This competitors remains in complete result now. Epizoda 3 is everything about the JUDGE! This impressive sled has actually pulled more RC trucks than any type of various other sled in background! For several years this beast hsa pulled time and time again. and today we even get to see a lot of exhibit draws! This includes a TXT, a Traxxas UDR on 6s Lipo, and certainly an entire align of 1/10th range 4×4 path vehicles.

The TTC (Top Vehicle Difficulty) or Hard Truck, as its recognizedis a collection of event (normally 6) that pit vehicles as well as chauffeurs against each various other over a 2 days duration. The majority of us camp out and simply party all weekend. Its a big quantity of enjoyable! Stressed out batteries, as well as cigarette smoking motors. these vehicles are testedwho will be around in the last?! Watch and learn.

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