It is a 1s group. It comes with the m01, a io camera with VTX on there and an injection molded canopy. Ima razmak od 75 millimetres for indoor or outdoor flying. It has a ton of RX options: fr sky, free sky, TBS, Futaba, dsm, x and a plug and play version. You get a little piece of foam under here for the 450 battery and the bt 2.0 connector, and you can see the USB plugs there. The boot button right there and the bind button is in the front right there as well, and you have a little antenna coming out for your internal rx, and so we have an F for 1s FC with five ApS. Ove 40 millimeter size, rekvizite, 1102, 18000 kV motors, so kind of good for a long flight time. On that three bolts on the bottom, holding that motor on the frame. Also in the Box, you get two for fifty mili amp batteries. You get that little charger with two connections here for charging two at once, što je lijepo. You get an extra adapter cable for 2.0 and you get the user manual and help Facebook guide there let's go ahead and turn on the scale, see what we get for. The whoop only and right about 30 grama, they said 28 on the site: 43 total takeoff weight, nije loše. Sada, we're gon na start off flying indoors and we'll do some outdoor flying but indoors man.

This thing is a rocket. I flew the meteor 6 5 a while back and now one was a rocket it's, very small compact. Na 75 feels a little more stable and predictable if you're brand new to flying fuv. This would be something that you could pick up and just fly wherever you feel like flying it indoors outdoors. It feels a little bit large in indoors I've been flying the 65 za vrijeme. So when I moved up to this, I was hitting things more often. So that's one thing to keep in mind larger airframe. Even ten millimeters makes a difference here. So I had to slow myself down a little bit, but once I did, I had a lot more control and then I was able to start speeding up. So even someone with my experience, I have to kind of throttle myself back a little bit sometimes and feel out the controls of the two and how the sticks respond to the power system so now, I'm, starting to feel it a little bit more. At the end of this first battery, but the good news is guys that you can get well over three minutes flight time with this one s 450 on board and the 2.0 connector it's actually pretty good power, and it has a great flight time for any whoomp Out there getting over three minutesthat's commendable, so right here, I'm still flying in stability mode, finding the smallest gap right there that I could find in this line back through my legs right there and over the bar now I'm flying just a little bit faster here.

Trying out some of those lines – i da, this was filmed back around Christmastime I've had my 75 za vrijeme, but we've had a ton of reviews coming on the channel. So this one's kind of been on the back burner a little bit, but I had to show off this whip today, because it's, actually quite a bit of fun, now back through here, really really feeling this line. Sada, back over the bar and 229 on that battery and this battery starting it in a little bit later, but I was able to get about three and a half minutes indoors and you can't fly it outdoors as well: it's, not bad outdoors there's. Zapravo, a lot of fun outdoors today that I flew it was ultra windy, so you're gon na get to see some super windy flying outdoors and generally you wouldn't fly this whoop outdoors in anything over ten miles an hour it's just gon na become kind of inconvenient. For you, it's gon na feel weird on the sticks now back under the table right here skirting in between chairs and now you know, it's it's, quick on the sticks, it's not quite as responsive as two six, five of course, and not as fast as the six Five, but if you're looking for something that you can learn with, this would be the better choice over the smaller version, opet: more stable, more predictable, but a little bit larger frame indoors, but I'm really feeling it on the sticks now and it's quite durable as well.

So right into the cabinet, there did not break the frame that's. The good thing about this 75 is that, with my flight test, he came back in one piece: No broken struts, so that's, also pretty commendable for betta fpv in any of my flight tests, cuz we're banging it around quite a bit now let's take it outside. Let me show you guys a little bit flying outside how it handles the wind here I'm in a chroma mode now, and this would be a great acro trainer anybody that's getting into flying. Drones start out with something like this and learn: acro weight, less consequences in the grass crashing in the grass. If you fly over concrete like this, you might possibly break something, but I can see this the slightest amount of jello in this particular flight video. But man look at that super faster. The Vander right back into the window have no idea why I did that just BAM right into the window and it's quite wet out today. It was raining quite a bit, and this is actually two or three weeks after that. First Christmas time, piece of video that you guys saw, I wanted to fly it again and get it back outside and show a little bit of outdoor footage, because this this particular loop is good for indoors or outdoors honestly and a little bit of canopy exploration here. But man, the wind, I wish I could show it to you: it's, actually blowing the tree branches around and yeah.

You can see me going downwind right there and now it's, starting to rain, so it's, just one of those crazy days I'm flying in the rain, and I better bring this one in and land it before. I end up with shorted out board but indoors or outdoors. No problem with the meteor seven, so I think it has versatility and a pretty decent long flight time so definitely worth the money. If you're looking for any type of 75 millimeter whoops, now let's give some final thoughts on this quad. Sviđa mi se 1102 zone. Here I really do like 1102 sized motors, and I like this new canopy. It did not break its injection molded way better than the previous beta fpv canopies didn't crack on me, or even chip or scratch, which is cool and the struts on the bottom. They all survived in all of my crashes and banging around even on the concrete. The new two no connector is also awesome. People are taking this one, putting it on other whoops as well, and the props did pretty decent. They didn't fly off, which is good. Sometimes these push on props fly off 40 milimetar, sighs. Try, props I'll, try to put some links down below for these, for you guys and the 25 milli watt dipole did okay. The camera could be a little bit better. If I want to be picky, I think they could probably run this one up to 200 millimeters as well, maybe for the 2.

0 version of the meteor 7 5. So I think it's, a decent quad I'd, give it one thumbs up and yeah I'll put the link down below. If you guys want to check this one out, it was a lot of fun to play with guys I'm Justin Davis.