If you would like to support my channel, please do check out my patreon link down below it's like five dollars a month, a little more than a cup of coffee um, and you can help this channel grow and continue to be successful. Sada, we're up to about 150 000 subscribers and climbing. Tako, thanks to everybody who is subscribing on the channel, i really appreciate that, but today we're going to not just do a review on this one we're going to show you also some features and specs about this radio and probably why you want the t18 pro versus. Maybe the t16 are you trying to decide which radio you're going to get for this upcoming fall? The great news about this radio is that i have been using it all summer and i have about three months experience now, and this is kind of like a late to the game type of review, because most of the other reviewers have done it. But what they did was an unboxing specs overview without a full summer's worth of experience with the radio. So a lot of them got prototypes like this. One is here and we're going to talk about not only the specs and what the differences are between the t16 we're going to to give you some real world experience and information on this radio out in the field. I have had this one everywhere on my road trips. This summer i took a lot of fpv road trips with the sprinter and now i can finally give you a good opinion about this radio in a real world environment.

So let's go ahead and put this one on the bench and let's talk about the features that it comes with also comes with a really cool case back there. Unlike the t16, it did not come with this nice case and um it's a five and one multi protocol. So that means that you have many many options. You can bind almost any receiver in the world to this radio with up to about 32 channels on here. Two different types of receivers: we have the jr module bay in the back for crossfire and just about any other module you'd like to put in here, and it comes with an internal module with 2.4 and this little 915 antenna on the very top which is bendable. Unlike the 2.4 it's on a horizontal inside here, but we'll talk about that coming right up here, we go let's, go on the bench now, so this is the box you'll get in the mail, and this is the t18 pro 5 in one multi protocol, jr style Module bay or now you also have the option to use the r9 in this one as well. It does have actual physical board in there for 915 megahertz, which is super awesome. You will have to update the firmware in the radio if you want to use your r9 module so that that's one thing that they do actually give you a little note inside the box. That says, please update it. Međutim, if you are getting this radio sometime in september 2020, actually maybe it came updated, but you want to update it to the june 15th firmware that is available on the jumper website.

So that's one thing to to note: for you guys now: it also has a 4.3 inčni zaslon. It has ips on there as well and it does have two power buttons. The original t16 had one power button on here and that long pressed that and it turns the radio on, and i also had some problems with my t16. The ultimate switch that i use to arm is always this one on the left right here. My index finger is, and this switch stopped working for me and it'sprobably likely, because of the way that they have it wired in here and painless 360 also talks about that and now with the new radio. They have updated the way that all of the switches connect to the board in here so there's. A major update on the inside of this radio i'm not going to open it up guys because it is quite a bit of screws back here. But you can pop these radios open by taking these side panels off all the screws out, and there are also two hex screws at the very top you got to take off, but once you take this off, you will also see that we have this 915 antenna Here it is removable you can put the 2.4 one on there that comes along in the box as well, što je lijepo. You can switch these out or you can upgrade this, which is really really cool, and just underneath that you have the 2.

4 antenna. So if you're wondering where your internal antenna is for internal settings, for something like fr sky and all of the different protocols that this radio does it's a flat mounted antenna right across hereand that is not adjustable. Whereas this one is depending on how you have your antennas mounted to your quad or your aircraft, if you are flying with this 2.4 inside with the internal module, what you want to do on your aircraft, you want to have them horizontal mounted so that they match Up if you're running a vertical mount antenna, obviously you can have it this way, but that will be totally up to you you're likely not to fail safe, but that's. Just some note for some of the new guys out there. Now we also have some switches along here. This is usually my arm switch, which is sf that's. A two position switch three position here that i believe that's s e right there, and we have another three position here. Three position here: three position here: three position here: another three momentary switch here and we have the aisles on the side and we have rotary dials up at the very top and we have six buttons across the top for apm or pixhawk, which is pretty cool. We have digital adjustable pots here for your trim, which i never really use, but the two button is nice because if it's in your box, it's not likely to turn on when you're traveling and that's the benefit of having two power switches, i kind of wish they Were like a little bit further apart like out here to here or something which would probably be a little less likely, but you do have this strap brace right here in the middle, so the strap bracket kind of blocks, something from pressing both of them.

U isto vrijeme, Nadam se da, but the cool thing is that it does come with opent excellent here as well, so we're ready to go with opentx guys. You can just open up a model set up a model, and once you set up a model, you can go in and go right to the internal module, and this is so cool press on this right now, i'm on fr sky d16, because that's most of my Receivers for my taranis radios, but check this out. There is a ton of protocols in here: fly sky dsm, so spectrum guys. We have corona some formats that i've never even heard of even we'll. Do the mjx bugs series quads, što je stvarno cool – bang yang toys? O, Bože moj, they have everything in here we have futaba, i mean the list just goes on and on and on for all the different drones you can sort of bind up to this radio tons of them fly sky. You can do high tech, we can do hubsan, wow and j6 pro and it just keeps going it's really really cool there's, a lot of drones. Even some of the amazon drones are in here like potensic or whatever they sent me one of those drones a while back while cara. I haven't seen one of those drones in forever traxxas. Even you can do this on rc cars that's, nevjerojatna, that it has traxxas protocol and we'll go all the way back to fr sky d16 and that's.

My go to protocol yes and it's, telling me that so we have a few different switches on here. We have the system which will get us into i'm, just going to return all the way out to the main menu. We have press this system menu in here and then we can go to the info screen here, and this will tell us what version of open tx we have and it looks like jumper version 529 there so and they do have a newer version available. It was a june 15th and i believe that updates it to be able to use your r9 modules if you're, using those which is pretty cool. So you also have a telemetry screen here. You can get into your telemetry, you can set up widgets and you can decide how you want stuff to be displayed on the main screen of each model, which is cool and we can page over there. We can add a view main view, and you can also add your own graphic on here. So i've done this before i've added my drone cams logo and the way you do that is, you add an image inside the sd card in the pictures file and then you can load it up on your user interface, što je stvarno cool. If you want to add your pilot logo on the screen, that is so cool that you can do that and the wheel over here, the wheel is a little bit oversensitive to me and i'll show you just an example of that i'm going to go ahead and Go into the model here and it's just a little fast and when i was trying to name my models using this all summer, a few times it kind of over moves on me.

So you know when i click on that long click there and then i try to go make the letter i'm looking for sometimes see how it goes. Past i'm, trying to get to the x there and it'll go all the way out to z or y and then sometimes it'll jump over to the next one. Before i actually got to click on it, so it it might be that this was a prototype and that it's just a little oversensitive, but hopefully they've fixed that, because it does feel just a little bit fast. The radio master has a little bit better feeling wheel on theirs. It does also have a rubber grip on the radio master version of this radio, so this is just a little bit fast for me, um (1998, maybe they they have since fixed that hopefully, but you can kind of see how it jumps around on me a little bit. Brzo, so i'm just going to go ahead and exit out of there. But if you're trying to bind up the most standard receiver out there right now, which is the xm plus you want to put it on the internal module right. There make sure that you're not doing it to start with the external, because some people try to bind up a receiver and then they can't bind up it's because they're trying to use the external rf and somehow they have set the external rf people get confused and They turn that on and when that's on you're not getting an actual bind to your receiver, because there's no module in that bay and that's the external.

What you're going to use for your xm, Plus, if you're using xm plus, is going to be the internal rf module so don't get that confused, just a tip for the new guys out there and when you're ready to bind up you're just going to hit, bind Right there you're just going to go to bind. You start your bind process telemetry one through eight there, yes that's correct, then it'll start beeping. Then you can hold down the gold button on your xm plus plug in the quad, and you should see a green light. Come on on the receiver, you will also see a green and a red light together. So don't worry. If you still see a red light, then unplug everything really quickly, and this will stop, and it should show you, when you turn on the radio again, that you have a green light on your receiver. Make sure that this radio is sitting at least three to four feet away from your receiver, because sometimes when you get the radio too close to the quad you'll see a red light on the receiver it's just weird it doesn't work too close up so another tip For the new guys now, one other thing about this radio that i noticed right away was hey. Look at these really cool back lights on all of the different channels. Here we have everything labeled with backlights, that's, really cool along with the carbon interface. I believe you can get newer overlays as well.

You can get, Vjerujem da, there's a gold version coming as well i'm going to try to get the gold or the carbon one for the next version of this coming out. But the face plates look really cool and you're, probably going to be able to find alternate face plates out there i'm sure there's, somebody making t 18 faceplates. So if you want some cool like graffiti or something like that, they're probably around also the speaker is right. In the middle and mine seems to be a little bit um kind of muffled, it has a weird kind of crackle to it when it does, the voice prompts so that's. One thing to be noted about mine. It doesn't seem to have that good of a speaker, but it also has a nice foldable stand back here. If you want to set it down, you can fold this in and out and that's kind of nice when you put it in the box or a bag. If you're using a certain type of transmitter bag, it goes just a little bit flatter than the t16. The t16 did not have a foldable kickstand so that one stays like it is, but that's kind of nice that you can fold this one up and down to make it smaller for transport. Now you can also turn off these lights. If you go into the system menu, you can scroll over and you can see configure crossfire there. A few different tools for different protocols and we'll, just page over there's, the firmware for, if you're, going to use, lua scripts or any type of crossfire settingsand i believe it was in the system menu right here, and this is where you can change the date.

The battery meter range you can turn down the beep volume, što je nekako cool. If you don't want beeps, you can also turn on and off the haptic, which is nice and low battery alarm. We want that on for sure, backlight mode for both on and we'll just leave that at both and the screen is actually pretty bright. I had great experiences with this this summer, really nice and it goes to dim your screen. I can actually turn that down to about five, which would be nice, and this is the keys for the backlight and there they're off and that's how you turn off the backlight if you don't want all those on but it's kind of cool i'll just leave them On for now, but um yeah, they just look really neat, and that was the first thing that i noticed when i turned on this radio, you can turn on an alarm power off delay there. I changed that because um sometimes, i believe the default set to five seconds. It just takes forever when you're holding the buttons to turn this thing off, so they have a new version of open tx. Now that allows you to change that it was. I think it was stuck to five seconds for like a long time and it's really annoying. So now i have a really quick off. It turns on and off really quick one second boom and it's off that's, really nice now we're back on now.

Not a lot has changed as far as the exterior of this. It does have a little more angles to it. It does still have rubber grips on the side. It has rubber grips in the back for your fingers to rest on, which is nice they're, not over grippy, što je zanimljivo, it's a little more dense than some of the other radios rubber out there. But you can take these off to access the screws, and this is your module bay cover right here. This will allow you to put different modules in have any fingernails but there's your connector there for your modules, and you want to keep this on. So the module pins don't get bent, and just under this hatch right here, we have the 18650s in there and it does not come with two batteries, so you have to get some batteries or you can power this by a 2s battery that will fit in this Bay right here, this is the sd card down here and i'm, just going to tuck those wires down in there just like that, and we can put this back back on. So i think that what we have here as far as the update goes, that this is a nice update to the t16. Sada, if you're looking for a radio that will pretty much do anything at a pretty cheap price, the t16 is still a pretty decent deal. You just have to know how to be able to replace switches.

There are three wires going to each switch. You just use your soldering iron to put a new switch on there, it's, not the end of the world. You can get these switches pretty cheap on ebay. I believe you can even probably order them on amazon, but this is a nice case as far as transporting it for my trips this summer, it was absolutely perfect and it kept me from having some hanger rash on this radio. I tend to break switches when i'm traveling and my x10s right here has tons of broken switches, as you can see on here. This radio has been everywhere for several years and just really has a ton of damage because of not having this one in a case, and this is kind of an example of what will happen to your radio if you don't have a case um, so it's really, Nice that it comes along with a case, and it will keep this radio, hopefully without broken switches. You can also replace these switches as well it's not going to be the end of the roll. If you do break a switch and switches are cheap, but also in the box we did get a cable. We get a screen protector, which i should absolutely put online, because the first thing i did with my t16 was scratch it somehow something got pressed up against it, and then that was that you can use the simulator with either one of these radios.

It does have a usb port and a 3.5 millimeter jack in the very top of it. Na 3.5 supports ppm there, and this will plug straight into your computer, and this is also a usbc by the way so it's the newer style it's, not the android style, cable and you get one of those in the box. This is the usbc port right there. So you also get some extra gimbal accessories here. In case you break part of your gimbal on the inside of the radio. You can fix that and you get some different tension springs in here as well. If you like to have a little less or a little more tension, you can switch out the springs on there or you can adjust them by the screws inside the radio. But this version of the radio starts out around 159 dolara. It does go up to like 169 a onda 200 for the maxi version, which runs out with hull gimbals and all the bells and whistles, but depending on what you need, i honestly think it would be just fine with this version. Without the hull gimbals, you can see, there is no silver ring around the outside of this gimbal, and the biggest difference is that the hull gimbals have this sort of aluminum sounding in interior. You will have dual ball bearings in this one, though so it does have really nice gimbals in this standard version, Tako 159 dollars with all these bells and whistles it's, probably one of the the best deals for a radio out there on the planet.

Sada, the t16 will probably be even cheaper now that this one's out so i'll put both of the links down below and you guys can decide um. There is another version of this one. The next version with hull gimbals goes up to around 169 and then there's a 200 version of the t18. So you have three choices there for the new t18, što je stvarno cool, but this is an awesome update and i love it so now. My t16 is not getting flown. It just kind of sits around so i'm now using the t18 for my daily driver. So thanks again for watching guys and checking out this long long, winded review of the t 18 and all the new features on this one. It is an absolute awesome, radio and i'm gon na give it two thumbs up on my channel. This one is my go to guys take care and please do subscribe on the channel i'm.