. Christian is probably gon na come out again, but I think it's funny, so Jeff failed to get stuck. Shawn failed to get stuck. Konačno, up a cameraman get one up and first flight to ban so well I'm glad because we're running out of time somewhere have you get started it's. Now we got so. We love this spot, there's lots of buildings. The most difficult thing is that you can't get to any of the floors other than the ground floor. So if you crash somewhere, you're gon na have a hard time getting your drone back. You got a drone stuff, but Shawn thinks he brought something special for us today. I want to be honest. I don't think it's gon na work I'm, a little skeptical as well, because it's a big drone, a really kind of tight space so like, even if you like hook it's a good chance it's gon na, like throw you around a little bit, shoot you into a Wall or something and that thing don't got turtle mode, does it no turtle mode? The idea is so that you don't get two drones stuck. Is you take this rope? Tie it to the fishing net, fly the rope and the fishing also in that suits, and then I do let it drop. I drop the net on the quad and I bring my quad back and then we just really didn't like fish. Smarter than us, u redu, Zapravo, Ne, I think it can, I feel more calm, and then you can even just hover over it and watch the back and what about sure, you're good, u redu, a while so how's the GPS lock? Is it pretty? It looks kind of stable.

I can let go and it's pretty darn stable, oh I'm, about to run out of rope. No it's. U redu, you got something I'm. Just gon na walk closer, get about 20 noge, yeah it's, wrapping around my wrist, u redu, keep it going, keep it going all right! Look down, keep it going, keep it going drop it drop. It drop it yeah! O, maybe that wasn't good! U redu! So should I pull it I'm gon na go for the pole, I'm out of the goggle now's, the tough what's it like yeah, it's perfect. Is that what again, da, we're compressing? O, Čekaj! Wait there is gon na, be a pole. You might get stuck. O, this is good, so we need navigator, which way. Should I go to your left because you're on the left of the pole, it's gon na be tricky to get around it? U redu, not go toward there just about to it. We can get it to go to the left a little bit right here, you're right on it, so if it doesn't get stuck now, you're good grab on what I'm on like the yours, da. O, oh, I got it. znaš, but the neck came on. No wait so the drones aren't on it anymore. No all right, wait here, bring the drone back. We got a, we got a Red Hook, it Boulder run, it pulled it around the pole, but then the cannon can that go on all right all right.

This is working great, is it's a left to the right of the pole. Left yeah, that's gon na be hard yeah, you get a little. You got to drop it on to it, look down and drop it, you can do it just treat the just treat the right. Stick like directional, you know yeah, oh you had it. You had it. Što radiš? John John Doe you're tying it around? ne, Ne, the server is not even moving. Are you intentionally coming back you're gon na hit that you're gon na hit that you're gon na hit that what are you doing you're sliding backwards? I got my kite. I got my kite here. Shawn don't worry John John you're over JEP gon na bring that back. He was flying it back looking down at the ground, just like who's just pulling a corny tap on the rope. ne, I started pulling it because once you're doing that, like oh I'm gon na pull you out of the way I saved you you're a headed straight to the pillar I'm like no. No did her servo break it's, not just break yes. I guess we're stuck with the claw now, Oh dobro. We wanted to try the claw anyway, that stinks, but now you're not gon na, be able to drop your claw. No no I'm gon na get stuck so not a claw. I have a hook song, but it'll hook it and fly it back honey.

Pa, what was gon na be cool about your hook, set up was that you had the opportunity to ditch it. If things got sketchy, you could just drop it and then go back with a net or something like that, but now it's just fixed yeah yeah like if, if the quad gets stuck, then this quad gets stuck too and then we're back to our old games of Climbing yep, you got this it's gon na work I'm, confident in my claw abilities, although it always looks so much like when I'm watching Shawn do it on my come on. Just do that's around four I'm gon na get up there in America. U redu, this is weird apply. Does it auto altitude? This is so weird it's pretty stable man I'm, just so not usually good! o da! We got this okay. Why it's like a phantom, so it's, not a real throttle? da. I see that stay in the center to stay at the same altitude. Pa, u redu, da, that throttles screwing me up did ya and then now now that I'm in there it's not doing any GPS holding yeah. You know what I'm gon na try and not even look down and just see if I can just scrape by I'm cheating I'm, not using it, set it up. Yeah you chewed up the PVC okay, I hate to admit it. I think we need a longer string. Oh battery died, no I'm good, you had the quad, do I have it come on there's, no turtle mode.

It was so close, so much for triumphant success. Today I know like did we get a single quad back yet? Okay Jeff? Can you get under my quad? O, my god and power, and flip me we're gon, na turtle mode. This I could definitely get all three quads stuck up there. U redu, I mean hey if we have to. If we have to do something sketchy to get one, we have to do something sketchy them all. So you can just like get under me and then and then full throttle the turtle bug I'm thinking that's a terrible. We got this. Do it right over the dive? Chef, we got this yeah you're, looking the right drifter now. I definitely can't right now, just full throttle all the power I'm just stuck to you now, u redu, oh, why don't we get a hook to your quad to flip my quad over okay let's! Do that if we can get back the retrieval quad, then we're back in business, so so my shit that, like button we're trying so hard for you guys, this has been some people have aspirin pill. The Quadra, jeftinije, quad and I've always been like what I'm gon na try and do is I'm. Just gon na try and flip your quad and then you can rearm fly it out. We can change the props, put a fresh battery on hook up something and yeah. o da, I got this dude. O, I can see you that's awesome.

You get one of the three back. Dobro, so can you get the retrieval clock back now? I got myself back. Are you back up no way? But you know what you know: what hold on Jeff come watch me I'm. Just gon na try and grab Dan I'm on a roll right now. Is it hanging all right? I think I'm gon na need to just do a drag now. He'S like what we intended, but it works dan dan dan, the king dan. We uh. We did a number on your quad. We would kind of mess up your yes see. You did I'm sorry man it's going down so do it at least the rain. Pa, maybe raise the water level yeah that's how that works, take cover for a few minutes. Let it rain, stop chilly yeah bags and everything. o da, but my bags waterproof, oh yeah, grab my bag let's take cover. O, čovječe, I don't know that camping out is the right decision. No it's your order, man you're, just not from here you don't, understand, Stari, hey I've, seen a train like four days right, huh yeah, but today's not a day that's. Hopefully we did get the boat unstuck, hopefully it's, not restock, but it was just raining so bad. We could leave so we've been camping out in the bando, so we just lost the runner. I was like just we. We had made it. We had made it this beautiful sunset.

I was just pulling out my phone to just get that nice b roll of us a phone away and right before I hit record there's no way of going underwater with the engine on we just have no rudder. Does that mean we're gon na be taking on water through the rudder hold off no cuz it's broken off with the shaft, so there's no hole good good. At least we're not gon na also sink yeah, all this stuff, all this stuff, if we sink, you just reminded me that I actually, what is that? What is it rolling? What for fishing well? Can you just use it for steering and we can still use the main motor? Can I steer the worst thing? Is it was just we thought we had escaped yeah? I don't know what that buoy means. It'S still making weird sounds, but we got this dan is now this near it's. Just like a little electric motor look.