That was the most hubsan thing possible and i’m gon na break it down for you and we’re gon na talk about the brand new hubsan xeno mini pro. Now they didn’t bother with any sort of intro or fading. We just walked right into this random scene. With this guy doing, who knows what behind the desk? Oh there he is coming out: oh yep, yep you’re on camera, you better get off. You walked off the stage and uh these two right. They found an attractive woman and uh this. This guy must be an engineer, i’m guessing um, but it doesn’t seem like they know that they’re live um, yeah, they’re, just kind of hanging out and uh. We got this this audio list feed for like six minutes. People are just spamming. The chat six six six because apparently um they were gon na count to five or something um and whoever put a six in the chat. Uh was able to win a drone off. We got another guy, just kind of checking the lighting or something who knows um. Yeah so after they figured out, maybe that they were live and they shouldn’t have been and they had no audio, they decided to kill this feed and get on with the next one. Okay, so now we’re fast forward, all the way into kind of the middle of the stream they’ve been talking about the drone. How it’s gon na be awesome, and you know they’re naysayers out there, like you, know, people that have flown other hubs and drones and uh yeah they’re gon na verify that this is under 250 grams by putting on a scale and they’ve actually done that here and You can see that it’s 249 grams uh, which is great right, but you know, do we believe them do.

We just believe that this is the drone. You know i don’t have a reason not to um, so it probably is legit, but you know, then they put it back on the scale like oh we’re, going to fly this and then there’s just kind of this awkward silence where they just kind of look at Each other – and i don’t know where they were they going to take, were they going to take off? Were they not exactly sure what’s going on here? Maybe maybe they aren’t either? What are we doing here? People what’s happening, we can fly, we let’s zoom in let’s, let’s, get a closer look closer look at the scale. That’Ll help yep still 249 grams, so yeah it uh it’s a lightweight drone all right, so we gon na maybe we’ll, fly now right now now we’ll we’ll take off yep, still 249 grams, um and we’ll just yeah. This went on for a while and all of a sudden, this other dude shows up he’s like i got it, we got ta put this thing on the ground and it’ll take off so we’re gon na zoom back out, she’s gon na give us a countdown, and Here we go, let’s get this baby up in the air and it flies so i would give it to hubsan, it definitely does fly and it flew for like 42 minutes, this guy almost took it out now. We i skipped all that all the time in between yeah we’re at like 40 minutes right here, um that guy avoided it.

But then you can hear there’s beeping going on the background and there are some troubles of brewing for the hubs and crew. You know i’m wondering if they tweaked the software a bit to just make sure that it it let’s go down, make sure it wouldn’t just land automatically. You can still kind of bob and him even oh uh. Oh he’s, gon na take a peek what’s going on. Oh it’s it’s dangerous, dangerous, oh okay, yeah that’s, oh yep, let’s zoom. In on him. They look. They look confused man that hubsan h did really frame her head right. Look at this guy that that face says it all he’s, like oh shoot, we’re screwed, so yeah. This was a very hubsan esque uh live stream right. I think the product is going to be good it’s, going to have that 40 minute flight time, it’s going to have 4k camera it’s going to have obstacle avoidance and all those things they say it will, but like this live stream, it’s going to lack attention to Detail and that’s, where dji wins dji has been putting in the time where it matters, hopefully hubsan will too, and maybe maybe this live stream is a one off.