In the meantime, I want to thank sebastiano di stefano. For me, a comment in my video on the flight test helped me to understand where the verification of the abb tired refresh for those who bought it, for example on ben good, where it was integrated in the purchase. As you have seen, it is sufficient to go to the item management of the equipment present on your account in the hicks habshan 2 app to check if the carne fresh is active, as in mine case. What results is another interesting thing: the presence of the flight log, and that is the flight log, always on the page relating to your account, is accessed through the icon of the little man and the menu appears where there is also the flight log entry. a tap On the flight log entry and all the flights that have taken place up to that moment are displayed in this case. I have few flights because – and I have cleared the cache of the app to try to solve the problem of occasional disconnections that I showed in the flight test video. However, the logs are also stored in the drones internal memory and are useful for transmitting them to absa in the event of problems in the app and a more simplified version. That is remembered Dallape but, as I said, if you clear, the cache as well Bee is uninstalled by deleting hydrates, and then you will arrive in the barn are also deleted.

Fly previous blogs, unless synchronization in the cloud do not face via a special with china. That and above this, for example, is the trace of an indoor flight. So there are no correct gps coordinates because it was an internal environment and in any case, you can practically do the replay of everything that happened during the flight. Above we, the telemetry data, the track that the drone made. Of course, I repeat, this is a vehicle. I was there because I was an internal environment, so the gps data are falsified. However, as you can see, there is the distance, the duration and the height reached the maximum speed and other data. There is also the feedback and log item where all the error logs to be sent to the hub are indicated. It will not be there at this moment. I am because, as I said, I have cleared the cache and therefore there are no other aspects that I consider interesting in the meantime, as we saw in the first flight, when the drone on the ground does not transmit the return video only when it takes off It activates the return video because if you want to avoid both battery consumption and further heating of the internal electronics that we will see shortly, an aspect that we will see shortly, there is the possibility to change the mode of the king of the control of the Sticks, therefore, in a man, 2 mode or even vary the sensitivity of the same.

We know a smartphone with a fairly powerful processor. We can leave the low latency mode activated, i.e. low latency, of the other return images. Nti deactivate it. If we notice a delay, then we have to the menu for limbo camera. We can adjust the inclination speed when acting on the wheel of the ade command, but also manually, calibrate the horizon. Low reference lines appear press on more or less to adjust the horizon. Of course, the height adjustment of the automatic return home minimum to twenty meters, maximum 500 meters auxiliary light also search for the mat. This instead is the voice that I assign to the function to the relative upper text of the radio control. Here we have again a baby calibration here, others items concerning the geographic coordinates and the accuracy of the waypoint, this information related to the battery, and then you can disable the intelligent automatic return home based on the remaining battery charge and the distance from the home point. In practice will no longer return home when you is draining the battery and then has, as we have just seen, there is the possibility d. I do the live streaming on youtube. Just select, choose a live streaming platform and select youtube. There is only disturbance at this moment here. Instead, the information relating to the black hydro firmware of the command, and I would say that, for now it may be enough to pass to the test of indoor flight, as you can see, does not take off, does not take off because by default the voice is Activated in the menu and gps, that is, it takes off only when it receives the necessary number of gps satellites.

So, in this case, it is necessary to disable it well now we are ready lets, try to see how it behaves indoor at first. You have to manage it for a moment because it moves practically also because there are turbulences, but then, however, leaving the sticks, and he keeps lovering perfectly as well as the height. You can see that it is practically very similar to a DJ drone. Also, the maneuverability and very similar in this case I have it slow because if it is so slow, but obviously you can set the rotation speed as you like, as you can see, it is really stable. It drifts a bit when you rotate but nothing dramatic. Then the drone without smartphone, connected and without activated, does not take off, but once taken off, you can disconnect the cable, and the drone responds to the commands. There is no problem. Responds continues to respond to the commands given to him. Even if the cable to the smartphone is disconnected, as you can see, everything works. There are no problems. This, however, also means that the disconnections I had during the brave year do not depend on the cable. Despite someone, I say that they depend on the cable and it does not even depend on the smartphone, otherwise it would always do so because, when it happens, apart from that, there is a different message, the mobile plane disconnected and then the drones. Even if I act on the sticks, it does not respond practically triggers automatic return home without the possibility of intervening.

Instead, when I disconnect the cable, as we have seen, is always possible in so there are two different things. This disconnection, in my opinion, is a firmware problem. In fact, it always happens to me on the third flight of each session. So I turn on the drone. I make the first flight it disconnects. I second it disconnects on the third one of the critical points of this drone is definitely the heat dissipation. In fact, the bottom plate and the metal serves to dissipate the heat, but not having an internal fan, and it is very difficult to dissipate, especially when it is not in flight when on the ground. After a few minutes in which it is on, it reaches temperatures. Very high until the thermal protection is triggered, a message appears in the app where the protection for too high heat is triggered and then, with the help of a thermal camera for smartphones from 384 fix, we see that the temperature reaches 9, and here we are, as You can see temperatures very high, 76, 77 large bottom plate stuff that, if grounded on someones hand, you can too naturally burn here. We are in hovering and therefore there being no air flow dictated by the movement. The cooling is critical, even if, however, when it flies in the lower part, it does not reach direct air flow. However, something more should arrive compared to hovering at least. Hopefully. Here we have the caterina pictures with radio control in hand temperature, ok for her 36 5.

I recommend 38 and, as you can see, temperatures on the heatsink remain high, so you can imagine what temperatures there are in the electronic components here it has just landed. We immediately see what temperatures there are on the battery and also internally, you see at 80 degrees internally, while the battery 62 degrees, in short, not exactly comforting values, in particular that of the battery, because the battery is already stressed by the fact that it has to Supply current, so it heats up already by supplying current and in addition, it heats up also due to the effect of the lower plate on which is supported, and therefore, in my opinion, it could go into cr isi, the bottom plate that heats. So much is this. As you can see, if it has cooled a little compared to 80 degrees before and therefore all this temperature could go into crisis the two 18650s, but also a little internal electronics and lower performance, if not triggers the thermal protection, so especially this summer period, I recommend Not to stay too long in hovering but to fly to remove the drone. If you do not want to risk too much, the unknown battery remains how long it will. Last with these temperatures on each flight, it reaches these temperatures as high as it will last. The two 18150 will be able to deliver all the current required when they are hot. I hope so so summarizing with silvio little hovering and when it is on the ground, try to cool it.

Do not leave it on the ground for too long without cooling it, because it quickly deteriorates electronics reaching such high temperatures. I leave the other considerations to you in the comments in the meantime, thanks for your attention and thanks also for the participation that you show me in particular, in the comments.