com and it came in this box all right all right, so we are ready and it comes well packaged. Hopson xeno mini pro. It is a drone that i think many of us have been waiting for, and my question is: is it possibly the killer to dji mini 2, or at least you know competitor to mini 2.? So i cant wait to unbox this. So in this video im going to actually unbox it together with you guys, so you guys get the feel of whats exactly in the box and in the next video im going to do a full review of the actual drone. So you guys, can you know, check across different youtubers and see whether you like the drone or not? This is time so inside the box. It is wrapped in a plastic, so everything is kept clean and yeah. Recycle and oh, i love it. It is in this really small bag. It is fully packaged. I love it when everything comes in a fully packaged in a bag and the quality of the bag looks nice. It comes with like the front zipper where you can put some stuff, maybe not a lot of things because it is rather sort of the slit is rather small, so this is all very compactly packed and inside. Of course, the main thing is this tiny palm sized drone. It is really small dont, you think i mean it is basically just like mini 2, so im just gon na quickly sort of unpack the drone.

So all these propellers and you can rotate it out rotate. It out and at the bottom there seem to be some sort of protective plastic. I think it can be removed. I have to see the manual as well so just to give you guys a quick view of the drone. So here the cap can be removed and the battery it can be removed from the back. I believe like this. This is the battery 3000 mah, so here im just going to insert it back in the camera. It is clearly written 1 over 1.3 inch and 48 megapixel, and you can see that there are sensor here and here the front sensor and also back sensor and also at the bottom. There is a sensor here so yep. I think i can get a very decent obstacle avoidance with this drone and there are vents at the side and also at the side, its clearly written 249 grams, the design very similar to mini 2.. So inside there is one more battery and also power adapter with one usb cable that can be inserted in and a little box, and i think this is a charger for the battery. You can charge up to four, but in my case, because i came with just two batteries in this package, i can charge two on the go and then some random cables such as this one that connects between the rc to your mobile phone and also a little Screwdriver and a couple of usb cable – this is not type c.

This is a micro 5 pin, i kind of wish its in usbc type, but theyre not, and two spare joystick control parts and also six sets of new propellers inside. There is a zipper and there are compartments which all can be sort of detached, as you wish so here, the very last part, oh, is the rc. Can you see it is a little dark inside the bag but yeah the rc is here and it does feel pretty big quite sort of a big chunk. But hopefully that will give very good signal, so the signal it can be turned on and just open it, and here im gon na find a little sort of joystick that can be screwed in to make a joystick usable with your fingers. So im gon na get ready, charge everything up in next couple of days. Im gon na test it out and get back to you guys with a full review of this hubsan zeno mini pro whether it is worth the buck.