Tako, first of all, Uh. If you don't know about the ready set drone song contest, i've got eight entries so far and all eight of them are awesome in their own way. If you like the ready set drone song or if you just like music in general, i put links down below. Please go check out all eight of them if you haven't already and vote for the one you like the most by hitting the like button and the one with the most likes at the end will receive the prize, which is a mavic air ii. So uh very important that we get as many votes as possible um if you already watched some of them there's some new ones, like i think at one point i had five and six and sevenand i just got the eighth today, so i want to make Sure everybody gets a fair shake that's number one number two i wanted to. Let you know that tickets for spin up are actually going to stop being on sale, thursday. The 10th of september that's the day after tomorrow at 10 p.m, i'm gon na stop selling them and the reason is, i have to have a final kind of head count for all of the giveaways and stuff like that. I need a final list of everybody. Who'S participating so i'm cutting that off thursday at 10 p.m. So if you're watching ken herron show or if you're just hanging out at home and you're thinking about wanting to win some of those prizes at spin up uh, you need to buy your ticket before 10 p.

m. This thursday, no tickets will be sold after that. You can certainly watch spin up after if you don't have a tick up ticket. You just won't, be able to win any of the prizes and if you want the limited edition, t, shirt and hat and sticker you'll want to become a hero as well. So there's information about that at spinup2020.com and then finally, i wanted to let everybody know that there are actually a couple of spin down tickets uh available. We had sold out, Međutim, a few people can't make it. I refunded their money, and so now, if you go to spin spindown2020.com you'll, see some tickets available uh. Načelno, i think just a few. So if you're thinking about going that's only 30 bucks and if you end up not being able to go, i'll refund your money for you, so it's it's low risk to go and buy one of those tickets for 30 bucks for spin down, which will be on Uh september 26th in colorado, it's going to be a great place to fly. If you don't know anything about it, you can go to the spindown 2020.com website and check it out. Uh, unfortunately, uh henrik olsen will not be able to speak. Henrik is uh from denmark. He is with uh, he used to be electric unicycles and drones, but now i think it's called drone tech media. U svakom slučaju, he had a death in the family. Won'T be able to speak totally understand.

I wish him the best but uh he won't be speaking at spin up this year, but everyone else is still slated. I'Ve got a lot of the presentations already super excited. People are starting to fly into town on friday for us to get to the studio and do this thing on saturday, don't forget to watch the pre show with geeks fauna. I'Ll put a link to that as well. In the description check out those songs and if you want to come to spin down, go buy your ticket and if you want to win prizes at spin up, go buy your ticket there too. Thanks for supporting uh, you guys are awesome.