This RC plane has FPV camera, stabilization system, brushless motor, GPS, and return to home capability. Find it here

– Brushless motors.
– 720p camera includes microSD card recording and 5.8Ghz FPV transmitter. Video can be viewed on optional HS001 Hubsan FPV monitor screen, or on your 5.8Ghz FPV racing goggles.
– Auto stabilization and fixed high (altitude hold) system.
– GPS with return to home capability.
– Bright orientation LEDs on the bottom of the wings.
– Beeper and LED lights flash on LVC low battery warning.
– 7.6V 480mah LiHV battery.
– 300 meter range.

– Very fast and skittish little plane. Not recommended for beginner fliers.
– When return to home is activated with GPS lock, the plane will circle and climb to 50 meters before heading back to its takeoff position. But if the plane is launched without achieving GPS satellite positioning lock, it will instead climb to 50 meters and will circle at the position where it was at when RTH was activated.
– Fixed high altitude hold seems to be problematic. My plane kept wanting to descend after takeoff. Increasing throttle did not seem to help it climb. To keep it in the air I had to gradually increase elevator while increasing throttle.
– No telemetry is available when you use your own goggles. There is no visual cue to alert you that the plane has sufficient satellites for GPS positioning.
– Land immediately on LVC low battery warning. If you push it past those warnings, the motor will stop to protect the battery. This plane does not glide very well with the motor stopped (very nose heavy), and will likely nose in.

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