Yet – and I was using a stock battery in the first video so in this one I'm using a hubsan H, 501s 2700 quadcopter battery, so we're gon na see if we get any more flight time see what the flight characteristics are and I'm just going to go Straight out this way you know, try to keep you know within 400 feet of ground level, even though the mountain kind of drops here I'm just going to see how far we can get I'll be checking on the fpv here on the controller but I'm also going To be slapping these on my face, these amway fpv antennae – goggles fpv goggles here – do have the card in here, so I'll be able to record these goggles. So you can see what I'm, seeing from time to time I'm not going to be able to really record the video on here the screen on here, because this doesn't have any way to really record it. I don't think this. This TF card slot isn't working in this controller, it's just an open port, but I will be recording this does 1080p through the fpv camera, so it's a high definition, camera onboard. I do have a card in here so I'll record this and have all those videos up on the screen, for you see how this thing's doing so let's see how far we can get and just see how it performs and then afterwards, once we do our range Test I'll, probably just do some manual mode flying.

I don't think I did the manual mode acrobatics in the first video. I have a couple more batteries, so we'll go ahead and try to squeeze that in this video as well. So let's get all this stuff start. It up and see how far we can get Music and Music Trotta lon. We have our propeller going, so we want to launch loop click. We have a paraglider there, so we're going to have to definitely wait for them to get out of the way don't want to run into them. So definitely a good idea to make sure wherever you're flying to make sure nobody's nobody's around. Usually these guys fly early in the morning when there's really no way in but looks like this guy's going for it so I'm gon na be flying away in that direction. So I'm going to wait a little bit make sure he's way down the hill there before I go ahead and start flying and then also check if there's anybody else with them that's going to be coming down. So I left the positives just for a moment. Ok, so we're back in business, he basically just kind of went around and hover there for a while in the breeze and just landed all the way down at the bottom of the the hill there and it doesn't look like there's anybody else on their way down. So looks like a good time to go for it, so recording on the craft.

Let'S try this again so I'm gon na slap on the goggles once I'm kind of up and going that direction cool, so we're in stability mode, and we just want to give it some throttle and launch into the wind Music there. We go easy doing really good I'm right about half throttle and I'm just going to kind of you have a half throttle for a while and be checking out the screen here, I'm going to slap on the goggles and stay going in that direction and see how Far, we can get I'll just look at the screen for just a bit see how the fpv is doing does seem to be tracking pretty straight just going to give it a little bit of aileron to the left, that's pretty good. So if this kind a little bit of breeze and facing into the wind it's tracking, pretty darn straight, it looks like the video on the controller. Fpv is getting a little grainy little fuzzy and we're 5 560 meters. We can see away from us cool, so I'll get to I saying we're, 115 years away or height. So I want to try to stay under for our feet here, because the mountain does kind of slow down a little bit so going ahead and slap on these goggles. That looks like a pretty good direction to go. Some slap on these novels real, quick, see what we can see you can do with the lasas off for sure cool, so starting to get a bit fuzzy go ahead and go to the right.

I don't want to go. Oh yeah we're good. Actually, I want to go directly into a mountain there you go so I got a pretty clear view on the goggles and I went ahead and um put them on and lifted my head up pretty clear view. I'Ll have that recording on the screen. For you guys, you can see that and yeah there we go. I just turn my head to the right a little bit and it got really nice and clear. The one thing I wish is we could see on the FPV. What was going on can the goggles, but I can't, see anything cool, so we're, looking good to look at the screen to see our distance, I have to go down here and we're at 13 1400 feet and the video on the actual screen is kind of like Going in and out, you have to hold it really in the perfect direction to get it any kind of clarity, and you can see in the goggle it's kind of dropping in and out just a little bit, but to the left a little. I don't want to go too far to the right go downhill, so my goggles are losing signal almost completely, so the goggles are pretty much just lost signal at just about a mile, but actually, interestingly enough beyond the FPV here on the controller for a whole bit. Just right, who's really dreamy but it's better than the goggles.

Oh there we go. My goggles just came in so have the goggles up on the screen, so you can just see some clouds there let's try to go through these clouds, while we're at it. So I'm. Still at like not even half throttle guy so still doing really good kind of lost all there we go, so we have TVs back so, probably well. Okay, we turn to the right a little bit it's, not because we're losing or losing signal. I think it might have gone into return to home. I think it did so let's see how far we are so right. In a mile two hundred two thousand three hundred 2400 feet just over a mile it's starting to return home, we said I can take manual control there. He goes. I just went to the left and laughs. You got in a lot better. So probably the best thing to do on this draft is maybe to put like a some kind of a circular polarized antenna for fpv. Maybe if you want to go really far because this is just linear, monopole and I'm, hitting a brick wall like right. Around 24 2500 feet with all the stock fpv and control and stuff there we go now. I can see the fpv I'm just trying to do in a circle I'm trying to get back to the direction of the ocean over there. Wow it's really neat up here, though again I'm just kind of right at half thought a little less than half so I'll just so it doesn't go to super to eye and it looks like that's our range there.

We go spotty control and not a control here. Let'S see what it shows on the screen: yeah right at 24 and a half hundred feet, two thousand four hundred fifty feet about and what happened is it went into a return to home? You may not be able to see it on the screen, but it serves GPS, RTL mode on the controller here and what's cool about this is you can actually control it? Any input you you put into the plane. It will actually move the plane around here. Watch I'm, going to put some some rudder to the left in play, see that so you can move it around while it's in our TL mode, which is cool and then, when you let off that just keeps returning home. That was way. Cool let's see what our battery powers like, so our X is 7.1. This is a two cell, so we've still got plenty of power, but I'm, not gon na risk. It I'm just going to let it kind of fly home and with this one it's cool, because if you, even if you throttle all the way off when it isn't return to home, it does maintain its um enough power to keep at a certain height to keep That level altitude, you can try to come down a bit, let's see what it says here so I'm pushing full elevator forward and it went down a little bit and then it stopped it wouldn't.

Let me go down any more, so tries to maintain that level of altitude when it is doing an RT, L, so that's cool. What I would recommend is maybe keep your throttle at halfway or a little less, even when, when you're in a RTL just in case something happens, you know if it cuts out of your RTL. You don't want to be totally off the throttle, so I'm leavin the throttle at just under 50 and the FPV and the nozzles armed with these stock. My antennas isn't that great out at this range, I thought it was going to be a little bit better. Honestly. It may have been it may have been, because I was looking down now that I have my head off it's, actually much clearer cool, so let's see what it does I'm just going to kind of, let it glide here I don't want to go up above the Clouds, because I want to see some picture so let's try to get out of RTL mode there we go so to get out of our tail. You'Ve got to flip the switch up and down all the way to the left, so we're back in stability mode I'm. Going to drop some altitude so I'm pushing elevator all the way up and dropping some altitude here, that's, where I am there and not at your green I'm, just trying to stay as straight as possible. I think I'm, a little too high.

So I want to come down and it's, not dropping very fast it's, maybe dropping if you're one meter per second actually depending so come on down. I want to get down and then I'm going to just kind of do a return to home and see what it does when we just let her go of course, swaddling all the way off. Let me try to I'm. Just kind of gliding will definitely drop you down further, so now we're going really quick down we're going at like two or three meters per second that's, pretty awesome. So we are at cooking an hour under 400 and it's, just a let off or just gliding here, full on glide and we're in stability mode I'm. Going to flip the left switch all the way up to GTS RTL let's see what it does. So I can hear it over there to my right. It went ahead and gave itself some throttle and I have the throttle all the way off and it actually is staying right at 100 meters, that's good to know just going to give it an eighty half problem see what it does. Okay, so now it's saying home stability mode, so let's see what it does here. So it went ahead and gave me back control. You can hear the throttle there, okay and if I don't touch the control that I want to see what it does. Definitely don't want to hit these trees. I want to give it a little more trial, pull up a little bit.

Okay, so I'd recommend, if you are in RTL and that it gets to its home point, go ahead and take over. I wouldn't really trust it to to keep going where you want it to go, so I recommend doing that. All right, well, let's, see what our voltage is. Six point. Nine well just took a dive there interesting, so the breeze is going to influence it. Let'S huddle down a bit and I want to switch into manual mode so to switch into manual mode. Here we go perhaps you're just pressing it once it seemed like so I'm in manual mode now, so I should be able to do flips and stuff okay. So I want to be careful, because if you have to have your battery and again guys that will have this up on the screen that's my car there, a silver car they're right down there, you can see it and let's try and like a roll or something. I get a little bit more speed, full throttle and I'm going to cut it and then roll to the right, hmm, okay, so you can do rolls probably really not going to be able to do a loop. It feels like really heavy with this battery to do acrobatics and I don't want the battery to just die on me. I still at six point nine volts. How do they kind of hang out here and then turn to do some acrobatics? We should be okay, so I stood up the goggles on and you'll just be able to see the camera HD camera on the craft and what's in my goggles, okay, so let's just try like a loop and probably I'm one Ike I want to do is full Throttle it down and then elevator completely back so we'll throw down elevator completely back.

Oh no! We can't quite do a loop just because the front end so heavy with that battery. If I actually went well yeah so remember, we're in manual mode, so we're not quite as stable, so down gain some speed, full pitch up and so okay, so we can kind of do some loop. We just got to gain some downward speed. Let'S! Try that again! So try to face it down towards the ground full throttle. Pulao levator back and I'm dropping trial tried double knoteks IQ, a double that's. Your with awesome, though I'll show you a little bit more rolling. Okay, so I'm going this way and we're going to do a right roll. So what I'm going to do is I'm, the elevator to her Euler on to the left and then I'm going to Baylor on to the right it's a momentum so left right. Okay! So it barely wants to do a roll it's just a little heavy for it, a little tough on the rolls and maybe it's because I'm, not in a higher rate. I kind of forget what the this one has higher rates of flight. So I want to get out of manual mode, so I'm going to hit this exit button again and it's, saying GPS RTL mode, so let's do it GPS RTL! I guess. Maybe the battery is getting low enough. So it wants to get there canal and GPS RTL that's the only two modes. I can go into interesting: okay, Music stereo, so I click down a mistake again and now we're in stability.

I guess it's close enough. Maybe so maybe this thing I'm not sure, but I think this plane might have a little battery rtl. You see how it wasn't, letting me go out of RTL when I was clicking and off and on until I got close enough so that's a good feature, and you know I am it back up to 7 volts so I'm just going to fly this across we've Been applying for was it 17 minutes about guys 18 minutes that's what the recording says. No, the recording test says: 17 minutes. The planes have been on for a 19 okay good to know, move my head around here, just because I'm getting some scratchy up TV. But what a joy to fly go ahead and circle around here, so we're a little bit closer to us, just in case the battery's dying so I'm, just popping my goggles up and looking at the screen here: okay, so let's, just the trim so yeah! Sorry about that, I completely forget if this thing even has different rates I'm not going to mess with it anymore. This is fine, this Cruiser now and Steve stability, self leveling mode, and you can see that fpv gets really scratchy unless we go ahead and turn towards it. Title below half now, just Cruise in everything's, still recording full pitch down let's do a little bit of a buzz, so I just turned towards the plane. You see how create the fpv got totally gliding here.

I can't see where my cameras playing but I'm going to try to get it flying over awesome. Turning back the other way, I'm really liking this craft. Some people say they have problems, but they either don't know how to like, calibrate it or fly it right or they. They just got a defect because I'm really having a blast with this thing, so I'm, going to keep full touch full elevator forward and just use my rudder to the right and see how we can make a little bit more of a controllable turn. Slower turn I'm. Just using rudder and give it a little bit more trouble go on inside on the other side of the mountain, okay, so I'm, just barely full throttle up and then I'm just barely pulling in some elevator Music. Nice Wow, it'll, climb, laughs, mm, hmm sweet! So be careful when you come away, you not gon na gain much altitude now I'm going against the wind here, and I want to turn in directly into the land you're trying to do an arterial yeah. So I think the battery is too low, so it's art yelling just trying to return home. So even if I go out it just turns so. Let'S explain: 9 percent I'm just going to cruise around here. Awesome twisty clothes that's great though it doesn't. Let you go too far out when the batteries get low, like that feature, just keep flying it until it dies.

Don'T leave. You know our full flight ability with this thing. Last time I did that, though I kind of crashed and cracked it with its back up. In the air, with some of that gorilla, foaming blue flying perfectly fine cool cruising around Music. I want to get too far since the battery might be a little low back into the wind and just check this screen real, quick stability mode into the wind. You see that so I just turned to GPS RTL and I can't switch out of it. So that's cool awesome. It totally has a low battery RTL. I like it so flanger. I have the 23 minutes. This is awesome. Real cool, I think, maybe I'll just fly around until it dies like the last time, so you can see how long this sum helps mhm 501s, what quadcopter battery lasts for this is 2700 milliamp hour and the stock one remember was only 18. I think it was 18 yeah governor sweet at the power Clio. A lot of cars are coming in to this spot, bring that crash on them and just going to kind of try to like buzz a little bit. So I think, if you get this plane, guys you're really going to like it because cut all those GPS PLC features. You can't go wrong with this thing, of course landing. It there's another story, because if you don't know how to land it, then you might crash. Go back into the wind here, wow, so 25 minutes flying and 7.

2 on the rx. Oh, my goodness! Let'S just keep going so it's arts yelling when it gets a certain distance returning the home. But I was assuming that was battery power, but it still seems like it has a lot of battery power unless it's, just maybe dipping below Music, well see how full trial and if you're, going with the wind, just totally drops altitude in the nose. Elevator all the way up looks like the truth is coming in, so I probably going to want to finish this off pretty soon, but I want to do this diary test. Hello, someone's gon na have a party so that wings at the side of it kind of rolls a little bit. Definitely a crew coming in here, it's going to be a pot a Saturday night potty, I think it's around 3 to 4 p.m. right now. So still a strong 27 minutes, 28 minutes. One afternoon, some surveillance. You know my trunks open check out what's going on sweet those one strong plan forever, a little bit of title and I'm trying here, but my throttle a little bit getting close. Okay, I can hear you guys, but I can't see ya I'm in the cockpit of the plane. Right now. Remember me: coming with the wind now: Oh Music turn into the land. Here the lights are flashing. Okay, let's see if the lights are flashing. 30 minutes of flight time 2700 milliamp hour pups in each 501s battery and let's see really quick, so it's seven point two volts with a little bit less than half throttle on the claim.

Unbelievable let's not keep on going those tatl all the way off. There go all the way off one completely with the lan let's turn it little throttle. I'M just gliding, now full throttle off right into the wind Tottle back on. This is probably going to be a long and boring video guys, but just want to get this length, those flight beautiful. I hope the high definition video is probably looking really good. I just can kind of see that so it does, it does a pretty good job at kind of pointing itself into the wind. When you let off the butter and aileron that's awesome, miss Poston, Oh little, Kosh all right let's go check it out, see if you have any damage, all right cool, so just walking up on it here. Yeah looks like our little cockpit window flew off, but I just got a little bit of dirt and grass here in the track of the nose cone. That was it so how's. It happened when you're, you know going with the wing and try to turn hard and have a little more elevation, so nothing's broken, as our video looks like the current pop out gosh. I hope that record it. I don't see the record light on anymore, but I think I turned it off from the controller cool and it's back to home base let's see how it is doesn't, look like the same spot broke again with that hard hit this last time.

In my first part of the review, this cracked, it seems solid, still cool guys back over here by the car, and I have to say it really continually impressed with the hubsan spy Hawk it's, proving to be an awesome plane with those GPS features. It will get you tough it'll, get you home, no matter what I want to say. I was what was I about a mile and a half out there. I think around there, almost maybe not a mile and a half, maybe pretty close just after a mile and now would return to home. Yep II was getting a little scratchy, so probably putting some better antennas on here and maybe modding this and giving you the circular polarized antenna would give you more more distance as well, but that's plenty mom. What a joy to fly. I think we flew for, like 30 to 33 minutes, claimed that on for like ' minutes and everything looks good, no damage, wonderful craft, great flight we'll have the links again down in the description for this guy, where you can buy it and enjoy this plane flight With smart functions, awesome loving it with the built in fpv screen and then you can also tap in with your own goggles, but you don't get the telemetry on your goggles that's. The only thing you guys, thanks for tuning in and I'll, see you in the next video hope you enjoyed this very cool, hey what's happening don't, put good just finishing up.

I know I hear like I hear so I think easy yeah for a second.