You have to be 14., this isn’t it’s the hs 210 drone. Yes, this is it right now go buy one. I don’t know how much they are got it for christmas, but yeah they’re, really good, so yeah. I don’t know how to work. I know how to use it, but i don’t know how to like fix it up so i’m, just gon na say before the video starts this. If you buy it, if the l i dot power plug it into a plug plug it in, and if you grab these about one of these three batteries, the last we don’t know how long the last before and i’ll read. It probably tell us about i’d say about two, maybe 10 minutes i’d say probably. I don’t know how long i’m not going to give you time, because i don’t want to be scary, but yeah you get it then the bit at the back with a slot just goes straight in and boom and you get the other one. It can only charge two at a time, though, which is good, because most things only make it one a time. This one is two so now that we got that out of the way. Why is it something needs fixing? So if something needs to fix things that batteries in the controller goes with this that’s, not good that’s, no good, it comes with this, this being a mini screwdriver, so this will never break but in case something inside the controller.

You can just take out the four screws at the top and boom there you go there’s the circuit board, motherboard, whatever you want to call it i’d advise if these brakes do not touch them Music because it comes with an extra set of colors it’s. Basically, all you want to do is put it put it in one of four holes with screws in and turn it right until it gets a bit stiff. Therefore, and you won’t lose it – you want to do this with all four corners where you can screws so bottom left up and down up up bottom left button right now, we’ve done that return last one. This screwdriver is really good, just gon na say by the way, Applause. I know they haven’t sponsored us, but they can. Copyright me on the one they’re just trying to be kind, so yeah just go check them out it’s at go check out there. Oh just go to the link in the description. Maybe i don’t know so um i don’t know if i can put it in on when i’m filming on ipad. If it is in oh yeah, if it’s in the just check the description anyway, but yeah so then onto the propellers, so the drone comes with four pillars prepared red. But if you want, you can have black black black and red red red. But i do not know. I now know how to take the balls off.

It comes with one of these iron things. Okay, then you get it, you got it. You put it right here under the propeller, make sure it’s hooked. Then you just want to pull it off, and then you can put it on well, you don’t want to damage the drone it, but a bit too much time to take each one off then put each one on i’m going to show you all, but i can Keep them all back for this video yeah so down here then the seat. You see this little line on the back. You have to slot it in kaboom, now it’s flashing. Then you want to Music Music, some people. I do it sometimes like this push. The button in first until it reaches the end like so just boom stay in okay. It will be flashing, for example, if you need batteries just grab your batteries believe there is no batteries included, i’m, not sure, but there is no batteries included. So you want to get your screwdriver screw this bit. The screwdriver works with everything shown here and you get this thing. You get the iron tool with the thing you get everything here that i’ve showed you right now everything that’s there, including this comes in this box. Here, which is really good and it’s, really cool i’m, just gon na say visit www.again or is it dot, co dot? Uk, let me check yeah dot com and pick just i don’t know if you can pick it up online, but get yourself a hs 210 drone, because you want to get one that way put it in plus on the just basically get the minus on the spring.

Once you get minus on the spring, you should, and i will try my best to show you how to lift off. I will not be able to drive since i’m indoors, but yeah. I can definitely take it off here. Definitely set it off now. Let the batteries Applause title quickly before we start the test flight. Why don’t we get that going because i’ll be dangerous and i’ll probably break something in my house, most likely i’ll break the drone because of the light. Okay, so, first of all i’d advise to do this. If you don’t see this video, it comes with a book of instructions, tells you everything today shows you the head. The tail triple aaa battle is: it is not included and yeah i’m just gon na quickly. Look through this in an adapter okay, so the charging thing can go in a powerbank computer and an adapter when the battery is phone. We tell you only do this when it’s full first, oh yeah, there’s. Also this, it is a caution of buttermilk, which you should read. I’Ve already read one of these, but right now i will start to tidy up, but i will probably do it on my second part or it might go in this video of me um. What it looks like charging up the battery, then how to load the phone that’s? Why i’m just going to watch it i’m going to keep up the caution of buttons to see? If i know in the phone, if i don’t know when the phone then you’ll be seeing me, but then i’ll be reading the caution of buttons just for safety, and so then you can get the full safe, not really mainly for safety, and also so you guys Can a full enjoyment of this brilliant drone people say people say: oh it’s, bad, because it’s small, but no it’s, it might be small, but trust me it’s worth the money.

Okay, so Music yeah! I can make it i’ll show you how to get Music get two batteries on charge, almost actually now i’d say, probably so yeah and yes before you say anything i will be checking. I will be reading instructions again, knock them all out here will, but i will be reading cautions and buttons is that my friends is something you need to know i’m, not the biggest fan of myself. So basically, this is the instructions it’s about it. It’S, a 23 page long, which isn’t that bad and the question of butter is, is in different languages, which is good, there’s i’ll just be reading the english ones that’s the question of butter, so we’ll get the butter is we’ll, get look at this. Basically, here you get a drone one down a controller: zero batteries, no batteries included just gon na, say that’s, the probably the only bad thing about this drone and then there’s the um three batteries that you get three batteries: one battery charger, the screwdriver two block propellers, Two red propellers and then there’s the two instructions and the propeller changer, and also just to make sure i get you can get full function on this drone on the drone. You can do 3d flips headless mode. One key start: stop one key one key like o n e k, e y start, slash, stop three speed modes up and down forward and backwards left and right turn left and right and again, if you do want one, i don’t know if you could pick them Up online, i definitely know you can buy them, go to www. and now let’s get coming over Music it, but i’ll find a way place. Hello, guys. I’M back. I took me three minutes to get a plug, but yes, it doesn’t matter how you get it that i got it so here’s the plug for now here’s the plug. So you want to turn on your port. Let me do this. You want to turn on your blog. You want to get the buttons, then you want to unplug it and you want to find where to plug it in and boom. If you see these levels, it means it’s charging as soon as it goes to green means, it’s charged so then i’m, not sure on the con cautions of batteries avoid short circuits by fitting the batteries incorrectly and do not crush or squeeze the batteries. As this could carry the risk of an explosion, ensuring you’ll start or charging your batteries in an open and dry area away from anything flammable recommend a fireproof bag, it is recommended to only use the usb charging cable that comes with the drone to charge the buttons Do not connect the batteries directly to the wall outlets or car cigarette lighter sockets do not charge the batteries directly after use. Allow it time to cool down in an open and dry area. Do not charge your batteries above two amps to make sure the values removed from the charger after charging is complete. Never overcharged batteries do not attempt to disassemble or modify the batteries in any way.

Do not use the batteries. Do not use the batteries if it gives off an odor generates heat becomes discolored or deformed appears in normal in any way keep the battery out of it speech from children or perhaps do not attempt disassembling or modify the batteries in any way be cautious, while removing A battery from a charger it’s a possibility to strip the cards that could lead to into a fire ever in the battery do not do not pierce the back of the case back of the casing, with a nail or other sharp object, break it with a hammer. Break it open with a hammer or step on it, so guys that is caution with the batteries, but what it’s just that do not plug it directly into a wall it’s already getting warm. So i will quickly just unplug that so yeah we’re going to be careful with that we’re just going to i’m just going to watch some struggle plug. There can be another special event, let’s caution about this thing number two. I will not go through it all, but i will go straight forward so then flying open areas maintain mine of sight fly by below 164 feet, avoid flying near obstacles, crowd, high voltage, power lines, trees, airports are bodies of water and then let’s. I will just do a blue phone down. This is what it comes in the content, so i can just make sure you get drone, which i call the controller.

I can get it to focus here. You can get the drone the transmitter, one drone, one transmitter. Three drone batteries, a usb charger; one propeller, well one propeller, so you get two reds two blocks, two red four four beds: four blocks: a usb charger. You have three drill batteries, a screwdriver, a propeller, spanner instructions for use and also, of course, on the bottom constantly about a minute or so all the drone will automatically land on low electricity. Then we have okay. So this is what it says. It says: speed, switch, left, joystick, open keys, start slash, landing 360 indicator, light 160 degrees, flip that one says right: joy, stick and headless mode and turn on the slash off and on the back it’s. Just the battery compartment buckle it back inside triple a battery is not included. Left right, stick up makes it ascend down, makes it descend left makes it turn right. Right makes it too light up for the right and the stick makes it go forward and backwards. Well down backwards, but yeah you get it and yeah. It is mode one it’s, the exact same, but yeah charging indicator charging usb charging charging port connect the button with the charger plug it into a usb charging, port or computer power bank or usb adapter charging time 40 to 60 minutes. While the battery is charging, the charging indicator light is red when the batteries from the charging indicator holder before charging, please check the contents use of battery in the safety guidelines carefully pair.

The drone connect the drone to the battery car i’ve, already told you all that calibrate the driver. You have to move to calibrate the driver. You get the controller, you move the left one up then down you get both of them. Diagonally to the bottom left. Um is there anything else: i’ve not covered under is really important. Drone specifications model hs 210 weight, 22 grams flight times seven minutes so each battery we’re, going by seven minutes each battery roughly stays about uh 3.1 minutes each and roughly, i have to say now: 2.3 minutes, nah right, yeah about 3.3 minutes each well, roughly about three Minutes after the flim felt say, model motor model, 0615 operating temperature range, 14, 14 degrees fahrenheit to 104 fahrenheit, or it can go down to minus 10 celsius to 104 now to plus, and then it can go to 104. No, no, no, no don’t, remember the 104. For the celsius 40 celsius flight battery, oh i’ll tell you capacity 220 220 milliamps voltage 3.7 battery type, lipo battery charging temperature range 41 degrees to 104 fahrenheit 5 degrees to 40 celsius, charging time 40 to 60 minutes, depending on charging power and the remaining power battery Power transmitter operating frequency, um 2.4 dirt ghz in the bottom corner g hd, whatever that means transmitting distance 50 meters outdoors and unobstructed operating temperatures range 32 to 104. Fahrenheit is 0 to 40 celsius. Um back to it one point: 1.5 volts triple a battery is not included the batteries.

The aaa batteries are not included. Usb charging cable front 5 rated power, 10 watts. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you need further further support. I will not read you the um any of the numbers, because i don’t want you guys to call them without need. But please, if you do buy one and you do need help they’ll be on the back of the box. General information, general information, general information, but yeah, so that is all you need to know about i’m gon na get back up on my bed. Yes, Music, so yeah well i’m. Putting these back in the box tomorrow. Maybe soon i don’t know when you might be getting me that’s flying this baby. This is one of the best drones ever to be honest, it’s really good, but you just have to be careful with the batteries because you don’t want to break them because then it could set fire as it said in there, but yeah you want to be really Careful when using batteries everything you get a parent to help you, even if you’re 14 years or older, to help you no matter what you do yeah so guys. If you see me face, i don’t care but yeah we’re doing the face reveal like 200 subs. I think he said i don’t know when, but it might, it will probably get lowered it’s up to the leader what we do for any of these two so yeah after i put the battery in, i will put the box and i’ll put it in the box.

Yep the battery’s in i’m gon na put everything into the box. I hate. The only thing they need to do better is nothing because it’s a perfect drone. In my opinion, the worst thing is probably the bag size. The little bug size of what you get see. It’S just popped for me because the screwdriver is stabbed a hole in it. So what i’m gon na have to do is this i’m gon na have to keep the screwdriver and the power thing out. You’Re gon na have, to put i just got, to keep all the tools and the charging part out and i’ve got a the propellers and the batteries in yep all really important things in that. I know a little bit some stuff about, but yes, so guys i’ve shown you really anything. I could show you about holy stones. Go check them out This drone, the hate model, hs, 210 it’s, really a really good drone. Overall, after all, the drones i’ve done. I’Ve only done one journey in my life. Well with the unders. I will start drone reviews. I will be doing reviews now. This will be not a toy review, but reviews yeah, all right, let’s put the tourism, so i’ll just quickly show off everything in the box. So quickly to show off, then this is the y dot pro charger input dc five volts output, dc 600 mega milliamps times two x2. Then we have the um change the um propellers planner.

Then we have the screwdriver. This is one of your favorite things. Now, once you get this, this will help you with everything, but overall holy stone is the best and one of the only this is my first ever drone. Another video will be coming out probably tomorrow. This is a half an hour video, i know, but yes, it’s 14 plus holy stone, www.www go check them out, get yourself one of these or any product there get yourself anything there. This is my new favorite drone and my only drone well one of my only two drones and i will be covering a new, a new type of remote control.