Najbolji mobitel prikaz DJI iskra, KOTAČI MAVIC PRO, FANTOM 4 (Apple, Sam-ovi)

Which mobile phone has the perfect show to be used with DJI Drones?

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  1. Doing ok with an iphone 7+

  2. You live in Uk,right mr.Cap😃

  3. Is OIS more native for DJI than Android? In other words, does the hardware just work better with OIS?

  4. Imam pitanje, how about tablets and iPads which are the best?

  5. Very nicely done. Hvala za info. You are the one.

  6. Kao što je #9 buddy great video and footage!!! You do this like a true pro we need to get you 100k subscribers!

  7. are the dji drones compatible with redmi 3s????
    plzzzz reply

  8. i have been using the Note 8 from 8months with Mavic pro remote….best one….:)

  9. what smartphone do you recommend?

  10. Im using iphone6plus on my mavic pro today,,i want to change for LGxcam,,,it is good also?,tnx

  11. Is iphone se good phone to fly phantom 4pro with no lag and issues

  12. Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active compatible with the Spark or Mavic Air ? A heard there were a lot of app crashes and fly offs.

  13. Damned near anything works for me. I use my $95 Zenfone max and its flawless. I even used my dirt cheap chinese tablet and it worked fine, and i mean cheap by the way. It cost only $50 QUAD

  14. is the sumsung s3 neo works with spark???… operating system is 4.4.1 kitkat.

  15. I liked the video. Except for the dust / water protection part. Its taking things too seriously. Im sure our phone will outlast the DJI remote, which has neither dust nor moisture protection. Their drones are even worse when it comes to the elements. So when your phone is going to be integrated with a DJI drone and their remote, you can just not worry about this as any phone will outlast their hardware quality. Unless its a faulty phone to start out with.

  16. I find this video rather superficial for the following reason: as said elsewhere, not everyone is going to be able or willing to shell out on the latest phone just so they can fly their drone, as these phones are nearly $1,000. So it is likely that as you just flashed other phones past us without reference to any real-world experience, I feel it necessary to qualify your answer. Na primjer, you failed to mention that any phone running the DJI app has a ton of work to do. It needs to load and run the app, act as a receiver of images from the drone, and as an interface to the controller, as a cache for video and stills, and likely more. So you only really advocate expensive phones without delving into any other real-world phones and tablets you know for sure that work. Koristim iPhone 6 Plus, and it works well enough for me, given my budget. Given the quality of your other videos this is a disappointment.

  17. Huawei nova 3i compatible ?pls let me know

  18. lg g6 works fine until update to android oreo.Please dont buy it if You want flay with dji drones.Peas

  19. So uhh.. do you really talk like that to people? with your face slightly facing on the side then switching left and right, now and then?

  20. Are iPhone 6 plus is working well with spark ?!

  21. Love the review mate. Love all of yours actually. Držati se veliki posao. Živio prijatelju..

  22. Pitanje… got an old iphone 5will get drone soon, either mavic air or zoomthinking; iphone 7+/128 ili 8+/64 or XR 128price are similar in canadapilot certification ending soonwhat dou you think ?

  23. Tako… which phone has the most battery that can last me a day surfing the web?

  24. I feel Like there are serious compatibility issues with Android and DJI

  25. So I'm a never iPhone guy but just bought a non serviced I6 just to run the Mavic so I dont have to take off my phone case running IOS 12 no issues so far did 1 22 min flight today

  26. I use a small LG Stylo phone and a Samsung Tab A 8", both work great and combined cost less than a iPad.

  27. For anybody in 2018 check that your phone comes with 5ghz wifi capability, this ensure a better stronger connection if you using phone only in the case of the spark and mavic air

  28. I've been watching your videos for a month or so so I can choose the right drone since
    I've never flown before.
    I have a galaxy note 5 does D.J.I. have a simulator that will work with just a cell phone so I can have an idea of the feel and the use of the controller and what the controller consist of.

  29. Spark an d air which one does beter in 15 da 20 mph wind
    And has smart battery hover obbstical avoidance return home



  32. I'm using Galaxy j7 sky pro for my dji spark,😊

  33. You can get the phatom 4 on wish complete. Most likely a knock-off because it is considerably cheaper,@$29.00

  34. My wife upgraded, I can have her old S6. Was thinking about defaulting it and only load DJI. Would a dedicated phone just for flight be helpful?

  35. can i mavic pro fly in a cylinder tank cover by mass steel 24m x 43 m ?

  36. I use the Huawei Mate 9 with my Phantom 3 Advanced without any issues.

  37. Pozdrav! help please! I can not connect my phone Samsung J5 2016 to the control panel Mavic Pro. Is it even possible or should I take another phone?

  38. Going back and looking at some of your old videos. I am thinking about picking up a Samsung Note 8 for my Mavic Air even though it's 2019 Sada – specially considering it has higher nits than the CrystalSky 5.5. Please note, Iako: You do not get this by turning up the brightness to full. That is only 750-800 nits. You have to set the brightness to AUTO and make sure the sensor is not covered by the controller handle. Intense sun will then bump the nits to 1200 Max, which should be bigger and brighter than CrystalSky. Can you confirm this now that you have both, Molim te?

  39. how to get the nits of a smartphone?

  40. I want to use Poco F1, will it fit??

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