If you watch my first friday, you know that i talked about this little camera. This is the insta360 go and how much i've been using it this Music summer it's a great little camera for that kind of thing, for shooting cool, little b, roll shots and it's. So light and easy to mount on a small drone, even a tiny whoop style drone that anyone can do it and get amazing shots. Sada, insta 360 has actually partnered with newbie drones and they're, giving away an insta360 go and a newbie drone b brain brushless. I believe and the link to enter that contest is below if you want to win those two things all you got to do is go to that website fill out some information. Please be sure to mention that you saw this on ready set drone, but you can win yourself. An insta 360 go along with a newbie b brain brushless drone and the attachment to put it on there, so you can get awesome shots from the drone. This is stabilized, it shoots up to five minutes in fpv mode, but normally it does shorter clips, but you can also here's what i really like about this little guy. I am wearing under my shirt the little medallion it's magnetic, so you can stick it on like that, and you can just start it right up. If you want to film something, you just hit the button and you are filming whatever you want to film and it does stabilization.

So if you're walking along like this, the footage looks great it's 1080p. But for these quick little clips i find it's perfect. So again go to the website below where you can register to win the insta360 go as well as the newbie drain, newbie drone b brain brushless, which is a pretty awesome. Little drone i've got one, and i haven't used this on that drone. Yet, but as soon as i get back to texas that's, the first thing i'm going to do hope. Ti, like this video and again just wanted to tell you guys about this contest.