This ultra light 249 grams. Only aerial filming, drone, hubsan, xeno mini pro boosts some of the coolest features that hubsan has advertised. I know we all have been waiting for this quadcopter for a while now and there have been unexpected delays, but im happy that things are moving forward so without making any more delays from my side, let me show you a quick unboxing, then well. Take a closer look at hubsan, xeno mini pro talk about its features very very quickly, and i will then get it ready for flight and take it out for flight video testings, which will be the next video in this video series on my channel. So lets get to work right away: Music Applause, Music. So this is this now lets. Take a closer look at the hubsan xeno mini pro all right. The very first thing that everybody wants to know if hubsan xeno mini pro really is 249 grams or not so lets put it to the test right here is our scale turn it on and make sure that it is on zero. Now do notice that i have removed the gimbal protection cover and the bottom sensor or heat sink cover right there. Okay and if i put the quadcopter on its 149 grams 149.3, so now, im just gon na insert a battery in the quadcopter right here and put it on the scale and thats 249 grams right there. You can see it very very clearly, so there you have the hubzone xenomini pro according to the drone laws around the world.

This is legal to fly. All right lets take a closer look at the quadcopter. If you want to know about all the features of this quadcopter check out the link in video description, that will take you to hubsan official website for the xenomini pro, and you can read all about the features there. I will definitely show you the features in the end of this video, but right now lets take a closer look at the quadcopter, because im sure you all have been waiting for that. This is the folding form of this hubsan xenomini pro its really small. As you can see, cameras right here on the front which are for the front obstacle avoidance, okay, obstacle, detection and avoidance, then the gimbal is protected in its gimbal cover, which i will show you how easy it is to remove and why i like it, and then We are here at the back side. You can see the battery theres a usb port here, okay and two more cameras for the rear, obstacle, detection and avoidance. Okay. This is the side view now lets unfold, the quadcopter so im just going to unfold it, and this is the size right after unfolding its still pretty small. I can tell you that this is still pretty small all right now. One thing you might notice theres a kind of cage down here which im also wondering what is it so here it is, as you can see, there is a kind of protection, cage, plastic cage im, not sure if you want to fly while it is on, because Anyway, the sensors are still uh, you know not covered by this frame, so they can still do their job.

However, im still wondering if you should remove it or not anyway, im just gon na remove it, so we can take a better look at the bottom. Look at that nice and big heat sink right here: thats gon na keep the electronics and the processor of the quadcopter cool for sure, as in my room, the air conditioning is on its already nice and cool. As you can see right here, we have a downward facing led light that will help with the optical flow position and altitude hold at night. We have two of these time of flow tof sensors that actually make the drone to hold the altitude and the distance from the ground. Yes, as you might be wondering, there are no side avoidance side, obstacle, avoidance, sensors. We have on the front, we have on the rear and we have on the bottom, the obstacle avoidance sensors. But we do not have anything on the left and right side nor on the top side, so make sure you keep an eye on the surroundings when you are flying the quadcopter sideways, because there are no obstacle avoidance sensors also, i have been told the obstacle avoidance For now, these sensors will make the quadcopter or drone stop flying whenever they detect an obstacle in front back or down, so quadcopter will stop flying. It will not avoid and fly over or around the object. That is blocking the way, which is the kind of feature hubstone is working on, and it might come later with a firmware this now there was another question somebody asked me: if there is a tf card holder lets see if we can find a tf card holder On this, it says right here: theres, a sticker warning memory card cannot be inserted here.

Please remove this before flying okay. So this is not the memory card slot its just a sticker. Okay, i can see its like a memory card slot, but its closed inside. So there is no memory card slot right here, but they did say remove the sticker before so i dont think you actually need a tf card. I mean im told that my xenomini pro came with 128 g built in memory. I dont think i actually need a separate tf card. I dont have to, and 120 g is just a lot of memory right here, if youre shooting 4k videos, even then its a lot of memory. Okay, now uh, we have vents here. Okay, we have air vents at the boat side, as you can see, gimbal protection cover is very easy to remove and you can see that it has this thing. This part that is nice and movable. So when you want to add the gimbal protection cover back on its actually very very easy, to put it back on very easy to install. So this is your 4k camera with three access stabilized gimbal make sure to remove this little film from the lens before flying or you will have blurry images now. The other feature that you are going to love about the hubsan xeno mini pro is that it has a large cmos sensor. That is one by 1.3, a large cmos sensor. So you are going to have a lot of fun shooting videos.

The videos and pictures should be very, very clear and especially night shots low light night. Shots should be very, very nice and clear, so thats. What im gon na put it to test as well. For the night also very easy theres a button here for turning the quadcopter on by turning the battery power on okay, brushless motors propellers, all the things that you have already watched, nothing more to see here. If i missed anything, please do remember to post a comment on this video and let me know about your questions, so this is the drone itself. We have taken a closer look at it, so im gon na put it aside now lets take a look at the radio control right. The radio control is almost the same size of hubsan xeno2 plus. If i remember, we have the function button right here we have a dial for controlling the camera pitch picture and video button. Then we have the antennas a big nice lcd screen right here. Then we have these gimbals and you have auto return to home power and flight mode switches. And then, when you pull this out, you have this phone holder right here and also you have two gimbal sticks already installed in the radio right here. So they did provide you an extra pair. Should you lose these sticks? You have an extra pair right here then lets look at the charger. Look at that man. I like the way hubsan is actually thinking nowadays.