As soon as you land, it will turn off. Fpv feed camera. Everything will be turned off now, right after landing, how hot is the heatsink Music, so Music flight testing, video of hubsan zeno mini prep its not raining. Today i got a break so its a very, very good time, nice and cool to test all the features of hubsan xeno mini pro. Now before we continue. I would like to thank you all for watching the unboxing and a closer look, video and leaving me with all the good comments. Leaving me with all the questions and everything and based on that, i can see you all, including me, have a lot of questions about how hubsan zeno mini pro is going to perform, how its going to stand among all that competition. So i have to do a lot and a lot of testing on this quadcopter, so, no matter how many videos i have to do, i am willing to do all those videos and on each video. If you have any questions, please leave them in the video comments, and i will do my best to answer those in time and or perform the tests that you have requested. This is going to be probably a long video series for hubsan xeno mini pro so stay tuned to my channel and do subscribe and dont miss any of the upcoming uploads in this video. I will fly it test its flight performance, some of its key features, because it has obstacle avoidance feature.

We want to see how well do they work after that, whatever i can squeeze in this video ill? Do my best to do and remaining tests will do step by step one by one in upcoming videos, including the video quality, the raw video clips shot with this quadcopter. The raw pictures all will be uploaded to youtube as well, so lets get to work. Theres a lot to do sit back, relax and enjoy. I have removed this. The bottom protection cover for the heatsink, remove the gimbal cover as well. Now, just adding the sticks. Adding my phone fits really nice, as you can see, fits very, very well and adding the cable usb cable. I like to twist it a bit and put it downward, because its kind of you know bothers the hand if it is sticking out all right. So im gon na put the quadcopter down here and start it. So this is kind of becoming a flagship sound for hubsan, quadcopter and now im going to install the radio and the app will start. I got everything. Let me start the app also okay, it says x, hubsan 2.0 xenomini pro enter the device automatically after the aircraft takes off. Okay, fpv has been turned off and it will automatically turn on once the aircraft takes off, because once you turn on the aircraft, its in low power mode, low power, consumption mode with fpv, camera turned off, which saves the battery power and also you know, saves the Quadcopter from heating up on the ground, very, very good, very, very good feature id like it man, so now, im gon na compass, calibrate it head down all the calibrations are done now.

I switch the camera to my head. Cam. Okay, the device status list shows controller. Is connected aircraft connected firmware compass calibration done gyroscope accelerometer calibration? I would not do gimbal calibration, i would not do will do only if you know it is really needed. So everything looks okay, i will say close and i will take off and then the fpv feed will turn on. So here we go just hire him. Okay. So now i have the live feed from the camera and you can see the quadcopter holding its position really solid man. I can tell you this. This is looking like the millimeter precision altitude and position hold, given that its a 249 gram drone only so its getting close to what dji performance is dji drones. They hover with millimeter precision. They just get to stick to one position in the air, and this is showing about the same thing right here to me. I would say: look at that. Alright, so first off lets fly it around and see how it goes switch to normal mode. Okay, look at that controls are superb fine controls, man, precise and superb. The way i want the yaw is a little bit less than i expected, but i believe that can be adjusted using the remote controller settings in the app by the way, the app i will show you later a complete description of it as we go in this Video series i would like to make that video as well, so flying really nice sideways flight, now im doing a outward panorama manually.

That is outward. You know, point of interest. Now i will switch to point of interest flying manually. I test all the drones this way. If i can fly point of interest manually, really nice with precision that shows, a drone has very very good controls. Superb is actually flying. Superb, alright. So this was this look at that i love it. Man switch to expert mode, okay that will have more speed and less flight time, of course, yeah baby. Now i, like it 9.2 meters per second speed, not very fast still. Winds are increasing because i believe a big rainstorm is approaching, but i would be able to test a couple of features before that happens, so that was a speedy flight. Look at those controls, i love it. Man in expert mode is what i love to fly it with all right now comes now comes the wind from the left very good to test its altitude hold and position hold once again. Look at that its stuck to at one point in the air that shows millimeter precision, man, thats nice. Someone should start worrying about you know a drone competition upping their games right here. Look at that man! I am absolutely amazed to see this precision hold in the air all right. This is this now lets test the obstacle avoidance. Let me see if the obstacle avoidance is on or not now its off at the moment, so i will put it in the normal mode or film modes and i have turned it on the automatic brake that is uh one moment.

Let me see normal mode. Okay, once again automatic brake or obstacle avoidance is on now i am the obstacle you can hear the beeps. Now you can hear the beeps, so i will fly it forward and it stopped just this far. Look at that. I am pushing full forward and if i move away now, i can go forward. Did you see? Okay, all right lets test the rear obstacle avoidance, its detecting me. I will move away nothing. Okay, so ill. Go farther, wow its detecting this much far sweet okay! So now im gon na come backward. I hope you can see it full stick backward and it stopped right there, this much fire. That is a very, very safe distance man. So later, when they program the obstacle avoidance, it will just go around or above and fly. You know which would be nice now. That was a big object. I mean i was a big object. Can it detect tripod but im just gon na stand here, okay and see if i go into the tripod, it actually detected that single tripod right there, or maybe it detected the wall. Okay lets do this test again hold on so im, just gon na put the tripod right here. Okay, so the tripod is right here now, im just gon na go backward and i will stand a little bit side. I hope you can still see the quadcopter bring it down to this level to the tripod level, now im going forward to the tripod and it actually detected the tripod.

Look at that man, that is a single single pillar or single, stick right. There. It actually detected and it stopped that is amazing. Now, im gon na give it one more challenge. Can it detect that fence well lets just do it so im flying into the fence and it actually detected? Maybe it detected the flowers, the shrub right there. So right here the fence is kind of open: no flowers, no shrubs, okay, so thats. What were gon na do were gon na put it to this angle in the fence. Oh, there is one more open fence with less objects. I mean less shrubs so come on. Guy come on right here. Look at this fence, no shrubs around so lets. Do it? Are you ready its its actually already not going so im gon na go backward and im gon na go straight into the fence and its stopped. It actually detected the fence its going sideways, but not going forward. Man, that is nice, that is nice obstacle avoidance right there, so obstacle avoidance is working on an amazing level. Right here is superb. Downward facing camera does the obstacle avoidance as well, so im, just gon na put it right there over the shrub put it down. It actually stops and detects some of the shrubs on the forward and backward side. I can see it right here in the app its detecting the grass forward and backward, but as it doesnt detect a complete obstacle it keeps on flying.

Now i have the terrain in front of it and its not going any more forward. Look. What can i do with hubsan xeno mini pro? I can show you a magic trick, be very careful, extend your arm and hand and put it under Music magic. I can let it rise by just raising my hand like magic nice. This is nice man, so obstacle avoidance test successful. That was nice Music. All right next is uh active track. Okay, so im just gon na put it up and give it an active track test. Now the quad is there im gon na click on following mode active track, and it says this feature will be available soon be patient. So i do not have the active track feature all right, so i would say, follow me and put it on the five meter altitude, okay and now it will just follow. Of course, the you know, radio control, which i would probably take out my uditer s3 electric skateboard move away and see if it can still track me or not so its pretty far to shoot a video, though i would say definitely im still going to record a Video, so video record has started. I hope i dont fall and i will go away its actually coming still. I can see myself in the view im speeding up a little bit doing 10 kilometer an hour, and this is still coming so anyway, i would say the gps hold and based on the gps on the radio control or the device, of course, its easier to follow.

Any drone will follow, but we were waiting for you know the active track. Music. Is it still there coming lets see what happens? It will go backwards or not its actually going backward now so ill, just put the camera downward. Okay! Look at that, its going backward! Nice speed for 10 kilometers, not bad. So to be honest, i was expecting the active track. You know, active track is something that everybody was waiting for and this is not active track. This is just gps, follow me and its actually working okay. So i cannot do anything about it, because this is what hubsan will release later and once they release the active track. I would happily test that okay lets test the point of interest or orbit mode im, just gon na execute it and its doing how bye, bye and its doing the orbits. With the set speed that i have set right there, i will hide it and start recording a video now, as you can see its detecting forward and backward but sideways. There is no obstacle avoidance and now its fighting with the wind. While going to this side, i seems to be still in pretty much center, but not exactly in the center. However, theres a wide view around and im still in the view, which is, which is what i wanted now lets, try it once again ill stop, recording bye, and this time i will say orbit mode – and i will set this point of where the quadcopter is.

As the orbit bye, so i will say, set aircraft current location as point of interest. Next, i will give it a radius. Okay, six meter radius execute immediately speed, higher and record the video. So this i believe this was the point of interest which i recorded with the quadcopter and now im standing right here once again, looking like a hero posing for the quad Laughter, all right so thats that it actually climb up to a certain altitude there. But back to the right altitude here still going still going losing altitude here slightly because of the winds, probably and then climbing back up at this point as the wind pushes it not bad. This is good. Okay, so im just gon na stop this one. So point of interest is working very well lets try the creative video and it says this feature will be available soon. Please be patient, so the droney, the rocket or whatever those features they are not available for this quad right now we have to be patient until those things come back, so those were the auto follow modes. So those were the auto modes. Lets try the line fly mode so im just gon na put it to five meter altitude and say line fly for the line fly. It shows you have to set an angle, distance, relative height and speed. So im gon na leave the angle im gon na set the distance to not 1000 meters. No, no, that is not right.

Man lets just say: 30 meters again be very careful. Dont use the sliders okay and then relative height is 10 meters and a speed say five meters per second five meters per second okay preview flight route. Right there just a little bit. Yes, i love it execute immediately. Okay requires an altitude of eight meters or higher, because probably i said that no now execute immediately line fly started. Man, i should have said faster speed. Five meter per second really a slow, but this is going to give you absolutely stable cinematic. So using the line fly you can achieve a lot without having to touch the sticks. If you set the lines right, you can actually achieve a whole lot of things. Okay, so im just gon na stop it line fly is working. I still have 42 percent battery. So im gon na try the waypoint mode, okay, so im just going to go to waypoint mode waypoint mission planning. It says: please adjust the map size which you have to, because if you have a map very small, you will draw probably two three kilometer circle. So im just gon na draw a line around here. Six way points im, just gon na go higher altitude, the battery level only 40. I know okay and im gon na submit, send successfully and done confirm and it started to go up and now its going to the first way point now its turning around going to the second waypoint turning around.

I should have set the waypoints farther actually, but, as you can see on the phone its on the third way point so its basically following them very well. So if i set a longer or larger distance, so if i set you know longer distance waypoints, its gon na follow those as well im gon na stop the waypoints now and bring it down 37 battery, so im gon na test, the auto return to home and Land for which im gon na go in this direction. Far enough, im gon na say order return to home. Okay, its going up radio is beeping, quad is going up, turns its head flying backward, so i mean flying back, not backward flying back to the point it took off from. I will find out the deviation by the way i tried the uh. You know apron landing. The precise apron landing where the quad downward facing camera detects the apron and lands you know with the optical tracking. That feature is also not available yet and it says, be patient. The feature is coming soon, so quad is back and basically this is about the same point. I actually took off from not much deviation, man thats really nice. Now i have 32 percent battery automatically man. I really like this feature as soon as you land. It will turn off fpv feed camera. Everything will be turned off to save the power you know and also to prevent the quadcopter from being heating up all right anyway.

So im going to take off again Music, so you can also turn on and off the obstacle avoidance right from here. You dont have to go to the settings. I i just found it out. You can turn it on and off from here. So im just gon na fly it around until the battery dies, so i will just enjoy flying in expert mode. You know i like to fly it in expert mode. Man look at that controls are really nice and superb okay. So this was this now 24 battery. I will land change the battery and do some aerial filming so that i can record some of the pictures videos for you all to watch and enjoy okay after the very first flight, i really had fun. Many of the features are working. Some of the features say stay tuned. They are coming soon be patient now, right after landing, how hot is the heat sink? I can touch and hold the finger right there for a few seconds. So lets just put my thumb on one two, three, four: five. Six. Seven, eight nine ten, its hot but its, not burning so thats to say when you land, it immediately turns off the fpv camera and all those things that are actually causing all the heat right here because of their processing power. They are using very good features. Save the battery as well, because sometimes you do have to do setup, your phone, your chair, your stuff and while youre doing this, if the quadcopter is on and the camera and everything is on all the processing power is going on.

You know it gets really heat up when i tested the femi x8 mini at times it actually turned off because it says its overheating. While i was doing the setup during the day time not the case here, because it doesnt turn on the camera and all those things that actually take the processing power very nice, i love it saves the power saves. You from trouble saves the quadcopter or drone from overheating, while you do your setup and make yourself comfortable before flying. So thank you very much for watching this flight testing video. I hope you enjoyed it and some of the features which are not working. I hope hubsan will make them available soon and as soon as they are available ill do the testing again. I will test them and post videos for all of you to watch and see how things are going and how those features are working now go ahead. Enjoy the still shots and video clips that ive shot using hubsan xeno mini pro Music Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. I will also upload the raw video clips directly on youtube, so you can watch and see by yourself what is the quality of the camera? What is the quality of the video clips and what is the quality of still shots? Some people ask me if it shoots raw like dng or design like images and videos. I will try to see if i can shoot those as well and try to upload them to some online drives for you to watch and see what is the camera quality? What is the picture, video and image quality if you have any more questions, if you want me to do any more tests, please put down in the video comments, all your questions, all your feedback and your kind comments and ill do my best to reply all the Questions in timely manner and perform the tests that you have requested in my upcoming video Music Music Music come on.

You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.