Small Fun Drone! GoolRC T47 – 720p CameraREALLY GOOD DRONE!

You should purchase this drone right here (strive the coupon code to see if it really works):
GoolRC T47:
kupon kod: G9831 ($10)

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  1. So basically the Joystick is the Left stick of a mode 2 Radio Xmitter.

  2. Hahahahaha är you beeing ironic? xD

  3. "the battery is pretty good, you get about 7 minutes of flight time". LOL.

  4. Mantap drone ya kk Hadir kk ngasih suport tambh like fidionya bagus kk saling suport lonceng udah q yalain kk berkunjug yh kk selalu semangt berkarya yh kk salm kompk

  5. Hi good video but do you know if you can get a battery that would extend the flying of 6mins

  6. what would you recommend the JJRC H47 ELFIE Plus Quadcopter or the goolrcT47

  7. Hi Can you explain the "head-less" mode on and off on the controller? What does this do the he flight characteristics? Hvala!

  8. thanks for reply just got a goolrct37 not even usedt battery got stuck in charger could not get it out so i got to send it back

  9. hats the difference between the T37 t47

  10. well it was a usb cable with a silly connection which connected to the battery so flimsy hen it was time to disconnect the unit i could,nt end up pulling it apart with pliers and the internal bits came out as well

  11. Cool drone here and nice flying! I've heard a lot of positive comments about it. About the lights, I believe turning them off might allow battery to last longer.

  12. What about the range of controller and wifi

  13. hey great video I love this droneI got mine last week for pretty good deal here

  14. Gonna buy this drone soon it looks so cool. Thanks captain for reviewing this drone

  15. awesome review:) very easy to understand 🙂 good job 🙂

  16. i love yout review 🙂 easy to understand and very detailed. You're awesome < i subbed and liked your channel 🙂

  17. Man I had mine for a day. Crashed it and need a part for it! I CAN NOT find the parts:

  18. Last comment how did you convert the H264 files for Andriod?

  19. Oops I meant "Gravity Sensor Control"

  20. Two reasons why you would want to shut the lights off.

    Battery battery battery. If you're using lights it'll drain the battery.

    The next reason is obviously if you are sensitive to the bright LEDs and they are very bright.

    Just thought I would give you my two cents.

    Or let's say you want your kid to use it and you put it in headless mode you wanted to go for a long time. Shut the lights off they're useless. Get a little bit more flight time..

  21. I ordered the jjrc h47 which is the same thing as this.

    I've always wondered which one was better the jjrc 47, or the eMachine 58.

  22. I got the same one accepts the jjrc h-47..

    If I me arrived I absolutely love it it came with 3 batteries and Ice case..

    Absolutely love how the remote works..

    I think a lot of drones will change to the style or make it switchable it's so much fun one handed..

    I even got a special charger that will charge all three batteries at once and has overcharging protection remember it says in the manual with the stock charger to only let it charge for 70 minutes when the light goes off you're supposed to unplug it or it will overcharge..

  23. I have to know? Was it by chance that you just happened to have a matching scale, lol.

  24. Need a phone to activate the camera?

  25. hi brother does that camera can point down and zoom also?

  26. Do you prefer the gool app or the Jjrc app for this drone. Thanks for a great review. I ordered one a few days ago.

  27. The remote looks like the nunchuk for the Wii and also does it do wifi? Because the T5 quad doesn't

  28. I think that's why I got my T5 so cheap just to clear out inventory for these compact T47's

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