Photography today were going to be doing a review of the hubsan xeno mini pro. Now. Some of you may recall, i did an unboxing of this drone about a week ago and in that video i stated the very next day i was going to be doing my first maiden flight and i was going to be uploading, a first impression style, video and Many of you notice, because ive gotten quite a few comments that i never did upload that video and the reason being is that on my first flight, i did experience quite a few problems. Now, when it comes to this drone, i want to be very thorough with it, because i think this is a very important drone release. This is the first sub 250 gram drone that comes with obstacle avoidance. You know so a lot of people were really highly anticipating this drone, including myself, so i wanted to be really thorough before i made any kind of opinion on it. The problems that i did experience on that first flight, i thought maybe perhaps had to do with calibrations, even though i did all the calibrations before that first flight, i thought perhaps one of them didnt take properly. So i scrapped the idea of doing a first impressions. Video and just do my normal review, ive flown it quite a bit and i feel like im, ready to form some sort of opinion on it. The other reason i wanted to wait for some firmware updates, which did eventually come so in this video were going to talk about some of the problems.

I experienced some of the good things about this drone and some of the bad things now, as i mentioned, this is a very important drone just due to some of the features the feature set on. This is closer to a mavic air 2, of course, with the obstacle avoidance, but it has a lot of intelligent flight modes, including tracking and waypoint missions. Now a lot of the intelligent flight modes still are not available. You know so that is kind of a downfall, and that is a little bit disappointing. Hopefully hubsan will have all those updates available in the very near future. Now a couple of problems that i did have on my very first flight, the first being, i had a really hard time calibrating the compass when i first powered on the drone. It comes up right away to calibrate the compass, but it wouldnt finish calibrating properly. Now, after about what seemed to be about five minutes, the calibration finally worked and i was able to get ready to take off, but i just want to mention here too every time i land i have to recalibrate it ive probably done about 20 flights with it. Maybe, and every time i land, the drone put a new battery in, i have to recalibrate the compass which does get a little bit annoying. Now, once i was up in the air, i noticed another problem right away and that was it was crab, walking and thats.

What i thought well, maybe the imu hasnt been calibrated properly, even though i did calibrate it before i flew it still had a bit of a crab walk going off to the left hand side. Now, the crab walking was actually pretty severe on that first flight. So i just ended up bringing the drone back and landing it and thats what i made the decision. Well, maybe its not calibrated properly im going to wait for some firmware, updates, recalibrate everything and then see how it flies after that. So i went home and i thought okay, im gon na check out the video, and i must say i was quite disappointed with the video quality. One of the features of this drone is that it offers a video bit rate of 200, so that should produce some really nice high quality video. With a lot of detail, but upon playback of the video i captured i found it did have a little bit of noise in it a little bit more than what im normally used to, but worst of all is that the video was jittering quite a bit. There was a little bit of jello, but you could see that the gimbal was vibrating quite a bit now before i went on my second third and so on flights. I did recalibrate everything and i updated the firmware. I believe there was two firmware updates for it, and i noticed right away that it wasnt crab walking near as bad.

It was still deviating off a little bit to the side, not nearly as bad, and something that i could easily tolerate. But theres been no changes in the video quality theres, still a lot of micro jitters so im hoping that something they can really fix with firmware update, because again, like i mentioned this drone i think is very important and it could be a viable competing drone for Something like the dji mini now. I dont want this video to sound too negative, because the strona actually does have a few good qualities. This is the first hubsan drone ive ever flown, and i was actually quite impressed with the remote when i got it. It doesnt feel like a toy controller. Like some other controllers, i have used, the sticks feel really good and the drone actually flies very well with exception to that little bit of crab locking, i found it very easy to control and get precise movements, even when youre trying to do a manual rotation. This little clip here that was from my second flight, the first time i rotated with this drone or tried a rotation, and it was pretty smooth so overall, im pretty happy with the way the drone flies minus that crab walking again, but you know generally, it flew Very well and im very pleased on top of that. The drone actually hovers quite well. I have no complaints there. It held its position really well while hovering, even when it was a little bit breezy it pretty well stuck to where i took off from so theyve done a good job with the way it hovers now.

My experience with the obstacle avoidance on this drone has been very positive. I have not yet calibrated the vision sensors on this drone, but all the testing i did flying full speed into a tree. Not once was i nervous that it was gon na hit. It stopped. Every time with plenty of space, so, in my opinion on my drone anyways, the obstacle voice works quite well and im very pleased with it. I would have to say it worked just as well as any obstacle avoidance drone that ive used in the past. Another kind of negative of this drone is, it does have six times zoom. However, when youre zooming in when youre looking at the fpv feed, everything looks good it zooms in and it zooms out, and everything looks as it should. However, when you watch the recorded video of your zoom, it kind of goes off to the side for some reason, so thats a pretty big problem, because, if youre zooming in on something because you want to focus on something, chances are youre going to miss. What youre? Trying to record im pretty sure that is a software glitch and im, pretty sure hubsan can get that figured out with a firmware. Update now range on this drone is pretty incredible. I actually did a range test on it, im, not sure if im going to release that video or not but ill show you a quick clip here from it. You can see here at this point im out, seven kilometers and the fpv feed stayed pretty solid.

Now i didnt want to push my luck too much, so i turned around at seven kilometers and did a return to home. It came home with no issues at all, but yeah, seven kilometers out with this little guy plenty of battery power and uh. Like i said, the video feed stayed pretty solid now since were talking about fpv feed thats. One thing i think, does need a little bit of work for some reason on mine. It gets a little um. It kind of hesitates a little bit even when im 10 feet in front of me. You can see there in these clips. It kind of like stutters a bit its, not really a big deal and doesnt really affect your enjoyment of the flight. But again, i think that is something they can fine tune with a firmware update. I havent done too much flight time testing. With this. I do plan on doing that this week. I want to do some hover tests, but on average, when i was out flying, i would land at 30 battery power and my flights were anywhere from 20 to 21 minutes, so i think thats about average. If i had pushed it right down to zero, we probably would have hit 26 27, maybe a little bit more, depending on how aggressive i was flying, even though hubsan does rate it to be a 40 minute battery youll never achieve that in real world conditions. Now i did have some tilted horizon issues, its kind of a weird thing, sometimes its crooked, sometimes its not sometimes youll – be flying and its crooked and then itll just go straight.

So the big question is: do i recommend purchasing this drone and i would love to say yes, this is a great drone for the price, but unfortunately the way it sits right now i so would say the dji mini 2 is a better option, even though it Doesnt have all the features that this drone comes with: it doesnt have the obstacle avoidance. The bottom line is the video quality on this. Drone is very poor. So, if thats important to you – and you want to capture nice video, this definitely the way it sits. Right now is not the drone for you, the dji mini 2 is a 4k drone as well, and the content it can capture is far superior. The other thing to consider half the features that is going to make this drone impressive, just arent available yet and theres not any guarantee when they will be available. They may pop up next week, but you know it could be months down the road price of this drone with one battery and 64 gigabytes of storage is 4.99. You can pick up the dji mini 2 with one battery for 449 dollars, so the mini 2 is a little bit cheaper, but its just all around a good quality drone. You dont have to worry about uh, weird flight experiences jello in the video or any of that. In my opinion, you would just get a much better experience with the mini 2.. Now that doesnt mean this drone isnt going to be incredible down the road with a few firmware updates, who knows and im definitely going to keep an eye on it and im going to keep testing it out.

But at the end of the day, like i mentioned, this is a very important release, because a drone like this is really going to push. Dji to innovate were just on the cusp of probably having a mini 3 released and its almost guaranteed that the mini 3 will have obstacle avoidance just so it can compete with drones like this theres no way a company like dji would be content with other drones. That are spec wise far superior. Now, if youre a hubsan fan, please dont shoot the messenger im. Just sharing my experience with this drone, i am not a dji fanboy. By any stretch of the imagination, i, like all drones, i love autel, i own, an evo too. I love my skadio drone. I enjoy parrot drones. I own drones right across the board from many different manufacturers, so i wouldnt say i am a dji fanboy. I just like drones that fly well and work well and as mentioned, i think this drone still has potential. So ill check back as new firmware comes out and well see if they can correct some of the issues. Well, folks, thats. Basically my review of the xeno mini pro. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up.