Because of the fact, it does have a lot of the same features and actually a few more features than the mini 2. But of course those are all on paper. Those are all specs. I do want to take this out and test them out, but the biggest thing is they are both under that 250 gram mark, which dji has really been marketing a lot since they released the dji mini mini 2, as well as the new mini se, and when The mini 2 was released. I know a lot of people were hoping that they would get obstacle avoidance as well as tracking or active track on the mini 2. But of course we did not get that and thats reason why. I think this thing was pretty intriguing, because hubsan is now saying that their new xeno mini pro is going to have a lot of those features: sensors for obstacle avoidance, as well as being able to track you, and if you guys, are new to my channel. My name is alden estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos. So this video is just going to really be an unboxing and comparison as far as just how it matches up with the mini 2, and they do have a bunch of different packages on their website.

I did go with the 64. Gig has internal memory on it and this one does come with two batteries, but they do have a bunch of different packages. You could buy different internal memory, uh storages and how many batteries you want there. It is really nice small compact bag, actually, its really really small, even compared to the dji one. You have the drone, packed nice and neat right up top, have some stuff here in this top pouch that well get into actually well open that up first and got a couple sets of propellers here at the very top, and we will take the drone out. Just like that, there you go very similar size as the mini 2, which is nice power, brick extra battery, like i said i got the one with two batteries, so there is one that already comes in it right there and then this is the second one. At the bottom here looks like a charging hub in the very front of the bag. We have a bunch of cables and ill look through those in a second, the very bottom here, theres another velcro and yep looks like the remote control and thats about it. So remote control is at the very bottom, underneath the velcro there sticks here at the very bottom as well and on the side remote. You have a micro usb, which more likely is going to be to hook up to your phone. We have the antennas here.

At top and on the very top of the remote control, we do have the record button. We have a function right here, uh we have the photo button. So if you want to switch from photo to video and then we also have a scroll wheel, more likely, of course, to adjust the gimbal if its very similar or similar to how djis work on the front, we do have a screen. Let me take this screen protector off, so we do have a screen for all of your telemetry here and then the return to home button on the very left power button in the middle. And then we have an f n and s button here on the very right usb a to micro, usb more than likely to charge up your batteries, and there is a micro usb here on the very back im, not sure why they didnt go with usbc screwdriver. We have extra remote control sticks. We do have all of the cables for your remote control. So if you do have an iphone or an android youre able to hook it up right here and then, of course, we have the xeno mini pro user manual. All right with everything. Unboxed lets just kind of put this side by side with the dji mini 2 and talk a little bit about the specs of both and talk a little bit about those differences that the hubsan as far as on paper, sounds like a very good deal.

But, of course, everything will be tested out and thats kind of when will determine how well everything does work and how good the quality is, how good the tracking is, etc. Of course i want to get this up in the air before i make my full judgment and review on this drone and then on the bottom here, which is interesting, theres a plastic piece at the very bottom that covers the bottom up, which is interesting. So i think we just pulled that off right here. Little clips on the front pop the back out just little guides here on the back and there you go, takes off the bottom. I think its a protective cover for this bottom piece right here, which is something that the dji mini 2, does not have so interesting that they have an extra piece on here. I believe you take it out. I dont think you keep it on there. While you fly, i wouldnt think you would at least on the side here it we do have a little sticker. It says warning memory card cannot be inserted here. Please remove this sticker before flying so interesting, im not going to fly yet, but it looks like there is a spot for a memory card there, but this little warning says: do not put a memory card in there, which is also interesting so side by side. They look pretty identical as far as the size of the drone goes, so i think we are just about the same.

Maybe the xeno sticks out a little bit more because of these motors and propellers here stick out a little bit. I think they are a little bit wider, but overall height wise, the xeno is a little bit taller as well, and the main reason why, like i said i bought this – is because they are both 249 grams, and i talked about this before, depending on where you Live you do not, or more likely dont have to register certain drones that are under 250 grams, so the mini that came out a couple years ago, very popular because of that 240 grand 49 gram weight limit. Now we have 249 grams on the xeno as well. So compare that to the hubsan we do have sensors on the hubsan right there on the very front, as you can see, those well put those side by side and then on the bottom. We have the same sensors there. We actually have extra sensors on the hubsan and then on the back. Like i mentioned, we do have obstacle avoidance sensors here on the back of the xeno. We do not have any on the mini 2.. Now, when it comes to battery the xeno mini is rating their drone to fly 40 minutes, which is very interesting. The dji mini 2 is rated for about 31 minutes, so im gon na be very surprised if we get that much time out of the hubsan more likely youre, probably going to get around 34, maybe 30 to 34, if so, just same way on the mini 2.

Its rated for 31, but youll, probably you normally get about 25. speaking of batteries. They do come with hubs. This is the dji hub and, like i mentioned, this, is the hubsan one very similar to how we have the autel brick style, where you stack them this one, the dji one you slot three batteries there. This one actually can hold four batteries. So a nice hub here that can hold four. This one holds three now when it comes to cameras, they both shoot in 4k at 30 frames a second, and they also both have digital zoom ill, make sure the specs, as far as the zoom ranges, go ill put those up on screen so nice to see That they both have 4k at 30 frames a second and because we do have those obstacle avoidance sensors on the xeno. This is also supposed to be able to do things like active track on this drone, which is something that a lot of people are hoping that the new mini would come out with the mini 2 does not have it, because there are no sensors on the front. So i do want to test to see how good that active track is that follow me function because youre able to do it with these sensors right here, jumping over to the remote controls size, wise, the mini two remote. As you can see, it is a lot bigger than this one, but this one is kind of beefy, which is nice and it does have a screen right there.

The remote control opens up as far as the device goes here at the very bottom and on the mini 2 remote control. It sits here at the very top, so a little bit difference there. Now as far as transmission goes, both of them are rated to go. 10 kilometers in range, as far as the distance between your remote control and your drone, as you guys know, im big on transmission, the reliability that ocusync has. I do want to test out to see how good the hubson xeno is, because, like i mentioned before, i think transmission is by far the most important thing youre gon na deal with when flying a drone. As far as wind resistance, they are both rated for level. Five wind resistance, theyre both just kind of super light – and you know these things get tossed around in the wind a lot for high wind places. I probably wouldnt always try to trust it uh. I would normally jump up to heavier platforms like ive talked about before, with this one, i would jump up to the air 2 air 2 s mavic 2 pro and of course, hubsan does have a few other drones as well. But you know you more like you are going to want to fly them in really really gusty situations, just because the fact that theyre so light but good to know that they are both rated for level five, wind and there. It is guys just wanted to do a quick video just to show you some of the differences with this new hubsan xeno mini pro in comparison to the mini 2.

. You pretty much know what youre getting when you fly a dji product, so hopefully hubsan will live up to all of those specs that theyre putting out there, and the main reason why i wanted to pick this. One up is because i want to test out the optical avoidance as well as that tracking of the active track, because its going to be nice to have something this small be able to track you and hopefully its nice and quiet as well. So if you do want to travel light and have a little bit more options, well see how good the hub scene is. I will do a full review on this one. So if you guys are interested in that make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel and before i go, i do want to test out one thing, because i do have these limited edition cases of mine in camo, which is really cool. I didnt think it would come out this nice, but we do have limited edition camo bags, which were initially designed for the mini, but luckily enough because of the fact that the hubsan, the xeno mini pro, is the same size. Let me show you this. It fits perfectly this one is for initially the mini, but it does fit the xeno mini pro right there. This is the case for that. Well, have a few sets of these, and then this is the remote control which does fit this remote control here, which means, of course, itll fit this one right there perfectly as well there.

It is remote control, as well as your drone case for the hubsan xeno mini pro. I also have this in gray and in black, so make sure you guys check out the website if you guys are interested in transporting your drone in a little compact case like this. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated and, like i mentioned dont forget to subscribe and hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, i will be taking this out, so i can do a full review. I do want to see how the transmission and the video quality is as well as how well it controls so make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel. If you guys want to see that review on the hudson xeno mini pro, this is alsacio with ill see you guys.