This is an ultra durable cinewoop, with a different design than you've ever seen before on the ducks. These are very shallow ducks i'm, not even sure that i can classify this as a cinewoop, but it has very shallow ducts and it looks to be like polycarbonate on here. They are plastic, molded all the way around and they look like they're in two pieces side to side. They are removable and it has a unibody on the bottom and about a six bolt top release plate on the top, so that's pretty cool. It also has a spot up front for a gopro and it has nas gold. Three inch props on here. Those are the nas go from iflight. They are for cinewook series. You'Ve got an led in the very back. We'Ve got crossfire on here, a dji air module and we have the full size camera up front, not the nebula, so it's kind of nice that they have the full size, dji camera that i like. We have a capacitor back there and we have mmcx connectors connecting these extensions coming out to these two antennas in the very back so pumping 700 milivat. You should be able to get way out there, but today we're going to use it with my tango, 2 and i'm already set up with this in beta flight. It took about maybe 20 minutes to set this up in total and get it running so um without further ado, let's go ahead and get it fired up with a 4s battery with my dji goggles and let's see what this protect 35 can do out in the Field, i think you're gon na be surprised, because this is outflying any other cinewhooping quotations out there on the market right now.

As far as freestyle or cinema, this quad it's crazy it'll. Do it all let's go ahead and test it out for you guys. Here we go all right, guys i'm, going to ride along with you, because i want to kind of explain what's going on here in this flight test. Now i was in stability mode to begin with, if you're a beginner, you can start out in stability mode, and this would be an excellent like second or third quad for you after your trainer quads, because this quad it'll take a beating. The prop guards are looking really indestructible. I mean i'm just kind of amazed at the quality of the prop guards. They look far superior to anything i've. Seen on any previous cinewoops out there. We started out with a lot of 3d printed, inserted ducts around foam, bumpers and it's kind of done away with the foam bumper here and giving us that really high quality injection, molded type of plastic and it kind of looks like some hardcore abs or maybe polycarbonate. I'M, Nisam siguran, but it has a really nice speed on 4s and it really does track extremely well with the f7 flight controller. I think that's. The thing that i noticed right away was the punchy feel of it, the straight ah nice shots that you can do for cinema and the fact that it was kind of hard to get this flight controller to kind of freak out um, and i kept trying to Push it to the edge to see if i could get it to do that classic wobble or wash out as we call it Music but i'm very impressed with the way it tracks.

Tako, as far as filming goes, you can really line up some nice stuff and you could absolutely fly this through a house for real estate videos. You can freestyle fpv this quad and i was finding out that it has a lot of speed. It is twice as fast as the other cinemoves out there in this size. Now this is around 155 millimeter wheelbase on this quad and no foam bumpers make it exceptionally fast and a little bit bigger motors, because using like 1404s, you know versus um 2206. I believe it was on these i'm not to go back and check the specs, but a little bit bigger prop as well 3.5 inch and again, not a lot of wash out and it's yeah. I was pretty impressed it felt like i was flying a five inch. Close to what a five inch feels like way closer than the other cine loops out there i've always explained those to kind of be like driving a volkswagen versus you know like a supercar. Five inch would be like a subaru car for freestyle or racing, and the protac 35 feels closer to the supercar of center whoops. But again you can't really classify it as a center whoop um, po mom mišljenju, because they are very shallow. Prop guards they're not really ducks, but a really nice flying quad for sure let's go ahead and take it to the bench now. I'M, pretty happy with it all right guys there.

It is on the bench: let's go ahead and talk about the prototec 35. Ovo je kutija., the beautiful box and inside the box. This is what you want to see right here: nasgol 3.5 inch props. Ovo su. 35 35 rekvizite, slight bullnose on these mega bull nose, actually um decent amount of pitch pretty thin core slight taper, not super high pitch they're. Pretty smooth! This actually sounds quieter than the other cine whoops i've flown. So if you're looking for quiet, this little guy is pretty quiet. This is the battery that i'm going to recommend you guys fly with this is the 4s 1550 battery and that one gets me an upwards of 10 minutes flight time without a gopro. So if you're going to carry a gopro on this one, it's probably going to get you more like seven to eight minutes, um just a little bit less time, but in the colder days like today was like 40 degrees out. You know i was. I was respectively still getting like eight minutes flight time out of a 1550 so with the gopro on a cold day, you're, probably looking at six to seven minutes, but still better than the bumblebee. The bumblebee was getting me around five to six minutes max and this one is getting almost double the flight time, which is awesome so a little bit lighter as well a little bit lighter design even with this full size, air module and what i like about it.

The most so far is, if you guys go to work on this it's going to be a lot easier because, like i said before, it does have six bolts to release that top plate, and i just wanted to be able to show you guys. The inside of the quad and it's pretty simple: we have two bumpers here on the top of this air module, which is nice because it gives it a little bit of dampening from all this. If you, if you crash it, gives a little bit of dampening between the top plate and the flight controller i'll just see if i can move that out of the wayand there is our f7 flight controller in the very bottom and all in one esc – stog 45 amp eses four and one esc's bl heli. We have the full size beeper there, što je cool, and we also have that led light system that lights up this on the bottom and it looks like they had an extra 20 od strane 20 mount on the very bottom right here, but yeah that looks like 20 Od strane 20 and there's your buzzer up front, you got a bumper up front and in the back back hereand you got four tpu bumpers on the bottom of the motors, što je lijepo, and i was wrong about this bottom plate. I thought it was about four to five. Millimeter really looks pretty thick, but it's actually 3.

5 millimeter on the bottom, and this can go right back in this position here and in the very back we have the xt60 back here. I'Ve got my nano as well. This is my tbs nano running down to the flight controller and they also make an analog version of this one. The analog version comes in around, Vjerujem da, it's around 159 dollars or so that's a that's, a pretty good price. This one with the full size, zračni modul, is around 400, so it is in the in the upper price range of dji quads out there um also what's cool in the box. Is you do get some foam, bumpers and there's kind of this cool texture on them? I don't know if you can see that in the camera, but there's kind of a little bit of a snakeskin on it or alligator looking skin and those would go starting out here on the outside all the way around and come up to the front like this And around the backand i really like these prop guards a lot. This is kind of still brings me that cinewoop feeling format, but just way more, durable, so much more durable and they have standoffs on the sides here, two in the back and two in the front, and i kind of wonder what this baby would fly like. Without these prop guards on here and probably fly exceptional, but then you wouldn't have motor protection of a cinewoop style drone, but i think this could be again, Iako, if you, if you have the money, this could be a great beginner quad.

Sada opet, you do. I believe you do get this mount but i'm, not sure that you get the gopro mount in the box. I'Ll, try to put a link down below for a gopro mount that'll work with this one it's a three point system up front. Just three bolts go through screw right through the frame right there. Holding that tpu mount down, you can get the naked or the full size gopro in there, eight seven, eight or nine. You also get some straps in here as well, što je lijepo. You get two extra straps and it looks like i got three in total. Once a little shorter and one's longer you get an extra 3m battery dampener here that has a little sticky side to it. You just stick that down in case that one comes off. You got a backup just kind of nice. You get some stickers, you get some antenna post in this bag as well. You get two of those you get some m2 hardware. This is extra frame hardware, because all the frame hardware happens to be m2, which is kind of cool and then looks like some m3s. As well so m3s are probably likely on the bottom of your motors yeah. Those are the bigger bolts, so they give you an extra pack of m3 bolts as well, and the rest of that looks like m2. Under there. You also get some description of the flight controller, that f7 flight controller and there's a few different things in mind here, and i think they decided not to do the 6s version, because you need an alternate bec in this equation and if you decide to run 6s On these quads with this dji full size, zračni modul, you definitely want to run an external bec and there's a diagram here on how to wire that up.

If you want to so, if you're flying it on 4s no big deal, don't have to worry about it. They do have a capacitor back here as well and dji digital transmitters. It has some information on how to bind up and and solder up the vista you don't have to. Zapravo, you only have to do soldering to the vista, not the flight controller, because there is an hd plug back here in the back of this flight controller. Zapravo, in the very front right here in the front, this is the harness for the hd and the back right. There is where your 90 degree usb port comes down through the bottom of the drone that's kind of sweet, it's kind of sometimes tricky to get that up through there. One 90 degree usb ports i'm always worried about because i'm worried about breaking the usb port off the flight controller and it's just kind of convenient to have it there already ready to go. It'Ll, save you from breaking stuff, pushing it pushing on it vertically or even horizontally, can break one off. I broke one off before and it's, not pretty so also on this we have led buzzer camera setup and a 5.8 vtx setup. If you want to do that as well and some other types of fr sky, rxsr type of sbus receivers, you can put on there, an xm plus and it's got wiring diagram for the tvs nano in case you decide to put one on yourself: you've got that All there it's pretty sweet nothing on that side.

You also get a key chain in here. It'S kind of a cool little cinewook keychain looks kind of like the one we got right there and you get some extra dji cables. These are handy. If you have a little bend somewhere start collecting these and never throw away any wires, i usually keep all my wires in case. I need a backup sometime but looks like we got stickers as well, but we don't have the protec 35 ili 25 sticker here just yet. We do have the bumble bee almost looks kind of like the reptile, but i believe that was their original mega bee. And then it looks like sedora, and i can't remember what the one that is: there's, the famous zing motors and you also get some dji fpv air unit information. This is important in case. You need to to do any changes, or you just want to know about your air module it's good, to read up on that stuff, Dobro, so we're going to put the quad on the scale by itself and let's see it weighs in about 360.. So now we're going to put the 4s 1550 on there. I guess that up 537 and then with the gopro in the tpu mount and the lens guard gets you up to 660 657 total takeoff weight. So i have to say overall, Mislim, it's a much sexier design than what we've seen before with cine whips, because center whoops in the past.

The three inch cinewoop series have always been a little bit um kind of clunky in the air, and they fly a little funny when they have strange washout with a little bit of wind. You can't fly them in hardly any wind, i mislim da, with this one you're going to be able to get away with way more wind, because you don't have as much external forces pushing on the side of the frame and freaking out the flight controller. So i think this one's going to be probably good in most conditions out there. znaš, Očito, besides rain, unless you can formal coat everything, but people are doing that and i think that their motors are performing exceptional. I believe that the the zing series is is working great for me this year the nasco 5 was awesome. The sedora and um the nazca 5 hd that i've flown they're also on the larger chimera, seven and the chimera four. So i think they've they've had a home run with the zing series and i i've not had any issues with them. I'M, not sure if some of you guys have, but let me know if you did, na 2203.5 3600 kv motors are super nice upgrade to this. As well it just you feel it immediately if you've ever flown a three inch and you go to fly on this little beast right here it it feels really snappy and with that beast f7 on here flight controller, it is working out really really nice.

As far as the tune go, probably probably one of the best tune center whoops out there out of the box, so this one has a lot on the other ones out there, if you're kind of not really stoked with the price yeah, the price is around 400. For this one, you could probably build it up a little bit cheaper. If you wanted to get say start out with the analog version, maybe put a cadx vista on there, there's all sorts of ways. You could do this. It would definitely fit a vista under there, but it's super cool because we have enough room under there for a full size. Air module with 1080p dvr support smart card support, and i thought this was awesome that you could actually get to the bolt on the side of the camera. That is a huge deal that i can get a driver in there. That is just super cool that we can do that on both sides, because again, that's been an issue for me with a lot of center whoops. They come with the camera too loose, and then i can't get to the bolt. So i got to take the whole thing apart, just to tighten up the camera bolt and six bolt top release, and i believe that was a two millimeter top plate for you guys in the back. We had that tpu mount with these nice little features. You have two little tpu sort of uh thumb screws here and give it a nice little grip on the outside of these antennas, and these are left hand circular polarized, dji antennas just go straight up like that, and then of course.

Posljednje ali ne i manje važno, my nano is snug down there inside that tpu mount, and this gives a little bit back here too. So you have some give if you crash this stuff's going to just bend down and it's not going to break off because it's not it's. Only attached to this inside part right here and it's it's not actually screwed down to anything so once you pop this top plate off. These two are sticking in here kind of like puzzle, pieces, which is also kind of cool. So i think it's a really cool release. I pretty much like everything about it and i always try to give you guys, honest reviews and this one just um. I don't know i'm looking for the awkward angle on this quad and i just think it's kind of a cool design. They kept it a secret for quite some time as well, and i didn't know anything about this one. Coming out, i got a little teaser a couple only a couple days ago, and then it showed up at my door ready to fly um. So i set it up pretty quick in beta flight and i was out and doing the flight demo for you guys. A little bit overcast today, but i i had a ton of fun with it and um. I hope to fly this one more because this one is definitely uh two thumbs up in this in a whoop category um, but then again it, i think it's its own category, for what it is.

I think they've kind of sort of reinvented the wheel here as far as center whoops go, give you that same sort of protection for your motors and durability, with with any addition of some hardcore freestyle. If you want so cinema or fairly hardcore freestyleand it will take a punch, i'm, pretty sure and twice the speed of any other center whoop out there so um, Ovo je brz, but anyway guys thanks again for watching my channel. This was the pro tec, 35 and hopefully, if they're generous enough they'll send me the 25 to demo, for you guys and uh. I like to fly this one again. This one is super fun and it just looks so damn cool, but thanks again for hanging guys. I'M justin davis take care and be safe out there in covet land.