Today i have a special video for you guys. It has been a long year and we've had lots of different quads on the channel and today we're going to talk about one of the best micro freestyle, brushless fpv race, quads that you can possibly get your hands on. This is going to be the gap rc phantom hd and it's been a while, since we talked about the phantom on the channel, but this has been one of my favorites for about a year now, and one of the reasons that this one is going to break Through, as the freestyle hd quad of the year is for a lot of reasons, we're going to talk about those reasons in this video first up, the original phantom with the analog setup. If you want to grab one, they are around 150 dolara, which is a pretty awesome deal for something that flies so good. All the way up to a 4s battery, you can run a 2s 450 na ovdje. You can run a 3s 450 and a 4s 450 on here and get some extreme performance with such a small package, a super smooth tune and just something that has a lot of versatility and it's, not super noisy. Tako, if you're, looking for something that you can fly quietly around a small area park, baseball field, something like uh, where you don't have a lot of space or you want to do some big air flying this quad flyis a lot like a little miniature five Inch so if you're looking for like your second quad after you have flown something like a little indoor whoop or something like that and you're looking to get outside this one is an absolute beast outside not really something for indoors.

But i think that the layout on here uh is pretty much the same. They might have raised it up about five millimeters to accommodate this cadets vista on here, and it has the nebula camera in the front, and the vista is sort of kind of hanging from the top plate with this four post system they have on here and there's. Dampening in between the vista unit and the top plate, so we have beveled edges all around this entire frame top to bottom. We have a unibody on the bottom here and it looks like it's about three millimeter carbon fiber and we also have the gap rc. All in one f4 aio – ona ima 20 amp ese's on here, so this one's been updated to be the 20 amp version, and we have a power system on here running two and a half inch props. Ovo su. 1105 5000 kV motorima. They have four bolts on the bottom, going through that unibody and in between my vista and my flight controller is where my xm plus sits. So you can put any receiver on here. It does only have two uarts on this particular flight controller. Dakle, hm, you might be limited there with limited uarts, but we also have a singular antenna mount on the very back for the cadx vista antenna. It'S, a tpu mount also accommodates a vertical post right here for this xt30 connector, so it's kind of nice that they keep that out of the props.

That way it doesn't cut your wire while you're flying it and then on the bottom. I just have my xm plus antennas coming out the bottom just like that, and it is a very simple and easy to work on quad uh. I did set this one up myself, there's. Also the bind and fly option where you don't have to um. Do any building, but all i had to do was put the cadx vista mount cadx vista on here, so you can get full osd in your dji goggles, which makes this an amazing flying. Quad uh i've been talking about digital fpv system on my channel for over a year now, and once i got my goggles, i was blown away with the difference. It'S like moving from watching a vhs tape from the 1980s to 1080p hd flat screen tv. mislim, and with the new 50 megabit update from dji, it makes the cameras look even better, so um you can record with the onboard dvr uh or you can record with the onboard on your goggles dvr, not onboard dvr. Here this one does not have a micro sd card, so it's the biggest difference between the full size air unit, which i have sitting over there. You can put a micro sd card in there record 1080p video. This one is limited to the goggles, but i would like to see in a future version of this that they take this. Maybe they decase, just like beta fpv, did on their 85 x, and some of you guys might be like well.

What about the the 85 x versus the phantom hd isn't, na 85 x hd better than the phantom, and i would say that the 85x has its own place. It is more of a woop class. You can get it 75 millimeter or the 85 millimeter frame version, but um it will not freestyle half as good as this. So this is the freestyle micro category that we're talking about here for 2020. So this one is on the tops, and last year the the phantom did amazing on my channel. So it was one of my top five recommended micro brushless last year, and this one again is coming in at that super sweet spot that i enjoy the 1103 da 1105 series motors with something that can fly 2 to 4s it's. A pretty good battery range. Tako, i'm, going to leave that up to you what you decide to pick for the battery range um, you can have a lot of fun on 2s with this quad, što je nevjerojatno. It flies great on 2s and it takes me back to the early days of micro brushless. You can also fly it on three uh and four, Tako, for the more intermediate to advanced pilots go 4s if you're, just starting out. This is your second quad start out with something like a 2s450 on here: you're still going to get a nice cruising time around five minutes on here. So i think you could get six minutes to seven minutes on a 4s 450 if you're cruising so freestyle flight times were somewhere around the um i'd say four and a half minute flight time to five minute still getting me a really long flight time, but we're Gon na go ahead and do a flight test now guys with the phantom hd and let's get this up in the air.

So you guys can see what i'm talking about. It is an absolute beast in the air with an amazing tune. So here we go let's. Do some flying we'll come back in well, i'll. Give you some final thoughts on the hd version. Here we go guys let's. Do it? Glazba, da, Glazba, um (1998, Hej, Glazba, hey Music, um (1998, Glazba, um Music is Music me Music, da, Glazba, um (1998, Glazba, Hej, Glazba, Uh! Hvala ti, Glazba. Molim te, Music is Music uh all right guys! Welcome back from the flight break. So what did you think? What did you guys honestly think about the performance of this quad? I mean you're looking at it over the internet, so it's it's easy to see whether a tune is good or not. On someone's fpv video that they've recorded from the goggles um, mainly because there's no cheating as long as someone didn't use like stabilization or real steady, you can see vibrations and if you see vibrations, you know that there's one of two things happening. You have a terrible props on the quad or there's, not a good tune on the flight controller, so i have to say that the tune and the way everything's balanced on here worked out really well. It is super smooth and i was blown away with the 2s performance of this quad. So if you want to fly these 1105s on 2s, it is it still. It will do power loops on 2s, Što je, i mean, it's crazy, that it does power loops on the 2s 450 a onda, when you move up to 3s and 4s, it just opens this thing up to a total beast mode.

Hm, the the power weight ratio is great, it's kind of like the the next step up from the emacs like um, maleni, hawk freestyle. If you will so, the tiny hawk freestyle is ultra lightweight and then this one's just a little bit heavier and a little more beasty. If you're looking for that, more kind of five inch feelingand i love the power to weight ratio with the emax, tiny hawk freestyle, but this one is just all again: it's, just a whole nother level. So i'm gon na recommend that if you're, if you already have fpv goggles, pick up a phantom, because this quad is still kind of punching some of the other quads out of the way even late in 2020. So the frame is great, easy to work on easy, accessible, stack and now that we have the cadx hd on here with dji digital fpv, i mean it just it's it's fantastic, so i would highly recommend that you pick one of these up. I think that you're gon na be really really happy with it. So let me know if you already have a phantom and if you enjoy flying it down in the comments belowand i hope that youyou honestly enjoyed this video and this very honest review about the phantom hd i'm super stoked to have this one um. In my shop, so more more reviews coming up soon guys we have some crazy iflight chimera.

Seven inch coming up on my channel um as well as a whole bunch of other new releases that are coming out for you guys. So a lot of times i get early prototypes and things like that, so please do subscribe on the channel. You'Re gon na see more super awesome, quads planes, rc cars and all kinds of stuff. On my channel guys, i'm justin davis i'll see you on the next one.