I got my first flight in today with the xeno mini pro. I told you. I was going to take it out to the snake river canyon and get do my first flight out there and send it out over the canyon. Well, i kind of got half of that. I did actually get a very, very short flight out in the canyon, but things didnt work out real great out there, uh and – and i got a little frustrated with this guy, but theres a good reason for it. I could not maintain a connection from my mobile device to the drone or to the remote control. Uh turned out to be these uh good old, hubsan, uh, otg cables. You know if you get this drone. The first thing you want to do is throw this cable away and buy a good one on amazon. Fortunately, as an old hubsan, guy ive got a few of them laying around and heres one. I believe i got this one on amazon some time ago, but yeah get a good high quality, otg cable, in my case micro, usb to lightning for my iphone 11 pro, and i was able to get a successful flight in. So what im going to do right now is im going to roll a little bit of the footage out there at the canyon and youll, hear the frustration in my voice and then and then ill go ahead and roll the flight that i took at the schoolyard.

Next door, no its not as cool of a place to have your first flight, but we did notice some things and youll see that in the video lets quit best around lets. Get this bird in the air and itll tell us. The cable is not connected here. For a second yeah now were online uh, its saying aircraft disconnected its asking for a firmware update uh, i updated the fir. I i tried to update the firmware before i left the house uh, and there was nothing available. So now i get out here in the field in the hot sun and its got a firmware update, so uh im gon na shut down the camera right now, im gon na take the drone over to my car and see if we can get this thing updated. Okay, so i went to my car. I did enough a firmware upgrade now its asking for another upgrade it. It updated the remote control. I it wouldnt, do the aircraft now its saying it wants to do the aircraft so well get this done sooner or later. Folks. Bear with me and well get this bird in the air. Okay, ive got everything fired back up here, yeah, okay, so we finally got connected uh and it gives us i i like this page. It gives us an aircraft status list uh and you can see the camera parameters were updated today that thats, the upgrade that you just saw me do uh it didnt say anything about active track.

Creative video or precision landing so well, look in the app when we get in there. So a little bit of an auspicious start here so for for now were connected now you say see disconnected there typical, hubsan and hey now, its all of a sudden, its connected again uh anyway yeah so its connected connecting and disconnecting abnormal communication and then disconnected so Yeah dont know whats going on. Let me shut it all down and well try this again. We may or may not get a flight in with this guy, hey, okay, i tried using the cable from my mini se, but it wouldnt fit in this thing is deep enough in here uh that it wouldnt fit in there uh. So i couldnt get a connection and ive got a bunch of other cables, none of them micro, usb to uh to uh. Lightning, like i need for my iphone, but i had a lot of other possibilities, but not the not the one i needed so i dont know if its this cable, i dont, know what it is. Ive ive had that issue with with hubs and drones in the past, with my xeno2 with my xeno 2 plus, and i think even my original xeno, i ended up getting an aftermarket cable, i probably should have in anticipation, should have prep, maybe done that for this. But in any case im going to try this one more time and lets see if we can get this drone in the air uh.

If we cant well call it a bust and ill just do a little conclusion. Okay, so far so good its saying ready to fly, i dont know, maybe it just needed a reboot gps lets quit messing around and lets see if we can take off here – and i did that on the app yeah so uh. Let me turn on obstacle avoidance that is on and uh and its detecting us im gon na turn it off while were uh, but we know it works were im going to turn it off while were looking. Where were this close to the camera uh, you know theres a little bit of a wind, you can see it moving around there im, not touching the sticks and its its moving around so but not bad id, say thats, pretty good lets switch it into video mode And now the good old usb disconnected, but then it came back. I dont know folks poor signal. Please adjust the antenna, trust aircraft disconnected and its landing yeah. It landed in the dirt thats good for it. Hey everybody marcus crawford here with the idaho quadcopter channel, hey uh, i just got back from the snake river canyon. Uh tried to fly the hubsan xeno mini pro did not have uh good luck. I could not maintain a connection from the drone to my mobile device or maybe from the rc to my mobile device. So anyway, you will have probably seen that video already, but this is the same day im out at the school thats, pretty close to my house and ive got some pavement here, a little better environment.

I got some shade where i can mess around with it. A little bit, i also brought a an aftermarket otg cable. This is a cable that ive used on other hubs and drones, so its known, good and uh were gon na. Try it out and see if we can actually get a flight in with this guy. Okay, ive got the ex husband x, hubsan 2 app fired up and uh have to trust this computer and its asking me for a calibration. So well do that calibration successful. It says so far so good it says preparing to take off ready to fly uh. So it appears we have a good connection. You know this is much farther than i got so im saying that it could very well be the otg cable lets go look at the safety menu uh, and i did if you guys saw that previous video. I i ended up. I checked before i left. There were no updates soon, as i got out there by the rim of the canyon. There were a couple updates, so i did them out there uh, but to my knowledge, all that did was uh allowed me to uh to to have the camera settings that werent in there active track created video, a search for uh, drone, apron or precision landing were Not part of that upload, so uh in any case it says, were connected. Aircraft is connected and, as you know, i was not getting this far previously.

So im saying that that otg cable was the issue is how it appears. Compass is normal. Gyroscope and accelerometer are normal: gimbal is normal, so and weve got 88 battery because i was messing around so much uh out there in the field. Uh out by the snake, river canyon so looks like were good to go uh and i guess we cant start the camera until we take off so uh looks like were good. Lets lets take off uh on the app here known obstacle avoidance mode there. It is were in non obstacle avoidance mode, so before we do anything, lets switch to video mode and uh lets. Take a look at uh, our camera functions and its in auto yeah. There is manual mode, so lets go back into auto, so uh lets see. Where is it telling me? I am uh what uh lets look in here lets go to gimbal nope Music. So i guess what im looking for is to make sure that we are in 4k 60.. So lets go back into that menu again. Oh there we go. I needed to click on the camera icon there, so it is its in 4k. Excuse me, i said 60 4k 30 frames per second, so thats, where its set thats, where we want to be lets, start recording now, so its recording uh, the drone looks nice and stable. This is a much better experience than i had out there on the rim of the canyon.

The drone seems to be doing just fine, so lets turn it around here before we – and i dont know what mode were in here, but i can tell you the yaw is awful slow. Let me see if, if i can tell yeah normal mode uh, if you look at that end at the top of the uh at the top of the camera there, the yaz yazoopal slow, which im actually okay with so lets, bring it in. This is pretty good. Look at this that gimbal is operating like it should lets. Uh lets tip it back, yeah gimbal is operating normally uh fpv looks good lets, go ahead and turn on that obstacle. Avoidance uh, and i did update that uh. I did the calibration on obstacle avoidance, so its on, but its not yeah its starting to beep at us a little bit now uh so anyway, lets uh lets. Do our usual dronie im gon na, have to be careful here because there are some cars around but uh and were in the middle of some trees. This is my usual spot that i like to take off from, but lets uh reverse and were gon na hit. That up stick pretty hard here, make sure we get above the trees. Let me bring that camera down just a little bit and uh yeah were about lets, get up about 25 meters theres our 30 meters. I guess we are here, but there were some trees behind me, so i want to make sure – and you know weve got a little bit of a crooked horizon there.

If you can see – and i know theres an adjustment on this guy but were not going to mess with that yet lets see – looks to me like its starting to flatten out lets. Uh lets reverse back here, and you know speed wise were in normal mode, but its uh, its not going. You know thats only in reverse three meters per second im, looking at the drone, its not going very darn fast. So, even though it says normal mode, it makes me think that its in they call it f or cinema mode or movie mode or whatever so thats sport mode lets uh lets move forward in sport mode and looks like that horizon is straightened out im going to Go ahead and get us back to the rule of thirds there, and that horizon is perfectly flat now so were in sport mode, moving forward at pretty darn quick 15 yeah about 15 and a half meters per second, so thats, pretty good thats! Well, over 30 miles an hour thats in the same range as what you would get with the with the dji mini 2 mini 2. I think well do i believe 16 meters per second, so lets go right over the top of us here, and you can see me im down in that parking lot. Uh down there, the spot where i usually fly from there were a bunch of cars there. So i just wanted to avoid that looks like the teachers are getting their classrooms ready for school to start school is not in here uh.

You know. I got to tell you so far so good here. I think my problems out there at the canyon had to do with had to do with that. Uh otg, cable, okay, so here we are lets, go back into normal mode. Thats film mode lets go into normal mode and uh lets see. If we can just do an orbit around this guy, its a manual orbit and youre hearing background noise, theres a mini bike, a little scooter going by there, one of those scooters with a uh with a lawnmower engine on it. And i thought it would be a kid, but its an old guy anyway, uh geez, i, like the controls here. Look at this. This is all just a manual rotation, so we did fine there. I think we can. I dont see anybody close to uh. We can go over the top of the tower here and then lets go lets go over to the school. I think we can theres nobody outside there so were good to go. There lets get that usual picture that i get here over the top of the school and again this is normal mode fairly slow, 5.6 meters per second, so its its, not a speed demon in normal mode. So, if youre going to want to make up any time uh, because i think the i think the mini 2 would go about 10 meters per second in in their version of normal mode.

Okay, so here we are uh above the school and you guys have seen this picture. Weve got so much smoke in the valley, uh that uh, you know you cant, you cant, really see the boise front there very well, but i like showing this because you see the horizon, you see uh, you know theres some color in the in the foreground and Mid ground there, so i think its a good uh, just a good way to look with the camera, so im going to stop, recording and were gon na switch to photo mode and uh and were gon na. Take a picture so well see what that uh well see. What that looks like lets. Uh lets go ahead and uh and turn the drone around, and you know whatever issues we had with horizon seem to have taken care of themselves. So so thats a good thing. Uh hubsan has always been pretty good with their horizons uh. You know they. They have not had that problem with the tilted horizon that uh. That femi has so guys. I i am sorry this is not the uh, the the video or the flight that i intended to give you for the first flight, with this bird, the first real flight, but its where were at and uh you know everything seems to be working as it should Now so no doubt it was that cable, but you know for what for what we i paid for this drone, i mean you would think that hubsan could afford to put decent cables on their product uh.

It was very frustrating to get out there in the field and have that problem id had when i was doing the calibrations uh the day before id had a couple of disconnections there, but i just kind of attributed it to uh. You know i was messing around with the drone and controller picking things up moving them around uh and i thought maybe that might have been it but uh. Clearly i should have. I should have had the foresight when i was out at the canyon to uh to bring another cable with me because, like i said, everything seems to be working well now. Okay lets uh lets go back into uh sport mode here, because it is awful slow in normal mode and and im going to go. Lets just test that gimbal to see if we get any gimbal pitch shift, so im going to go full forward now and nope. That gimbal is uh, staying nice and steady and we are almost up to 16 meters per second yeah a little over 16. So you know thats 33 34 miles per hour, thats pretty darn good and were not going to go over the street there and messing around here in sport mode. The controls are definitely definitely more sensitive. Lets go lets go out to the other corner. Here i hear a guy messing around on his little uh mini bike or tote goat or whatever you want to call it so well see.

If we can uh well see if we can get a picture of him out here in the field, i can hear him, but i dont see him okay, so lets uh lets mess around here, uh with the zoom. Let me uh get down and im gon na tilt the camera down here, uh to where im at in the parking lot, and if i understand it correctly, if i hold the function button down, i should be able to zoom with there. We go. Look at that hold down the function button and with the scroll wheel that controls the gimbal. You can zoom in up to six times there. Its fairly slow, which i see is a good thing. Uh theres, im gon na turn around here, uh, so yeah. There is five times six times: digital zoom. I can even see on fpv that there you know theres a little bit, uh thats a little bit pixelated in in six times. The detail goes away, but uh, but overall id say thats a good thing. Thats thats a handy little feature and, like i said, similar to dji uh with their minis, you just hold down the function, button and use the scroll wheel. You can also uh use, i think well lets try. It lets. Try tapping uh the the on the app the zoom. I know you can move it with your finger, but lets try tapping it yeah. No, that doesnt do anything. So, with my finger yeah there with my finger, i can move it.

However, i want so uh yeah. So you can either on your touch, screen, move it or use the scroll wheel. I would say the scroll wheel is preferable and i believe thats something that they just that came with todays update, so uh, so lets uh lets move, bring it down here and forward ill see. If i can avoid all these trees and light poles etc and bring it down, and maybe we can try out that obstacle avoidance a little bit and you know im looking at the drone above me, looking good uh, so im going to go back into normal mode. Well, thats, f, and i that thats cinema mode or what i dont know what the f stands for, but anyway lets bring. The drone back down were in normal mode. Now let me spin it around here and boy thats, a slow yeah, but look its that obstacle. Avoidance is working its already uh its already seeing things so lets get it uh lets get it behind my uh, my tahoe here and lets uh lets, move it forward Music. So that was me stopping it it i didnt have the drone low enough. It would have gone over the top, so let me screw up my courage here and lets try this again. So moving straight forward boy, i dont know its uh. Oh, the obstacle avoidance is off: okay, thats whats, no, its on there, its off now its on uh im, just telling you it didnt.

It didnt appear to be stopping so im going to get im going to put it in super slow mode. Switch to film mode lets, see that i mean i know its supposed to break, but im telling you it would. I am confident that it would fly Music yeah. It would fly right into the back of my truck so uh. Oh, you know what maybe i need to go into the app and turn on. Where did i see that at uh theres a not there? There is a uh well lets turn no! You cant do that. Yet anti wind mode automatic brake is on uh. I dont know turn it off and turn it back on. So that is on in the app and im gon na uh were on here, but im gon na show you guys well there, it kind of it stopped there that time! Okay, let me back it up again. Lets try that again, im nervous here guys because it was just it would have just flown right into my pic there its starting to stop so i dont know what the issue was there earlier, but its about. You know when i did the whole calibration thing its about. Well, i dont know im going to stand in front of the tahoe here. Its pretty darn close im staring right at the drone, so lets do that one more time. Yes, yes, so its moving forward! Yeah there and it finally stopped okay, and you can see on the screen there.

You can see where its seeing an object. Uh, okay, lets back it up and lets go back into normal mode and you can hear it beeping, but but it isnt stopping so lets. Go back into normal mode and Music got far and away far enough away that the beeping stopped temperature of the aircraft is too high have been automatically turned off. Huh fill light has been switched to automatic mode. Well, that is interesting uh. It is uh its not terribly hot today, so i dont know what thats about, but i guess be aware of that too uh. I guess what i realized here is i didnt start. Recording again did i temperature of the aircraft. The video recording is forbidden, uh gosh guys. I dont know what to say. Ive just been hovering here, so i guess you cant hover with it too long and its you know its its probably in the mid 80s today. So so maybe it maybe i was video recording battery levels at 30 percent lets. Uh lets go back into sport mode here, because it is so less and slow and uh Music lets see if we can cool it off a little bit up in the air there. Let me record again so just hovering around there uh so im telling you it heated it up to where it shut off, video and – and we were just hovering. You know, testing out the obstacle avoidance and, like i said its, probably uh.

Well, we i i showed it on uav forecast. I think it was 85 degrees or maybe even less than that yeah i dont know okey dokey lets uh lets go into the menu here, wow thats, a quick yaw. You know in sport mode. There doesnt seem to be any middle, so hopefully theres an adjustment there that we can get someplace between normal mode and uh and sport mode because its uh well now there its doing a little better see earlier in in normal mode. It would not go that fast. So that guys, i dont, i dont know whats going on lets: go full stick forward normal mode, yeah thats, pretty good, eight, eight meters per second earlier i couldnt yeah. Almost ten earlier, i couldnt do that yeah, i dont know uh. Okay, i wan na look through the menu here. Real quick so were gon na hold right there for a second and lets, see whats available and what isnt so hyper lapse that is not available. Uh waypoints should be available. Yep waypoints are there were not going to do that right. That array warning yeah its ready under uh were gon na go back into here. Lets get out of that were gon na go back into here and look at orbit mode yeah and it wont because the battery level is too low, it wont. Let us do it, but lets go ahead and look at the uh follow mode, and that is there.

I dont know about active track uh, but yeah. You know what ive got another battery so well throw another battery in it. Uh, and let me tell you, i dont know how long weve been flying, but it certainly uh wasnt 40 minutes thats for sure. Although, like i said we, i had messed around with it a lot earlier today with this battery. In there okay lets go back in again uh creative video. It says thats not available and line fly mode thats, one of my favorite little uh deals and thats not available either uh hubsan does pretty good with their intelligent flight modes, so uh yeah, maybe uh, maybe uh. We can try some of that out on another flight. So i think uh i am not gon na push. My luck today lets uh lets go ahead. We are not very far from home and and it already tried to go uh its down to 19. So i dont know lets do a return to home. What the heck and uh take off point return to home so lets see what we got here, but that was funny. Ive got eyes on the drone. It was funny just uh, uh yeah and its oh. There it turned around. I was. It was going up to its 50 meter height. There we go so there we are down there uh. It was funny just hovering it around here. It it overheated very, very quickly so theres a lot going on in this guy, and you know we parked its right over the top of me.

Yeah maybe well see as long as it doesnt land. On top of my uh truck or something well be just fine or yeah. I dont trust it there. I was im afraid it was. It was uh. It was coming down on that where that tree would be so lets. Uh lets bring it down low battery warning. The drone is under return to home soon yeah, and it was wanting to return again lets spin it around here and look at us pick up that. Gimbal, sorry about that were down to 15 battery, so were its not like were uh in you know, going to uh run out of battery here, so there we are lets, bring it in closer here Music. So there you can see it. I got it in front of the camera again and uh, then i have to say uh it it. It hovers really well and uh. You know its more stable than than any other hubsan drone that ive ever flown so ill say that lets go ahead and uh and land it so im gon na pull the left, stick all the way down, put it in landing mode blending and there we go Fpv has been turned off. It will turn on automatically after the aircraft takes off yeah, so its giving us that little message there so im, assuming that it stopped recording on its own uh yeah, so were just seeing the same picture. Uh and fpv is off so uh.

Let me shut everything down and well do a quick conclusion: hey guys, uh, just very quickly im telling you i see why they have that cage. This is too. I cannot keep my fingers on that. That bottom of that thing is too hot to the touch, so keep that in mind thats why they have that uh. That cage – and i mean i think, youre okay, but what i would say is just be cognizant of it. I dont think you need to fly with that cage on there but understand, like i said, todays moderate temperature in the 80s, and we got a little bit of a breeze but, and it still got very, very hot so and then you saw it it overheated when We were just hovering around here, uh down low, so just keep that in mind: hey, okay, everybody! This is not the first flight that i would have chosen or actually the second flight. If you want to call it that youve already seen that little bit out at the snake river canyon, where i just couldnt, maintain a connection to the drone uh and evidently it was the uh. The hubsan supplied, otg cable uh. Because i put this aftermarket one on and boy dont, i wish i would have taken one with me when i went out there to the canyon i sure should have, but but i didnt but anyway not a problem, then, as soon as i put this thing on, Not a problem: okay, some obvious things on this flight that i noticed uh that im im not so sure about the obstacle avoidance.

I think that, like the first couple times, ive tried it im telling you i think i could have flown it right into the back of my pickup. I dont think it would have stopped. It was beeping, i put it in cinemate or film mode, whatever they call it f on here, film mode. I guess they call that and uh. I did get it to stop just a few feet from from my pickup or from my tahoe, then, as it was hovering and wed been hovering around a little bit, it overheated and it quit recording and it disabled obstacle avoidance. So bear that in mind. Im thinking, if youre in a high temp environment, if youre someplace, where the temperatures are warm yeah, this guys going to be, you might have some issues. So just keep that in mind, like i said its fairly moderate day here, its not like its a 100 degree day or anything uh and and then after that, as soon as i took off and flew the drone out a little bit, it cooled off enough that I was able to start recording, again, etc uh, so those are just things to keep in mind. Uh the zoom function works really well again, you hold down the function, button and use the scroll wheel. You can do six times zoom, you guys will have seen it off the sd card already i havent yet so you can kind of judge the quality there, but uh yeah.

I mean lets hope that they keep, that hubsan keeps improving and coming up with firmware updates. So that we can use all the functions on this drone uh they they really need to do that. Uh so to you know, cause like. I said we paid full price for this baby, its more expensive than the uh than the the same uh dji drone. So yeah, i guess thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all, i really appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah. Of course well see on the next one uh, the hubsan xeno mini pro. You got to get that name right.