What is up everybody waiting for it? U redu, we've got commercials yeah, we got it, we got it switch cameras, we're going okay, so everybody wave you're on right. Sada, nice brad, you were in front of the camera. Tamo. You go this one watch. This watch yeah you're in front of it. When you do that, Dobro, what is up everybody we are here, live in sean's, tattoo studio, uh for spin down 2020, and we just got everything working thanks for your patience for everybody. Who'S out there watching everybody audience wave, say: Bok, Hej, half the crew! That watches uhour live streams is here with us today, so i want to give a big applause to you guys. Thank you for coming very much appreciate you being here. We'Re gon na have a great time tomorrow, we're gon na fly on lake dillon right. Da, we are, and we are also going to uhhave a couple of tutorials on some different things. I'Ve already had some questions about um, na primjer, fpv. We got doc murdock in the house, yeah he's, going to teach us some stuff today or crash stuff, but if you crash it's going in the water that's, the only thing we also. I want to give a big shout out real quick to a couple of people who could not be here. Metro jones bill and sandy were gon na come they couldn't make it mel uh from 400 agl had to work uh.

I know that steve carpenter was not able to make it and he was supposed to be hereum i'm, trying to think of um uh kai from texas uh, my german friend, from texas original well. I know why original dobo didn't make it yeah right, because he's scared, he's scared or up here, it's gon na, be a bear. This is big. Al big al is actually uh from the swamps of austin texas. We found this at the domain where ken herron crashed his uh quad and we had to go hunting for it. Fishing for it and big al snuck out tried to beat uh bite ken don't know in the ankle yeah right. ne, the butt he kind of right in the butt he wanted, the ham hock. But you know what the weird thing is right now: he's, not opening his mouth he's just sitting here, he's like quiet about it, he's just waiting for some more kid. I don't know big house here so uh. Kao prvo, i do also want to say thank you to everyone that did watch spin up last week. If you haven't watched it, it is available online, currently uh on ready, set drone it's one of my most recent videos, and i also want to say that for everyone who won a prize, i got about half of them shipped out before i left for here. I will ship the other half out next week. I promise as well as the t, shirts and the hats if you were a hero, so there's a lot of stuff that's coming your way.

I know we had some uh big prize winners and one of them's. Zapravo, here right now, uh michael won the uh one, the mavic air 2., so i'm. Sorry mavic 2, pro mavic pro 2. there's names, so we're all sort of blending together lately aren't. They sean tell us where you took us earlier today: snake rivers, that we went to a couple places, but the fun place that you really enjoyed was over by snake river, which is where i lost my gopro eight. This is the gopro nine and we, a few of us, actually went looking for it never found it, but kelly set up with the fpv drone stuff and and had a really good time from the looks of it. It was one of the most beautiful spots, i've ever flown uh, Kao prvo, just it's, just really clear blue water, which you said is actually it's a mineral deposits from pennsylvania mine that that's poisonous. So you wouldn't that's. Why it's so blue? Pa, it's? What happens? Is it leaves all these mineral deposits all over uh the rocks, which turns them sort of white, and then the water just appears bluer, even though it's just white under the water? U redu, so like how pool works, it looks like it looks like something i would want to dive into and drink, but um but hey. I see metro drones. Thank you for the super chat, uh again bill sandy i'm. Žao mi je, you guys couldn't make it.

I see shane from we are rv the johnstons. I see rick halber in the house. I see uh 400 agl good to see you mel. Žao mi je, you weren't able to make it uh doc. Murdock, Čekaj, wait a minute! He'S right here! We also have chris hope is back there and you know it's weird, seeing chris hope live instead of seeing him in the chat, but it's awesome and his beard does not disappoint in person. If you've never seen chris hope's beard in person, even with the mask at least, i find it interesting, the guys with the longer beards and the beards like half out the mask yeah, you know like or or completely out the mask. I got a buddy who has a beard down to his tits it's, just all beard i'm talking about you, ronnie on the other yeah wow that's that's. That is not a description i would ever want to have used on me. Tako, Kao prvo, Uh – or at least my daughter, thinks i do but boobs noobs that's another story flapjack. We also. We also want to say we also want to say uh, welcome to everyone who came here on a motorcycle today, because that is some dangerous stuff. You guys, you guys were really uh. You know risking your lives to be here on a motorcycle um. Anybody anybody got any anybody want to give a shout out to somebody got got uh wives. You know confirmed that you're here, actually so that nobody watches mama's watching from the car.

She walks in the hotel room all right all right, Pa, uh chris, is definitely here uh. I can confirm that anybody else got any shout outs got any shout outs for uh. Other droners people out there: Ne, Ne, oh goodness, uh how about the ken heron? Oh here's, the ken herring Music. Why is ken calling me on the phone? Should we take this let's put on sure it's gon na kill my live stream, but hello, ken what's up? Hey what what is the alternate route to get out to dillon, because it was saying two and a half hours to get there all right. I thought you were going to philadelphia. I was with you. Oh we just bagged on you on the live stream. You can't! You you have the you can't read my sense of humor at all, not not through twitter. ne, i can't, but by the way, dono you are live on the live stream. Dakle, uh uh, you know cuss up all you want something to say: u redu, who who's? Whose stream is this? Is the shawn streamer kelly street uh? Pa, we were on both, but i answered my phone so now: it's, just kelly's yeah, Uh, it's, just kelly's stream, da, yeah dude well, i'm glad to hear you're gon na make it and uh and and chris we have a surprise for you. Doug murdock has a surprise for you: yeah hey, can you tell chris is if chris hope is, there make sure he gets enough of beer because i don't want to have to go and try to track down beer like at nine o'clock at night, he's playing a Tiny little violin for you, u redu.

So let me quickly answer your question, so we can get back to the stream you're asking for an alternative route: yeah it's, a longer route, it's a pretty pretty drive it's taking 285 to breckenridge and then breckenridge back to i 70 and then back around to dillon. Dobro, so it sucks it's a longer drive, but you might not have traffic at least all right. Pa, i i will uh. I will give that a a row. U redu, Dobro! Man we'll see you tonight two hours tonight, Dobro. Everybody just clapped for you. We we thought he was uh all right, Žao mi je, that the uh behind the scenes disappeared from a minute we're back all right. So so can you can you go to that let's just test it and see if it works? Like i said i don't hang on. We got many people editing how to do better on youtube that's. My big challenge for myself to help everyone that wants that help um, so part of that is having you guys tonight that are here in the studio come in. Whoever wants to be part of this and we'll sit you down in a chair, and i want to we're going to interview you from here: you'll be social distance away. We'Ll help hopefully have one of these other cameras pointed on you and tell us either. If you have a channel that's already going what it is, so we can sort of plug you, and hopefully those in the chat will actually go and check your channels out and the um.

If you don't then tell us what we can do to help you out. Roosevelt where's where's rose who's that do you want to start let's come sit over here, wow it's, everywhere yeah you see right there. So so can we see rose in the in the careful of course wait. I got an idea. This is easier right right. This is less all right. Let me get that camera working, yes um! My channel is more so about nature, and you know inspiring people through. You know just the nature of the world um i like to take a lot of pictures like i used to fly around rivers and streams and things um. So basically, you know i live in arkansas, which is the natural state that's. How i got my name: um there's, not a lot to do there, but uh doing a lot of things involving nature is one of the things that a lot of people do. So i decided you know kelly really actually got me involved in drones and i was trying to come up with a name for my channel and i kept thinking and kept thinking. You know what can i do. I was so boring so um. I finally came up with you know: Pa, this is the natural state and i'm buying a drone, so it's like oh fly natural so that time that came on for me and then kelly kept inspiring me to go further pushed me further.

So yeah i started doing more, making more videos so and then and then i stole your sd card. You did you did it. It was about maybe a month ago i get it two months ago, oh yeah, something like that. Tell everybody what it did today. So today, kelly gave me another sd card and i i've got it in my backpack brand new never been open. Thank you kelly. One other roosevelt's other thing about uh roosevelt is: he is going to be flying tomorrow with the bluegrass. So i don't know how many of you guys know what the new variable goggles are: they're uh heads up display, and so, if you want to check them out tomorrow, uh i've got some. If you want i've got some disinfecting wipes, i can use my wife with me. You can wipe them down if you want to try them out, but what they allow you to do is to look out see through the goggles and see a heads up this way. That'S all right, they're, very much just to say that they're, incredible okay, i'm out i'm out everybody's, saying the audio's a little discarded, so it just may be between the two mics go subscribe to fly natural if you haven't already that's. That would be a big thing. U redu, all right so sean uh tell me about dillon colorado. Why why? Why did we pick this spot because it's absolutely gorgeous? It is gorgeousand i live here, which makes it a lot easier for you to do something like this versus versus us um, trying to just find a cool spot, which is not a bad idea.

I mean it could be sort of cool to just rotate spin down somewhere yeah else, but it definitely makes it easier to have someone here. I just i love where i live. I love the community and i wanted to really share the community like where that love with the community like. I want you guys to be able to come up here and experience this too, and the things you're going to fly or that you're going to demo tomorrow. Skydio right so i've got the sky.2. Some of you have seen it. Some of you have, and some of you have touched it. Some of you have how many, how many in here have seen the skydio2 in person. Have you everybody anybody flown one in here? U redu, so nobody's flown one. I have a couple of them, so i'm gon na do a couple. Tutorials wait! Čekaj! You have more than one skydiving two. Now what how did that happen? I bought two yeah. ne, it does not sound like a giveaway. I don't make that much money guys come on who said that who said that okay you're out of here buddy get out of here. So so so wait here's the thing here's the thing with the skydio2, because i i've got one. I have limited experience with it. Not as much as you, but flying it with this, it has this little uh. Stick right called the beacon. Tell tell us about that, so the tutorials i'm going to give i'm doing two with the skydio one with a with a 360 kamera, but for the skydiving i'm going to do throughout the day.

We'Ll sit down and all of everybody can sit down together. I'Ll do one with the controller, because everyone miss thinks that the skydeal is really just a tracking drone, and it does so much more than that, and i really want to show that to people in person how cool it is flying it with the controller and then I'Ll do one where i'll show how you can track with it, using the beacon, i'll sort of talk to everybody about it, how it works and then give examples. When i go out using like the electric skateboard on this path and everyone just watch and see how you can use this magic wand or beacon to control, where it's at just by sort of clicking a button and pointing at it, it's it's, pretty it's, pretty amazing That that piece with the beaconbut i will say the thing with the skydio uhis that it sometimes has a mind of its own. It can kind of go off and get stuck behind stuff because it has so many sensors that it won't always listen to what you want it to do. It sometimes has a mind of its own because it says: oh, i can't go there because i'm going to hit something but yeah, but as you learn to use it more, you actually can predict how it works and it's the same with the controller flying with the Controller when you first fly with the controller you're like i don't, i don't, like it it's weird it's it's got this weird mushy kind of feel when it flies around things.

But when you learn how it actually reads the environment and you can actually predict how that works in flight like when i was showing you when we flew backwards, yeah those trees, da, incredible yeah, something they couldn't do with the controller. You can just kind of go a little crazy with it, and don't have to worry too much about hitting things that's that's, the biggest difference, definitely something i want to show everybody, but there's very limited range with the setup that they have now it's, nothing like if You'Re flying a dji drone it's, nothing like that you're not going to have you don't have the distance. ne, you won't have anything like light bridge. Even it won't even go back to that. It'S it's a wi fi drone it's more like um, Fantom 3, ili nešto slično. Pa, no phantom 3 was actually like light bridge as well for a spark yeah, something like that where you're gon na, maybe depending on what you're flying through you, could get as few as 500 feet away from you before you break up on a good day. You can get 6 000 noge, wow i've, gotten it that far over the lake before yeah yeah. I think i saw that video you did a computer. I was actually very mind blown that it went that far. I wasn't expecting it well so, for anybody else want to come sit down over here. Just for a second just say hi.

Anybody else want to talk about the channels where they're coming from we don't even have to turn the camera on you. We can just we're gon na have to use that mic, though okay, u redu, u redu, so you'll have to come up with it and interview them right here: u redu, u redu, oh yeah, i don't mind. Pa, i will i will say too. znaš. I will say too that some of the folks that are in here, like chris hope, have channels that are starting to grow and have to get a thousand subscribers in order to be able to do the actual live streaming, they want to do without rtmp. Now one thing i'm curious about with the new dji um or i'm. Sorry with the new youtube studio is, if we'll be able to do, live streaming with rtmp that's, a question we don't know yet. I'Ll bet greg. Coonert knows that yeah kelly touched me and it felt so good wow. I hope my wife is watching. We got geeksvana, we got tater rogers. I am i'm blessed, Čekaj! So it's roosevelt, you just can't tell so we got geeksfona, we got uh shane. We got tater rogers in there and by the way, tater rogers um, if you guys have not checked out his channel, and you want to hear some good music that guy can play some music because he is a guitar picker. So sean one other question for you about tomorrow: yes uh, you said you have a friend who's coming in to give a talk about like making a living on youtube.

Da, so jonathan buckhouse, so he is a snowboarding channel and he does daily content every day for over god, he's going on almost two years of doing daily content. Right i mind blown this guy has a work ethic like you wouldn't believe, but he went full time with less than ten thousand subscribers right. I think you had eight thousand something subscribers in a time, job matched that job income and started just focusing daily daily daily, and i thought how cool would it be for those who are up here trying to not just make a youtube video? Could i actually make money with this one day? This is a good guy to make you rethink the way you would use youtube because most of us think oh we're, going to make money off of youtube and the videos right that's, not how you make it yeah you're, not just making money by views you're, making Money by a lot of other things too so that's abs, absolutely so he's going to give a a a meeting or a general meetup with some people early in the day, i think he's trying to shoot for around 11 ish, u redu, so right before lunch. Pa, so so for spin down tomorrow, we're going to be out at a lake uh, anybody think we're going to put a drone in the water. If you think we're going to put one in the water one's going in all right, not going to be mine, nope because i'm not flying tomorrow, you're right well, this this lake is apparently really deep, yeah you're, not getting it out of this lake.

It goes in this lake it's too cold you're, not going in no no it's like 250 feet deep in the in the deepest part, waiters aren't gon na i'm gon na answer a question from the behind the scenes. I got somebody that's asking: is it a bust because of the winds and it's predicted to be 10 da 20 mile per hour winds? And just so you know all the dji drones can fly in 20 mile per hour winds, so it's not a bust it's. Up to you, if you want to come, if you want to fly in it, that's totally your call we're all still hanging out whether we fly or not it's going to be a good time, no matter anything at this point, and i think there might be a Ticket two or two still left if you're a last minute person, yeah uh, trut, spin or spindown2020.com 2020.com yeah, oh they're stopped so well. We can work something out still because i think we still got a couple spaces right, yeah or not. I don't know it might be got no more room in here. I know i know we're all full in here. I bought two tickets. U redu, so we got one extra, so somebody is in the local area or down in denver, and i know some people are buying from denver recently as just a day or two ago. We do have at least one extra ticket here and we could figure something out.

As long as like 20 of you, don't show up at once, we got one or two spots andand i got a question for harley fpv, so that was harley. Fpv bought two tickets. Um. Do you fly fpv? Are you starting to start too nice, nice so? And you're learning from doc, yeah all right, man you're, going to be good, you're, actually good, it's, not far from my son, my son flies fpv, also nice, nice yeah that's. Another thing too, i think tomorrow, if anybody wants to try out some fpv uh we're gon na really try and get people who haven't done it before a chance to at least put the goggles on see what it's like. I will tell you too. I first started doing it um i just dabbled in 2016 2017. I wish i had gotten into it more really early, but i didn't but it's, okay it's, never too late um. It made me kind of motion sick. Like the first few times. I did it. I actually felt, like i'd, been on a roller coaster or something and just started feeling a little motion sick, but it's, weird, because if you do it enough, you you get over it. Yeah like now, i was just out there flying uh. Zach saw it. I was like doing loops and stuff around this um around us andand i was talking to him the whole time and not that i'ma great pilot, but i just didn't, feel sick at all.

I felt like i felt totally in control with it so it's, something if you do feel a little motion sick, the first time you do it don't, let that dissuade you from trying it a little further now i know chris hope has been flying. Some tiny hawk action in in athens right yeah he's got a couple of videos out where, where uh, where he's like zipping through the trees and stuff he's, getting to be pretty good so good one minute or did you put one in the water wait? Wait wait, did it did it go all the way in or or just the video where it's crashing yeah? Like of all that space, you hit the one puddle in the whole, the whole field, chris hope. ne, that that's actually that's how i ruined uh, i ruined the tiny hawk um freestyle, maleni, Hawk 2 maleni, Hawk 2 slobodno. I i went into a just circuited, something and and now when you plug it in it, just makes this crazy, vibrating thing and won't. Do anything but it's still good for spare parts? Yes keep yours for spare parts: hey rick, halber, Hej! We wish you were here too man. Let'S let's, give a big hand to rick albert that guy Applause, matt calvert didn't. He lend you uh didn't. He lend you something initially or was that was that uh, steve, steve, actually yeah so that's the story of how i have two skydios steve, actually booked one.

You know how you had to reserve it. His came up way before mine and it was last winter and i really wanted to snowboard with it and track snowboarding, which i got a lot of videos on the channel of track and snowboarding. Just so, znaš, go subscribe, yeah right there, anyways um, so i got his and then, like months just a month or so ago. My order finally popped. I forgot to cancel my pre order and you had beaten his up so bad that you well not exactly that um. I hadn't beaten it up, but i was like well, i might beat it up right, so i was like well. Let me go ahead and pay for the second one, because worst case scenario, i throw on an ebay, get my money back and then i've actually been talking with henrik from tech, drone media, and he was like well before you put on ebay. Let me have the option, so can you do that with a danish accent? I don't think i could. Oh you put it on here. I can't do this. You say henrik, if you're watching on it, he's, probably sleeping in time difference he's going to be asleep until close to midnight. My thoughts were well hell, like who's ever done a pre corona after corona production model side by side, so i'm curious to their quality control. Change is the drone exactly the same so i'm going to do.

A video of both together it'd be cool to have two of those in the air at once too and like see, if oh, the beams, not the streams yeah. So i don't know what i said: that's, what you did like never mind so so you've got you've got two of those things and, and so people will get to yes. Eventually, i will make that video i've been saying it for months now, um (1998, Ali, da. Eventually, i'll make a video showing both the quality control, what the differences are and i'll actually go out and fly them both and see if there's any differences, because i do notice with my skydio the one i've been flying you you know what the drunken horizon is: It'S yeah yeah yeah yeah just gets off that's a little bit trademark, sean oz. By the way on that, oh the drunkenness, i actually in the first video ever coining, i thought it was a nagging movie. ne, the drunken horizon it's like where, where you're your master on the original mavic when it came out, it was horrible. It was notorious for this, and that was when so many people got into drugs right, da, and so so many people have never been in a gimbal come on now who doesn't have their phone on silent in the audi no i'm, the original mavic came out, and So many new people came into it that they didn't realize how gimbal should work and kimble should lock that horizon in it really should so, if you sway back and forth or yaw that gimbal should stay pretty damn strong yeah and it does these days yeah.

But with the original mavic, a lot of the cameras had huge issues where, if you went like this, it went with you and then rolled with you or if you yawed, it just went all you went crazy and people were posting. Videos had no clue and they were all like. Ovo je super. sviđa mi se. So i started making a series about the drunken horizon. I even got a wig i'm on there i'm, making this character with it and trying to teach. Pa, i mean it's easy to do so i'm, trying to teach people how gimbals should work and that's. Actually what started my youtube channel sort of blowing up a little bit was was like gimbal yeah. I think i went from like 300 subscribers to like 350. Lijepo. It was amazing at the time probably a lot of these guys in here too. I don't know. Does anybody remember the old uh drunken verizon videos yeah, so that was like? It was a way i was so pissed at dji because, like then, i returned the drone because of that they sent me a used beat up one. It was all about. The case was ripped up and it was oh, i was furious. It didn't, so i made this hate. Video and dji called me head of support from dji called me and was like oh yeah, we're. Žao mi je, you want to take the video down. I was like no, you want to fix my drone okay, and so they eventually sent me a new drone and it almost worked.

It was this: is the original mavic pro original maverick pro so who who owned the original mavic pro in here pretty much? Who still doing it so there's two people that own it here, hopefully tomorrow more dude because i'm, giving away a whole bunch of stuff for the original mavic pro tomorrow? Oh really, you guys it's, the cutest i've got a whole box of stuff there. I don't use ever yeah well it's it's, one of those things where it's a good drone. If you're going to do something that might end up in the water, znaš, as i've done before, like put put pontoons on it and see if that works. Uh yeah hey is that was that a mavic pro that you did that too. That was a mavic pro. I want to say thank you to ben thornton and geek spana for the super chats and then also uh. I saw a question in here uh. What was it? O, oh, i was just gon na say, hi to uh jerry with jordan, obsessed from uh from he's from dallas yeah, my behind the scenes one. So i want to say thank you jaron or jared yeah yeah. Zapravo, i think he's watching both oh that's awesome. This is so cool all right, so so uh. I i usually try to keep this to an hour because um, because uh ozby drone goes on at it. So we have about 11 minutes before before.

That hour is upoh okay, um (1998, so so we're plus i don't like going past an hour plus everybody here's, probably an hour though, but we just started didn't. We yeah, i know, but i don't i don't want to go over. I don't want to step on osbo drone, so if you are watchingand you want to go check out another stream after this go to oz by drone, anybody else want to be on any any anything. Somebody'S got to want to talk about their channel nobody's, trying to build their channel. Come on. Čovjek. Hey come on over here, Dobro, Dobro! So is this too loud there we go all right, so we got harley fpv where'd you ride in from colorado. Springs! Look into that camera there hurley colorado springs all right and and what kind of fpv are you flying these days? I got a giant uh tyrol 119 that i'm building and i got a tiny help too, with me, Lijepo, so the tyro 119. I just bought that kit. I haven't built it yet, but did you build it? I i just got finished, putting it together waiting on parts getting was it hard to put together or nah, not too bad? ne, it just followed bot whales, that's that's. Exactly why i got it because, because i know he does a step by step so for those of you that don't know the tyro 119 is a kit you can order on.

I think you can order it on eachine or uh yeah, and it is. It is a kit you can build your first fpv drone, um and uh joshua bargo has a video step by step on how to do it. So you brought that with you or no, not the tyron knight team, with my tiny, tiny heart yeah, trying to help too nice nice. I love that thing and your other one, oh, and i got a snapped in a 15 angle that i haven't fluid yet well. The tiny hop too is awesome, so it actually, you can fly it in here and my knee anybody else uh anybody else here built a drone before no no drone builders well, i'm gon na do that tyro, Tyro 119. Very soon, Dobro! Pa! Hvala ti! Harley fpv appreciate you hopping Music Applause and we got another super chat from uh from drone obsessed jerry from jerry, calverly and everybody says his last name wrong. I'M. Žao mi je, jerry! I really! I really cavalry no, no it's calverly right. I just actually had someone asking where we are uh christian. We are actually at my shop right now. That'S right live streaming, i'm, actually getting the tattoo on my leg. You can't see it but there's somebody down here like that buzzing, that that was actually an idea. I had that we could have set up and i could have been tattooing someone over there if we had more cameras and more time, yeah why we did the streaming yeah.

Well again, if you want to go see more drone stuff, i think i'm going to wrap it up. U redu, because uh who's who's hungry, who wants to go, eat well yeah we're, going to have to wait because i forgot to go over and put our names that's right, that's right we can. We can do that. We can get the weight going while we're packing this stuff up: da, u redu, da, while you guys are packing i'll run over there and for your information we're going to the dylan dan brewery in dillon right when this stream is over and i'm going to go set. It up so, if you're looking for us and you're in town which a couple of you are i saw art, was in the chat, oh art's here, he's at the hotel right now. Somebody else was in there. Christian was asking, Mislim, and so that's watching the dillon, damn brewery, which is a block or two from the studio, yeah it's pretty much on the main. This is highway 6. pravo, so right off of highway 6., just type in the dillon. Damn brewery you'll find it in the google someone's asking if we should bring your drones in the morning. Yes yeah. If you want to fly here too awesome so uh. Da, da, agent k the dan brewery that's it so bring bring drones uh everyone who's come in tomorrow. Tonight i mean we're gon na go eat and maybe have some beer, so we're, probably not flying, but tomorrow we're gon na fly uh.

We have the entire uh pavilion reserve entire day. We will be flying all day. Think of it like a picnic where you're flying drones and your your wife or significant other is not pestering you to stop it right. You have you have full permission to fly, fly drones all day, long and be as nerdy and geeky about it, as you want to be absolutely and then again, sean's going to do a couple, little tutorials on a few things and if you guys want to jump In this is this is not my thing. This is not kelly. This is our thing, Tako, if any of you want to help each other do stuff learn stuff, please let's all benefit each other to become better at this whole hobby. The youtube thing, the drone thing, the camera thing, whatever we can do to help each other that's that's. What i want to see being antennas yes and i'malso excited for people to try out the uh, try out the muveria before they're, prilično cool. I mean it really is like um minority groups and i'm gon na say epson again. I said this earlier. If you see this start making them again, people would buy them for sure all right. Well again, thank you to everyone who tuned in. I just saw another super chat from mike miller. Thank you mike and joe blaylock, hey good, to see you man uh. Can you guys give a big uh applause to everyone tonight chris give us the crowd all right, so hey.

It means a lot to me and deshawn and everybody that you guys came here. So thank you for coming here live. Thank you for watching tonight, and i i you know. It really is it's an investment of your time and we know that. So we appreciate you making the effort to get here and i think we're gon na have a great time tonight and tomorrow. So thank you guys, any last words sean sean. Do you have any merch? You know i'm kicking myself in the butt, because i was like wait a minute. I i don't i do, but you have to buy it online like there's one right. Next to you. Can you see it so i'm printing, my own artwork on max, because a lot of states are making you have them? Sjajna osoba, pretty cool that's, Zapravo, stvarno cool, yeah it's, a really soft mess feel the material? O. Pa, you know it breaks down. Then i sort of defeat them. I use this one for an example right so anyways. I am doing that kind of stuff and i'm mad who thinks i need a new mask. I have a bunch of paper ones if anyone does need one up there um, but i i'm kicking myself in the butt because gina was like. Did you get some stuff made before everybody came up here? Maybe they want tattoo shirts or somethingand i was like i didi didn't get anything made i'm out of stickers i'm out of everything, Dobro, Dečki.

Absolutely chris didn't! We kick you out of here already chris get out of here. Get out of here. Harry'S got two skydios already all right guys. Thank you for tuning in. We will hopefully be seeing you tomorrow, because i'm sure we'll be a lot doing a lot of live streaming from the event yeah and i'm going to be doing a lot of behind the scenes. Live streaming on, my channel, which is world of oz, world of oz, so go to world of odds in your little like bar search bar and you'll, find it we're actually doing it behind the scenes right now, at the same time that we're talking to you guys World of wars, world of oz or type in shawna's, either want to get you there yep all right.