First thing i like is the super bright colors, this nice blue, the nice white that comes with it, offsets with that black, especially when those lights come on the little indicator lights. It looks like a whole little piece that comes together really nice. Now in the box. It comes with an extra set of propellers, a screwdriver two sets of battery a nice standard, size controller. It feels really pretty decent in my hand. I don’t have the biggest hands, but it feels pretty nice. The joysticks are really springy. All the buttons are pretty responsive. I did have some trouble with the 360 flip button: i’m, not really sure what was going on there, but the trimmer buttons work. Well, the auto lend and auto launch button works phenomenal. That was one of the only ways that i was actually able to get it off the ground. One big negative, i didn’t like about the controller, is that it didn’t come with any batteries. The drone itself comes with these two lipo batteries that come with a nice little plug that you can plug into a standard usb box that charges them up and i’d say in probably about 30 minutes, or so you get eight minutes of flight off of each battery. So you’ll have to swap those out pretty frequently, but fortunately they do they charge pretty fast. Like i said, the issue with the controller is that you have to buy two double a batteries for it, which doesn’t really make much sense for me.

Comes with the one. Little charger that you can use for one you figures you’d be able to use them for both but i’m, no drone designer. So what do i know how it flies? It’S, it’s, a pretty good little drone. It only had a minor drift factor. I’D say i was able to complete a lot of the challenges for the obstacles that i took it through but, like i said it does have a minor drift factor, so you got ta, make sure you’ve got to make sure that you’re really on your controls, especially If you’re trying to fly it horizontally through anything or vertically down and through something you’ll see it in the video that i’ve got but uh, it made it a little bit difficult, but where this drone really shines, it’s really durable, these propeller guards on it. They really. They really are worth their way, you’ll see in the video i’ve knocked it around a few places. I had it flying off into the ceiling into the walls, but it was really resilient. Another negative that i did notice is that once the batteries start diminishing, it starts flashing, which is a good indicator. That’S a nice little indicator, but it does start losing some of the functionality you start seeing it lose power. It’Ll start bobbing a little bit which isn’t too bad. You just got to make sure that you’re on it and making sure that you’re paying attention let’s see.

Would i recommend it for the price. The price line of between 29 and 32 on amazon it’s an easy buy, especially if you’ve got somebody who’s 12 and up hell, even adults. If you want to get a nice little drone without the camera. This is a great little package like i said it comes with the controller. The two batteries just make sure you buy the two double a so that you can get it flying as soon as you get it. Uh yeah i’d highly recommend it. This is the 170 predator drone.