This is a gps model. Also the cool thing about it is unlike the 110g, which is only an fpv view. This can give you more of a stable shot, because the camera actually moves 90 degrees. So we’re going to play with this right now we’re going to see what kind of shots we can get with it stoked dude. So one of the most important things that we want to do before we actually fly our drone is we want to make our camera straight? We want to read our instruction manual, so these are the instructions for use that are sent with the holy stone. 120D gps. Let’S open it up and take a look here. Let me put my reading glasses on. We got a nice table of contents here we can see that it’s in english it’s in chinese and it’s in german, so let’s see here we have a disclaimer and warning. We have safety guidelines. Safety is very important notice. I am wearing my high visibility. Safety vest, letting everyone know that’s around that i am flying a drone. I probably need to get some safety cones and go around my my takeoff point let’s see here check before use flight environment find an open area. We maintain our line of sight and we fly below 120 meters with this drone flying over and near obstacles. Crowds as we noticed, we got a little close to some things and, with this this north northwest wind kind of creates a little vortex almost in it.

Instead of it pushing it back, it was bringing it back the closer i was to those little items. Don’T use this drone in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow fog and wind. We know that because of the density of the air operational requirements, stay away from the propellers don’t fly in a no fly zone. I use a app that’s called before you fly. The use of the battery maintenance, you want to clean the product after every use. I fell a couple times there, so it’s a little dusty. I got a little chip on that propeller already. I want to go through that that real nice, because that’s gon na impact its flight it’s amazing how delicate those little air currents are so package contains one drone one transmitter mine came with two drone batteries. Mine came with a battery charging hub for the two batteries. It came with four extra propellers, it came with. Four extra space rings came with four screws came with two extra propeller gears came with, an extra set of landing gear came with a wrench came with a screwdriver, came with four caps and came with a charging cable and, of course, it came with these instructions for Use, please read the instructions for use all right. The drones detail, according to the instructions i’m going to grab you right here now, according to the instructions. Here we have a cap which is located here here at the top, which, if we see here this is where our screwdriver is going to go to remove that cap and to take this propeller off.

When you take that off, there are going to be what are called spacer rings on these propellers. You want to make sure that you don’t lose those you do not want to lose those all right. So we have a cat. We have our little spacer ring inside of there. We have our propeller. These are labeled as to how they spin. So this is a propeller, a propeller, a spins like this. This is propeller b propeller b spins like this and those are labeled on the propellers. In any questions, we can go right here to the instruction manual and we can take a look here. It also goes over the transmitter details which we know as the remote control it has. A power indicator has a phone holder. It has these antennas here which i like to use those those antenna, little boosters, they say they’re for the dgi, but they work just fine on this. For me and we just take a look here. We have the record video on the right. We have the picture taker on the left. We have the camera angle. Adjustment and a speed switch just make sure that you’re real familiar with this prior to using it all right. This is some of the controls here. This is joystick mode. We have a mode one and a mode two and mode two will be the default setting and mode. Two is like that in mode one is like in mode.

One is like that mode, two mode, one. We have the phone holder, we have the propellers there there’s a little more intricate diagram, a little bit about the camera. We’Re hoping we don’t have a camera problem a little bit about the batteries here. It says charging time 120 minutes, hs gps version one, and if you have a scan app, you can scan that and i’ll bring the app for your use of immediately talks. A little bit about pairing here. Talks about the drone, the front of where the camera is is known as the head of the drone and the rear where the battery is is known as the tail of drone in the instructions here. It’S going to show us how to calibrate the compass it’s going to show us how to calibrate the gyro and it’s going to tell us that it’s going to be searching for the gps after we complete that process. So we’re going to need to wait for these lights to go solid here, we’re going to unlock the motor it’s going to show us right there, and then we have a one key takeoff and landing option here and then we have our our app functions here. We have follow me, we have a lock follow mode, we have a return to home and auto takeoff and auto landing. Take photo. Take video, sound recording. This is awesome. We have a beginner’s mode, we’re gon na, go into the app itself and remove that and set those flight parameters for us.

We have three speed modes on this drone low, medium and high. I stayed in low the entire time and trimmer function so make sure you get very familiar with the instructions to your drone and have happy flying. I love flying these things and i hope to start choreographing some of the surfers out there with this little drone before i start investing a little bit more money in the drones. I really wanted to get my pilot’s license, which i am an faa licensed part 107. Uav pilot, i passed my test and i got the card and everything i have a flight waiver to fly in atlantic beach and all the drones that i’m flying right now are under the 250 gram regulation, so they prob they’re not considered drones. I wouldn’t think i think they’d be considered a children’s toy under the 250 grand mark, i think after 250 grams, then it becomes a little bit more of a legal issue, but i just wanted to make sure that i got familiar on how to fly those before I went above that 200 good afternoon. Welcome to sandbar sofa surfers today, we’re going to be going over the hs 120 d. This is an awesome. Little drone it’s just at 128.99 on amazon let’s get the app going let’s get this thing flying it’s a step up. Above my 120 uh or my 110g and my 110d that i’ve been flying because those are fpvs and this one is a movable camera, so we’re actually going to be able to move our views.

That’S going to be awesome all right awesome thanks for watching sandbar, sofa, surfers i’m jeremy i’m here in jacksonville florida, jacksonville beach, florida and today we’re going over the holy stone, 120 d, gps, drone cool thing about this drone is: it has a movable camera right here That you can actually control with your remote. What comes in the box with this right here, two batteries, remote control, drone a couple propellers, actually, four propellers. It actually comes with some gears, some screws in this instruction manual, and it comes with this instruction manual, which i recommend you look at thoroughly before flying your drone. Now we’re going to go ahead and look at this we’re gon na power on our remote. We already have our drone powered on and the cool thing about that is it calibrated the camera there. What i’m gon na do here is i’m gon na turn on my phone here and i’m going to turn my wi fi on here, i’ll bring you with me. Applause Applause, okay, we’ve got the instruction manual here. We’Ve got the drone. We’Ve got the drone powered on and now we’re going for the phone, so let’s go ahead and turn our wi fi on let’s go ahead and turn our airplane mode on, and we want to make sure that our security and location is on. So we need to turn that on and we also need to turn on find my device which is on now, and we are going to open up the app for this.

And if you have the holy stone, 110g that’s the same app. So you’re going to be opening up the hs gps v1 and when you go there, you’re going to have an option right here: it’s going to have the 120d, the 110g and, of course, we’re going to select the 120d we’re going to go into controls. Usually, when i launch it for the first time, it has a difficult time finding the wi fi signal so now, we’re connected to the wi fi we’re going to come out of that and look there. We are and to go ahead and give it a little quick test here. We’Re gon na go ahead and tilt the camera a little bit let’s see if we can control that camera – oh not yet what we need to do is we’re gon na need to sink our controller with the remote so that’s. What we’re going to do right now and how we do that as we push on the left, toggle we’re, going to push up and we’re gon na push down all right. We just had a little camera movement there. Cool thing is right: now is i’m actually using the remote for a camera tripod i’m using the the camera holder for it. Just for this little angle that i have going on right here now, once we have that done, we’re going to need to go ahead and get the gps all noted out, so we’re going to hit to the 1 o’clock and the 11 o’clock on alternating left and Right, joysticks and we’re going to go ahead and spin.

This 360 degrees until those lights go solid and then i’m going to put the camera down and then i’m going to rotate until those lights become solid and they are solid, looks like we have everything going on right now, let’s see if i can control this camera. A little bit yeah looks like we can control that camera i’m going to go ahead and tilt it up some and it looks like that’s about as far up as it’s gon na go for us yeah. So i guess the next thing for us to do is to just uh take it for a fly, so i’m gon na go ahead and start recording right now. Let me hit that record button, one more time. Okay, now we’re recording it took me a couple of times to get that going there i’m gon na just leave my phone here and i’m just gon na try to do it by sight, i’m gon na push down and over on my control sticks to get this Thing going and then we’re gon na fly Applause come down a little bit for me, you’re anxious to get up there. Ain’T you baby girl, oh yeah, it looks good Music. You know what we need to do: we’re really going to try to get some cool shots with that. You know what let me back over here and make sure we’re still recording yeah. We are still recording i’m gon na try to get this a little bit better in frame, make a little better shot here.

Music and then you know what i say i say: let’s go for a fly. You let’s go ahead and tilt our camera down. I want to go ahead and tilt the camera down a little bit. I want to play with it and to tilt it down we’re, going to just roll the wheel over to the right i’m gon na back her up and take her up and see what kind of little shot we can get. It’S not a preset shot, but it’s a nice little shot bring her back down to us. You know we need to do. We need to come back over here. Wow this thing’s super fun to fly. We need to come turn our camera off, so let’s get that last shot over here. Come here baby, oh yeah, nice little shot there and i’m running this all the way until the battery. Oh, no, that was horrible. Well, let’s, see what happens after a crash. Let’S see what happens after a crash, so the kids had it, they took it around bamo crash let’s, see what we can do here. Well, first thing i want to do is stop that that recording that was saving. I want to start recording again. If you do it for me, you know what this time let’s take some pictures, so we’re going to hit down on both sticks, it’s going to reset the drone for us. We should have white lights in the front. Purplish violet the blue lights in the back we’re, going to go down on both control sticks and in and we’re going gon na try this again.

So here we go up. Oh not up so so fast stay with me, stay with me. There, oh yeah and then we’re gon na fly all right. I’M gon na turn this camera off. How sweet is that oh yeah, yeah, that’s, sweet we’ve got a little bit of wind here, i’m gon na, take it up and take a picture of us Music. I’M gon na turn this off and then let’s go fly over here. Some Applause Applause bring it down a little bit. Let’S. Take you around get a little closer Music. Oh, she got caught a little funky there. A little funky now let’s see what happens after one of these little incidents happens here. Nothing truly major going on there here, we’ll come in front of this whale all right. You know what let’s let’s wipe her off and let’s launch her again there. She is running strong. All right, let’s get a little camera action here we got a little rotating up. We’Ll, give it another little rotate down. I’Ve been craving to get this little downward shot here for a while, now and let’s come play with the dolphin for a minute. We still we’re still running on that same one battery we’re still running on that same one: Applause, battery, Music, whew we’re having fun out here, come here, let’s go to the other side, we’re having fun out here today. Well come here, let’s shift! This way try to get that camera angle a little bit better.

Oh, we got the return to home feature, kicking i’ma override the return to home. Just so i can try to get this shot. Real, quick and it doesn’t want to. Let me do it it doesn’t want to. Let me do it it’s going back to home, so there’s the dolphin, and i guess we’re, going to walk it like we walked the dog and we’re going to walk it right on back to where we started from Music. Maybe it’ll give me enough time to turn this other camera on real, quick and we’ll. Try to grab a shot of it, landing up up where you going. Where are you going baby girl? Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh! He kind of wanted to take off on me kind of wanted to take off on me. We’Re gon na try to turn that on i’m gon na try to hit record and i’m gon na try to land it over back here on the pad me, maybe very delicate, it’s, a very delicate procedure. I hope i can make it happen Music. I just missed it. We go back for it it’s a little windy. There is a little wind, a little back drop up up up up. Oh she’s, landing on her own now it’s over it’s, a wrap. All right. Stop baby girl! Stop stop! Stop it stop it! I i i i i Music all right, pushing down’s, not helping all right.

I had to push the button on the control pad the landing button to get it to shut off there, so you might get the camera to stop here. All right super. I like the way you make me feel it’s just like living in a dream is Music Applause, Music, Music, everyone, Music, dressed up in nature; Music, Music, please, Music, everybody, Music, dressed up in nature; Music, foreign, Music, everybody, Music, dressed up Music feeling like this Music. She brings you back on your feet. Music is Music when she Music let’s, go Music dressed up in nature; Music, everybody, Music, so Music, Music, yes, Music, Music is Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Applause, right, Music, Music Applause is Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Thank you for watching sandbar sofa surfers. My name is jeremy i’m in jacksonville. Please, like the video. Please comment on the video please subscribe to my channel and leave me leave me some notes, so i can try to make each production a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better i’ve been trying to gradually take the steps. First. All i was making videos with was with my cell phone, so i’ve made a couple more steps and i actually like scripts so hopefully we’ll be able to produce some scripts all right.