This is the flybarless beginner helicopter. It is around 40 dolara. It comes with the six axis gyro on board, and the e 119 is also sporting. 249 millimeter blades zero, six, one five tail motor and just underneath that canopy right there. You have flight controller and Futaba s, FHSS receiver option port there you can add your own. It looks like full size, little mini servos and an 85 twenty Corliss motor, which is pretty sweet, not super powerful, which is good for the beginners and an itching one s. 350 million battery is gon na get us a fifteen minute flight time, which is kind of amazing and also a two point. Four transmitter. This transmitter was actually pretty nice. It'Ll get you out there around a hundred meters, but this helicopter is pretty small, so you probably won't be able to fly it that far. It also has a debugging button. You want to use that before you take off and high and low rates make it fly slower or faster, so let's go ahead and get it up in the air now and do a flight test. Alright, guys let's go ahead and throttle up and get it up in the air. The first thing you want to do is learn how to hover if you're a brand new to flying helicopters, give it a good bit of throttle. When you come up, you probably want to give it over half throttle to just get it up in the air off the ground, Jer, if you kind of just slowly, do it RC helicopters have this thing where they will tendency to kind of like fall over to The side and I've been flying helicopters now for about 15 godine, and so many beginners getting into it always said.

Oh so I think something's wrong with my copter it's, just falling over to the side when I go to take off, and sometimes that can be other issues in the helicopter, but generally it's a throttle issue. So you want enough throttle on take off long story short, but this is interesting because it does have two rates and in the RC in the hobby community we call this dual rates: high and low rate. So on your low rate, the low rate setting it lets. You hover really easily like this and there's a little bit of wind. Today you want to be choosy about the day. You fly it also. Obviously you want a low wind situation. You could fly this little heli in a gymnasium also, if you want to just totally avoid the wind and practice your hovering. The six axis gyro is kind of helping me out right here, so it's helping me stay level and it's, not letting me do any flips or any rolls. So you don't have to worry about that for your first helicopter and that's. Načelno, what this is. So I just practiced a little landing there now and now, I'm gon na go into the higher rate mode and we're gon na play around with that it's gon na go a little bit faster. Sada, it's gon na give me a little more pitch forward and backwards. Just playing around with that, seeing how it does see it's, not letting me flip over or roll into the ground, the hardest part about flying a copter that has what we would call idle up is that it will let you go upside down, but as a beginner, You really shouldn't be doing that for your first at least your first couple months.

It took me about six months. I used the simulator for a long time and then I moved up to something like this, so now use the debugging method. To give it a little more stabilization, a little smoother flying and that basically calibrates the accelerometer on the helicopter for you so now yeah I mean I just hit myself with it. That was awesome. Little blooper we're just gon na leave that in the video for you guys to see, but I could not crash this thing. It was awesome. I had a really good time flying it and I knew that pulling it out of the box and looking at it. I was like wow, this is gon na, be one of those easy reviewsI'm just gon na go out and have fun with this one, and I was flying it all week before I brought it to this spot. This is the combo that comes with three batteries. I believe there's one that might be a little bit cheaper, that comes with one battery and the more expensive one comes with three batteries, I'd suggest just getting the three battery combo, but it's almost impossible to crash now, once you learn how to hover the fun begins For forward flight, you want to get in to flying a forward flight and forward flight is kind of a fun thing to get into, but you can get in trouble even with this kind of little heli, but I was also surprised at the e 119 how fast It is there's the tail spin there, a little y'all actionI'm gon na do another takeoff for you guys and get into some more forward flight.

But I love the way that this helicopter looks in the air it doesn't look cool. The canopy is perfect for beginners, because even when I got better at flying 3d, I always used really bright canopies and they were smart to put this orange canopy on there right there. I kind of did low to the ground almost wiping out, and I got a little bit playful here and I wanted to practice some funnels with this, because you can, you know you can fly it around in a circle around you and not have to worry about It hitting you it doesn't, really hurt when you hit you, but be careful, naravno, try not to hit the cat, but it's hovering pretty good. Even with a little bit of wind to my back nice and that's them that's, the punch out you're gon na get right there, nice little punch out, but man forward flight is where this copter is super fun if you've never flown a helicopter before this is a Lot like flying a drone that has stability on it. So if you already have a little toy drone that you've been playing with and you're interested in dabbling in helicopters, this would be a safe one to get, because I did crash this a couple times, even though I say it's impossible to crash this thing. I almost hit the car right there, but I did crash it into the ground and none of the links on the head broke off, which was kind of amazing.

There I'm trying a tail in funnel going around tail in kind of hard to hold it, because the tail motor is pretty small. It doesn't have a lot of authority but it's fun to play around with and learn all of the RC helicopter orientations and it's just fun to fly a helicopter. So I think it's a fun and just an easy, easy purchase, a easy bet. As far as the fun factor is 5 od 5 and the quality is actually pretty good on this one so I'd give it five stars for a beginner helicopter.