Well, today, is another beautiful day in new jersey and its my first day of flying the brand new xeno mini pro its sitting right over there on the mat. Now, before i put this one up in the air, let me tell you what i did to get it started. It came out of the box, it was bound fine to the controller, but there was immediately a firmware update, which i did to the drone and that corrected a few things that i think people were complaining about with the drone initially and then, when i went out To fly today, there was actually another update that was released on the 6th that i applied to the drone as well. So both of those firmware updates fix what are called known bugs within the drone and im sure thats. Just minor adjustments about some of the technology inside of it and again every drone company out there has done firmware updates as soon as they release the drone anyway, for today, ive got the drone on the mat. Ive got a fully charged battery in it again. It bound really well to the controller. It came up actually bound to the controller im using an iphone here with a short cable to the controller and ive got the application loaded here now, whats different about the hubsan xenomini pro compared to other drones. That i fly is when its sitting on the mat you dont actually have an fpv view.

So youve got a black screen and they kind of spin down the fpv view, because it takes a lot of cycles of the cpu to actually make that video come back to your controller and i think theyre trying to cut back on those cycles. Because the unit does run a little bit hot, now, im going to put it up in the air and fly it downfield, just to see how it handles and then ill. Let you know what i think of the flight. I promise you ive got a bunch more batteries with me and ive got a portable battery bank. Where i can charge all the batteries out in the field so ill be flying this thing like crazy over the next couple of days, ill put a short reel together of all the flights that ive done with it, and then i want to come back at the End of this clip and give you my first impressions, because i know theres a lot of conversation out there about the hubs and xenomini pro and things that it can or cant do, which is interesting to me, because there arent that many of these that are actually In reviewers hands yet, but theres a ton of speculation about what this drone cant do. So i want to come back at the end and let you know what ive tested over the next couple of days and give you a feel for whats real whats, not real whats, rumor and and kind of settle some of that stuff down.

Because, as i said in the first clip im a huge fan of any competition in this space and im fully expecting that drones not going to be perfect to take off, but if it gets better over time and its got the features i need day, one thats All i really need to see so anyway enough jammering on about me. Lets get this guy up in the air so to take off you cant pull the two joysticks down and start it. Youve got to use the take off button on the application so ill tap. That it says, are you sure you want to take off? Yes, i do all right its spun up the propellers and the drones, elevating its up to about im going to say four feet, something like that then its holding its position now. My first observation is its incredibly stable in the air, its not moving around a lot, not a lot of drift, its not ascending or descending, its, not moving horizontally or vertically. So i like that, a lot now before i put any drone down field, i always like to get a feel for the controls so im going to move it around a little bit. Let me ascend and descend ive got it in normal mode and then left and right all right, pretty good and then forward and back yeah. I like that sort of slides into the stop, which is really nice ill, have to see.

If the adjustments allow me to mess around with that a little bit, but i like it an awful lot so far, so let me send it down field right now. Now i may giggle a little bit. I cant help myself when i get a new toy, like this im, always having a lot of fun out here in the field. So let me start the recording hold on. Let me switch over to camera, start the recording there we go now im going to send it down field and away. We go. Oh man thats, pretty quick in normal mode. Oh, that video is fantastic. All right. Let me turn it downfield. This way just get a view im going to take it up to about 100 feet. I dont want to take it too far, because i got to keep an eye on it and again its a brand new drone. So i got ta trust it and i do trust it all right. Im up at about 100 feet and im, probably like 300 feet out and as far as i can tell its holding position. Fine, the video is nice and stable man. Is that a gorgeous picture all right? Let me spin it down a little bit, get some more of the field, fantastic bird just flew by there. Well, that was pretty close all right. Let me spin it. I want to get a shot of the field down there, because theres some beautiful farms.

Let me take it up a little higher right now, its at about 100 feet. Let me go up a little bit higher to get a view of those fields just to give you some contrast and the horizons a little bit off its, not perfect, but again theres an adjustment for the horizon on here. So you can make that adjustment, if needed. All right, i got to keep an eye on the drone. I dont want to spin this thing too far. All right sounds good. Oh theres, a lot of bird circling up there. I think thats, probably a bad sign. So let me spin it around and start heading back for the home position here, so i can land it and then im going to fly this thing again like crazy over these next couple of days, because man ive got a lot of beautiful weather, its a long Labor day weekend and i think, were going to have a lot of fun with this drone all right. So let me get it back here, im still in normal mode and let me fly back to the home point and land it there. We are all right. So come on down and come on back all right. Almost there there we go man, its a beautiful, its beautiful in flight. I keep using that word beautiful because i think its just a tremendously good looking drone at flight, its nice and smooth and im not seeing any drifting at all in the sky.

So again, im gon na have to spend some time with this, but i had two firmware updates that came in for it that i think really impacted what big bike went by there really impacted the stability of it. So all right were coming in. Let me put her down see how close i can get to the edge. This is always my big test here. Lets see how rick can do with these controls all right brand new drone. So give me a little bit of a slack here. Theyre, all a little bit different theyre, a little bit touchy for me, come on come on come on down. Oh please, land on that mat, please dont! Dont embarrass me come on down! Oh, i got a little drift there now im going to cheat a little bit and come back during the landing forward forward forward. Okay, that was totally my fault im, going to count that as a mistake on my part, because i had to i had the mat at a little bit of an angle and it caught the front of it and kind of slid back. So all right, so shes happy im happy now stay tuned, because what im going to do next is go fly in all my favorite places here around my home theres, a bunch of farms down there theres a lake over there theyre cutting some hay on that side Of the field on that side, so ill try and get some of that on footage and ill get down to the shore over the next couple of days as well.

That may not make this real, but the most important thing is, if you stay tuned at the end of this im, going to actually give you sort of my impressions of the drone after having flown in a couple of days and try and address it at least Initially, some of the things people were concerned about with the drone, i promise you that i will do extensive testing on some of the things that everybody seems to wonder about like the heat. Does it have any issues with stability? How does it handle the zooming? Because i know theres some questions about the zoom pulling off and to the right. I think the firmware up theyd fix that, but im going to test that as well flight times. How long does it fly so ill test that? So if there are things you want me to check out on this drone again, ive got a ton of batteries and a ton of time so im going to be spending a lot of time testing it out. Send me a note below in the comment section and ill do what i can to build. Those tests into the schema were going to work on over the next couple of weeks, so anyway thats it for now stay tuned ill. Give you the real next and then ill come back with some final thoughts at the end and some impressions thanks: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause.

I hope you enjoyed those video samples from the xenomini pro and now id like to give you a few of my initial impressions of the quad, because ive been lucky that we had a nice four day labor day weekend over the last couple of days, and i Was able to get a lot of flight time in because we had pretty decent weather in new jersey, and i think over those four days i probably got 20 hours of flight time in on the drone, i was charging batteries like crazy. I was driving between locations charging them on the way to the next location, just to get this up in the air and really get a good feel for how this quad performs up in the air. Now i did spend some time checking out some of the other reviews that are on youtube about the quad, and there were some things brought up in those reviews that i thought i wanted to test for myself, because i never like to listen to somebody just speculating On what they think a product can do, because i think thats dangerous, because when you say it, doesnt do x and people hear that. Then i start getting comments going hey i heard from somebody else. It doesnt do x. Well, until i test that i cant really say whether it does or doesnt do x. So with me being a technical person, i need to see the numbers i want to put it up in the air and get some physical confirmation that it does or doesnt do.

Certain things so im going to spend a little bit of time in future clips isolating different aspects and different questions. Ive seen from people out there to test through them things like. Does it get really hot? Is there an issue with the compass? How does the crash avoidance work? Can it really fly 40 minutes? All of those really deserve a little bit more time that i can squeeze in here with my initial impressions, but i will tell you overall, this quad really impressed me, because i was really watching those video clips before it actually arrived here. A little bit worried that it was not going to do everything the company said it could do and honestly it doesnt do everything the company says it can do. There are things that are still missing from it that im sure theyre going to fix with firmware, and i know people out there are saying already rick youre being way too optimistic, theyre not going to fix it through firmware. But just to give you a couple of examples: since the drone arrived when i first opened it up, there was a firmware update and then on the sixth a couple of days ago there was another firmware update that fixed other things, and today there was an update For the controller that fixed other things, so hubsan is really looking at these issues or questions that theyre getting from viewers and theyre making changes to the firmware to implement fixes for those things.

But initially there were a couple of things that really worried me. The first one had to do with the heat. A lot of people said: oh this thing gets white hot when you put it up in the air and you cant hold it in your hand, its going to burn your hand and its just really a bad design. Well, honestly, i flew it a lot and my observations around the heat were that if you were flying it and actually flying it around, it would land and you could hold it in your hand. Now, of course, the bottom is warm and thats the job of the heatsink its supposed to get warm, because those little waffles in there are designed to radiate the heat thats generated by all the brains inside the unit. Thinking really hard and its going to get warm. But it was never white hot to the touch. It was never a situation where i couldnt hold it in my hand. The only time i found that to be a big issue was, if i hover for too long and then when i brought it in and put it in my hand, i could feel the warmth in my hand, so it definitely got warmer when its hovering. But you have to think about that for a second, for example, if youre sitting in a crowded room, maybe youre at a high school play, or something and theres a lot of people around you that are all really 100 watt light bulbs generating heat youre going to Get hot now? What do you do when you get hot? You start waving the program in front of your face forcing air past.

You well thats exactly the problem here. If youre hovering, the air is not passing alongside that quad underneath the quad to pull that heat away, so hovering is not something you want to do and the only time i really did that was to test the flight time, and i noticed a big increase in The heat, the other time you might have an issue with heat is when youre transferring files from here to your computer or when youre doing firmware updates. Now they didnt include this little heat cage here and a lot of people picked on this and said well, thats kind of a hokey thing. You got to pop this on the bottom. Dont fly with this. You dont need it when youre flying, but if youre transferring files or youre doing a firmware update just pop this on the bottom and what it does is lift the heat sink up off the surface. So if youre on a desk like this – and it gets a little bit warm, it may not damage that surface. So you put this heat shield on it. Another thing you can do, which i think is even easier – is just flip it over and then youve got the heat sink on the top and what happens to heat heat rises. So if youve got it upside down and youre transferring files to your computer that heats going to rise off the bottom of it, youre never going to have to worry about burning.

Your desk id suggest the same thing if youre doing firmware updates all right. The other thing i noticed was with the compass calibration. I know one of the clips talked about every time they spun it up. They had to calibrate the compass. I did a little bit of testing around that and what i found was its pretty sensitive to metal. So if you spin it up anywhere in the metal, if youve got a big watch on or you put it on, a table, thats got metal in it. If you put it on a bench and theres metal underneath it, it can affect the compass a little bit. More than other quads that i fly most of the quads, i fly ill. Do a compass calibration, maybe once a week, if that or if im moving between locations and im really far away from that first location, ill compass calibrate it with this one i found initially when i was launching from my back deck, which has a lot of metal On it, there was a compass calibration about every fifth or sixth flight, but lo and behold i went out in the grass put it down on the mat. I never had to calibrate the compass, so i guess my suggestion there would be. It is going to be sensitive to compass calibrations if youre around a lot of metal, so just dont launch it around a lot of metal. Just be careful when youre going out in the field to take your watch off.

Dont have a lot of metal on your phone and you wont have any issues with it. There now again ill test. These a lot longer im, also going to test the hover time. Now. I found from my experience that i felt a lot more airtime with this quad. I didnt do a breakdown to see how far i went, but i know i got over 30 minutes of flight time easily with it and i tend to land the quad with about 20 to 30 percent uh battery life still in the quad. This is going to start nagging you when you get the 40 of your battery left and then you can decide if youre going to continue to fly or bring it back home. I brought it back home at 40, popped another battery and went out and fly so thats thats. One thing you want to be aware of there with the flight time, so i fully expect that its going to get probably to a dead battery, pretty close to the 40 minutes of flight time. But lets be honest: we all land the thing with 15 or 20 left on the battery anyway. For me, what that means is, if, on paper, its doing 40 minutes and everybody else is doing 32 minutes see thats like another. I dont know 25 of flight time and thats important to me, because, when im up in the air and im on location, that extra six minutes or seven minutes of flight time on target allows me to record a lot more video footage of that particular target.

So i think thats a major bonus, all right, some of the nitpicky things that i didnt like about it, that im sure they can fix with firmware and im. Being as honest as i can here, im not trying to beat anybody up, i love being able to launch a quad by pulling these two sticks in and going to the bottom there you cant do it with this one. The only way you can launch this is from the application, thats a really easy thing for them to fix another thing: im, not nuts about is its a micro, usb connection on the side and on the drone. Now i know a lot of people said well thats an old style of connector. I know from building products that, with usb c theres a licensing cost involved so using micro usb its a free connection. Maybe that had something to do with their decision. I would have loved to seen it be usbc. More importantly, id love to see usbc in the drone, because there is no way to pop an sd card out of this and transfer it to my computer directly. So ive got to connect the cable up to it and transfer the files to my computer, using micro usb its a much slower data transfer standard. So its going to take me longer to get those files off and as a consequence of that, its going to get a little bit warmer. So it would have been nice to see usbc here, maybe on the xenomini pro 2 well see the usbc connection.

So again, those are minor things. One other thing that i didnt like was when i changed the metrics or i should say that the calculations for height and other things to imperial from metric it changed in the application, but it didnt change on the controller and again, im sure thats. Just the firmware update, but just be aware of that that, if youre, okay with meters meters here meters, there youre going to be working fine. But if you change this to imperial in the application for me anyway, maybe i missed the setting. It stayed on meters on the control over here, so if im flying it its meters here, but its metro, i should say imperial in the application and theres a few other minor things that im not going to spend a lot of time with. Oh one other one that i would love to see fixed or changed is that the drone, as i mentioned earlier, doesnt, give you fpv on the mat and for some reason i like seeing that camera view before i take off with this one, its just a black Screen the minute you launch it and it hovers up to about four feet. Then the camera turns on and youre ready to go. You can get used to that over time. I did as well, so maybe thats not that big a deal its just me. Being me right just questions i had so anyway ill follow up on all of these and again i do have a direct line into hubsan.

I spoke to the representative. Yesterday, i spoke to him again today. Ive related all the things that ive seen to them. I have assurances from them that theyre working on tweaking all the things that id mentioned and im sure well get some updates really really soon. I think its super encouraging that they had two updates. Since this product hit the shore. I i got to believe theyre going to be doing others, and i can tell you that for them this is a big launch and its a big product entering the market, its sort of that 800 pound gorilla zone where everybody else is building mini quads and i Think theyre really serious about making this one work and, from my experience, flying it over those 20 hours did everything i needed to do. I thought the footage was crisp. I really enjoyed the flight controls and it never misbehaved, which is a really important thing, because i test a lot of quads. There are quads i put up in the air and within 30 seconds, theyre heading for a tree and i lose control of them. You dont see me reviewing those on the channel, so the fact that it behaved when it was up in the air is a really good thing for me, so anyway, thats where theyre at. If you have questions or comments drop, those in the comments below i promise ill get back to you. Ill also add them to my test list of things im going to be testing over the next couple of weeks and if i find that they are actually issues ill pass, those along to hubsan as well, so their engineers can take a look at it and thats.

Pretty much it for today, so i hope you found this clip helpful. I promise you theres, probably a half a dozen clips that im working on right now that ill be posting over the next week or two going into very specific things about the quad testing the flight time, the temperature, all the things you guys are asking about so Make sure you tune back into the channel to check those out and if you havent subscribed to the channel? What are you waiting for hit that little icon down there and join the drawn valley family? Because we love talking about technology? And i cant tell you specifics, but theres a lot of cool technology coming that youre going to want to view, so this is the place to be if youre looking for high tech stuff anyway thats it for today.