From what i understand, the biggest improvement – and here is the drone – is – it is no longer a brushed motor drone. This drone now has brushless motors, which are quieter, more reliable and offer more power. Now this drone does have a full hd camera. You can tilt this camera up and down, but it is not gimbal stabilized so its best on less windy days, but you also need to remember that this is not a professional drone. This is a perfect entry level drone to even find out if youre going to like drones or if you want to fly drones, and you can still get some really great video and some really nice photos with this. So, rather than talking too much about the specs of this im gon na, let the drone talk for itself and im. Just gon na show you this video and these pictures that i took with this drone. I hope you guys enjoy Music Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Music. So what did you think about that footage from this entry level? Drone the hs175d? Not too shabby? I think it came out pretty nice, especially when you take time to add a little music to it and you know do a little editing on it. I didnt change the footage. I just added: transitions cuts and music thats it. What you see is what youll get, as i said before, the drone does have brushless motors foldable propellers, the full hd camera.

If you look on the bottom, you have a little tiny camera here. This is for position hold, so even if it does not have gps lock, it will stay in place and maintain its position with. That being said, this drone does fly by gps. That is very important, meaning that when youre flying it, if you stop and put the controller down, this drone is going to stay where you left it until the battery dies and it comes home or until you move it, the drone does come with two batteries. You will get approximately 23 minutes of flight time per battery. It has a micro sd card slot in the back, it does have lights, as you can see, while youre flying and its just an all around fun. Little drone controller is a little bit light, but its nice it does the job. The sticks feel good. This flips up has a built in phone holder, flip out, grips and a flip up antenna, and then on the top. Here you have your camera tilt control. You have your video button and your stills button and you return the home button and auto take off so and then this does not require separate batteries, it does have a built in battery, and this is your charge port. You use a micro usb to charge this. It does come with two batteries. You also get a full set of propellers in case you break one. You get two chargers and a screwdriver set with some extra screws, so all around a very nice entry level drone.

You can do some fun stuff with this before you make a decision. If you want to spend thousands of dollars on something by other companies, this can be a lot of fun and will make you a good pilot. Just pick a nice calm day and fly it and get some footage and make it look great.