REDPAWZ R020 BLAST Drone. Is it as good as the RYZE Tello?

Love the Tello? Then additionally, you will love this drone. The REDPAWZ RO20 Blast is designed to look and fly much like the Tello at half the worth. A controller is included. Options are: 720p movable digicam, Detachable Battery, 10 Min Flight Time, Održavati visinu, Flips, Jedan ključni povratak, Touchdown, Controller, 80 Meter Vary, Predgorje način, secure flight. Highly effective brushed motors, stable development, mild weight.

You may order the REDPAWZ RO20 BLAST right here:

KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:
KAMERA: Canon 80D stas:
LENS: 17 – 50mm Lens F2.8:

35 Komentari
  1. It’s better for the fact it comes with a controller, and yes, you need a new roof.

  2. Would you recommend this for a persons first drone? At least it's inexpensive! Također, should a person buy a much better charger to prevent overcharging and ruining the battery? Thanks for your vids! Tom

  3. You didn't have the propguards on for the weighttest on the REDPAWS 😏

  4. Steve, thanks for the very nice review! Nice little inexpensive drone, looks to be a great starter drone for younger pilots. It is a shame about the video jumping problem and not too bad of a flight time either. One big perk in the low cost of extra batteries too.

  5. value for money excellent thank you for the demonstration

  6. Kapetan, veliki pregled! Very impressed with your overall way you do your drone reviews. I especially like the "real experience" information that you give like about the prop guards, the pricing info and that it's available with 1 ili 2 baterije & opet, the price differences between each bundle. This is the information, I think consumers are looking for! Tako, kudos for that, kao i! Thanks for doing a great job! JP

  7. $46 at Geek Buying and Amazon is charging $69

  8. Are the photo's like the Tello, the Tello takes really nice high resolutions photos.

  9. You weighed it without the prop guards.

  10. I think you forgot to test the range just to compare it with Tello since it comes with controller maybe it can go further or higher than Tello. It would be nice if you can make another video or just reply on my comment here and tell me how far or how high is the distance from the controller.

  11. very nice review and demo flights

  12. The f31g is the true Tello killer. Also has optical flow. Available at GEARBEST and banggood. $45.00

  13. One has dji tech and Intel the other kne doesn't just like that the tello is better

  14. You didnt even weight the drones correctly

  15. I just watched a video I thought it was fantastic thank you for that secondly I'm an insurance agent and I review roofs on a regular basis and your roof needs to be replaced immediately before you have a much bigger problem😍

  16. Pa, I just ordered one of these, with the extra battery. I hope I have a little fun with it. Maybe later I can get an Anafi or something similar. Hvala, Tom

  17. Zabava. Quite a few companies out there working the new drones. Soon enough the bottom end will have 1080 and then 4k camera drones for $50-$100 And after 4k there is not a large demand or need for 8k for a while. These little guys will start to put the squeeze on $1500 drones in a few years.

  18. Did you offer any of those ants 🐜🐜🐜🚁 a ride? They might of enjoyed a scenic aerial tour of your backyard.

  19. Očito, you worked miracles with the trimmer. Mine isn't this stable and Tello is a clear winner.

  20. I enjoyed this video. The Tello is Superioryes I’m a Tello fanboy

  21. Do you know when the Mavic Pro 2 is coming out. What is DJI doing?

  22. Can a tello battery be used on this? My Tello flew away leaving me with a spare battery.

  23. Enjoyable video as always. Ali, you could use some time with the Lawn Care Nut. [wink]

  24. Did you know there was a guy called Expert Tuna copied this test of the Redpawz and has it on his channel?

  25. Looking for a small indoor drone that has a controller with configurable stick modes.

  26. Weighed the paws w/o prop guards

  27. The altitude hold might be done with an ultrasonic sonar (that's what the little holes in the bottom might be for). It's very cheap and easy to implement and apparently many cheap drones have it.

  28. Very impressive, I really like the three speeds and adjustable camera. Dobar posao

  29. Nice thorough review video 👍😊🇱🇷❗

  30. Capt drone, do you think the controller will work also on ryze tello?

  31. neat looking drone. are both Mode 1 and Mode 2 flying available?

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