Prvi, in one of my recent videos and both win the shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new wl toys xk a180. What is the a180 well looking at it? You can tell right away that this is a flying model of the f 22 raptor now what's special about this particular airplane is that this flying model i've reviewed quite a few f 22s before, but all the others were a little bit smaller about two thirds the Size of this and also had brushed motors this one actually has a brushless motor okay to improve uh durability of the motor. You improve durability comes from brushless motors. Također, you get more power using a brushless motor, so it's good to have a brushless motor version of this particular aircraft. Other things about it, it weighs under 76 grama. This will not require registration in most countries. Ljudi, you know it's just too light to be a concern to your local aviation authorities. Osim toga, it's six axis stabilized, it means it's, both gyro stabilized and has also accelerometers stabilizationthat prevents uh inadvertent roll over and crashing of the aircraft, mainly by beginner pilots um. The f 22 design is inherently unstable. U redu, it's meant to be unstable for real i'm talking about the real f, 22 is meant to be unstable and the pilots indeed fly have fly by wire that enable that is also hooked up to a stabilization system, because if the pilot of a real f 22 Would try to fly the f 22 manually it'd just be too much for the the average pilot to fly, so the real f 22 is what i'm trying to say is also stabilized, so also this one is also stabilized too now, but this also has uh stabilization.

That prevents rollover and also pitch over, but you can turn those off if desired, by pressing the button on the controller. If you wish to do loops and rolls now, i would recommend that be limited to expert pilots. Like i said, this design is inherently unstable, so it's it's going it probably is going to be difficult. I haven't flown it yet, but i'll try to give it a shot here, but uh, even the most expert pilot is probably going to have some difficulty maintaining uh flight of this without crashing it in in 3d mode, but we'll see i haven't flown yet maybe there's. Some still some stabilization included like the real f 22 that would enable you to fly in 3d mode with this particular aircraft. Now one thing i haven't mentioned, though it is not four channel okay, it is three channels, so what that means is we have thr throttle and we have aileron and elevator control, and indeed there is no rudder control on this. If you look at this particular aircraft, the rudder on this one is uh fixed, the only movement that occurs and it's independent movement of these two uh elevons on the back here. So we have combined elevator and aileron control from these two tail surfaces on the back. Here other things about it: it is constructed of epp foam. It should be somewhat crash resistant with a little crash. Nose on the front rubber crash goes on the front, although it there is some structure right behind this little piece of rubber, so maybe they it would have been better if they cut a pis piece of this.

I could feel there's foam right under here so uh in those in crashes. This might not be entirely effective in preventing breakage but we'll see when we go flying. I hope i don't get a nose in um. It has epp foam now i forgot to mention it. Also has led lights on the bottom surface here. U redu, Sada, these led lights are great for night flying if flight night flying is legal in your particular country. So you can see this aircraft at night and let's talk about those control surfaces a little more detail here. It does have servos independent servos for each of the two elevon surfaces here. Um again mentioned the brushless motor. The wheels for this particular aircraft are not the best. U redu, you are going to need a very smooth surface for taking off on for taking off from the ground if you do intend to use these wheels and also probably for landing too, but let's see other things about it. The base of this this is your battery bait there's one thing about this battery bay, it's very it's, held very loosely in here, so i recommend putting what i did here is put a piece of tape right about here to hold this battery bay from falling out, Especially on a hard landing with your battery now speaking of the battery, this is powered by a 7.4 v, 2s 300 milliamp per hour battery. Now this battery is very common with wl toys; u redu, particularly their airplanes, going back to the uh f959.

I believe has this, along with a lot of their other aircraft, use this so uh you. What i'm trying to say is you will be easily able to find replacement batteries for this additional spare batteries for this. If you wish to keep flying and they should be relatively inexpensive, u redu, and with that, you also get a charger for that battery, na 7.4 volt wall charger or usb charger. I recommend using this with a wall charger a phone wall, charger plug it in there 2 amp wall charger to provide a quick and rapid uh charging of that battery. You also get a spare propeller, along with a little uh micro, philips, screwdriver now i'm, not sure why they include the micro phillips screwdriver, as it was not required to assemble this aircraft and it's not required to change this particular propeller. Here. The only thing i can see that would need it if you would need to access the inner portions of where the flight control board is. There is a screw here to do that if you wish to get in there, so i guess that's intended in case you just need to change the servo. Vjerujem., because you wouldn't need to get in there to plug in plug in the new server onto the flight control board, so maybe that's what that screwdriver is for um. Other things have i mentioned just about everything. Da, i have let's go over the controller. This is its controller again it's three channel, which means you only got throttle and you only have pit or pitch and you only have roll along with pitch trim and roll trim on a switch here.

Button here is for changing rates. If you wish to uh, have a more aggressive flyer press the button here, one time and you'll go into the second rate for more aggressive flying and first rate by pressing it one time there, and this button here is for entering 3d and 6g mode. Quick presses here in a winter 3d mode and then you will be able to do those loops and rolls, but again be very careful with this aircraft. If you do go into 3d mode, i recommend you take it up high. So you'll have enough time to press that button again if it starts heading to the ground fast press that button again and go back into stabilized mode, let go of the picture roll stick and it should automatically level itself and stabilize itself in the air. U redu. That'S about it, let's take this airplane out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good afternoon. Quadcopter 101, here on a beautiful afternoon here at pleasant ridge park here near gerard pennsylvania and also fairview pennsylvania, actually on the border between the two um. We are ready to go. I already have this bound to the controller. I had found it by the way that i needed to open up these control horns quite a bit to give it a little bit of upward pitch on the elevators. The reason being this is somewhat nose. Heavy out of the box with the current with the battery installed, but we should be ready to go.

We have a bit of a breeze coming from that direction. There i want to put on my glasses too folks i had taken off here. While i put on the control horns when i adjusted those control horns, but we should be ready to go here and the wind is coming from that direction right now, so we're going to toss it that way so checking the throttle, checking the surfaces. They are slightly up, and here we go there we go that's much better yeah. I had to turn the control horns about 10 turns counterclockwise to open it up, but it's flying nicely. Now i am in lower rate let's, try a higher rate high right now, da. It turns good at a high rate, but going back to slow rate, because it is a bit bouncy today and the reason being we have a bit of a wind now it's, not super fast. I thought it'd be really fast, but it's not but it's flying nicely in this wind got a lot of winds grabbing through the wind. Let me bring it in low and slow and see what try to go low and slow in this wind, Glazba. It'S a fun flyer, but really bouncing around in this one um i'm hesitant to go into 6g mode because of the wind and also because you know it is somewhat of a very maneuverable aircraft, but okay i'm up high with it. I can see those lights very well, even in daylight, here cutting back into power, but i am up high.

Let me go down this way. Turning around, i am going to go into 6g mode just temporarily, and here we go trying to loop. Does it stabilize? ne? U redu, it does not stabilize so be careful, you know it's, not self stabilized, but i did a loop with it and i'm going to come down low now to show you it up close it's, actually a nice flyer, Glazba, but really it spins around this wind. I got wind here folks win today, so i really can't do a lot of maneuvers because see i bounce it around with the wind wind gusts, but that's that uh automatic stabilization system doing a real good job by the way of stabilizing and going back to high Rate, it really makes hard banks here, in high rate Music, that won't climb there. I tried to give it a high climb, but going back to low rate, it flies much more smooth and low rate. So i recommend going in low rate. You go into high rate and the thing gets real real jittery, real bouncy, but as for beginners yeah beginners could fly this. But again i needed to adjust those real rear. Elevons and i'll show you how, after we land here um, i had some issues there. When i first came out to the field Music Laughter but uh yeah, i kept nosing in when i tried to fly it out with the out of the box stock settings and again, all i needed to do was adjust the horns and the way you do.

That is you disconnect them and rotate counterclockwise if it's nosing in or rotate them clockwise, if it's pitching up boy that one's picking up and it's flying flying well in it, i hope that was not showing up when the yeah. I know it's gon na be showing up on the sound of my uh camera, but this airplane doesn't seem to care about too much about the window, though you know, whoa see how fast it went. Downwind, look at that box around there fun play realm f22, but um yeah i'm not going to go again back into 6g. Well let's go up higher. Maybe i can go one more time to 6g. I got to go up much higher. There did a roll for you folks and six just go back up higher again. You know come back upwind again going up higher there, another roll aileron roll yeah um. It is somewhat unstable, as i thought uh so, keep your finger on that button and a loop and back to stabilized and don't. Do these maneuvers if you're, especially if you're, not a great flyer and i'm, not a great flyer of airplanes but don't. Try those advanced, maneuvers, advanced motors rolls and loops they're, not advanced maneuvers. I know that, but don't try with this one uh close to the ground, especially if you're not familiar with this airplane. This is the first made in flight of it for me at least, but yeah that Music, that brushless motor is doing real well with this plane, Glazba, climbing real.

Well now i had to do a hand toss on this because i'm in the grass cutting back in the power let's see how it glides gliding gliding, gliding, doing okay, giving a little throttle gliding coming back down gliding from way up. There glides well more aerodynamic than i thought: Music right turn around us, so yeah it's nice playing nice play from mexico, one of the better f 22s that i've seen have 22 bottles flying models Music. sviđa mi se. Ja, like it a lot i'm just doing slaloms in the sky here this beautiful day here i'm trying to figure what i'm gon na do folks in the winter time here, when we got all this, this place gets lots of snow. I know that eerie and uh how i'm going to be reviewing in the winter we'll find out i'll figure out something to do. If i need to, i will fly in the snow Music, great airplane. This is actually a really nice plane. Music let's go up again. One more time up higher coming around coming around and did a little aileron roll again and try to loop Music and there we go loop and keep your finger on that 6g button switch back to 3d, then to 6g. Then so you can recover because it is a little bit wonky there, and you know i mentioned earlierthat the real f 22 is unstable by design, and the reason for that folks is, it makes it highly maneuverable.

U redu, if you want maneuverability, you have to have somewhat of an unstable design. Glazba, if you want stability, you're not going to have a maneuverable plane, in other words, u redu, that battery's getting a little weak i'm gon na have to think about landing it here now, starting to need to give it more and more power. So we're gon na go downwind then come up wind and land it cutting throttle got in throttle trying to bring it close to me. There we go so this is a nice flyer folks, i liked it the xka180 um again. I did need to adjust these horns. These control horns and again all you do folks, is you unclip it and then turn them counterclockwise to raise the elevators if the aircraft's nose is pitching down and if the nose is pitching up, you go the opposite: uh bring these elevators down or elevon's down so Well, that's the wltoys xka180 enjoyable flight. I hope you enjoyed it. This is quadcopter101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, Hej. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future. Videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out so give it a try.