So you dont miss any of our upcoming videos, especially the one we have coming out in a few weeks called pauls picks where im going to show you. My favorite picks for christmas 2021. Well, have some drones in there some rc cars toys other gadgets like that. Hopefully, save you some money and make your christmas shopping a little bit easier this year, so today were going to look at holy stones newest drone, its their hs440, its kind of a mid sized drone, its not really a mini its, not really a full size drone. It actually looks like a miniature sized version of their hs 720e minus the high tech features of the 720e were going to unbox. It ill show you everything that it comes with. Show you how to set it up really easy to do then were going to put this little dude in the air were going to see just how it can handle great part amazon 99.99 right now they do have a limited time: 10 off clickable coupon, and thanks To holy stone, they gave me an additional 10 off coupon to give to you guys its right down there in the description so go grab it go, get yourself. A drone youll have it in a couple days. Great little backyard. Indoor drone right here guys lets, go check it out: Music. Okay, guys here we go were going to unbox the holy stone hs 440 or, as i like to call it.

The 720 mini me kind of but ill show you in a minute all right. So lets get this bad little dude out of this box. Here we go dont need that very nice case, its a cloth covered case. If you cant tell from the video its got a pretty decent handle on it holy stone logo, dual zippers awesome here we go so lets. Take all the stuff. I believe first lets see im gon na show you everything we get with it and then ill go over everything for you. So if you want not to see that part, you can fast forward through it to the test flight or whatever you need to do so see we get a spare set of blades with a screwdriver the instruction manual with your caution, abuse battery statement in there. I know i always say you guys but read your manual top to bottom dont. Just take the drone out of the box, put it up in the air and fly it and try to figure it out on your own, its not safe, so live it. Learn it and know it quick tip google holy stone, hs 440 downloadable pdf manual, and then you can have it on your phone or print it out, and you can read the entire manual before your drone even gets delivered to your front door. All right. We got a bright orange card in here. What is this for telling you not to charge your batteries in the case, so you dont want to do that.

Im, not sure how you would do it, but they tell you not to do it so dont. Do it, and then you get two usb cables to charge your batteries and it does look like you have to use the cable that particular cable anyway, that comes with it now for the good stuff one foam padding, then we have two condom: two 1900 mha high Powered mini drone engines. I will take them out of the wrappers. You can see a little better one up one down there. We go hows that then one remote control and the star of the show one hs 440 drone in the case thats everything you get with it. Im gon na move the case out of the way, and we will get into the nitty gritty here. Real quick lets see why dont we start with the usb chargers. You do get two of them and all you need is a 5 volt charger box. One from your cell phone will work, just fine, just make sure its not over a 5 volt, 2 amp or you could risk explosion of the batteries or you know something like that. They can melt or youll kill a couple cells and you wont get your bull charge out of them, so the batteries you do get two of them, which is awesome. They are you get 20 minutes of battery. It takes 180 minutes for each battery to charge so thats three hours. If you dont want to do the math, they are 1900 mah, 3.

8 volt battery. Sorry, i think i said 3.7 before they are lipo batteries very cool. Then we have our remote control. Its a 2.4 gigahertz controller, there are no antennas on the top, your cell phone holder. This will hold, i believe, its a 4.1 inch to uh. Oh man, i knew i was going to forget this. I got a guy its like a four and a half inch to a six and a half inch cell phone. I have the galaxy note. 20 ultra and mine fits in here just perfect without my otterbox case on it, but you just stretch it to the size. You need its really cool. It does have like two different angles. You can adjust it to so thats cool. If theres a lot of sun, you can point it up back toward you or down pretty cool. Then, of course you have your joysticks. Your left, joystick. Is your ascend and descend and your turn left turn right. Your right joystick is your forward backwards or all left and all right now, when you turn the remote on for the first time. Oh, look: we have batteries in it im kidding, it does take three aaa batteries. They just slide right here in the back like so, and then you just pop this back on there, like so the controller always defaults to mode two and the only difference between mode one and mode. Two are the joysticks. All it does is swaps the joysticks around.

So when you go to turn the controller on just hold the trim button here and you just hold it in while you turn the controller on and it will default to mode one that will make this forward back backwards. Sorry all left alright, and this will make your ascend decent turn left turn right. All it does is swaps the joysticks around, so you saw the power button in the middle. You have your three led lights here: im, not sure if they go out as your batteries start to go bad im, not thinking they would, but they may you never know so in the middle. You have your power or speed switch right here. So you have speed. One click it over. You heard it be twice now youre in speed. Two back over, you are in speed. One then you have up here is your camera and video button. One click takes a picture, long press it now its starting to take a video tap. It again it will stop over. Here. Is your tricks button? I guess you could call it your trick button one press, the drone will spin around really fast in a circle and then long press it and the drone will do what they call a circle fly. So its not an exact circle fly because its, not gps, but it will its a pretty decent radius. You could stand in the middle of it and have the drone go around you.

It makes pretty cool video tap it again or your joystick, and that will stop now each one of these lasts 10 seconds or you can stop it on your own by just hitting the joystick there and it will quit so here is your auto. Take off and lan button when you unlock the motors you push this button and the drone will launch up into the air and keep going until you hit. No im kidding push this button. The drone actually goes up nice and smoothly, and it only goes up about four four and a half five feet and it will just stay there and it will wait for you to do what you want to do. You do have to trim the drone so its not going to go up and just hover in place like a gps drone, not even close, and the trim is real, simple thats this button here. This is your headless mode and your trim button here, so you press it in and you hold it in and youll see these will be blinking and then, whatever way the drone is drifting if its drifting left, you tap it this way. If its drifting right, you tap it that way and if its drifting, you know vice versa backwards. You would tap it forward. Just tap this joystick in the opposite direction, that the drone is drifting and keep doing it until it brings itself back or it stops and levels out and thats.

It youre pretty much good to go again. Your headless mode button is on here as well, so im going to turn it off real, quick and show you this on the top, and i will show you how it works here in just a minute. This part here actually blew my mind on this drone. This is a little wheel and it is functional and what this does is adjust your camera 90 degrees up and down. While the drone is in play. I have not seen one of these on a smaller say, non gps drone, so thats really really cool. I was really impressed when i saw this wheel on here and that it actually works. It does move the camera kind of quickly, so its just something youd have to tap and get used to. But you know what they say. Practice makes perfect lets, go ahead and open up the hs440 alright, so you do have to open the back propellers first or back arms first or they will block each other and then just the opposite. When you go to close it close the back ones, first and then open the front one second, or no reverse that strike that thats, not what i said was it close, the front ones first and then the back ones, when youre closing it up when youre opening Up open the back ones, first, then the front ones. I think i have that right. Right, yeah see it.

Okay, thats a lot all right anyway, that is the hs 440 right there. This little bad boy right here weighs 5.9 ounces or 166 grams. The range on this little guy here is 330 feet, thats the drone range and your fpv range. So your video feed is 330 feet as well, and that is up down side to side back and forth 330 feet all around. So you have your batteries really cool. They just slide in the back like so, if you do them right, i did mine backwards that figures and you just pop it in there and they lock in be careful when youre popping it in you dont want to push on this camera and break it. I usually try to just hold it next to it and thats it they lock in and there you have your hs 440 with battery in it now im going to show you something really quick and then well get into some more details on what this little guy Offers youve heard me, call it a mini me and im going to show you why i call it a mini me: hs. 440. Hs. 720E. Look at this! You guys this drone looks minus the brushless motors and gps and all that other good stuff. It literally looks like a mini me: the camera on the front, almost look the same, its just so cool. It blew my mind when i saw that the batteries almost the same way.

Let me pop the battery out of my 720 and ill show you and look look already. You can see it. They just look like a miniature version of the battery, its just so cool, so so cool anyway. I thought that was really cool, that it looked almost like the 720 or the 720e. This is the 720e, but anyway well get that out of the way so back to the drone. So it does have hinged propellers, which is really cool. They are semi, transparent, uh. Pretty neat there, you do have your camera on the front remember. I said it is 90 degree adjustable from the controller. The camera is at 1080p. There is a little catch to that 1080p, though, if you dont have the sd card in the drone which goes right here, and it will hold up to a 32 gigabyte sd card, and it just. I hope you can see it, but it slides right into the back here. Thats it its in there without the sd card. You can still take video and photos, but only your photos will be stored at 1080p. Your videos will be stored in the album on the app and on the album in your phone at 720p. So if you want 1080p crystal clear, high definition, pictures youre gon na need that sd card so theres the camera thats pretty much it. You have a couple filters on the bottom here. You have your serial number over here on the side on the bottom.

Is your power button and you just long press it and the drone comes on, and then you just got ta sync your controller to it, and to do that, you just turn the controller on long press, the power button and then up and back on the left. Joystick and now you can see here, the light has quit blinking. We are synced, so the next step would be to calibrate the gyro. This does not have a compass calibration, so you dont need to turn it around or like this. You just need to calibrate the gyro, so it kind of has a general idea of its altitude hold and all that other good stuff like that, but simple to do. Take both joysticks and you push them down and to the right now. Hopefully, you saw that, if not trust me it blinks, four or five times real, quick and then stops now. This little dude is ready to fire up and to unlock the motors, which is really cool on this one. You dont have to just push the joystick up for him to take off. You can unlock the motors and i love that feature on a drone kind of gets that warm up period for you and its just same way down and in this time, with both joysticks. And here we go. I want to make sure im clear of the propellers. There goes, oh my god, its so cool. Now it makes some noise, but i have to be honest with you.

This is a super quiet, non uh or a brushed motor drone. Brushless motor drums are usually really quiet. This is almost similar, its pretty damn quiet for having brushed motors in it. That surprised me, but to stop the motors and again thats it. They stop youre good to go. That is our hs 440, with everything you get with it. I went over the the cords all that other good stuff, so now, im gon na show you how the app works and ill show you how to hook it up to the wi fi. Okay, guys so im just gon na show you a pop up screen here of how to connect the hs440 to the wi fi or connect your phone to the drones. Wi fi signal its really simple to do just go to your wi fi settings open it up and the drone will emit a wi fi name, its holy stone, fpv and then theres, some numbers after it. All you want to do is simply connect to it. Itll tell you youre connected more than likely its going to tell you youre connected without internet thats perfectly okay, you do not need an internet connection to connect to the drones, wi fi signal. So, even if you have a phone without a cellular provider, if it works and it can connect to a wi, fi signal, youre good to go. If your phone asks you, if you want to switch to cellular data or keep the wi fi connection, keep the wi fi connection, because you cant fly it without that.

Okay, guys now that were connected to the wi fi lets go ahead and enter the app voila, and if you have a video feed, you are connected correctly to the drones. Wi fi, you can see there. We are very good now you cannot use the controller and the app controls at the same time and some of the features on the app we just lost our feed, but some of the features on the app you cannot use if you have the controller on. So if you want to use the apps features, i know it sounds confusing, but you have to turn the controller off. You can unlock the motors with the control with the app or the controller or you can do it with the controller. Put the drone in the air and then turn the controller off once you get it trimmed and take over with the app, but to get the app controls up. You have to hit that little remote control icon up at the top left up. There youll see there. It turned blue now your joysticks are up and theyre the same as the controller that you have it in your hand, the left one is ascend and descend, and the right one is forward and backwards. So the first little thing there on the top left that just turned blue is your headless mode. Then you have your speed switch that will switch it from speed one to two. Your next one is your calibration for your drone tap it.

It will do your gyro calibration for you on the drone all the way over to the right now the cell phone picture there. If you tap on this, that will make your phone basically a gravity sensor to control the drone. It will not make the drone go up or down or turn left or right, but it will, if you tilt your phone forward, your drone will go forward tilt it back. The drone will go backwards, tilt it to the left, the right so on and so on. But it does not ascend and descend. You have to do that with your fingers. Still next one is your emergency stop button and youll see here when we tap it youll get a little countdown once thats done and gone, your drone drops out of the sky, so watch where it is your next one is your photo button. Then you have your vr. If you tap that you can see, the screen gets narrower, so you can put your vr goggles on and fly the drone which is really super cool. Then those little boxes up there at the far right. Those are your other features. The drone can do so. Your first one is your talk and you can say, fly you can say land. You can see it popping up on the screen there, land backward. So as long as the apps recognizing what youre saying the drone will do, what youre telling it to do, you can fly land backward forward left and right is what you can do.

You cannot unlock the motors and or any of the other good stuff, but those are the commands you can do with your voice. The next one to it is your tap to fly and youll notice. Your right controller joystick on the app went away – and all you want to do – is draw a pattern and make sure you have the room to do this. You can draw any pattern you want. I will do a figure eight just to show you oops, i didnt oh hold on. I didnt finish it all right and the drone will follow the pattern you drew right there on the screen when its done. It will stop just note its not gps, so it aint going to stop on a dime. It may continue to drift a little bit turn that one off, so we controllers are back the next one is your trim. You can see the little sliders in the middle of the joysticks and at the bottom, the one in the middle is forward and backward trim. The one on the bottom is your left and right true, so you can even trim the drone through the app the next one, with the one and two you can see. The two is highlighted blue already thats. The joysticks, like i told you before the controller defaults to mode two, how to switch it to mode one on here. You can do the same thing. You just tap this and it swaps the joysticks around.

So your left one is forward and backwards, and your right one is ascend and descend back to two. Then you have your gesture. It pops up here ill. Let you see that so a peace sign. It will take your photo and a high five. It will start a video just remember you cant, take a picture if youre recording a video or it wont you cant, do both so youll have to stop your video if youre recording in order to do this well cancel that the very bottom left is your auto Takeoff and your auto land, so once you take off the arrow, pointing upward will be blue when you hit the auto land. When the drone is in flight, the bottom one will turn blue and it will land where it is its, not a return to home. So just note it will land wherever you have it at so all the way over to the right again, the camera is to take a picture im not connected, so i wont do it and then, of course, your video will start your video and then down below Is your photo album where your pictures are stored? They are stored to the sd card, remember in 1080p, video to your phone, its 720p and theres a gallery in the app where it is also saved at 720p thats. The app i showed you how to connect it to the wi fi were good to go, were going to go, get this thing ready and were going to put it in the air and were going to see what this little dude can do.

But i want to get it up here and show you how it sounds and how good it flies. So im going to unlock the motors and im gon na go ahead and hit the one key take off button and up we will go and ill show you how high up it launches and and thats gon na be it. Here. We go Applause there we go thats the height it goes up to. That was a really smooth takeoff. Nice take off all right, so im drifting, a little. The breeze could be affecting that now. If youre trying to trim this drone outside in any freeze whatsoever, you wont be able to do it its going to be impossible to do, but im going to try to set the trim a little bit and well see what we can do here so lets see. So now the drone is drifting forward. Music Applause and you can see there thats pretty good, honestly Applause, so thats, not bad! You can see the drift is really slow. It gives you plenty of time to do what you got to do with him. Music im really impressed at how quiet this drone is for having brushed motors that just absolutely impressing me right now: thats crazy, all right so im going to do the speeds and ill all in back and forth here and ill show you, the different speeds right now Were on speed one – and this is speed one now you can see when you let go of the joystick.

This drone will keep drifting but hell slow down, but hes not going to stop on a dime because its not a gps, drone again then ill slide. The speed switch over now were in speed, two and ill start on him and speed two, so you can see it here. We go. Oh speed, two is really quick, while really impressive. There is no delay whatsoever from the controller to the drone. That is really awesome. So ill show you this the real quick circle spin that he does here. So you can see that you can see ive, trimmed him and hes still drifting around, but thats the breeze so just take warning its, not a wind, loving drone for sure all right. So let me see if i can get him fixed here, just a little bit better than that hes gon na he wants to go outside with the wind. Well get him in here a little bit better thats, pretty good! Get him over here and now ill. Do the quick circle spin there he goes. Music almost took my cameraman out all right, so he does do a circle fly its not a pretty circle fly, but he does it its not a big radius at all and ill go ahead and do that now. So you guys can see it. Let me get them out here, some more because with my luck, itll be a bigger circle. Fly this time than what i did last time.

So here we go Applause and thats. The circle fly so just cool just to play around with him. Absolutely though this is a great backyard or indoor drone. I love it not exactly a 720e stem cell drone but its closed. It looks like it. Its pretty cool Applause hits the wire on the garage door opener there, but he kept going so were good. All right so lets try the lamb button and see how well he lands and then ill take off with the joystick and show you that and then ill show you guys, the camera so im gon na hit the lamp button. Wow wow! That was a really smooth landing. Ive had other drones like this, where they just plop down on the ground. All right so unlock the motors again and now im going to lift him up with the joystick and thats it. I pushed up, let go and thats how he goes thats the drift so not intimidating at all. I like this is a badass little drone. I like this little around. This is cool all right, so im going to hit record on my phone here, so i can show you guys the video quality and then im going to show you how the uh adjustable camera works from the controller and the drone, its not a great camera. But you can adjust it down and get birds, eye views and stuff like that, but its definitely not one to take pretty videos with.

So let me hit the video button. There we go and you can see the video is pretty damn nice for 1080p, its not bad and then heres the gim, the camera. I almost call it a gimbal, its not quite a gimbal, so you can see there is a delay in it and it moves rather quick. But look at that. Video is really nice, very, very cool Applause and thats him hes just staying there. He its a great altitude hold on it. I am really impressed this is a really great little drone. Okay, so now ill land him with the joystick and then im going to attempt to do something that i do not want to do. But im going to turn the controller off because you cannot have it on when you use the controllers on the app. I will turn the voice, control on and im going to tell him to fly and well see if hell take off and thats, probably as far as im going to get, because i am not good at using the joysticks on the app at all. It takes a lot of practice and i just dont ever use them so ill land him with my joystick and well see how that goes. Here. We go wow nice, smooth, landing Applause as he plops down on the ground, so the one key land actually works. A little bit better than the joystick, but again that wasnt bad for this kind of drone.

Okay, so here we go im gon na turn, the controller off. Oh boy, you can see the controller on the app screen turned white im going to click it itll turn. Blue now i have joysticks down here and i will have to unlock the motors with those. So when i unlock them im going to tell the drone to fly and pray to god, it does not crash. Because again, i am not good at this whatsoever. So were going to unlock the motors, oh god there they go all right here we go fly. I guess i got ta hold on. I guess i got ta turn the voice controls on so lets. Do that all right here we go. All right here goes fly! Oh so thats the controllers im doing now on the app so theyre pretty decent, but there is a little delay in them and i am just not good at this Music man, oh well, that was quick all right, so we landed it. Im not going to go through them all guys. I just dont have the room to do it in here, so i dont want to do it so ill close these out. You can turn it off turn your controller back on and then joystick up and back and now the drone is connected back to the controller. I really kind of wish that the controller and the app would work as one you know where you could do have both just in case of an emergency.

You could grab the joysticks, at least on the controller and save the drone that was pretty close to wheat. I almost wrecked it all right, so walmart motors ill put him in the air one more time and take him for a little spin and show you guys a little more how he handles and then im going to give you my final thoughts on this little badass. Here we go one key, take off awesome Music. I, like him very cool, very cool little drone handles super well easy to fly. Okay, so my final thoughts on the hs440. This really is a great little foldable. Drone again, like i said earlier, not a mini its kind of a midsize, how close to the hs720e, it looks. They took a shrink, ray and shrunk it down, minus the gps and all the other good stuff on the 720e. But overall, i would absolutely give this drone five stars. I love the fact that you can put an sd card in it and that the camera is adjustable up and down. You guys saw it. It went well minus the trying to do the app controls, but again im not great at doing that. So, but we opened them, it flew. It worked, love the way it handles. No um no lag between the controller, no delay between the controller and the drone, which was great. It was an instant even on the app it was pretty much. Not much of a delay is slight, but not mad, so yeah great little drone.

Overall, i love it. Uh, probably will be in pauls picks this year, so go to amazon, get yourself. One guys, remember 99 bucks right around there use that 10 clickable coupon. That amazon has grab the coupon code. I have down there in the description, get an additional 10 off great drone for 80 bucks, absolutely worth that price. Thats gon na. Do it great five star drone from uh holy stone, thanks again to them for the coupon code. So go get yourself! A drone. Go fly, it have fun, dont, be a drone dummy and well see you guys.