Hubsan X4 Jet – Drone Review

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  1. Newbie here. What type connector does the battery have to charge the battery? I have a fast charger i want to use to charge up 3-4 batteries at the same time. I just need to get the balancer cable. But not sure what type connector i should use on this

  2. Alright…. I'm playing catch up here. It looks like a pretty durable drone. I hate to say its nice to see you crash. But, to crash and take back off that's a big selling point. If I was to buy something like this, yes $175 is a very affordable price. If I was to FPV I would definitely mod that controller. Yes, I would add a switch to shut that screen off. Nothing worse than having to have a large amount of batteries just for a controller. Would have been nice for them to use rechargeable batteries. Thanks Kelly. Great review.

  3. Wow, didn't realize I missed this video, how perfect, I can now see the review for the drone you sent me as the subscriber of the month. Again, Thank You Kelly, what a great small race drone!

  4. Which is better? Rodeo 110 or hubsan x4Jet h123d. Some facts Like speed

  5. I would loose that thing sooooo fast 😑

  6. Don’t buy this hubson step up your game…#emaxusa=yes

  7. Is it a 25 mil watt camera? Have you tested the FPV range yet on it! Thanks for the review.

  8. Awesome little drone. Cheers great review 😊✈️👍

  9. Does the drone have diff channels, so is it posible to bind a diff remote to the drone? Plz let all of us know. Thx

  10. It looks much better than Hubsan's first FPV flyer from last year. But at $199 I'm not sure there aren't better options out there. Good review Kelly,.

  11. great review. down to earth as it comes

  12. Great review Kelly, just wondering if the Arco was responsive or if it was a lil slow. Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your weekend.

  13. Very nice demo as usual. Only thing I didn't like was the quality of the camera. Just seemed so blurry and quite a bit of break up. Just flew my hubsan H501S today with the modified antenna system plus I added a coiled directional antenna and the FPV and signal were perfect up to about 800 meters which was about as far as I went. Will be testing it more. Anyway probably not fair to compare it to your little guy, but the Hubsan transmitters look identical and I was comparing them mostly I guess. Anyway thanks again for the demo and happy flying.

  14. Great review. Is there a little red plug tucked away in the battery compartment of the controller? Most of the newer versions of that Hubsan controller have a lipo option.

  15. A great beginner racing quad!! Excellent review Kelly!!

  16. Thanks Kelly very good review I may get one of them. I like a the Hubsan drones and have and good luck was them. With the controller you needed to use the 7.4 battery and not the AA'S Battery's it should be already setup for earther battery.

  17. The battery cage means that you can’t use other batteries. That’s a bad idea. Overall, the drone is decent. But you buy better if choosing your separate drone, transmitter and batteries.

  18. That's actually a sweet little drone! Nice to see you ripping it up!

  19. 6-7-8minute flight on racers…lol

  20. You never seem to mention the price point

  21. Do you haft to register the drone with the FAA? And fantastic video.

  22. Hello, there is a company called FlamenX that is using your Mavic videos to sell their cheap knock off version. I believe this may be illegal and would recommend you look into this as soon as possible. Oh and they also blocked me for mentioning they were stealing video and using it in a scam.

  23. Really enjoy your video, as a "new" drone enthusiast. I´ve flown and have done film/photo work with a Mavic Pro for about 2 years now. If you like to start experimenting with FPV flying (just the trill of it), what complete drone package do YOU recommend? Price, no issue. Great would be to have the possibilty to have a session-camera mounted on it to. Would really appriciate some help here in the FPV jungle. Thanks for sharing and love your channel. Thumbs up from Sweden

  24. Love your reviews Kelly! You cover all the bases.

  25. I can get a walkera rodeo 110 or 150 for less than this as priced… at 199.00 is way too much.

  26. Hmm,doesn't look like a fast flier. In fact it looks very slow and jittery . 2S battery… probably that's why. The camera quality is awful.
    Should have made it a bit bigger with a 3S battery and a proper camera.
    Walkera Rodeo 150 is a better choice I think..

  27. You did a really good review!!! I like it!!! 👍😀👍

  28. nothing special and expensive better wallkera rodeo 110

  29. For 200 bucks I might consider it as I always wanted to try fpv racers and this could be a good learner…especially since I lost my P3S yesterday..I lost her under the bridge. It completely disconnected from my App and controller when I was 3/4 of the way thru this bridge at 2:50 mins in …I'm equally upset because I lost the footage. AND my insta 360 cam was attached to it as well…the footage would have been epic. Now it's just a story to tell….Great review Sir Kelly

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