This is the he wing hunter su 27, now ive, seen loads of these kinds of models made out of foam board that you put together that you can fly around, and this is one that i thought you know what lets get it in its coming into the Summer months, let me get one in and try it out if its really good, then my friends could also get them and we can use it potentially for even things like the fpv combat system. If the fbv combat system isnt something youve heard of go and check it out ill put a link down below now. This one is from he wing and the reason that i got this one is because i am a fan of he wing theyre, making some absolutely fantastic models at the moment, and this is one of their older things, so i thought i was reasonably safe, getting it In, however, its not all plain sailing, as the manual in particular, is very very basic, so i thought i would take the time to just show you how ive set mine up. Maybe youve got one of these already or youve been thinking about one, because there are some tips and tricks if i turn it over and remove the bottom plate. I havent glued mine in because i wanted to be able to show you this when i finished all of the testing and you can see how much its been flown, its absolutely covered in bits of fields.

Uh there is a little stabilizer in here and that stabilizer has multiple flight modes. The battery goes here at the front, the speed controller, the motor and the prop, and then you have the two servos that control the linkages and the linkages: control the ailerons and the elevator, making them both elevons and thats. The way that it flies in terms of the building of actually putting the pieces of foam together, the foam all comes on this kind of foam board. It comes in a couple of pieces and what you have to do is just use a very sharp craft knife to cut them off and its pretty obvious how they go together. If youve looked at the pictures on the box so that bit isnt tricky now good old hot glue, i found is the simplest way to put it together and its pretty robust. It isnt very, very heavy uh. This one has nosed in quite a few times and just a quick bead of hot glue. Well get it all back in one piece. However, there are a couple of issues that ill go through with you and if youre going to build yours, you can avoid making the same mistakes. The first thing is is that the printing will come off, not sure if you can see that there with the hot glue the the the printed surface will pull off its also printed pulled off by all of the servos, but ill talk about that in a minute.

When you cut the pieces out of the foam board, make sure that wherever you make, the cut is completely flat because lots of these pieces have to go together and you dont want to have big gaps between them. You can just about, i guess see there. The light coming through, and even if youre super careful, they wont sit flush so having something like a hot glue. Gun is great because it gives a really nice fit and finish. The motor mount on mine, didnt line up super well ive, had to cut a few shims out of the spare bit of foam to make it fit so that wasnt as cute as i wanted it to and the prop connector on mine is connected with two screws. In the images on the manual its a little nut, which is actually a better idea, the issue is: is that if i break this prop trying to get a screwdriver into those, two screws is going to be incredibly difficult to replace it. I dont think thats a particularly good idea, so the reason that the servos have had to be installed twice is the servos only work one way round. What i mean by that is that the flight controller stabilizer is super basic, theres kind of one connection. For your s, bus, i will talk about the radio with the channels in a moment, and then you have the two plugs on each side. I assumed that the when you put the stabilizer in the connection on that side would be for the servo on that side, but it kind of didnt work exactly like that.

So be super careful. I would actually plug the servos in and just power everything before you actually hot glue, the servos in make sure theyre moving in the right way, because its kind of all set up from the factory but theres, nothing about testing that before you hot glue, your servos In and then find that you have to swap them around in order for the direction to be the right way for your controls. Channel order on the radio needs to look like this. It needs to be set for aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder and then a mode channel, nothing on channel six and then channel seven is your throttle cut, be wary of the throttle cut. I think it works backwards on mine. A low value is the throttle is active, whereas in most places that low value is the default. One that the radio starts up in so be super careful about that and test it, but thats the channel order that youre going to need. So here are my tips for this. I would say: theres, probably better, models that go together and give you a similar thing to this um, and i would probably not recommend this particular one from he went. The gain on the stabilizer is okay. If you fly it on 2s, it will fly on a 3s battery, but youll find that the model will vibrate, because the gain is super high for a 3s battery and unfortunately that also means that the gain is adjustable.

The controller itself is super basic and there should be a lot more in the manual on how thats all set up and again, the channel order on the radio which isnt in the manual is a e t, r m nothing on channel six and then throttle cut On channel seven, unfortunately, this is one of those models that is let down by something i was talking about the other week, which is a really poor manual. If the manual was better, then i might have had a better build experience and then that would have probably meant that some of the early crashes that i had with it worked fine as well things in there about what the flight modes do. So, for example, i found this is easiest to fly where you have full stabilization and support turned on, which is on the low channel position for the flight modes. But explaining more about what the three modes are and how you set. Those up would have been great to have in the manual. This has been a full thing to build and fly, but this isnt something that im going to be flying regularly and probably not something i would recommend. But if you have something similar to this, a model that you fly, that you really love thats, this kind of style made out of this board id love to know because id like to get a couple in because i think again they would be fantastic for fpv.

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