Todays video will be the first in a series of clips that ill be posting about the brand new hubsan xeno mini pro. Now, a few weeks ago, i posted a clip where i did an unboxing and overview of the drone, and then i followed that up with a first flight video where i talked about some of the core technology and in both of those videos, i asked viewers to Send me any questions you had about the xenomini pro or anything youd like to see us test and boy. You did not disappoint. We got hundreds of responses about every aspect of this drone, which means its incredibly popular and thats. A good thing. Youre asking those questions, because i love investigating technology. So what i thought id do is, instead of making an hour and a half clip and putting everything in there, which is going to bore a lot of people, because youve asked one question: why would you watch an hour and 45 minute clip? I thought id sit down, spend a little bit of time on the most popular questions and dedicate a clip to each of the aspects, so theyll be short clips, but therell be a bunch of them and that way, if youve asked a question, you can find the Clip – and you can get your answer now – ive been flying. This drone, like crazy over the last couple of weeks, testing everything i could test that people have asked about, and todays clip is going to be the first one of many that ill be posting and it has to do with how long the drone can fly.

It was by far one of the most common questions we got because one of the bragging things about this drone from hubsan is that it can hover for 40 minutes and thats a pretty big claim, because up until now, 30 minutes 32 minutes is about as long As a drone can go now, i know im going to get grief for this, but im going to say it before i even do the test. I dont expect this drone to do 40 minutes of hover time and im, trying to be honest here, because no technology out there can really do whats on the box. Its really rare to have a piece of technology do exactly what the box says. It can do, and in the case of hover time, every company out there that talks about 28 minutes 30 minutes 32 minutes is giving you a number thats uh scientifically the best case scenario, its its the best kind of testing in the perfect conditions, with a fully Fresh battery thats brand new temperature, controlled environments under laboratory conditions almost like in the zero gravity of outer space. So when you look at a number like 40 minutes, think about that as the theoretical limit of what a battery can provide for this drone. Yours is going to be somewhat less now. I dont know how much less it is, but if im looking at other drones that are saying 30 minutes, okay, maybe im not going to get a full 30 minutes im going to get 26 minutes 27 minutes and if im being honest, im, never gon na fly A battery down to zero, anyway, most of my drones, i put them up in the air when i get to that 30 percent mark im, bringing them home and im landing them for a lot of reasons.

Number one i dont want to have the drone fall out of the sky, a half a mile away from me, because ive been goofy and ignored the return to home warnings, and the second thing is its: never really good to drain batteries down that deeply, because lipo Technology doesnt like to be fully charged or fully discharged, so the closer you get to that discharge rate can get a little bit scary, but anyway, im getting ahead of myself. What im going to do today is im simply going to go out in the yard im going to put the drone up in the air im going to use the auto launch. Put it up in the air im going to start a timer and were going to watch it now ill ill duck back in every so often to say im at 50 im at 75 and you can watch the numbers count down. My suspicion is its probably going to come in before emergency lands at somewhere in that 30 to 35. Minute range id be surprised if it went further than that, but thats, probably where its going to end up now. I fully expect its going to complain a ton because its going to see me ignoring the 40 mark, the 25 mark – the 15 mark so well have to keep an eye on it and see what happens. But i expect its going to start screaming when i get down below 40 percent, but anyway well, test it and see so.

Im gon na go outside test it right now. Now this is 40 minutes of video, so im gon na have to speed that up in between my commentary and then ill come back at the end, with some comments about my experience with it and and what i think of their drone in general, so stay tuned Lets go outside and test it for this test. Ive got the mini xeno pro right over there with a fully charged battery im, going to use the take off button on the application to let it take off and hover and im not going to touch the joysticks. Well, just let it hover wherever it ends up ill start the timer as soon as it takes off and then ill keep checking the battery levels and ill, probably pop back in every so often to give you an update but im going to let it run right Through a battery, it should do an emergency landing, pretty close to the mat and well see how long it lasts. So here we go all right, heres the takeoff button, all right. Let me start the timer all right: thats it im going to get out of frame and let you watch the drone and ill probably speed. All this up and ill come back at the end. Okay, we just crossed into 75 percent of the battery left and were right around 10 minutes. So, if im doing the math in my head thats about a 40 minute flight time, but stay tuned well go through the rest of it.

My suspicion is, as we get lower in the battery its probably going to come down a lot faster as far as the discharge rate goes, and just out of curiosity, cpu right now is running at 69 degrees, so lets see how it makes that ill. Be back. Okay, we just crossed into the 50 mark and im at 18 and changed to 18 and a half so by my calculations. Thats 37 minutes of flight time total, but you know well have to see how it plays out and uh. You know ill be back again at 25, now its going to start getting a little bit squirrely when i get to 40 of the battery life and its going to want me to do a landing and it may take over control so ill have to sort of Get on the controls and force it to stay in the air. At that point, any kind of mechanism like that with the drone is going to drain more battery power, so lets see how it plays out, but im feeling pretty good at 50. 48. At this point, im at 19 minutes so 48 at 19 minutes doesnt put me at 40, but it puts me pretty darn close so ill be back at 25.. Just a quick comment: uh were at the 24 minute mark right now. This is about the average flight time that i get out of most of the drones that i put up that brag about a 30 32 minute flight time, because im never going to land.

My drone at zero im always going to come back with 20 25 percent. Im, depending on how windy it is, how far out im flying but 24 minutes and ive still got got about 28 of the battery left. So this is looking really really good at this point, so stay tuned theyll come back. We get to that 30 minute mark because thats really rarefied air. If we get to that 30 minutes and ive still got battery left. Okay were coming up on the 30 minute mark here and its really giving me a hard time. Uh were at 15 percent im. Just about to cross the 30 minute mark im going to use the word incredible, because this is a really nice long flight time and again, ive still got 15 of my battery left now for the last 10 seconds, or so i should say every 10 seconds, its Been beeping now im going to be curious to see as i get lower, is it going to beep every five seconds until it drives me nuts and then im going to land it? Now i shut everything off its not going to do an auto landing on me, but if this drone was further away, the software would have already calculated how much energy it needed to get back to the takeoff point and it would probably have instigated to return to Home but since im so close to it its going to hover there until this thing dies now that beeping is going to get annoying, can you hear it there? It is again and its about 10 seconds apart and im suspicious that as the battery gets lower were 13 right now, as the battery gets lower, the beeping will probably increase and ill be really curious to see how far we get past that 31 minute mark, because With about 12 13 actually 13 of the battery left uh, this could go, could go another five or six minutes which okay, its not 40 minutes, but my gosh look: how much longer its flying anyway ill be back in a bit.

Okay were in the 32 minutes and, as i suspected, the beepings increased hear that so what the softwares saying is rick youre not paying attention to the battery, get that drone back and landed already so im going to continue to let it go. Uh ive still got it just dropped under 10 thats. When that persistent beeping start it uh were at about nine percent right now and im at 32 minutes. So this is gon na be an interesting, interesting, eight percent of battery, because im not sure what that drone is gon na do but ill be behind the camera and if it starts getting flaky ill, just bring her down gently and hopefully land it on the map. Well have to see how much control ill have all right so were down to seven percent. At this point and its giving me a warning saying, the aircraft battery is extremely low. Please land as soon as possible. Nope were not gon na land. I want that drone to fall out of the sky, still at seven percent, were coming up in 33 minutes. Oh, this is really exciting stuff. I know it looks like youre watching paint dry, but this kind of test is something i live for, because when you tell me a drone can fly 40 minutes. I got to make sure that it can fly 40 minutes. So lets see what happens its not going to make 40 minutes. I can guarantee you that, but im still blown away by the amount of flight time im getting out of this.

All right so were down to six percent now ill, be back when we get down to the one or two percent range. Okay. Im back were down to three percent of the battery youre, never going to get this low on your drone, but i thought id give you some oh shes landing. Well, it landed right on the map by the way, pretty cool but im going to put that right at uh i actually had three percent of the battery left, but i did get a message. It said over discharge of the battery shes yelling now. Thank you over discharge of the battery can cause damage. Now i didnt really care, because i know that, like other batteries, theres a little bit of reserve built into it. Let me shut off this controller here, like other batteries. Theres, auto discharge, uh capabilities down to a certain point and they usually keep a reserve about 10 – maybe five percent of the battery, so even when its fully discharged, theres still energy in that battery, so it doesnt go completely dead and damaged the lipos. But i should have stopped that all right im going to mark that at around 34 minutes of flight time, maybe a little bit longer, because i still had about three percent of the battery left. But you can see that it forced the landing and there was nothing. I could do to stop that landing, so stay tuned and ill. Give you some final thoughts.

Well, there you have it it cant hover 40 minutes, and i did that test three times with two other fresh batteries. I only showed you the one, but the other two tests came in within 15 or 30 seconds of about that same time, but before you get out there, all the drone forums are reddit and start typing away that hubsans misleading the public that this drone can fly. 40 minutes lets just take a breath and think about this scientifically, because that 40 minutes that they tell you can fly is a theoretical limit, thats the best case scenario for the drone under the perfect lab conditions, and i guarantee you, those tests were done with fresh Batteries, no wind temperature, controlled environment. Again, like i said at the beginning of the clip in the zero gravity of outer space, we call those hero numbers in the business. All the other drone companies that talk about 25 minutes, 30 minutes 32 minutes. Those are hero numbers as well, so what we have is a metric to compare this to other drones. Those are bragging numbers and again im sure when they got those numbers, i dont doubt that they got them but im sure when they got them. They were turning off all kinds of things inside the drone, because remember every circuit in that drone is drinking electrons from that battery things, like crash avoidance, the bit rate back from the camera, the fpv view through the camera other things, gps coordination, maybe the time of Flight sensors on the bottom, all those things are shut off.

I probably would have got another two minutes of flight time, but i need those to fly so for me when i take a breath and think about it. If this is 40 minutes and the other meetings im flying are 32 minutes, thats still a pretty good difference between them and its important and its important for a single reason. Youre going to waste a lot of time, youre not going to waste time, but youre youre, going to spend a lot of time, putting a drone up in the air and spend more time getting it out on target. And really, i put the drone up to film something so when im on target thats important to me that on target time is what i really care about. If this is going to give me another 25 of on target time and everything else is equal thats a lot more time for me to frame a shot to capture more video footage to take six or seven more pictures and not have to worry about getting it Back and the honest truth is, none of us are flying these batteries to zero. Depending on how conservative a pilot you are youre, probably coming back like me with 30 35 left in the battery, because you realize you dont want to have that have to fight a wind on the way back, you may go out there with a tailwind spin around And come back and now youve got a headwind and you need some extra gas in the tank to get back.

So i like to have 30 40 percent of the battery. When i spin to come back home, knowing ive got other fresh batteries, i can pop in the drone and head back out. If i need to – and the other thing is again thats a great number but its aspirational, just like when youre buying a car theres, never been a car that ive bought in my entire career of driving thats. Given me anywhere near the gas mileage. That was on the sticker when i bought the car, because theyve got that little fine print at the bottom that your mileage is going to vary because they dont know how youre going to drive. Are you a hot rod, racing through the city or youre? Braking like crazy area doing highway, driving or city driving its the same with the drone and 40 minutes of hover time. Isnt a realistic number anyway, because thats not flying time flying time drinks a lot more electrons, because now youre fighting the wind youre making turns youre doing all kinds of cool stuff in the air. So, for me, what im trying to look at is the relative difference between this and other drones out there and the bottom line is you saw in the air well, over 30 minutes there isnt a drone, i own that can stay up that long in the air. So im not saying fly it that long, because i was under 15 but relatively its going to fly longer than the other drones that are out there and i think thats a really good thing now.

I fully expect six months from now a year from now, therell be other drones that come out thatll cross that 45 minute barrier thatll actually do 40 minutes of flight time. But for me i think im going to give him a check, mark and say 40 minutes in the lab. Thats great rick got it out in the field 30 plus minutes out in the field flying just fine. I like that, a lot so thats pretty much it for today. Now i have a whole lot of other clips that ill be posting weve been working like crazy to test things like the heat on the drone, all kinds of crash avoidance tests, weve done follow me test. There have been a bunch of firmware updates, so i know a lot of these drones have been shipped out now. If you havent done the firmware updates jump on those firmware updates as soon as you can, because initially, when i got it, there were some kind of funky things going on in the drone that those firmware updates addressed, and i have to say this again. I said it at the beginning im extremely impressed with hubsan dealing with this in the field, and i know a lot of people complained. It couldnt do all these things at launch, but theyre rolling out firmware updates that address a lot of the questions. People had initially and thats a company. I can stand behind that theyre out there trying to fix problems that other people have noticed that maybe they missed in testing so that firmwares out there make sure you do.

The updates and ill actually have a clip showing you. How to do the update, because its a little bit different than some of the other drones that actually do it over the air from the controller to the drone and thats pretty much it for this clip. So, if ive missed something in this clip that you have more questions about drop those in the comments below keep sending in your questions and things you want to see tested on the drones because were going to be out flying as many batteries as ive got. That are charged ill, be out that afternoon, flying and testing a bunch of other stuff and ive got a series of these clips coming. So if youre thinking about the hubs and xenomoney pro or you own, one already and youve got questions stop back soon because well be posting a bunch more of these clips trying to answer all the questions we can get to because man, i love investigating technology.