Speak about taking your Mavic to the following stage. Now you may program your props to say or present your individual phrases or design.

You should purchase these props right here:
LED flash phrase propellers for DJI Mavic Professional/Platinum

Official Web site:

TRUT: DJI Mavic profesionalni:
KAMERA: Panasonic 4K kamkorder:
AUDIO: Rodelink Wi-fi vješt:

39 Komentari
  1. I really would love to buy these type of propellers.. but one thing I've noticed when I buy aftermarket propellers they don't seem to be the same quality as DJI propellers..

    So I don't know if will trust them for long trips far away from

    Other than that these freaking things are AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Thanks look nice but a bit pricey for two pair.

  3. I'm pretty sure that they will soon come up with this propeller for the Phantom 4pro!…

  4. Nice hope they get Mac versions soon

  5. As night flights are forebidden in most countries, are these Led propellers also usefull in daylight, for a better followup of the drone , for example, or not visible at all ?

  6. In my country Vietnam has so many mosquito(^_^)

  7. Like to have those to torment my Toronto Maple Leaf friends by using Montreal Canadians graphics. Thanks for the info.👍 Stay cool!!

  8. This is really awesome. I hope to read Brazil Champion lol

  9. That was pretty awesome. I think I would just do graphics on it. I don’t think once you were high enough you could read the words. I may be wrong and it might be easier to see in person.

  10. Cool things these Props 👍🏼😀

  11. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾🤗😌

  12. Odličan ponovo ispitivanje, those props are really very cool! Thanks for the review and testing!

  13. Opa!!! Why don't they do something like that for spark !!! Sranje

  14. Any chance your getting an EVO? I would be interested to hear your opinion!

  15. Cool Props
    KAPETANE DRON.,good Video demontration,Hvala.

  16. Sjajna osoba! That is amazing looking drone propellers. How many minutes does it decrease on the flight time.

  17. I’m not big on the other type of led props, but these are really cool.

  18. A cool party trick but I doubt I would use them much to warrant the price especially since I seldom fly after dark.

  19. Seems that they are only good if they are in annoying everybody range.

  20. I got the ones for the Mavic Air. After one flight one of the strips came loose and was flailing around. The seller graciously sent another set but after one flight they did the same thing. I'm not comfortable regardless of the coolness factor.

  21. Wish that make them for the Phantom 3I know that make the led light but you can't write with the lights like you can with this

  22. they need to be close to read them, and since you cant fly over people, not a winning combination

  23. I love them! All I need is for this awesome bling to be updated for the Mavic 2!!!

  24. That was late at night??

  25. Props look very good I have some but how do you change the message on them..?

  26. I guess they do. Do they have them for the spark? Do they have pictures as well as words? Like eagles flying? Maybe, horses galloping?

  27. Do you recall how long Dji waited to announce the platinumafter the release of the mavic pro. 🤷‍♂️ 🤔

  28. Just ordered my ( new to me). Platinumall ready familiar with having the spark remote combo for about a year and a half. But worry not. If I have any questions I will ask none other than Captain drone. LOL. 👍.

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