Now this follows right on the heels of the recently released xenomini pro, which ive covered on the channel. A couple of weeks back and its interesting, because this drone in particular looks an awful lot like the xeno mini pro, but its a lot less expensive, and it includes a lot of accessories and weve had a ton of questions from viewers asking about this particular drone. Now this is the very latest release from hubsan in the sub 250 gram category and that category of drones is exploding right now, with a lot of companies racing to put out products that weigh less than 250 grams. Now, if youre a flyer for any length of time, you know that thats an important weight, because under 250 grams in the us at least you dont, have to register your drone and a lot of people are concerned about that registration. To me its not that big a deal its five dollars, you get a couple of years of registration out of it. You can put the same number on all the drones you own, so to me its not that big a deal but a lot of people in the us really dont like that registration process. So if you fly a drone, thats less than 250 grams, you dont have to worry about registering with the faa now in other countries, its a bigger deal, because that 250 gram weight limit really makes a difference between taking a test being able to fly in certain Areas paying insurance so outside of the us, its a really really big deal, but anyway, this category is really interesting to me because trying to build a drone that has sophisticated features in it under 250 grams is a real challenge for a lot of different reasons.

Number one the weight if i have to pack a lot of technology into a drone, how do i do that and keep the weight down and then improve the features as well, because competitively this market has really kind of changed the game as far as what you Can do with a smaller drone like this and again hubsan being a competitor in that space came out with the xenomini pro first, which had a lot of advanced features for a sub 250 gram, drone that had crash avoidance in it 4k recording time 40 minutes of Flight time in a lot of ways, it was really kind of the standard for everybody else to chase in this category now the mini sc is sort of a scaled back version of the mini pro and thats a good thing, because they took some of the cost Out of the equation, but unfortunately, when you make a drone less expensive, you pull some of the features out as well, but dont. Let that fool you. This drone really packs a ton of features in it that you wont find in other drones that are even more expensive. The way id like to do this clip is ill start with an unboxing of the product. Just to show you all the things that come with the basic kit and then ill take a closer look at the drone and the controller and explain some of the things. Youll need to know about how to use this drone and then ill come back at the end and ill.

Try and answer the question is the hubsan xenomidi pro or im? Sorry, the sc really worth the money. Now ive talked about the pro before i think thats a phenomenal drone for the money i recommended that drone. I know i got a lot of heat on the channel from people that, for some reason, dont like hubsan and again i didnt build a drone. All im doing is trying to review the product. Let me get into that at the end of the clip. For now. Let me start with the unboxing and then ill give you a closer look at the components. You understand exactly what you get with the kit and then ill come back and do some comparisons briefly between this and other options in that 250 gram category, all right so lets get started with the unboxing. I normally unbox it in front of you, but there was so much stuff inside this one that i thought. Let me just get it on the table and start talking about it. So if you open up the box youre going to find the mini se, which is a beautiful, looking drone very similar to the mini pro as well, if you look at the two frames, this one is white, so its very easy to see up in the sky. You get a full size controller, you get three connection cables between the controller and your device. Now it can be a phone, it can be a tablet.

The controller has a little drawer that pulls out at the bottom and thats. Where youll put your phone now, i havent come out with a tablet holder for it yet were working on one of those, but for now you can use that or you can use one of the larger tablet holders also included with the kit, which is really important, Is two batteries? They give you two separate batteries which is unique. They give you a wall charger. You can charge your batteries from there. You also get a charging hub, which is pretty cool. You can plug this into the charger and you can pop four batteries around the outside of it and itll walk through the batteries one by one and charge them individually. So if you add extra batteries to your kit, you can charge up the four of them on that hub in a sequential order. They also include a charging cable. Now one thing i do want to point out about this drone – and i know people are going to moan about this. A little bit is that most of the drones coming out nowadays are a usbc standard, which is the latest charging standard and data transfer standard. Its great for fast transfer of data, its also really good for fast charging a drone. This one is still micro, usb now thats. Not that big a deal to me quite honestly, because we all have micro, usb cables laying around the house, but both the charger and the drone are micro, usb connection.

So its important to understand that also included with the kit is a spare set of joysticks. These joysticks come off theres a nice little holder, underneath where you can pop them in to fold this thing up, nice and small, to get it in your bag, youre going to lose those joysticks. I promise you youre going to lose those joysticks if youre unscrewing them in the field – and i joke about this, but ive – probably lost 20 pairs of joysticks over the years. Ive been flying theres no way, youre going to be able to hang on to those when youre excited trying to get it set up, youre going to drop them in the grass theyre going to disappear. Someplace and youll never find them so having extra joysticks is a really big thing. They also include two extra sets of propellers, which is really nice, because, if youre flying this sooner or later, youre going to run into a tree branch youre going to hit something youre going to nick the propellers and its nice to have two sets of propellers. That are spare that you can use. They also include a screwdriver because, most actually, all of the sub 250 gram drones, try to save on weight by eliminating that push and turn attachment of the propeller. So all of the smaller drones up to date anyway use screws to hold those propellers on not that big a deal. It takes an extra two minutes to change the propellers, but they include the screwdriver, which is nice.

They also include two sets of propellers and finally, a full instruction manual. That tells you everything you need to know about this drone its got specifications startup uh procedures, how you sync the drone, how you can activate the features so read through the manual. I always say this and i know its a boring exercise to sit down and read something because you want to fly the drone. But the manual gives you a lot of really good information about karen feeding the drone, how to operate it. And the last thing you want to do is put something this sophisticated up in the air, especially if youre a new flyer without really understanding all the capabilities of it, because once its up in the air and its away from you, scary, things might happen out there And you need to know how to get it back and how to safely fly it and all the things that are. You know critical about how the drones performing and the last thing ill say, which is really nice, is they include a carrying pouch? Now, when i talk about new drones, especially for flyers, that havent bought a drone before when you buy a basic kit like this, normally you get the drone a single battery. Maybe you get a charger, maybe you dont, you get the controller and a couple of cables. You dont get a bag. You dont get a charging hub. You dont get a second battery, so as a basic kit theyre, including accessories that i promise you youre, going to end up buying two weeks after buying the drone, because when you put it up – and it flies youre going to say, okay, its flying for 30 minutes.

Thats great, but then i have to charge the battery again and i want to fly longer than that so youre going to buy a second battery youre, definitely going to want a case youre, probably going to look for some type of charging hub. So you can charge multiple batteries at the same time and i think again, hubsan with this product could have made it less expensive by not including the battery the hub in the case. But they thought about the flyer and said: look theyre going to need a case. Theyre going to need a second battery, theyre, probably going to want a charging hub lets, throw those in the kit, so that did raise the price a little bit compared to some of the other sub 250 gram drones. But i think overall, as a purchase, its really nice to have included those products all right, some basic specs about the drone, which is really what you care about. You want to know how far it can fly six kilometers. Now again, i always talk about you. Cant really fly six kilometers because youre going to lose sight of it and in the u.s you have to keep your eye on the drone if it flies out of your visual line of sight, youre breaking the faa rule being white, you can see this quite a Bit distance further out than you can from the xeno mini pro, which is great, which kind of blends into the sky.

The dji drones are sort of an off gray as well having a white drone means. I can see it a lot further, but six kilometers also means youre gon na have a rock solid signal enclosed so that, if youre in areas with high interference, whether it be wi, fi, microwave ovens, bluetooth, transmitters, radio towers, whatever it is thats crowding that band youre Going to have a rock solid signal between them with a six kilometer distance, it records 4k at 30 frames. A second to me, thats, unbelievable in a small drone like this youre, putting a really nice camera up in the sky to capture some amazing footage and great pictures, so 4k at 30 frames a second it can fly for up to 45 minutes. Now i tested the xenomini pro, which claimed the same thing, and i didnt get quite that long, but i was doing a hover test on it, but i can tell you having flown that drone for the last six or eight weeks. That xenomini pro gives me a lot longer air time than any other mini that im flying today and thats important because youre, typically in the air trying to get to a subject that you want to take a photo or a video of. So when you get on target, you want to have as much time as possible to make that perfect, shot and record as much footage as possible. So having an extra 5 or 10 minutes of drone flight time in the batteries means you can get to the target and spend more time on that target to capture that perfect picture.

So you know 35, 40 minutes 45 minutes with these batteries, even if its not exactly 45 minutes its still longer than any other drone thats flying today. So thats not only a metric of how good the batteries are, but how good the engineering is inside the drone to be able to make it frugal when its drawing electrons out of that battery to fly that length of time. The last thing ill talk about. It is the intelligence built into the drone, because a lot of these smaller drones when they were built, especially early versions of the drones, they were happy just to get a drone up in the air. They could control added this under 250 grams. Then they started building additional features in it, so you saw things like crash avoidance built into the drone with the xenomini pro follow me mode, which isnt really out there. Yet in a lot of the drones again xenomini pro there, this one has artificial intelligence for tracking. So you can actually put it up itll track. You a lot of the other sub 250 drones dont. Do that another cool feature is this? Has waypoints built in so you can actually set waypoints along the way and have it fly to a location and do certain things on that track. A lot of customers are looking for that and theyre bigger drones and they wanted their smaller drones as well. Well, the mini ses got that it also has a removable sd card, which is nice now the xenomini pro, for whatever reason came with internal memory, even though there was a slot cut into the side of it, where you could slide an sd card in, for some Reason they never enabled that slot on the mini sc its there.

So what i think about this drone, just an initial impressions – and i havent flown yet im going out this afternoon – to fly it ill, have a second clip coming where i talk about the flight characteristics ill show you some footage out there in the field, but my First, impressions of the drone are that they took the mini pro the xenomini pro and again kind of took a lot of the engineering there and figured out how they could make a less expensive drone with the mini se, because honestly theres, a lot of flyers that Have been thinking about flying a drone for quite some time, a lot of people out there watching the drone videos thinking boy thatd, be a whole lot of fun to buy a drone, put it up in the air and capture some amazing footage around my home, but They dont want to spend seven hundred something hundred dollars a thousand dollars to three thousand dollars, theyre looking for a less expensive drone. That has a lot of the features that are in that space and honestly, this category in a lot of ways, has really caught up with the bottom end of that larger drone. Category of features like crash avoidance and artificial tracking and all the other things that are built into some of the more sophisticated versions. So getting a mini sc like this that has all the features ive mentioned so far seems like a pretty good deal, especially for new flyers.

So stay tuned for the overview or should say the closer look next and then ill come back at the end and ill. Give you that side by side comparison, try to explain if this drone is actually worth the price now well take a closer look at some of the main components that come with the xenomini se and ill start with the connection cables between the controller and your device. There are three of those included with the kit theres, a micro usb, a usbc and an apple connector. In this end, the other end has a micro, usb connector on it, and if you look closely youll see that on one end, its got transmitter embossed on the actual connector. On the other end, it says phone its really important. You keep track of that because, if youre connecting up a device like this one, actually that has a micro usb on both ends. You really have to make sure that you plug the transmitter end into the transmitter, because these are otg cables which have a personality and, if you put them in backwards, they wont work. Also included with the kit. Is a power supply now its interesting that this charger is a fast charger, so its actually adaptable between 5 volts 9 volts and 12 volts, so it can actually fast charge the batteries, even though the connection is usba here to micro, usb to the controller and the Drone, it will fast charge your device.

The batteries are very similar to the xenomini pro theyre 7.2 volt batteries, 3 000 milliampere hours, so theyre very powerful batteries. The way youll turn these on is tap once and tap again. These will strobe up and turn on the battery. They also include a charging hub which is really clever. Its got a position on four sides for batteries. You basically just take the battery slide it on the top, like that, make sure you make the connection and then, when you add power to this unit, itll check all the batteries to see which one needs the least amount of charge. Itll start charging that, when thats full itll move on to the next battery, depending on how many you have the center will light up initially with the center dot, letting you know its got power, and then the outside dot will point to the battery thats. Currently, charging and youll see these lights strobe now whats interesting about this. Is they give you a couple of connections, so the micro usb connection is for plugging it into the charger, but they also have a usb a connection on here that you can use a second cable with the usba from here to a micro usb to the controller And actually charge the controller at the same time, theres also a third charger right here and im, not sure exactly what thats, for, i should say, a third port. I imagine that would be for other power supplies, because this can accept either a 9 volt, a 2 amp or a 5 volt at 2 amps.

So maybe theres additional power supplies you can use to power this up. If you dont have the original charger now well. Take a look at the controller again, a very substantial controller. It falls really well in your hands. It feels very comfortable. Joysticks fall right into your thumbs on the front. Youve got a large display right here. That gives you a lot of really good telemetry information about the drone, your battery levels and only important features that the drone is going through when its flying thats, something you dont see in a lot of other controllers. So having that display is a really nice way of getting a quick glance at all the telemetrics. You need to understand about the drone now the buttons on the bottom of the unit. Allow you to do a few things. This is the return to home button. So if you want to bring it back, home youll hold that itll beep a couple times. Itll start the return to home procedure, thats the power button. You can turn it on using that and this is the mode selection button where youre, either flying in normal mode. Fast mode or tripod mode, so you can decide which mode you want to fly in and again those modes affect how quickly the drone moves through the air to put a phone in this unit. Youll slide the drawer down. This is expansive, so its actually spring loaded. So you can get a really wide phone in there, its not quite big enough to actually put a tablet in there, but were working on a couple of tablet holders.

You can certainly use the standard tablet holder that basically is a bracket that comes up on top of the controller to hold your phone, but that tends to be a little bit cumbersome on the bottom here. Youll also notice. There are holders for your joysticks. If you decide to take these off, i tend to leave mine in the controller when im transporting it just so i dont lose them when im bouncing around inside the case. On the one side, youll find a micro, usb port and thats used for charging to fold. The antenna up, youll, basically just spin them up like this. You make sure that you point the flat side up and towards your drone. So you want to make sure you definitely have the flat side up like this im laughing, because i had it backwards. Have it flat side up like this and facing your drone? You also want to make sure these are parallel to each other. Dont. Have them wonky like that, because for the best radiation pattern you want them flat and again parallel with each other on the top of the unit, youll find a couple of other buttons up here: thats a function button that can be programmed camera button. If you want to take photos, recording button here to start recording – and this adjusts your gimbal up and down in this direction, so you can adjust the pitch of the gimbal using this control right here, pretty straightforward from a controller perspective.

One other cool feature that i like, and i think they actually came up with this after seeing some of the other controllers, youll notice a little bit of a plastic edge right there that little clip and a little divot right there, and that helps you lock. The antennas closed when you close this unit up youll, hear a click like that. Its important you do that, because if you throw this in your bag – and these things are wrangling around theyre going to break so make sure you click that in there and make make it tight inside the unit, all right so now. Well, take a look at the drone and again ive got it in the open position to open it. Youll basically fold these arms out away from the drone, so youll do the top ones. First, that way, and the bottom ones this way, and you want to hang on to those all the way through the travel of the arm. You dont want to let it snap open, even though its spring loaded, because you can cause cracking down here in the joint. If you do that, too often, right on the bottom of the drone, youll find a heatsink to dissipate some of the heat thats generated when its flying the electronics. When theyre working get warm. That heatsink will radiate that heat out when youre flying the air ill carry it away from the drone. There are a couple of sensors down here.

You have two infrared sensors that are really time of flight sensors that help it maintain its elevation. When gps signals are weak or maybe youre indoors, trying to fly it, those will help when it gets closer to the ground. You also have a camera in the center, which is interesting and im sure thats used for positioning the drone over the original return to home point and ill test that when i fly it and then theres also an led down here. Thats used for sort of that um tracking when its moving through the air itll turn that on, if its sort of a dim environment – and you cant really see the ground below it to help it locate where it should land on the one side of the drone. Youll find a micro sd card slot and you can put a micro sd card slot in there ill be card in there, depending on the size you buy. I typically go with a 64 megabyte card im, sorry, 64 gigabyte card or 256 gigabyte card. I dont go bigger than that because i like to have extra cards with me, and i typically swap those out during the day on the other side is a vent. Although it looks like you could stick something in there theres nothing you can put in there. Its just a vent for cooling the air passes through the front of the unit. Now at the back, there are vents on both sides as well to sort of keep the unit cool on the back of the unit.

Youll find the battery in the top and a micro usb connection right. There im sure you can charge the battery in the unit. I havent tested that yet, but again, if you dont have the hub, you can charge the battery in the unit, but they give you the hub. So i would always recommend charging the battery outside of the drone. I never like using a drone as sort of a charger to charge my battery because im passing electricity through all the circuitry inside to charge that battery and thats putting fatigue on the electronics inside now. There are no sensors on this for crash avoidance. Theyve got stickers over these two and there are stickers over the front too. So again, i think theyre using some of the molds that are similar between this and the xeno mini pro and theyve got stickers over the top of those, so theres theres, no crash avoidance built into that. As far as the unit goes beyond that to remove the battery youll squeeze these two little pinions back here, theyre spring loaded, youll squeeze those and wiggle the battery out, and it slides out just like that when youre putting it in, you want to make sure youve Got it aligned correctly dont? Have it a little bit twisted or youll jam it, but just slide it in push these in and close it and youll hear the click and youll be all set to fly. It set it down and youre ready to go and thats.

Pretty much it for the closer look on the basic technology behind the xeno mini se. I hope you enjoyed that closer look and now id like to try to help you decide if the brand new hubsan, xeno mini se is the right drone for you and for comparison purposes. I have three other very popular sub 250 gram, drones that are currently on the market: the dji mini sc, the hubsan xeno mini se, the dji mini 2 and finally, the hubsan xeno mini pro now in order of pricing lowest to highest. This is around 299. The base package here is 349, 449 and finally, 4.99. Now these two are sort of in a different category, just based on their price and their feature sets and honestly. Most of the questions i get are asking between the dji mini sc and the new zeno mini se, isnt worth the difference in price because theres about a 60 difference between the two – and i would say it is worth the price because there are features in here That arent on the dji mini se, for example, you get a longer flight time, so i havent tested it yet. But, based on the testing, i did with the xenomini pro i think youre going to get 8 10 12 extra minutes of flight time out of a single battery charge and thats really important if youve got it up in the air. If youre fighting a strong wind youre going to get a little longer flight out of it, especially if youre trying to get to a target thats pretty far away from you having that extra eight minutes means youre going to get.

There have more time on target to shoot the video you want to shoot. So the longer flight time is good. Its got a really strong signal on it. Six kilometers of distance means im gon na get great connection when im in a really noisy environment from a wi fi perspective. I love the automated features. The fact that i can do a follow me on it. I cant do that here. I love the waypoint feature on it as well, so those things i just mentioned to me justify that 60 difference. Now the set that i unboxed was actually the two battery combo the basic unit only comes with a single battery. It comes with a single charger. It doesnt include the bag, it doesnt include the hub, but for an additional 60 bucks, or so you can move up to the two battery combo, which is the one i was showing you, which comes in around 415, now thats a big difference, 115 difference between the Two and that might seem a little bit pricey until you start thinking about the accessories that are included with that kit, because when you have the battery at 80 bucks the bag, i think, is 20 or 25. The hub is 20 or 25.. If you add all that up, the difference in pricing is really a bargain to get that combo unit im, always a fan of buying a combo unit. If i can a fly more combo to actually include those accessories that youre going to use down the road, because i promise you, when you put the drone up in the air for the first time with a single battery youre, going to love it so much that Youre thinking, why do i have to charge the battery? I want to get back up there and fly a little bit more, so youre going to run out and buy a second, maybe even a third battery.

If you go with the two battery, combo youve got two batteries and a hub that you can charge both batteries. So for me, the basic kit, the 299 to 349 – certainly worth the extra 50 for the advanced features to me, and i would recommend going with the two battery combo, because then you get those accessories built in. You have a really nice bag to carry everything in when youre heading out in the field, and you got a hub to charge those batteries when youre home. Now i know this is a hard decision for some people and im sure im going to get flame for this, because a lot of this doesnt come down to price or features for some people. Theres brand loyalty out there that, if youre a dji fan nothing, i can say about this drone or really any other drone is going to convince you its the right move for you. But i want to say that i want you to be open to new technologies. Coming out because theres a lot of companies that are building drones today, that are kind of pushing the envelope and what hubsan has done with both of these drones is theyve. Looked at the industry leader, whos kind of owned this category since the beginning of time and said hey were here to compete, were going to build drones that are better in some ways than your drones at a better price and were going to really push the envelope.

As far as innovation, in that space and im a huge fan of competition because it makes everybody get back up, get back to the drawing board and start pushing the innovation cycle, so newer features come out. Quicker. Prices are better typically in that market space because theres competition out there. So if youre a dji fan – and i cant talk you into this just kind of take a look at it and see if it makes sense for you, because i want to champion companies that are in there challenging the established leaders and beyond that thats. Pretty much all i had for today now, if youre interested in this drone, they do sell in a couple of different packages the base package again its 349.. I think the additional battery for the battery the hub and the bag upset another 60 or so, but ive got a link below where you can go check. All those out decide which package makes sense for you, because they make one with a three battery package and a few other things in it. I just think that, if youre going to buy it, the combo unit is a better value and between these two again just based on features alone, im telling you that 50 difference is well worth it. When you consider the features that are built in now. Having said that, dj, i may come out with a firmware tomorrow that allows you to do waypoints. They may come out with firmware that allows you to do tracking.

I cant predict that, but for now between these two 60 difference between them, i think its a pretty good deal so thats all i had for today. I hope you enjoyed this clip. Please dont flame me again im just here to review the drones im, not really promoting anybody, but for me, as a flyer – and i fly all of them – i like the features that they built into the brand new xeno mini se, so thats just my two cents On it now i promise you ive got a ton more clips, coming where i do in depth, reviews and comparisons between these four drones to get into the specifications and give you some advice on which may be appropriate for you. But today i was trying to focus on these two and just do an overview of that product in particular. Also, we have the 12 days of drone valley christmas coming up and if youre a fan of the channel, you know what thats about weve been doing it for the last four or five years we take 12 days and give away some amazing prizes and weve got Really good relationships with manufacturers out there that every year at this time, send me a bunch of gear and say: look we love what youre doing over that 12 days of drone valley christmas, heres, some free stuff, give it out to your viewers, and nothing makes me Happier than talking about technology and a vendor send me something to give that back to viewers is just something i love doing every year.

So i get real excited around the christmas time, but well have 12 days and ill be singing and ill be telling jokes. Just like i do every year so make sure you tune in for that and if you havent subscribed to the channel. I say this every time. What are you waiting for hit that icon down there and join the drone valley family? We have so much stuff coming up this year were going to be doing live broadcasts on all kinds of cool things, youre not going to want to miss those messages and those notifications that weve just posted something cool and thats, pretty much it for today. So, thank you so much for watching.