SJAJNA OSOBA! Great Low Cost Drone MJX RC X708P

MJX RC makes among the finest low price drones. This drone may be very cheap, but it’s an above common drone for the value.

You’ll find this drone on AMAZON:

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29 Komentari
  1. Veliki video , greetings for Argentina

  2. Linh Kiện Rc is make the first video about Mjx X708p😉

  3. Not a bad looking drone. I am still waiting for my Redpawz 020 I ordered that you recommended.

  4. As a beginners toy drone it doesn’t look to bad, the cheapest I could find was £42 (o $60) od, but to be honest, if you shop around you can do better, I recently picked up a Hubsan h502e (s GPS) for my grandson . Cost £36 ($46) from Gearbestbargain. Keep trawling the net and you will hunt down the costcutters . ( Tomtop, Banggooda, Gearbest, and Geekbuying all excellent and trustworthy )

  5. I couldn't find that model in the listing you posted.

  6. @captaindrone….Gospodine,I've sent you an email. If you could check it I'll be really grateful.

  7. I love your videos. I'm in my forties and I don't need flashy stuff, high octane music for a simple review. That's why I like your videos. You get to the point, and it's not boring to watch or listen to. I like other people as well such as iPhondo. But I love the Simplicity of your Channel. Great work as always

  8. You say you get them for review. So does that mean you have to send the back when your done

  9. Wey Steve, Thanks for the very nice review and test of this smaller drone, great small bird for the beginner! I did find a link on Gear Best for this guy for $59.99USD and here's the link, Hvala ti!: = 1433363&valuta = USD&vip=4264393&gclid=CjwKCAjwwo7cBRBwEiwAMEoXPBN_f4Z150_R3pqt2SvflQ9C-sIua2871I66dyDaSFIlPBi5U3K-shoCH3EQAvD_BwE

  10. I’ve had this drone for a few weeks. Nice smooth stable flyer with reasonable range 100m plus. Nice video recorded to onboard micro SD card. Good transmitter. Only issue I’ve had is android version of mjx h app does not work.(maybe needs upgrading) IOS version works fine. Also although the battery is nonproprietary,the quad is a bit picky when it comes to batteries. I’ve removed the battery door and used 700 da 900 mah batteries preferably 30c. Stock battery is excellent. Finally wish camera was not fixed and could be moved up a bit.

    Regarding flying in wind. Optical flow works up to 10 km wind and 12 metara visoke. Best to fly in low wind conditions ie. manje od 5 km. I purchased from TomTop through eBay for $50.00. Is well worth it. (My opinion based on comparison to over 35 toy quadcopters purchased previously. Everything from cx10 and h8 mini to Hubsan h501s and Bugs 2w)

  11. Kapetan, what's the best inexpensive drone with optical flow with motor bez četkica Motori?

  12. I love my bugsbut I can only say to this: be careful! I bought one from Tomtop and although it flies really really well with the transmitter it (to je, the camera) does not connect to 3 android smartphones and 4 android tablets I own, although all manage 5GHz. Maybe it´s different outside Europe, but I feel cheated and it´s on Ebay now. Sad. For buying it compare the usual chinese sites. Banggooda, Tomtop, Geekbuying, GearBest. And look out for coupons or special offers. (Or buy mine if you live in the EU 🙁 )

  13. dont know what your talking about . the tello hold position better then this bugs with optical flow. i have one a tello . and it does way better in the wind with holding a hoover , then this bugs .

  14. I love these reviews. I’m attracted to comparing items that do similar tasks, in very different ways. I like to see how cheaper drones compare to something high end like DJI or Autel. That isn’t to say these are bad; I enjoy my Tello nearly as much as my Phantom 4 Napredno. It’s interesting to see how different gadgets operate.

  15. Kapetan! You do as great a job reviewing beginner drones as high-end drones! I like to take my grandkids and their friends out drone flying, so these reviews are very practical for me! Since there are so many beginner drones on the market, your videos help me decide which ones to buy for them! Tamo, I can fly my Inspire 2, Typhoon H Plus or Phantom Obsidian, while they fly their own beginner drones, and everyone is happy! Keep up the awesome work you do! I love your videos and always look forward to the next one!

  16. Sub'd! You're funny bro, awesome content

  17. I have the drocon version of this which doesn’t have the sd slot or optical stabilisation but does have return to home and a flip button which works really good it struggles in wind but on a still day is really steady and fun to fly,camera is decent for the price too.

  18. That autoland / kill switch moment was funny 🙂

  19. I have no experience in drones. I am just here to point out a discrepancy that I came across. The MJX Drone seems to have flip function. but at 5:15 you state it doesnt do flips.

  20. Okeekk captain, i'm sorry🙏🙏 where do you from sir?

  21. You mister are doing awesome job! I am interested for some time and I decided to learn the basics of flying with something good and something cheap as this. Ordered it from Gearbest for 49$ and now waiting for it to arrive. I think it is going to be nice, can't wait for it to arrive and play with it. Greetings from Serbia. 🙂

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