I know i promised that my first flight would be out over the canyon we werent able to do that uh. So my first flight was just kind of in the in the schoolyard next door to my house, but uh well lets just get this guy out now that ive got that uh otg cable figured out and figured out that i had a bad otg cable and got It working now were going to send this guy out over the canyon. Todays flight is just mostly going to be looking at the camera and checking out camera quality and so forth. So yeah i uh. I know you know. People complain that a lot of times my face is shaded. While i uh do these introductions hey, i thought youd rather have the the snake river canyon as a background than looking at my face, or i could have turned the camera around. The other way lets just quit messing around and lets get this bird in the air. Okay, so ive got everything hooked up. Uh the the drone asked us for a compass calibration, so we did that weak gps signal. So, while its getting uh some satellites lets uh lets take a look through uh well lets first, lets go sorry about that. Lets get out of there lets click at the very top of the screen and go into the safety menu. So thats talking about some uploads that are yet to come, asking for another compass calibration.

I just did one but well do it again. Okay, so weve done two successful compass, calibrations uh, and if we look down here on the menu it says everything is normal. So we should be good to go there. Uh yeah, okay, lets get out of that lets, go into the end where it says. Oh, it scared me there. I got the usb cable, disconnected uh again. Yeah lets trust this computer again. Well lets hope we dont have this all over again, but uh well see okay, im going to go into the menu, and i want to check all of our settings. Yeah weve got our return to home altitude set correctly yeah, so we should be good to go. There lets check on that last page uh and we can. I can show you my version numbers for the uh firmware well get out of there. So lets go into the the camera and you know we may not be able to set that until the drone is in flight, so lets go ahead and take off uh were showing 90 on the battery uh. I i fired up this battery earlier before i left the house to check for firmware updates, so that may be whats going on there. Uh and i did charge this battery a couple days ago. So lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air want to make sure you can see it on the gopro drop that camera down just a little uh.

Okay, so uh heck, im gon na go ahead and hit take off on the app here, Music yeah and its telling us that the obstacle avoidance is off. We dont need it. Where were at here right now, uh, i am going to tell you that this is a fairly breezy day, 11 mile an hour sustained with 22 mile an hour gusts. This drone is said to have uh level 5 wind resistance, so that shouldnt be a problem. Lets go into that camera menu now and see what we can find here. Video bit rate lets set that lets, move that up to 200 and im gon na switch to video lets go back into that menu again and i want to make sure. Yeah were on 4k 30 frames per second uh. Sorry about this guys clicking around and we do lets check that bitrate one more time: yep thats on 200, okay, so thats what we want – and it is in auto – i dont – believe manual settings are available. Well, it is giving us some manual settings there, but for the purposes of this test were gon na be in auto and uh looks like its uh uh anyway, so lets go ahead and start recording, so starting recording now and its you know, my my screen is A little bit dim out here lets move lets turn the drone around sorry. This is taking so long guys, im just being extra careful.

I want to make sure we have a good connection and everythings working like it should lets bring it in here: Music, okay, well, rock it back and forth. You can see that gimbal working gimbal is working good uh. We are in normal mode uh. So i am pointed out at the canyon, so lets uh go ahead and do our droney lets just send this baby reverse and up now i had a little bit of cross coupling on the controls there. As you can tell, i was trying to send it directly back and uh. You know i was moving the drone around a little bit, so there you are getting a good look at the at the side of the canyon. Here. How fast are we going? We are at nine meters per second, so thats good, thats uh in normal mode. The other day when i was flying it it was, it was slower in normal mode. Weve got 12 satellites man. Everything is solid, so far lets go ahead. I am going to were going to go down river here and uh. You saw me do this the other day in the uh, the dji uh mini sc and the mini two. Let me im gon na just im gon na try a little test here. Im gon na turn on obstacle avoidance yeah, and we have that this has given us a warning about uh, doing a calibration ive done that, but were going to open.

It were going to start it anyway and lets go. Ive got a theory, and i dont know what its uh, what its seeing there, because its out just over the canyon. So it shouldnt be seeing anything, but i think my theory, its looking at something and theres. There is nothing that that drone should be seeing. So i mean its just out over the canyon, but the point im making is notice how the speed is slower. So it definitely slows it down when oa is on. That was the issue i noticed the other day, so were going to turn obstacle avoidance off there we go obstacle. Avoidance is off full stick forward again, and it should take us right back up to yeah its up to eight meters per second, so its moving along pretty good so were already down to 75 percent battery, but lets uh lets go out here. A ways lets just send it down river down the canyon and were about oh gosh, 26 meters above our takeoff point and theres. A good, steady breeze and the drone is going essentially into the wind right now, a little bit of a cross wind. But its pretty much going into the wind and you can see its uh its its slowed down there. A little bit lets uh lets. Try sport mode, okay, im going to get off the throttle now were at zero throttle and im. Looking at the speed, the drone is still moving, but lets hit sport mode here so were switched into sport mode and lets see, if anything happens, with the gimbal full tilt for a little stick forward.

Right now and yeah were picking up its 10 meters per second 11 meters per second and uh 13. Meter 14 lets move thats moving right along folks, thats well over 30 miles an hour uh and the gimbal is working great uh. You know im not seeing any gimbal pitch shift uh or anything there. Now its kind of slowing down a little bit. You know youd have to believe that maybe thats just differences in wind, okay, so lets try something else. Im getting off the throttle. Now, im gon na go into the menu and, if i can remember where its at there is a setting there for any wind mode there, it is were going to turn that on and uh it says that that the gimbal can be affected. So what that tells me what i believe that is is the that it will allow the drone to pitch forward more and you will potentially get gimbal pitch shift. So lets try that were going to go full stick forward and were going to see if it makes any difference in the speed. Yeah so were were getting signal yeah and we just lost connection, and we were not even a kilometer away and there is no uh yeah theres, no reason that we should have lost uh connection there. So lets hope that itll go into return to home here because were not getting a connection back uh and you know theres just a clear shot between me and the drone so uh and theres.

You know obviously were out in the middle of nowhere out here. So yeah i dont know nothing yet folks, disconnected im gon na im, gon na walk out towards the edge of the canyon and well see if we can uh im holding the uh controller up, i can no, i dont im not getting any uh telemetry usb is Disconnected okay, so not only did we lose connection uh now im getting the usb cable, disconnected oh hubsan youre, not letting me down. Are you okay, im gon na try something here i am going to disconnect the cable, and i hear the drone, its yeah, the drones. Coming back yeah its moving man its right above me, it is hauling the mail, so you guys would have already known it was coming back so lets see if i can plug this back in and get a connection again and were just disconnected so lets hope. The drone doesnt uh doesnt land on top of my car, or something like that because we just we just dont, have a connection at all. We dont have usb. We dont have connection with the uh and its coming down here. It doesnt, i dont, think its gon na hit the pad, but uh. Oh now, weve got well yeah, so lets hit. Trust so looks like. Were i got uh usb connection again? The drone is coming down and its gon na land. I mean i dont, have it so it landed in the middle of some rocks uh guys there was nothing i could do it just says disconnected, so we never regained connection its uh.

It didnt blow up much dirt, so so why we lost connection there. I have no clue, but the drone did return to home. However, but you know you can still see on my screen and im looking at the at the controller here and its scrolling disconnected off of there so and now it says, usb cable is not connected. I dont know uh, dare we im gon na cycle, everything on and off and uh and well try this again? How about that well, send it the other direction? Well, i dont know if you guys can hear that on my mic, but uh to the north of me is a military, blackhawk helicopter hes of course way higher than we are and way away from where were at but kind of interesting to see him flying over. There, okay were all connected here again so uh yeah, weak gps signal, so im gon na im gon na it seemed like we lost connection when i turned on that wind resistance thing, so im going to go in and shut that off, i dont know i dont Know if that had anything to do with it, but that is one thing that changed so so well go ahead and shut it off lets, go ahead and and hit take off on the app again, and here we go Music, okay, just for the fun of it. Im going to look in the camera menu again and see if the video bit rate yeah, the video bit rate uh by default is at 100, so lets kick it back up to 200 again and lets go ahead and start recording uh im going to drop that Gimbal down a little bit and we are going to go – were going to get a little more altitude and were just going to head straight out over the canyon here, and you know there is nothing uh, nothing blocking me in the drone here, so we we should Be in good shape and were going to be a little more careful going this way, because the drone will be coming back against the wind and we are in normal mode, yeah thats about right.

Okay, im going to drop the gimbal down here, just a little 54 battery so were not going to get too carried away, but lets go out there a little ways and we want to get uh im going to grab some altitude lets get it up. I dont know lets go up to 70 meters above where were at so that you know we. We know we got a straight shot with the with the controller. So what youre? Looking at there on the canyon, we are basically facing kind of southeast. Roughly here got good connections so far, so so no complaints there uh still at 50 battery and were out about 600 meters lets, go ahead and grab some more altitude lets get up to about uh a hundred meters high, so thats pretty close and uh. That is well under our legal limit so but it gives us a good shot at the at the drone with the antenna so no excuses there. This is about as far as we went the other way when we lost connection and then never regained connection. As the drone came back, although i will say the drone did exactly as it was programmed to do. It did turn around and come home, so uh im gon na go out here. Uh yeah theres, a kilometer lets uh lets not push our luck. Lets uh lets move back out over the side of the canyon. Here. Let me uh im going to kind of just do an arc around here and give you a look at the side of the canyon yeah poor signal.

Look at that aircraft disconnected so as soon as i turned the drone uh that now we got it back yeah! No, we kind of had it back so then. So then you have to you have to tell it to trust the computer again its its crazy yeah and were disconnected yeah. So i dont know i dont know if well get it back or not guys uh. We still and – and this is the disconnection with the uh with the uh uh controller – not the uh, the mobile device, not not the usb connection, so yeah i mean i dont know exactly what to do here. The last time this happened. We never got connection back and you know this time. I was much higher going the other direction. It is going to be coming back against the wind we had over 50 batteries, so well see what happens huh. The thing is, you guys are probably already seeing the drone returning uh im, holding the uh im holding the controller up just in case just so, we can see got the flat part of the antenna pointed towards the drone. You know im tempted to cycle the controller, but i you know im im, not confident that will because of course, i guess at this point it cant hurt anything. Can it so im going to shut the controller off and turn it back on and lets see what happens and here comes? I can hear the drone.

It is moving. One thing you can say: okay, so ive got the controller back on lets, see if it connects and boy that drone is moving. Look okay, so its yeah, so its in return mode. So the only thing is i i dont ive got connection, but i dont have fpv, but at least i can control. The drone were down to 34 battery and its its right above us its coming down uh, but i cant see anything on the screen. Im gon na shut off, recording and start it again and lets see. Uh lets see what that did, but i i have no uh, no fpv its just a black screen and the drones coming down lets see how close it will get its not going to yeah. Let me see if i can stop it yeah, so i was able to stop it and i do have control of the drone. But again i dont have fpv so uh well see if we can land it on. The pad here were down to 31 percent battery Music. Well theres your troubled little drone folks, i uh she did come back to us thats for sure, but uh like i said i dont i dont have fpv at all. Let me uh im going to back it up and get it over the pad, roughly Music, okay, so im going to try something here. I am going to unplug the usb cable plug it back in and see.

If i can get fpv so were unplugged, we should get the usb cable disconnected and i unplugged it from the controller. The micro usb end so now lets plug it back in and lets see. If we get uh fpv back yeah. No, we got a connection back, but i still dont have fpv. Okay. Let me i got to do the trust. I always forget about that. So we got the trust, trust this computer yeah and the winds coming up. Let me stop recording again start recording, guys and im just experimenting to see. You know if anything changes if we can get the the screen back. So i dont know if im able to hit the uh hit the pad here, because the wind is really coming up. Well, try thats pretty close, oh its moving off yeah. It moved off as i as i put it into landing mode. I dont know if its the wind that caught it or what, but it it moved off. Okay, so since fpv is off im im sure it uh it shut down the the recording so lets take off again and see if we get fpv back. What do you think weve got a little bit 23 battery? Well, just keep it well just keep it right. Here and look at that, so we got fpv back uh, so i kind of had a feeling that might be the case but uh, but boy thats troublesome. You know if you were out there well, i wont speculate but uh in any case lets uh.

I want to look at something else in the menu here see if i can find yeah searching for drone apron is not available. Yet i i kind of thought that, but uh anyway lets lets, go back. Uh lets start recording again sorry about that lets. Go back out over the canyon yeah and its going to go into return to home so lets. Let it do that its counting down lets see how it does and it should go up to 50 meters and yeah, so its ascending this time hopefully well get to watch right and its ascending fairly. Slowly so – and i like i said i have it set at 50 meters yeah. Well, let it it we got. We should have enough battery to do this, so well. Let it do it like. I said, look at that its uh, its moving up, pretty darn slow. Its not even at its uh 50 meter height, yet 17 battery were okay and were only 60 meters from our home point. So lets see what it does. I guess what im going to tell you is with regard to range. It doesnt have it at least mine doesnt, because you saw me and then, when you lose connection, theres, no getting it back its uh when you lose connection its its gone. Okay, now its coming down and its coming down pretty quick lets. Uh lets drop that gimbal down straight down, and you know its fairly close to the apron.

Well, stop it before it gets uh. I dont know look at this hell. I dont know if i dont know if i could get get it any closer manually. Lets just see what it does here lets see if it picks up that camera thats, pretty damn close, okay, im picking up the camera, i dont want that camera pointed down when it lands, so you guys are, are seeing it here, even without precision landing. It got closer to the landing pad than i did so so id say: thats, pretty good, uh well kudos to hubsan on their gps accuracy. Okay, this things beeping. Let me get everything shut down and well do our conclusion hey before i start the conclusion that i did out in the field for this video with the hubsan xeno mini pro. I did have a chance to look at the video off of the memory on the drone and im very, very disappointed. I mean youll, see it uh theres its its pretty shaky. Now you know it was a fairly windy day, a little bit of jello in there. Uh, just not what we expected from this drone so anyway, uh on with the conclusion: hey: okay, guys uh the hubsan xeno mini pro yeah. I mean we had a few issues. There lets uh. I want to see how hot this thing is. Yeah. You know what this is very different than the flight. I had the other day. It is uh its just fine.

I i could. I can grab right ahold of it now, like i said, weve got more of a breeze. Its weird the temperature is about the same as it was the other day uh but yeah its, not uh yeah. No, i could yeah its its its just. I mean im, almost gon na say, room temperature, but anyway theres the drone, im gon na say this. It is uh, it is certainly a good looking piece uh. I like the styling of it, its a good looking drone uh. Okay, you guys will have seen the video off the not off the sd card, but off of the internal memory on the drone already, in other words, the video that we recorded uh. You know i was just looking at uh at my fpv screen and it looked. You know, okay, what i could see on there but lets we turned it up to that 200 megabits per second. So we can see what that does to the quality and, of course everything was in full auto and we went a couple different directions here, so you should see some different lighting conditions and well see how that looks like i said you guys will already know that I havent seen it yet uh with regard to the performance of the drone. You know what the drone handles. Fine, the gimbal works great uh now, for me, its kind of its it seems to be like its boiling down to uh uh connection issues and when i say the gimbal works great.

What i could see just on my fpv screen, like you know, we might see some stuff looking at the video that was recorded, but what i saw it worked great, the you know. Those disconnections are very concerning for a couple of reasons. One is that you dont as it returns you dont, get the connection back and like when i was uh heading southeast here, as i turned the drone is when we lost connection well, underneath these front legs is where the antenna is, and you know, as the antenna Position turned we lost connection uh when we were going the other way. You know im not exactly sure why i can tell you, i didnt have it as high, so you know could that have made a difference. I dont know uh. It was about, i think, 26 or 27 meters high at that point, but we had a straight shot. It was only at a kilometer uh. I ive done that with my wi fi dji drone and gone way further than that. So i dont know dont even know what to say. Like i said what was more concerning to me is that i didnt get the connection back and then even more disconcerting. Is i again got that usb, disconnected warning and thats with my other cable? So it makes me think that theres more to that problem than just the cable too, although uh you know we did, we did get that back.

Uh yeah, i mean heres. What im going to tell you? I i dont have a lot of confidence in this guy, and so you know when youre doing things like sending it out over the canyon here and so forth. You need to have confidence if youre uh, you know well almost anywhere. You fly it youre going to have to have confidence that youve got a good, solid connection, and i just cant say that, with this guy i do uh want to thank uh mansoor at the ali shanmao channel. Mansoor has helped me out a lot with this drone with some troubleshooting and so forth. So i appreciate that, and he is, he is uh, knows a lot about hubs and drones and hes in contact with the engineers at hubsan as well. So i guess you know were just gon na have to say at this point its a work in progress, so lets hope that they keep refining it and, and we get some improvements and what ill do guys is. I assure you i will keep flying it and well keep working with this drone and and uh see see how it uh proceeds and hopefully improves so i guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel and most of all, i, of course i appreciate you taking a look at this video and yeah well see on the next one.

The uh hubsan xeno mini pro uh yeah, just not quite there.