Until now, all the drones that i have purchased were strictly for videoing purposes. I got them for the quality of the video and the ease of operation. However, after flying these for a while, you kind of look for a little bit of action. You know what i mean, so i looked into buying an fpv racing. Drone fpb stands for first person view, and this is the cheapest one. I could find 120 on amazon it’s a hubsan x4 h122d storm Music. Now let’s unbox this thing i know it makes no difference in the performance of the drone or anything like that. But i am a sucker for good Music packages Music. This is the drone itself, it’s, really small and kind of resembles a bumblebee it’s supposed to be really sturdy, as you can see from the underneath, it’s actually constructed of carbon fiber Music. These are the fpv goggles. As well as the led display, the goggles are a bit cumbersome but that’s because of how cheap it is, the more pricey ones have a little bit more streamlined goggles, but they can’t complain. The display fits right inside the goggles. You put them on your head and it’s like you’re inside the drone. You can also use the display and put it on the controller and use it without the goggles which i have found is actually easier to fly. Music. Let’S be honest. This thing was gon na. Look like i got a brick on my face: Music Music, so here i’ve got the controller, the display and the drone itself all linked together and i’m, showing you here exactly what it’s going to look like when you have the goggles on your head Music, and i Almost forgot, this is what the controller looks like Music.

It also comes with some extras, like a screwdriver extra propellers chargers and whatnot Music with the battery fully charged and the display fully charged it’s time to hook the battery up to the drone. The controller is not rechargeable, but, and it takes four aaa batteries – here’s a little bit of advice for you that they do not tell you on the hubsan website Music. The battery connector is actually designed for you to only put it in one way to see these two slots on the top they slide into the two slots. On the drone side, however, they can be plugged in backwards, as i show you right here and when you do the propellers twist and it fries the drone, and it will not turn back on. I found this out by accident, but amazon sent me another drone. All right time to fly, don’t them goggles, just look sexy as hell, not really. This is what you see on display when you have the goggles on while you’re in flight, the camera quality isn’t that good. So it makes it very hard to have any kind of good depth perception on it. So this was the only time i flew with the goggles on it’s much easier to fly it with a line of sight, Music, Music, foreign, Music Applause. I think that’s fast oops it’s a really cute drone and it flies really well it’s super fast, but there’s, a huge learning curve to get and right good thing, it’s uh sturdy enough to take a bunch of blows.

So speaking of blows, this week’s bonus footage is uh, a compilation of a bunch of wrecks, so sit back and enjoy Music Music. Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like button. It really helps us out well that’s it for this week and uh.