plugged it in the upgrade button highlighted so now we can hit upgrade its going to ask us to download firmware files, so well, go ahead and well download that now so you can See there we now have a message saying that its finished so lets go ahead and unplug it and well plug the controller back in now. I can feel the drone there already getting quite warm when i unplug that cable theres quite a bit of quite a bit of heat there, but its not flying in the air once we have it in the air its going to help, keep it cool its telling Me right away that there is a compass calibration needed, but im not going to fly it right now, so i will do that later and one interesting thing youre going to notice if you do end up purchasing this drone, is that the fpv feed does not appear Until youve taken off as you can see right now, everything is black and it will stay that way until you actually put it up in the air, then the fpv feed will come in im, not sure why theyve done that, if its a heat issue or if Its a way to save battery so yeah im going to play around with a little bit more from what im.

Seeing so far, it looks to be pretty adequate. The firmware updated with no issues. It was definitely not as streamlined as using something like a dji drone, but definitely it wasnt too bad. As mentioned, there is going to be a big firmware, update tomorrow, thats going to add a lot of the missing features. Definitely stay tuned for that were going to be testing everything out fully and thoroughly. Hopefully, the firmware update is available before i go for my first flight tomorrow and yes, that is very hot im, going to turn that drone off, so that is the hubzen xeno mini. Like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, i think this is a very important drone, whether youre interested in a drone like this or not its definitely going to push dji to uh, really develop the mini 3 when it comes out. If this drone does fly well and has a decent picture quality, this definitely can be a good contender, a good competitor for dji, because it is packed full of features. The tracking and following feature is something that a lot of people want on a mini drone. So this is the very first mini drone. I do believe that comes with a tracking feature like that other than the xeno mini, which i reviewed about a week ago, but it didnt have obstacle avoidance, so this is the first one with obstacle, avoidance and tracking. So you know you can track safely.

It is going to be really interesting to see what djis next move is how theyre going to counter this drone, but definitely they would be foolish to release the mini 3 without some form of tracking and obstacle avoidance. Well, folks, thats, basically it for this unboxing video. If you are interested in this drone, definitely stay tuned ill, be doing my first flight tomorrow morning, probably and ill get that edited and uploaded sometime in the early afternoon. Of course, after that ill dive in deeper. Well, really thoroughly test all the features just to make sure everything is working as advertised because thats an important thing. You know if people are buying a strong because they want some of the intelligent flight features theyre going to want to make sure they work as described thanks a lot for watching give this video a thumbs up.