The hubsan zyno mini pro is a tiny but powerful quadcopter that weighs about 250 grams. You can film in 4k and take 48 mp photos with its hd camera, an obstacle avoidance mechanism on the front and rear of the drone, and a flying. Duration of 40 minutes is included with the purchase of this model. Intelligent flying modes, an optical flow sensor, a dual gnss receiver and cinematic flight mode around out the list of available capabilities, hobson, zyno mini pro features: hubsan zyno mini pro preview, camera, its boasting 84 degrees field of view and iso range of 130 200 in its hd Camera with a 1 1.3 inches cmos sensor and a fixed aperture, f, 1.85 lens. There is an option to take raw photographs with this drone, even though its specification state it only takes jpeg images. Raw pictures files may not be legible by posting processing software, even though recent firmware upgrades have attempted to fix this problem. A 3 axis gimbal stabilizes, the camera decreasing distortion like shakiness and motion blur in the video 4k at 30, fps 2.7 k at 60fps and 1080p at 90fps are all supported as well as a maximum recording speed of 200 mbps. Hubsan synclist 3.0 upgraded wi, fi technology is used to minimize latency on the live, video stream, which is broadcast in hd at 20 frames per second flight features and performance film mode. The drones slowest setting enables you to capture footage suitable for motion picture normal and sports modes.

On the other hand, let you fly at 36 and 56 kilometers per hour respectively. Note that in sports mode, the drones obstacles avoidance mechanism is disabled by default and will not be supported. In addition to the enhanced active track mode, the hubsan zyno has several intelligent flying methods that may be used with image tracking. You may choose a moving object and drone will automatically follow it. The gps follow mode, allows you to track where the drone is going. The gps follow features, allows a drone to follow you from behind or in line where you are not positioned. A point of interest mode will enable you to designate the drones, location or transmitter as the point of interest, and the drone will automatically circle the location. A third intelligent flying mode is the waypoint mode which enables you to define a flight path on the smartphone app and the drone will automatically fly along the line.