I told you to start with tired old mans gon na be doing more things than just uh redoing a house, and let me show you what it is its. My new drone been wanting one for a long time. Finally, finally, bit the bullet and got me a drone, let me find my opener here, so we can get it open and see what we got inside of this bad boy, but uh been doing some research on it, trying to figure out which drone i wanted to Get i wound up getting the hudson mini xeno mini pro uh just come out. I guess about six months ago and um theyve got all the bugs worked out of it and its got all the features that a novice needs. Somebody that has never had a drone before and i have never had a drone other than my wife bought me a little toy drone that i could not fly but um. I wanted something that was going to take some great pictures, something that i could really have. Some fun with, and so this is the drone that i decided on after doing quite a bit of research looking trying to decide and the watched a lot of people on youtube, reviewing drones, different drones, but im going to do something a little different. I am not a drone expert by no means because ive never had a drone that i have flew. So that means i am not a drone expert, so i am going to show people what it is like for a novice to open a real drone.

Not a toy drone that you go to the big box store and buy, but a real drone um im going to show you what the uh hardships are and how it is when you, these drone experts. Tell you oh well, do this and do that but thats because theyve had they got 50 drones on the shelf. Theyve been flying drones for 10 years and something that they think everybody should know. Well people like me, i dont know it. I dont, i dont, know the terminology. I dont know how to do a drone. I dont know about anything other than what little research that ive done on it. So im gon na try to make it uh where a novice can get a drone. This is not a professional drone. This is not a three thousand dollar drone, but it is a nice drone, its not a toy and its something that you can fly and take some great video with and some great pictures, so without a further ado were going to open the drone and show you Um show you what is whats in the box um. Of course the drone lets get this bad boy out. This is the xeno mini pro been waiting to get this bad boy. Finally, got me a drone lets, get it open and show you what it looks like. Oh boy, is that thing not little or what my hands are not big im, not a big man.

That is a little drone. Lets get that bad boy opened up, see what it looks like when its open now im trying to do this, like the professionals, told me to do and, as you can see, im a novice and its not as easy if they make it look. But here is the xeno mini pro: oh man, i cant wait to fly this thing. 200. I dont hope you can see it 249 grams, which means i do not have to register this drone. So im, probably like a lot of people, especially a novice. I dont want to jump out there and start um, letting the government get in everything that i do but uh. I bought this for my pleasure, and so i want to just fly it and have fun with it. So lets go over some of the things that uh that i have learned about the drone from from my research and tell you a little bit about it. First off. It is a 249 gram drone, which means you do not have to register it. This little sticker right here that you see is you would think that would be where you would put a micro sd card in that little slot right here, but its not. This drone does not have a um and it has another slot on this side, but it does not have a uh us. I mean a micro usb uh slot, so its internal in the drone.

I dont know where i would like that or where i will not like it, but this is the drone i decided on so um well see when we go flight and ill take you along with us. Its got a three axle um gimbal on it lets take the cover off of that it unsnaps under the bottom and comes off, and this is the gimbal, the camera and im not going to go into all the specs on the on the camera. I, like i said i am not an expert by any means, but i did want to show you um what its going to be like to unbox it and um and get it up and running. So let me get this back on there, because you dont want to take that off until youre actually going to fly the drone so and it snaps back on. If i can get it like its supposed to be there snaps back on it supposedly has a heat shield under there. This drone evidently gets a little warm, but you do not fly it with that. Its. What theyre saying this heat shield pops off and so were just going to lay this to the side. Right now were not going to use the heat shield theyre saying that the underside of it gets a little warm, especially when you hover at a long time uh its got a light for flying it at night, so it can use it to um.

So you can see the drone, and so the drone can actually see where to take off and where to land uh its got several sensors under there. Like i said i am not a drone expert, but these are supposed to be to help it um. It has a obstacle avoidance, and so uh has them on the front has two on the front two on the back and it has on the bottom. So it will not let you um me being a novice and never flown a drone before i wanted to have a drone that had this on it. So when i go outside the first thing i dont do is crash a um its not. This is not a cheap drone, so this is not a ‘ drone that you buy or 50 or 100 on this drone was um was not cheap, so i didnt want to crash it. Where i bought this drone or any drone, i wanted something with uh optical um observance where it would um will not. Let me crash it into something, so this drone has that and its got to have those sensors front back and on the bottom. The bottom ones really help it for landing the front one in the back. One keep you from flying it into something but um its got, those on it and so thats gon na thats gon na help me when i am uh when im flying this thing to help me from crashing it and running it into something and uh and losing My drone that im so tickled just to have um another reason that i bought the xeno mini pro um is the flight time.

Some of the other drones got 30 33 minutes, 31 minutes and less um. This drone has 40 minutes of flying time. So, for somebody that dont know how to fly the longer i i can have it in the air, the more i can learn how to fly and what im going to be doing with it. So that was another reason that i bought this song about this particular drone. Another reason is its flight distance 10 kilometers now legally. Do i understand you cannot fly a drone, its line of sight, so you got to be able to see it. I promise you. I cannot see uh 10 kilometers, but theyre saying the reason that they have. That is, if things get in your way, if youre around the cell phone towers or microwaves or anything, it will affect the quality of the images that are coming back, that youre actually seeing on your phone, so the 10 kilometers nobodys going to fly it for 10 Kilometers, but if you can fly it out, for i dont know, if you could fly it one kilometer and be able to still see it and still be able to control it and do everything that you need to do with it versus another drone that wont go That far, some of them might that i have looked at there, only go um, so many meters and uh basically uh by the time you get out of the yard. With it you it wouldnt, you couldnt see it and you start losing your signal so thats.

Another reason that i bought the xenopro um it it like. I said it is not a toy. This does not feel like a toy. This thing has got a even though it weighs 249 grams. It uh it. It feels heavy to me. You know heavier than i thought it would feel like. I said: ive never owned a drone before other than that. Little toy that my wife bought me so uh. I cant wait to get this thing up in the air, but im going to set the drone over to the side a minute and then were going to go. The rest of the things that are in the pack and were going to go were going to go through these and see whats in there. Oh lets see what we got got a charging brick in there for charging everything up got an extra. I bought the two battery pack. Uh has two batteries in it has a little um light where you can test this. One has um looks like its mostly fully charged its got. Four lights lit up on it so got two batteries. The other battery is in the drone right here and thats the way you turn the drone on and the way you turn it off um. Another thing that the its got a us micro, usb port right here and from what i understand you cant charge the drone from there. You have to take the battery out, which comes out with those two little clips at the back of the battery.

You pull the battery out and then you can charge it. What that is for is because it doesnt have a um external, where you can take it out, um usb uh micro usb card in it. Then you have to plug your cords into it and then plug your laptop or your computer and thats the way that you get your your footage and whatever you put on your drone ill, follow it lets see what else we got in here. Ah, that doesnt feel like a battery but uh. Evidently that is the charging im going to call it a charging brick. It looks like that the batteries clip on it im not going to take the other battery out of the drone and thats the way you charge. The batteries okay lets see what else we got in here lets see. We got cable, its probably for charging um looks like weve got cables for um hooking. The controller up to your phone looks like you. Theyve got three of those in there for different phones. Where is the oh, its got a screwdriver in there im assuming thats to change the blades on it, a manual that i am going to need, and another cable well have to figure out what that is for and lets see in the top up. Here we have looks like two sets of um propeller blades okay looks like some more joysticks thats it for there. Where is the controller at? Oh? It is down in the bottom, a flap like its hidden down there.

Okay, now im gon na set the carrying case over to the side, and this is what the controller is. That thing has some: it doesnt feel like a toy either so looks like it has the i guess they are the antennas to it its up there yeah. That is a return to home. If uh, my memory serves me thats the way you power it on, and this is the functions where you change from. I guess the film mode is for the f. The n is for the normal mode and the s is for the sport mode. Okay looks like on the top, that is the camera button, and this little controller right here is the gimbal, where you turn to where you turn the gimbal up or down. So you can. If you want to film something down below you thats, the looks like the record button here and im gon na have to do some research on what that fn button is um function, button for something okay, the bottom down here pulled this out, and this is where The phone goes and heres where the joysticks are lets, take those bad boys out and put them in okay, yeah that wasnt, so bad for old fat finger glenn. Well, i did better, with my left hand than im doing with my right hand, okay, and it does have a display screen, which most of the other drones that i looked at did not have so that i really like that.

Theyre saying that if you do lose signal – and you shouldnt with this song with this particular drone because of the 10 kilometer range but theyre saying, if you do, you will always be if your battery goes dead on your phone or what then this right here is Where you will be able to see what is going, uh whats going on with the drone another thing that the xeno has that i didnt talk about it has zoom. The camera has a, i think, a six time zoom on it. So thatll be great. So you me, as a novice that dont know how to fly this thing i wont have to get so close to everything, to get some really good footage and some good pictures um. So i can zoom in on it. Instead of trying to get my drone flown right in close on it, so that that is, that is really going to be good. I cant wait to get this thing. Uh get it outside and get it in the air. Well im going to get everything charged up and go over this a little bit myself um! I dont want to try to talk about it too much until i know a little something about it. So im going to go over it and then ill come back and show you what ive learned ill be back in a minute. I think after doing some reading and doing a little research. The first thing that we need to do is go to page 12.

In your manual and download that will send you where you can download the hudson app and then you can. We can start learning how to get this thing set up. So i guess we ive already got the app downloaded and, like i said, just go to page 12 in your manual and um that little thing right. There will be able to send you to the app and then you download it now lets get it done. Lets get it hooked up to the controller and see what that looks like, because i have an iphone, then its gon na do im gon na get the cable that works to my phone and it says phone on the on the cable and then you plug the Other part into the controller: well, my fat fingers got me again and there you have it. My phone is connected to my tablet. Okay, now weve got it plugged in now. Let me do some more reading and see what we got to do now ill, be back in a minute. Now i still have not uh tried to fly this um. I wanted to get out in an open field and go where i could be im hoping i dont wreck this thing and crash it the first time i fly it because um the package i got. This thing was uh 680 bucks somewhere around in there uh. It was not cheap im, hoping this thing is going to be what i want it to be and im hoping its going to be a a good drone and going to work the way its supposed to uh.

The reviews that ive, uh read and seen is supposed to be a good drone, but thats thats, pretty much all ive got right now. I wanted to do this and make this video for people to have that are like me. Have never flew a drone. Never had a drone, except for that toy drone and so im im going to tell you all the problems that i run into all the good stuff that i run into but uh. I guess ill stop now and um come back after i applied and make a com a whole new, video and um and then well uh ill.