The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin last night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined in the show by mr ron braun. We spent the better part of the evening discussing a new update regarding the hubs hubsan xenomini pro. Among the things we discussed were the email i received from hubsan the video that was put out, showing something very interesting on the drone that hadnt been discovered before and a possible release date, so without any further ado lets roll this clip in its entirety. Yeah yeah its time again, the xeno mini pro update. I was you know what seriously i i was hoping by now. Ron would have his first video on marcus would have his first video on. I would have my first video out. No such luck! Okay! No! Such luck, first of all, i want to give you guys an update for me personally now i emailed i, i emailed hubsan us support. Okay, they replied back yeah, i know drum roll. You know shock waves, all that kind of good stuff earths earth shaking. You know they actually replied back good thing, good thing: okay, lets go ahead and im gon na go ahead and share this here, all right, hello bill. Thank you for your inquiry. I cant offer an exact date at this time, but itll start shipping.

Soon. I see your order is scheduled to be shipped on the first batch, which is already completely sold out thanks support team. Okay, now weve been hearing ad nauseam a date of august. The 10th okay um that has been that thats about as good as it gets, that is about as good as it gets folks, okay, um and look who we have joining us at the perfect time. Mr ron, brown, hello bill and hello. Everybody in the chat welcome. Welcome uh folks from uh south jersey here how you doing bill im doing great tonight ron. How are you doing well, uh? You know we had a kind of overcast day here, but luckily, for me the whole. I know the whole countrys burning up, but its been you know a cooler than usual summer at the jersey shore, for i dont know why well its kind of it was actually kind of on the chilis, i wont, say chilly side. We got a lot of rain today and then the sun came out, but it never really kind of warmed up. It was quite breezy. It was a cold swim tonight up at the pool. When we went up after dinner, it was a little a little on the chilly side, but the hot tub was nice. Well yeah, you probably just saw i had you know i got. I got an email from hubsan um. They said mine mines in the first batch, which has already been sold out and ill be shipping soon, and i was just saying just before you join.

You know its like. I was hoping by this time id be watching your video or marcuss video or people would be watching mine for the first flight, but here we sit again a week later from last week. Still talking about about this doggone drone, i mean you know even uh what captain even captain drone those guys dont have it so i mean uh, yeah yeah i mean we keep talking about its its just its just. You know either theres no drones thats, sending out to the reviewers or theyre just keeping this on total lockdown and and for whatever. The reason is it. You know it kind of i hate to say it scares you, but it just. You know what i mean: it does kind of concern you right yeah, you know its just. This is probably one of the most and ill use. The word puzzling drone releases ive, seen in a long time, because you know even when you know even with femi, okay, and you know they they put up that that video from what is it? How many me probably probably a thousand feet up at night, and you know, and do all this stuff at least they even had a video okay before before it came out, and here we are okay, a week away, we still havent really seen a video from the Mini pro, you know right and the only person that we know that actually has it is all three toys and for some reason he only made one video on it.

So he again he must be told not to to do anything with it. So i i could think of it, and you talk about your response from hobson and marcus reached out. He got a good response, so apparently the pr people, hudson must just be told, just tell these people anything they want to hear. Just you know say yes, its coming, you know i dont know for getting any youre getting true feedback because everybody keeps getting you the answer. They want to hear right its exactly right. You know thats what you know, and this is what i wanted to hear. You know its mines in the first batch, which is a good thing and ill be getting it, and you know, and and if its like rick smith said it is okay and if they come out of their east coast. Youll get yours right away. Ill get mine fairly soon, you know um, you know who knows when marcus would get his, but i mean, if theyre doing it, theyre distributing by the east coast. Okay, thats gon na thats gon na bode well for those of us on the eastern seaboard. For anybody east of mississippi, though theyre in good shape, yeah yeah yeah, you know – and you know one of the things that im still you know in this big mystery and this big puzzle of things. Okay, you know the the set of features on this drone. You know its its weve talked about it ad nauseam, but you know its its a potential mini 2 killer yeah, i mean its almost like you know.

If we, if you and i sat down and made made our wish list up, you know when we make these wishlists up for drone. We go out, they never all happen its like. We sat down and made our wishlist up and they all came true. Yeah yeah. Exactly so its like its like, we took a grease board, we wrote things its like its like you and marcus, and i got together had a meeting and we just wrote things on a grease board. What we want to see in a mini drone, okay, we wrote it all down. Okay and whats. Hubson do here here here it is okay and its like huh, the only other devices like this. I know youre not into 360 cameras, but its like the insta360 one. X2, you know like that that i got earlier this year a couple months ago. I mean it has everything in it. I mean they didnt leave one thing out: you know i mean like uh anything you could think of its built in its its like its just like were talking about here. Somebody wrote all this stuff in the whiteboard and they said okay. Well, just put it all. In im not saying it all works like a hundred percent to the max, but its all there yeah yeah it r. It really is you know, and, and you know and what you know and the other thing here too. Okay, its like all right, you know one trying to up the other one trying to up the other all the time.

All the time you know its like. Okay, because dji you know, dji has something in the works already for the fall. Okay right right, the the mini the main three of the main two thats. What were calling its already, you know if they havent built yet its its its very far along in the planning stage. Mm. Hmm, exactly you know, um, you know, and one of the things too, you know with all this. You know you wonder why you know now. You know some of the pieces of the public of the puzzle here really are starting to make some sense. Okay, um, you know the the fee me rushing their mini out. Okay, it was. It was a rush job. Okay. They got that thing out so fast and made your head spin and you know, like gorilla. Man said you know it wasnt beta testing. It was alpha testing, okay, everybody who got it was just you know, thats, exactly exactly what what it was like. You know, and – and we were the ones that suffered through this okay – and you know i just think for me – okay, i dont want to have to go through this with, with with the xenomini pro okay, i want a drone out of the box, maybe with a Firmware update, okay, im, not im, not saying anything, even dji has that fur update when you first get their new drones. Thats acceptable, mm, hmm yeah, you know one one update is is good for me, thats, something that that i really like.

But you know, on the other hand, you know i dont want to have to do like with affini like four or five updates and oh yeah horizon tills, taken care of, but uh sort of yeah weve broken the next update, though so its back to what it Was its back to what it was we broke it you know and its like. You get tired of that. You know, and i know thats one of the things with the femi x8 sc 2020 that i got tired of was with a firmware update. It would correct something, but then something else would go wrong. Okay and then theyd correct that and then the other thing would go wrong and you know, and you would try these stop gap measures that would work, but it would only work for just a little bit and then, when you would do the inevitable return to home. You know the horizon tilt sometimes would pop back and be what it should be. You know um, you know i dont know you know its just like you know, im hoping that when the xenomini pro gets here that its pretty much everything everybody says it is now one of the things that i saw today and i want to want to bring Up this picture – and i dont know if you guys talked about this last night or not, was um. Let me see i got that picture of this. Ah, the dji drone in the box.

No, we actually. I talked about that earlier yeah we didnt get that that broke like right before the show came up and uh. I think they talked about the chat a little bit and um. You know thats, you know thats mostly enterprise subject. You know you dont get a lot of chatter on yeah theres, not going to be a lot of chatter or whatever the enterprise things i mean. The only good news for us is that there, the faa is grading waivers to these people to fly um. You know the drone, i guess beyond line of sight. Yes, this is inspection yeah, so i did see. Okay, i saved this on my other computer, but anyway, okay, um on that, you know that video that came out last week of the xenomini pro that hubsan. Obviously, you want to reveal the memory card slot right right and i was going to put put a picture up that showed that memory card slot, which okay theres a whole other, can of worms without ron. Okay, a whole nother can of worms, because you know nobody has said a thing about a memory card because everybodys been saying its internal okay right. Lo and behold guess what okay memory card yeah! Well, i mean marcus, threw a little shade on last night saying: well, you know maybe its a slot there, but maybe its still, not a memory card slot. Maybe they use the same body for the se and – and you know its its a w memory card slot.

Anythings possible at this point, but im with you im guessing it really is an sd card slot, yeah, yeah and and and thats a whole. You know thats a whole new ball game here, because with that okay, you know people are like okay, so theres a slot. There you know and have this, but you know theyre telling the feature of having this massive amount of internal storage. Already on the drone. Okay and now theres a slot there yeah im gon na, stop you right there bill, because you know they still may be. On top of their game is because, when it when even a drone like the air 2s came out, okay, everybody loved the air 2s. But what? What whats? One of the few things? The reviewers dating the air to us on the small internal memory of only eight gigs, everybody said it should have had you know it should have had at least 32 up to 64.. So hubsan did do what all the reviewers ding the air 2s for yeah yeah. You know so so they got this, they got this addressed, which i think is fantastic um, you know, and and now the the big question for me has been. Okay. Is this you know and now mind you, you know dj. I had a little couple of glitches when i tried first using internal storage and trying to get things off there and everything in it, and you had to especially with your windows, computer and all that um.

You know, i i you know im not 100 sure, but there was a workaround for it all right and then finally, you know you were able to do that and there wasnt any problems. My concern is we get to it and theres. Really. You know its its a i dont want it to be a cumbersome process ron. I want to be able to plug my cable in. I want to see it recognized on my pc, whether its a mac or a pc, and i want to be able to download those right away. I dont want any having to having to do this, or do that i want to. I want to want to be able to do that. You know kind of a thing. Yeah i mean i can tell you on the on the on the back side, the uh, the the air 2 and the air 2s, and even the mavic 2 pro the getting the memory off. The internal storage is pretty seamless. It just shows up in your desktop as like uh as like an external hard drive and you just drag the files off yeah yeah, so im hoping im, hoping its going to be like that im hoping we dont have you know to deal with. You know any kind of any kind of long procedure or anything. This is a good thing. You brought up here bill because just think, if youre right about this, what if that did what? If it did not work? What if you could not get your files off that internal storage? Now we have the memory card slot to say today.

If there is an issue bill, yeah yeah, you know thats one that probably isnt. Why? I think, because you said people would have people would have been ready – the ready to protest if, if they couldnt get their um either data off that uh internal storage in the uh in the pro mini pro. Oh yeah, oh yeah, you know, and you know, im trying to bring up. I know where the picture is well. I know where a picture is of it and im and im trying to bring that up right now. Um, because i want. I want people to take a look at this im, not sure if everybodys um everybodys seen this picture um, you know, i think you know im im really hoping this time around im, hoping that you know through all that you know giving giving hubsan a little grace Here: okay, yeah, okay, you know, i understand the deal about the chips and thats, something that was totally out of their control. They didnt have any. They didnt have any control of that. Okay, um im, really hoping that this time around. You know that that it is what they say: it is okay, uh yeah, im gon na give them the same kind of uh. Im still gon na get the benefit of that. Hopefully, all this extra time there behind the scenes tweaking this thing, making sure this thing is, is good to go. Making sure this is, you know, uh, you know ready for the average flyer, you know making sure theyre not putting out a beta product yeah exactly so that thats.

My great hope, too, that all this time is is going to get us a better uh xeno mini pro on day one. Well, i got that image up here. Yeah i stopped the video yeah. I got that and you can see right there. You know its its pretty its pretty obvious right there, what that is, and right um. You know thats just something i think wow okay, um well id like to design the back. I, like those uh the sensors, where they are in the back and then yes and the battery lights on the back seat. Kind of maybe can maybe see that from the air. If youre close enough, you know, rather than light speed on top, you may be able to have the drill in the air and still know your um. You know, i know your controller tells you but the more ways you can see what your battery life is. The better bill, exactly you know, the more the more is always more is always good and in this instance its the same same same here, you know and having that having that right there i think thats, fantastic um. I saw somebody somebody did see the okay look on the uh, the right, oh yeah, the right arm and see the the big slot where the arm you know where it would claw open and close. You see that uh that big opening there with probably maybe the black casinos cable, a lot of people are saying well thats too open like dirt stuff can get in there.

You know, i think i think, but the arm look very similar on the on the xeno. Two whatever to that yeah – and you know i dont – think hubsan – has not had thats something hubsans, never really had an issue with okay um. You know, i know from the original xeno to the xeno2. Um theyve never experienced that, and you know i havent really seen anybody talk about that. Okay, um, you know and i think thats a thats a pretty valid. You know thats a pretty valid point and you know it is. It is a fairly fairly big opening over here. You know compared to like dji drones, um, you know where its its really its pretty seamless. You dont really see a lot with them, but you know were talking about that and actually serve as also a heat release. Point also bill thats possible ron, thats very possible because, as youre going forward, you need to have a lot of exit for that heat as you as your because its going to be building up a lot of heat, especially if it has the kind of processor that You know we think it has. You know its going to get hot in there and its going to need a way to cool that down um, so its going to need a lot of airflow and the more airflow through there, the better okay, because this is going to be the first super drill That i know that has that you know one and one third sensor in it, so its going to be a little bit its going to be smaller than a one inch sensor, but its going to be bigger than the quad bear sensor.

That was in the mavic. 2, so um, you know, i guess they they. You know the heat problem will be kind of in between those two chips. Yeah, i think so i you know and and again i really think. I really think that there will be. You know. You know there might be some issues with the heat on this. Okay – and you know we im just im – just obviously just conjecturing, because nobody has the drone, yet nobody can really tell, but with that kind of a sensor and that kind of a processing power in this small of a platform. Okay, unleashing all the heat release points they can get on this drill, yeah, exactly ron that you know, theyre gon na need to be able to release that heat. You know in a very efficient way, um you know, and you know – and i know they did their test when they had their botched um live, show uh. You know as far as as far as runtime is concerned, but of course always thats always a static test, but i dont think youre gon na get if you get 30 minutes with this drone youre doing lucky: okay and thats, probably on a calm day, if youre Gon na have some wind youll, probably get 25 minutes. I would think all right on something like this plus you dont want to push this in sport mode. I dont think, okay, but again because of that heat build up, and things like that, you know i i just i just dont see that happening with this kind of a drum.

But again, you know were just kind of conjecturing here for stuff like this, because unfortunately, we dont even have uh. We dont even have a captain drone video to watch the yeah change anything on it question of the day.