But yesterday i was too busy and was catching up with my project of 3d printing, a full size boat. Designing some new kayaks that im going to 3d print full size and the videos will be on my channel windy day hot bright sunny day. I have to stand under the shadows. I just replaced the battery of hubsan xenomini pro. I hope you can see it. The dji osmo pocket is showing too bright that way, but its here i just changed the battery im riding my motorcycle today. So what im gon na do is you know, just push the quadcopter all the way to those mountains over there straight. So i will have a line of sight between antennas and quadcopter ill record. The screen as well, and i will also record the video on quadcopter in 1080p. Only okay wish me luck. Hope the quadcopter comes back most obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution: foreign Music. Soon, Music, hmm Music, its pretty boring im just holding the full stick forward: normal flight mode, nine meters per second, probably still going 100 meters altitude and three kilometer away. You still have glitch free, solid video link, as you can see on the screen. 83 battery lets see when the battery will say that i should return to home. Probably i can hit four or five kilometer and then come back almost there. A lot of gps interference: 4.8 kilometer away. I have a slight jerky video, slight jerky video.

I put the hand slightly up. Video got jerky, but i am at five kilometer come on come on, come on update it, four, nine, nine four five kilometer okay time to come back home return to home signal 4. Please adjust the antenna signal. 4. Please adjust the antenna signal 4. Please adjust the antenna. Cancer return signal poor. Please adjust the antenna signal 4. Please adjust the antenna known obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution. Cancer return signal poor! Please adjust the antenna signal. 4. Please adjust the antenna signal. 4. Please adjust the antenna low battery warning. The drone is under return to home, soon low battery warning. The drone is under return to home, soon return to home, tired of flying at 1.8 kilometer. I activated rth because going 5 kilometer was not an issue. I had issues with the video freezing at 4.8, give or take after 4.5 little bit little bit and then 4.8 got serious. Five kilometer was okay, coming and going, but when i turned the head towards myself to come back, then things started getting really freaky and it scares me that if i will get the drone back or not so what i did is did somebody burn fire there and Ill go check what i did, i just hit the rth and when it was around three something kilometer, i started getting good video feed and i took control and flew it on a sports mode fast fast, fast to reduce the distance between me and drone and the Closer it got the better the video feed got and finally im tired of flying so 1.

8 kilometers. Somehow i just you know, activated the auto return to home, because my finger is tired, pushing the throttle all the way forward Music, so im gon na put my radio on my bobber bubba bobber right there and accept my apology that you many out there actually kept Requesting a long range test, but because of the current restrictions on flying camera drones its getting very restricted here. So i kept doing uh some research and kept collecting information, and i was finally on the conclusion that if i fly over the river straight to those mountains, it shouldnt be any issue because theres no sensitive area here over the river and im glad that those mountains Theres, a high speed train uh going that track. I didnt even cross that track. That is after five kilometers. So i did the five kilometer flight and i believe the drone is back and it should be landing now so enjoy. And if you have any more requests to test on hubsans nominee pro, please put it in video description and ill do my best to schedule those tests and bring those to you come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.