This is the cat X Vista kit, everything inside this box for adding cat X Mistah to basically anything you wants. You can put this on a fixed wing. You put it on a micro quad with a 20 od strane 20, mount stack or you could put it on a 5 inch race quad, s 20 od strane 20 milja, stack or even 6 palac, 7 inch or 10 palac, whatever size you want to put on there And it has a built in receiver, it does not have any DVR on it, but I'm going to open this up, and I think we should test this one on a fixed wing, because I have a new East guy. This is the es plane right here and you guys might have seen this playing around the horizon hobby neck of the woods, because this plane is actually manufactured by East guy. The guys who did that 8 foot glider that I reviewed on the channel and this plane down here actually is the arrow scout without the horizon hobby stickers on there. Basically so we're going to fly this Vista on there and I'm going to show you guys. Some of the footage we're gon na talk about the Vista I'm, also going to talk about how it performs on a quad with the receiver, as well as the camera penetration with the VTX. So we'll talk about all those aspects. The CAD X Vista has a pretty good power range and just gon na double check on the power range for you.

This one will actually run on 4s. If you wanted to so let's, go ahead and get this installed and then we'll go out to the field and we'll test this on a fixed wing. Here we go guys now: we're gon na test out the Vista on a few different types of aircraft, two different quads and two different airplanes, we're gon na start out with this tiger moth. This is the ends of 360, go view front and back right here. The back view is kind of cool too, but this is the cockpit view that I got with the Vista. I just took some hot glue and simply just hot glued it down to the fuselage. So I get that kind of cockpit pilot perspective, which is really neat, because you can see the instrument panel and every thing it adds kind of a cool perspective to flying the biplane. With the Vista, you can kind of see the struts in the the top of the wing up there, which is really neat, and it really does give you that feeling that you're sitting in the cockpit and after I got used to this view, I was able to Even do some landings with it, but I think the overall quality from the cockpit view on the tiger moth was neat because the clarity of the Vista is just so good, and this is what's recorded from the goggles in the DVR, and you can really even see The detail in the trees and once you get close down to the ground, you can see the details on the grass coming in it's, really really clear and it's a bit bumpy at times on a fixed wing, depending on how you decide to mount your Vista.

But I felt like this was pretty good. This was more solid than even my insta 360 go mount on the very top of the wing. That top wing is vibrating a lot more than a fuselage itself, so that the fuselage was the perfect place to mount. You can see the camera down. There mounted the vistas just mounted on the second cockpit windshield right behind the first cockpit and we can even come in and I can do some fpv landings. The first one was not a success, but go back and try again. So here we come on the second landing attempt and I was trying really not trying trying not to tip this over on the landing for you guys get a perfect landing in a little bit of wind coming across the runway. But I was able to get it back down on the ground for a successful landing. That was super cool, so there's a lot of versatility here with the Vista, and I just wanted to show you guys examples of both on a quad sector 132. This is the cinah whoop that I tested out and reviewed last week on the channel, for you guys so the video penetration. This is around 200 milliwatts through some pretty thick and heavy trees back here, and you can crank it all the way up to 700 and it'll look like this, and this is a clear line of sight, but this is kind of amazing.

This is the gap RC rocket light. Another example of a CAD X, Vista setup on a quad. This is another cinnamic, very similar to the same size as the sector 132 from h, TL RC, but look it. Can you believe that this is actually the the DVR from the goggles, not the on board DVR? So this is looking really good and I don't see a lot of pixel breakup until we get around trees. You can see it start to break up right here, and this is about the extent of it if you go behind some really thick evergreens you'll have some issues, but you can freestyle this camera and it will do just as good, if not better than any analog Camera out there I've been testing analog cameras versus DJI for almost a year now, and I keep going back to DJI because it's just so good, so clear and it's worth every penny of the investment to get into the digital fpv. In my my opinion, it's kind of it's changing the game completely and you know it's not it's, not unexpected. That DJI does that. My bros are a very trusting of my flying, but I do have prop guards, so you know in this instance family jewels guards. Sada, back under the vans, Nema frke, and through the van here, you can see that the the penetration straight through the band held up even around that one steel wall right there. It was able to fly through.

So I think that it's great on the quad it's gon na perform really nice and the final test would be our arrow Scout, otherwise known as the es eagle by East guy we're. Just gon na go ahead and put it right on the front right here and let's go up and see how it does on a nice sunny day. This is what you can expect from the CAD X Vista. Looking really really good here and I have to say that I'm probably most impressed with the CAD existe over the air module. The air module is just a little bit bigger, but I don't feel like. I really need that DVR in a lot of instances, primarily because I'm, using multiple different types of video cameras anyway, like the little go and my insta 360 360 camera the 1r, as well as my hero 7. So with hyper smooth and all that I feel like the DVR is not really needed unless you're just wanting to fly it purely with no action camera. That would be the only reason that you'd want to buy the air module the much bigger one. But then again you can't put the air module on extremely small whoops and you can get away with a lot under 250 grams with the CAD X Vista. So either way you go, you can have fun with with an airplane. You can put it on a wing. You can put it on a multi rotor and you're gon na you're gon na love, the CAD X, Vista it's, absolutely awesome, so let's go back and give some final thoughts on the Vista.

U redu, dečki., thanks for watching that test, that was fun now let's talk about some final thoughts about the CAD X, Vista kids. This kit comes in at around 150 dolara, so I think the price is pretty good for entry level into digital fpv, and I have to tell you that I think that the the DB are in this recording inside the goggles. It actually looks pretty good when you have a clear line of sight between this video transmitter and your goggles with all of the extra antennas that are on the DJI goggles. You have four on there, so basically, you have quad varsity, which is really nice and is able to boost out a signal up to about 700 milivati, and I believe there is a hack out there to make it go up to around 1 Watt. But it gets really hot on 700 milliwatts and it also has a heating protection on here as well. So if it starts to overheat, it's gon na say that on the screen and it's automatically going to jump down to like 25 milivati, so you have to watch out for that. If you're flying long range, you want to make sure that this is on the outside. Of the aircraft body and it gets proper airflow, because if you put it inside the frame, sometimes it can cause this to overheat, especially with a foamy fixed wing. It gets pretty hot inside those fuschia laws if you're going to put it on a quad, it's gon na be fairly exposed to the wind, and you won't have any problems with it overheating on the hotter summer days.

I have some issues where this will overheat, so be careful about that, but I like the fact that this one is much lighter than the original DJ air module. This one does have the 1080p 60 frames per second DVR on here. But honestly, I think the DVR on the air module the video doesn't quite look as good as something like my my go as long as this is properly mounted the the colors look more vivid on here and I have more color control in this, which is really Cool and this one's only weighing in at 19 grams for an action camera with stabilization 3 axis electronic stabilization on this little camera and it's also cool, because it comes with its own little charge dock. It has an iPhone connector in the very bottom that you can plug in and bring up the app and you can download the videos to your phone. You can edit right there in the app and all that cool stuff they are kind of taking over the market. With some of these really awesome cameras, a lot of other fpv guys out, there are now using the go on various different quads small little sinha bloops fpv race quads for freestyle, whatever you'd like to put it on the fixed wing. Even I've tested this on fixed wing as well, like you saw on the Tiger Moth video in this video. The video looks really good high throttle instances on the Tiger Moth.

I did see some vibrations in that camera, but I like this one, the fact that it is I'm gon na turn on the scale right here and put it on the scale. It'S 32 grams with everything, including the antenna for the Vista system, and this air module is twice the weight, if not three times the weight of the Vista. So we also have a new camera coming out for this one it's, a micro style camera that you can put on something even smaller. So you guys can do your indoor whoops with the new nebula that's coming soon. So hopefully we get one of those to review on the channel and also I have to talk about the penetration of the receiver on here. It did very, very well extremely well. It actually does better than most of that fr sky receivers, because I've been testing this receiver on my DJI transmitter. If you want to fly it with the DJI transmitter, this links up really easily. You press a three button, combo on the DJI transmitter and then you can set up a switches inside the goggles. So you don't have a computer display on the DJI remote, but you can go into the goggles to make all of the different switches active on that transmitter and with the DJI radio. This never fail saved. My xm for my f4 sky transmitter has failsafe behind the same exact set of trees that this one sailed through, and this same thing for the receiver on the air module I've tested both of these now and they're, really really rock solid.

As far as penetration. I have been getting some reports that these can go out from two or three miles for the stock setting, so that is actually a really good range on the DJI transmitter, and you want to try to make sure that you're flying line of sight when that happens, Because you need a direct line of sight to these receivers as far as the video transmission, I think that this one cranks all the way up to 700 million and that's completely acceptable. You can go out like five miles on 700 milivati, so you're, probably gon na lose your receiver connection before you actually lose video on the Vista or the air module. As long as you have your flying long range, you would have a clear line of sight to your transmitter. That'S, usually the rule of thumb. If you're flying long range, you want to go sort of higher and higher as you go through a couple miles out, you want to be pretty high so that you get a clear reception back to your ground station or your goggles. But if you're gon na ask me which one would you go for Justin, which one would you prefer for 2020 I'm gon na go with the Vista, mainly because I'm, using these other cameras for my video source now, and it just looks better than the DJI DVR. I think the colors look a little bit muted on this it's nice, that at 60 frames per second boat honestly when you're running something like the go or the 360 or even a GoPro it's, really not needed so, and the price is a little bit better on This one and 2520 mount is nice because they're just about going anything these days, just about any frame out there except 20 od strane 20 mounting options so that's about the end of my review, guys and thanks for watching.

Nadam se da, you enjoyed all the various different aircrafts that I put the Vista on and test it out for you thanks again for watching my channel guys.