A drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell, so you don’t miss any future content with that let’s begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk, live and was joined by co hosts mr marcus crawford and mr ron brun. We had a subject entitled best mini drone ever, but it ended up being more or less a discussion about the hubs and zeno mini pro. We looked at a lot of factors and we discussed a lot of things regarding this, so without any further ado, let’s roll that clip in its entirety. Okay, oh there’s, our little friend up on the screen there friend here. Okay, now you know bracelet well, look at this order in three hours and 26 minutes to ship tomorrow. It’S zero dollars is right here, guys wow yeah any complaints. We would have about the drone at that price. Point: they’re all they’re, all uh uh, nothing right! No matter what’s wrong with it. No nobody can comply with that price. Yeah get a pallet. No, we you know i was telling ron marcus what we’re going to talk about tonight now ron said instantly. He goes. The best drone on paper is is right before your eyes right now, guys the xeno mini pro i mean, and the best mini drone and and actually the bet on paper. This is the best.

What do you call bang for your buck of any drone? Right i mean even though we don’t we don’t, we don’t, know a price but we’re sleeping we’re assuming 500 or under yeah yeah, and you know it’s, you know the whole. You know the old like. Oh, if, if you know it’s too good to be true, it probably is but the big thing on this and nobody, i mean we’ve, seen we’ve seen videos, but we haven’t seen a couple of things we haven’t seen. We haven’t seen a video of this flying. Okay on, unless something’s come out that i don’t know about, and we really haven’t seen a video from the xenomini pro. Am i right. I see a sea level hasn’t had the hanging leaks shed on the uh mini pro yeah and you know it’s just yeah. I think if maybe you could find a spot there did you hear the news we kind of broke uh recently um or i think it’s on these specs here it was in the second video. They revealed bill that it has an internal memory. You know how we are happy with our madness, because they have eight gigabytes of this terrible memory. This thing has 64 128 of eternal memory and ron explain why that’s important you made a good point and one of our commenters on on the previous episode of droid nation i’m. Sorry, i don’t remember the commenter’s name. He asked me he said well.

If this has 200 bit rate no memory card out, there, you know is rated for 200 bits. Well guess what? If it has internal storage, you could record that high bit rate to the internal storage. In fact, though, you may not even need a memory card for this thing unless you choose to have a memory card as, as you know like a backup or whatever here it is, it says, built in emmc 64g. Slash 128g. Can you imagine that amount of insta it would be no use putting a memory card in right, yeah and and of course – and hopefully they have some whiz bang transfer method. So when you, when you bring the drone back to your desk, i mean instead the cumbersome hook, the usb you know, cable too. Maybe they have some kind of quick transfer, uh uh method, where you know they can wi, fi or bluetooth or maybe send it to your phone, or i hope they have like a quick way of getting it off there and onto the off to wherever you want To edit it at i heard what the quick way is, you have to take your controller, get an alligator clip to find open it up, get get one end on on one of the joysticks get one in on the other joysticks and then plug it into your Computer and you’ll transfer it in less than 10 hours and and it’ll runs right. It’Ll take probably about 10 hours and boy you’ll be able to get everything on your computer we’re jumping around bill.

But how many? How many reviews have you seen of the the air 2s and you know all the big time reviews they got to find something wrong with it. So all of them stop and pause and say: it’s got 8 gigabytes of internal memory. I was hoping it would at least have 32 this time around. Almost all the big reviewers said that whatever so like you know, it’s like hop, says, listen, okay! You guys want more external memory. We’Ll get we’ll, give you more enter we’ll. Give you more internal memory. I mean i think this is this. Is this is a real? I mean a win win if this gets delivered with this external storage. You know the more you see this, the more it just screams like. How can it? How can i it’s the best mini drone available bill? Do you really think the rumors are true that they scooped up all this fire uh dji employees, and maybe those employees brought over ideas that they threw around in the dji think tank. You know i’m sure all these ideas were thrown around again in dgi’s internal meetings and whatever we should do this. We should do this whatever and these guys all came out of the upset and said well we’ll. Just do it all and use this is reminiscent, like i can’t go in a big detail, but i got the insta360 one x2 recently and it’s the same thing. You look at the box, it has every feature in the world in that box.

It’S, like it’s like they just said they just took everything as possible. We’Re just gon na put it all in hey ron, so the only the only caveat that i’m gon na throw there is. We heard that same rumor about the femi mini that the guys that designed that were fired, dji engineers, so you know well, maybe phoebe got the bad ones, yeah yeah, yeah yeah and also got the good ones. Hey. Did you did you marcus? Did you see the comments somebody left one? I think it was our show two weeks ago with drone nation, a commenter drone psycho said don’t. Send him sorry, i didn’t you know, make a psycho drone, send him who uh who who seems to have it inside with femi. He said he’s heard from his sources that this first batch of feedbacks are sad. They were all test units and they were sold to us. As you know, you know they didn’t tell us that we were getting the testers. We had to buy the basically the beta units and and the weight actually buy yours in july. When the uh. You know the final versions come out. I it wouldn’t. Surprise me ron wouldn’t. Surprise me a bit yeah yeah! Well, steven ewing posted. He said he said this was funny he was being. He was actually do you see this for april fool’s day 2022.. Laughter with this whole thing about the mini, you know i just kind of want to wrap this segment up here.

You know it’s a wait and see kind of game because you know there have been some mini. Videos come out with with the femi. You know um not not a lot to digest here guys with that i mean you know and obviously there’s nothing yet with a hubsan and there’s plenty with a mini too so it’s kind of like it’s kind of like which one is the best. While on the paper, obviously the the hobson xeno mini pro is, but you know, that’s a way to be seen, so i want to add one thing i was looking on one of the rc forums and uh. They were suggesting that we may see that hubsan mini by june, and i don’t know what information they have. You know people can say whatever they want yeah bill. I i got some some of my sources and ages say that uh well, they told me in april. They said they thought they were going to see it next month in may, but these are all well on my part, there’s. Absolutely rumors i’m telling you well. You know when you see things like you know on the website, when, when you see these things you know um, you know free shipping, xeno mini pro. I mean you know you kind of see, you know it’s all built and all it is all. I really got to do is populate it with a price and boom it’s ready to go.

So my you know just just from no just from my experience on on the retail side of things. You know you don’t get all this built and just let it sit there. Okay, something’s gon na it’s, it’s gon na happen sooner rather than later, it’s, either gon na be may or june. I don’t see it. I don’t see it going any longer, especially okay. This is you know again thinking about who this is going to be kind of geared geared to here in north america, all right, it’s, the prime time for people to get out to fly. You know right june july august kind of a thing and that chippy day would make sense, because they would get that out before the second wave of the phoebe drones arrived and a good six months before the mini three. So it’d be perfect. I mean hey real quick before marcus makes his point. I want to welcome in scott to do in the chat here he’s a big fan of all our shows he’s from the great state of minnesota built and guess where he is now scottsdale he’s a sunny for fort myers beach yeah. I know he knows the great thing about him on facebook of him, his grandson by the by the water yeah. I saw that and scott welcome and uh welcome to florida. I hope you’re having a good time down in fort myers it’s a it’s, a beautiful area down there it’s ron as ron well knows because he’s yeah yeah, i need to cut marcus off, go ahead with your poi.

I already forgot what one of them is ron i’m i’m getting old, but i just want to give shout outs because poor scott’s, probably gon na freeze it in minnesota. So he’s, probably like a kid on. You know a kid on the world’s best vacation down there and all that warm weather yeah. But but one of the points that i that i wanted to make was uh bill. I know i spoke with my banggood rep to see if i could maybe get a hold of a a test unit right, a pre production, one uh and – and she said that she would try and get me one which would be wonderful. It would be awesome, and i and if i do i’ll you guys will be the first to know. Oh, you may get a dna though. Well you never know about that, but i i can’t imagine but but bill uh. I would expect that possibly you’ve probably spoken to your people at banggood as well yeah, yeah we’ll, see i got yelled at okay. I got my hand slapped because why didn’t you sell more femi, minis and i’m like guys, look at the price. Okay, i went through that same thing, yeah yeah, you know once i explained to my rep, you know i said well, you know yeah because of where, where uh, no nobody had to to get enter some stupid contest to get it for 319 dollars. Yeah, you buy it on aliexpress or from b h, and so she came back and showed me the websites where they’re way priced higher now and i said well, they weren’t like that on introduction day and – and so she was cool with that yeah everybody already ordered Them hey bill.

Can i make a confession? Oh oh! Well, you know, even though the pb minis you know, supposedly on the way to me, i mean i i’ve kind of already kind of got over it or whatever i’m i’m i’m, just kind of so juiced about this. This upset me too. Pro i’m, almost like you know, like i can almost say just suddenly feed me. I mean i i you know i i shouldn’t be like that, because i’m i’m i’m i’m, what something’s? Not even real at this point for something that’s that’s supposedly already shipped, but i i got ta, make a confession: i’ve already kind of moved on maui from from the phoebe mini before, not even getting it to this uh to the hopson super drone ron. You know what i think: a lot of people are in the same in the same boat, and you know what i kind of feel the same way. It’S kind of, like you know, i’ve, got to see enough that videos of the mini at the femi mini and i’m like okay and uh, you know and then marcus had his issues and stuff, and then you know with this. This is kind of like really wetting. Your appetite, your curiosity, is really up there with this go ahead. You know i’m, an old guy, and you guys talking just now brought it back. I remembered what i was gon na say so hubsan was very successful in their announcement in that just what you guys are just talking about just now.

It took the wind out of the sales mini and uh, so they they know that then some of those people, whoa they’ll, just wait for the for the hubs. That is an excellent and you know and i’m, not down in the phoebe at all, for the price. From what i’ve seen on the reviews and for the price point it’s at it seems like it’s a reasonable drone for that price point. You know you know where it would be a home run out ron and because of what i know about the service and everything with this guy. If this thing was 250 bucks boom, who cares if you could ever buy a ribbon cable for it? I mean i mean what i’m saying is at that point. You go it’d, be reasonably priced enough that you wouldn’t have those kind of high expectations, and let me tell you everything the the only issues i had i’ve had with it were partly my own fault, dropping it a and then b that gimbal uh shake and then The the vignetting that ron and i have talked about which i got ta, be honest with you that wasn’t a deal killer for me, i mean it wasn’t good, but the video still looked good enough that it didn’t bother me that’s. That sounds like a software problem. It could be fixed in a in a future firm or a day. Yeah yeah. I agree. I agree yeah well, you know, even with all the excitement about the the new mini app that was coming with the femi and everything now and marcus, just absolutely hit the freaking nail on the head with you know they, just although they sucked all the air out Of the room, all the air out of the room was gone.

Nobody’S talking about the femi mini everybody’s, talking about the hubsan, xeno mini pro okay, and we have we haven’t even seen a peak of what the uh you know, the um, the mini pro app will look like well it’ll, just be just the hubs and apps we’re Used to or whether they’re going to juice it up a little bit for the mini mini 2, pro hey so guys. I really i like the hubsan app. I don’t know what you guys thought of it, but i i i that you think they would even need a little bit of a redo of the app or maybe even a special app just for it. Well, this is the kind of drone i’m gon na and i’m gon na say this. Okay, if it went on sale like at midnight, okay, i’m up i’m gon na hit that buy button, all right, that’s that’s, the kind and whether whether it’s 499 or whatever, okay sold okay sold. Because you know this thing has it’s it’s it’s like it’s. Like my curiosity is through the roof on this okay, and will it do everything that it says it’ll, do i mean really yeah? I mean we’ve come so far bill that it doesn’t even bother mentioning it has a three axis gimbal because that’s just a given. Now it doesn’t, i don’t, think it mentioned the wind resistance either it’s, just a given that’s going to have that level. 5. Wind resistance that we’re used to question of the day.

Does the hubsan xeno mini pro sound, like the best mini drone ever.