. In this video we will be doing a detailed review of the hubs and xenomini pro. The video will go through all the pros and cons of the hubs and xeno, so you can make an informed decision and see if the hubsan xeno mini pro is a suitable drone for you. So let us get right to it before we start. Please make sure to click the like and subscribe button and press the bell icon for regular updates. The first thing to note about the hubs and zeno mini pro is less than 250 grams in weight. That means that you dont need a special license or permission to fly this drone in most places the hubs in xeno mini pro is the first quadcopter, with a 4k camera obstacle avoidance system under 250 grams. If we look at the battery, the hubs in xeno mini pro comes with a 3000 ml lithium battery. With a charging time of 90 minutes. The battery gives a max flying time of 40 minutes. This was measured while the xeno mini pro flew at 25 kilometers per hour in windlass conditions in terms of range hubsan reports that we can expect a range of 10 km. The drone comes with both gps and glonass navigation systems. Looking at the speed you can expect flat flying rates of up to 10 meters per second in normal mode and 16 meters per second in sports mode. The drone has its camera mounted on a 3 axis cable.

It comes with a large one. 1.3 inch cmos sensor that can take pictures of 48 megapixels. The camera is also having an hdr mode and a 6x digital zoom. In terms of video, the max resolution is 4k 30fps in h.265 heft video codec, with a maximum bit rate of 200 megabits s. The hubs in xeno mini pro also has an improved video transmission system called synclist 3.0. This allows the xenomini pro to view a 1080p 30fps video feed with a bitrate of 20 to 40 megabits s and a delay of less than 200 miss the controller for the xeno mini pro is gray and looks very similar to the controller that came with the Zine 2., a non colored digital display shows all the flight data like distance, speed signal strength and the number of satellites unlock in the under 500 us dollar market segment, hubsan is djis biggest run. You can expect the hubs and xenomini pro to set you back 550. Now that we have a good overview of the hardware and specifications of the hubs and xeno mini pro, let us look at what we like about this drone. The first thing that comes to mind is that hubsan managed to pack 4k capabilities in a sub 250 gram. Drill that in and of itself for many people is a pretty attractive feature in places like the eu. You need to have a special license to fly a drone that is heavier than 250 grams.

Another great feature of the xeno mini pro is its firm bottom led light to help land the drone in low light conditions. This auxiliary light activates automatically and its useful for visibility when landing in poorly lit fields. Xeno mini pro also has bottom optical flow sensors. Just like on the dji mini 2., these tiny cameras help the xeno mini pro, make a more precise landing by detecting the landing surface. As we mentioned, xeno mini pro works with both gps and glonass positing systems before takeoff. It requires at least 10 satellites to be fixed to fly safely. The xeno mini pro will return autonomously to the takeoff point in low flight battery voltage or rc signal loss. It has five visual sensors one downward two forward, two backward for its obstacle detection. An important thing to note is that collision avoidance is not supported in sports mode. Also, another thing to remember is that the drone doesnt have a sensor on top. It wont know if anything is above it, so dont try to take off under a tree overall. The hubsan, xeno mini pro offers quite a punch in a light and compact package. You can easily fold this and take it anywhere with you. Not all is good with the hubs and xeno mini pro. It has some serious drawbacks that you should consider before buying it. The first thing that comes to mind is that the price is a little high, depending on where you buy it, especially if you consider drones by their direct competition, dji or cheaper.

The hubs in xeno mini pro is currently priced at 550.. Put this into perspective, the dji mini 2 will cost you as low as 449. You will be paying a little more for more or less the same experience. Users have also pointed out that setting up the xenomini pro can be pretty complicated. There are too many calibrations to perform before you fly the thing things like compass, calibration vision system calibration can get annoying. Other users have also reported that there are frequent rc disconnects with the aircraft disconnected message, while some users are experiencing these issues. Other users report the opposite and say the connection works flawlessly. This could be a quality control issue and there might be faulty units floating around, but a drone performing well should be based on you being lucky and getting a good team. Hubsan should have stricter qa if they want to stay in competition with dji. The hubs in xeno mini pro is a decent choice for people. Looking for a dji mini 2 alternative, the drone offers competitive features, but user reviews have pointed out that some faulty units could ruin your experience. We recommend buying the hubs and xenomini pro from established sites like amazon that have excellent return policies. If your team has a fault, i hope you enjoyed the video.